Chapter 20 - Proud

Liang Jie, who won, did not have any joy in victory.

When he saw the trembling look of Shangguan's family, Liang Jie knew that his performance was a little too much, and he had severely hit these innate masters.

Liang Jie apologized.

"Everyone, shouldn't you have a higher pursuit since you have seen the power above the innate state?"

"Yes, I am really strong, but how many people like me are in Huaxia?"

"That means you still have a lot of room for improvement, don't you? You shouldn't be upset, but you should move on, don't you?"

As a last resort, Liang Jie can only appease everyone, although he doesn't know if this is effective.

Leaving Shangguan's house, Liang Jie drove back to the villa, but the moment he entered the room, his stomach was tumbling, and he spit on the toilet and spit out darkly.

Liang Jie felt his intestines almost spit out.

It was just fine, but now it began to feel a sense of fear and discomfort. It must be Li Mengyao.

"Master, your first fight to kill, you don't need to feel ashamed to have this reaction."

"This is something you have to go through, and future battles will inevitably be more brutal."

"The world is not as simple as you think. When you decide to participate in the ranking battle of the family, you will definitely meet those real masters."

Li Mengyao did this for the sake of Liang Jie. If he doesn't adapt to this kind of thing, the person who dies in the future may be him.

Although the likelihood of that happening is not great, it is not impossible.

Therefore, this killing is necessary.

"I understand, I understand, let me spit for a while."

At this point, Liang Jie's heart collapsed.

But now the taste is so uncomfortable, he can feel his body trembling slightly, which is undoubtedly fear of killing.

That night, Liang Jie couldn't sleep anymore, often remembering what he looked like when he killed someone.

In the end, Liang Jie had to go into meditation, empty his body, and think about nothing, which calmed himself down.

The next morning, Li Mengyao woke up Liang Jie.

The previous message was sent to the master of the solid foundation period, and the other party has responded. He is willing to sign a contract with Liang Jie to protect Han Yu for the promotion of the solid foundation period.

A contract is a special technique used to restrain both parties during the cooperation. It does not need to be complicated, but the effect is very obvious, and no one will risk the breach of the contract.

"Han Yu, you have worked hard for alchemy these days!"

"But the demand on my side is getting bigger and bigger, so I want you to reach the solid foundation period. I have found a guardian for you."

"It's all about better work. Don't live up to my expectations! Tell me your address if you want!"

Han Yu replied to Liang Jie's message quickly. It is impossible for him to miss the opportunity.

Therefore, Liang Jie decisively told his location to the person in the solid foundation period.

The man said that in less than half a day, he could reach the place where Han Yu was, and the breakthrough would take less than an hour.

In the evening, Han Yu happily contacted Liang Jie. He had successfully broken through and is in the solid foundation period.

"Okay, you recruit some learners, you need to speed up refine alchemy."

"Of course, you should also study other pills as soon as possible. You don't need to worry about the sales problem. I will sell the pills well."

"The spirit stone you need for research can be taken directly from the profits you make ..."

Everything went smoothly. Naturally, Liang Jie would not forget his purpose. His purpose was to allow Han Yu to make a simplified version of solid foundation pills as soon as possible.

The demand for these pills was too great, which made Liang Jie somewhat unbelievable.

In just a few days, the number of orders has risen too fast. This has exceeded 10,000, which is enough for Han Yu to work hard for a while. At the same time, he felt that Han Yu alone was definitely not enough.

"Thank you, I still have to work with you. I wonder if you are interested?"

Since this one in the middle stage of the solid foundation period is willing to take risks to protect Han Yu, he naturally knows whether the refined pills made by Han Yu are valuable.

Things like doing business can be seen directly wherever you are, and you can see at a glance if there are benefits.

"Okay, I work with you!"

The other side answered very simply and soon gave Contract Jade Jane to Liang Jie.

With the help of the other party, Han Yu should be able to relax a lot.

With regard to remuneration, Liang Jie asked Han Yu to talk to each other. They would definitely talk better face to face. As long as they can accept it, there is no problem.

"Jay, what are you thinking?"

Yang Yi was picked up by Liang Jie this morning. At this time, he saw Liang Jie not eating, and she was a little worried that he would be possessed by female ghosts again.

At this time, her face was a little red, and she seemed to be thinking about giving Liang Jie a kiss.

With a slight smile, Liang Jie laughed: "It's okay, just happening to think of something, it's not an important thing."

"Ajie, are you hiding something from me?"

"No, absolutely not!"

"Do you hate me?"

"Why say that? I like you so much! How can I hate you!"

"I feel strange recently. I seem to be able to see the female ghost on you! She often appears in this house, and she will still be sitting on your shoulder."


Hearing that, Liang Jie froze on the spot.

He did not expect that Yang Yi's change would be so great. It was only one day after that, and Li Mengyao could be seen.

"Did you really see it?"

Liang Jie looked a little scared. When he saw Yang Yi nodded earnestly, his face became ugly.

This acting skill is really getting more and more proficient. It is too much loss to not be an actor.

"You all right! She didn't come out, don't be afraid, I'm here!"

Yang Yi hugged Liang Jie and comforted him. A fragrant fragrance penetrated into his nostrils. Liang Jie felt awkward, and his eyes could not help aiming at the place where he should not look.

Enjoying Yang Yi's appeasement, Liang Jie despised himself for a moment.

However, he still hopes that this moment will continue.

"Master, can you be so shameless?"

Li Mengyao's voice sounded in Liang Jie's mind, she really couldn't stand it.

It's so natural to lure innocent girls.

"With you by my side, I'm not afraid of anything!" Liang Jie leaned on Yang Yi's waist, feeling the softness of her body, and the whole person would drift away.

Yang Yi, who was unaware, said softly, "Well, I will stay with you."

Li Mengyao almost wanted to come out, she really couldn't stand it.

Of course, this is not because she is jealous. She just feels that her master is too shameless. The minimum morality to be a human being should still be.

"Although I have some secrets, I can't tell you yet."

"Well, I wait for you!"

"you are so nice!"


Liang Jie knew that Yang Yi had already guessed something. Since she had already said that, she naturally didn't care.

Sure enough, she was a kind girl. It was so good to be able to meet. He felt very happy, and there was a touch of wonderful flavor in his heart.