Chapter 2 - Special Uses

The nurse outside the door listened to Liang Jie was talking to himself.

He had a nosebleed now, and she was so scared that she ran away to see a doctor.

"What are you doing? I'm not sick, why give me an injection?"

"I'm not sick, you let me go!"

The doctor ran in nervously, holding Liang Jie together with the nurse, and whether he wanted it or not, he was anesthetized and made him fall asleep again.

When he woke up again, a psychiatrist was sitting there.

"Do you often hallucinate? As if someone is chatting with you?"


"Do you often dream of something that excites you?"


"are you……"

"I'm not sick again, why are you shutting me up!"

For the psychiatrist's questioning, Liang Jie was really intolerable.

He finally came out of the hospital after a series of examinations.

However, when he returned to the school, he found a Taoist wearing a yellow robe, meditating on the mountain behind the school and doing rituals.

"Have you heard of it? There is a ghost in the mountain! A freshman is deranged."

"Really? Don't be scared, okay, I won't dare go to the mountain to do archeological exercises in the future."

"Of course it is true. I heard he laughed in the hospital and talked to the air!"

"so scary? I'll have to find a master to draw a blessing for me!"


Looking at the practice of the college, Liang Jie felt speechless about the feudal superstition.

But if he hadn't known the existence of Li Mengyao in advance, he might really believe that this ghost thing is possible.

"Look, that's him."

"Really, I haven't seen him in a few days, he's lost so much, won't it be a female ghost on him?"

"Such a good thing, why didn't I encounter it!"


Ignoring these people, Liang Jie returned to his dormitory.

The other roommates had gone to class, but he was alone in the dormitory.

The dormitory of the Archeology Department is very unique. It is actually a three-floor wooden house, one for boys and another for the girls.

Just thinking of the past few days, Liang Jie felt a bit dreamy!

"Ning Regions Ring, dominate all Xumi rings! The ring elf can also communicate with other Xumi artifacts!"

"Wait, isn't this awesome! I can build a platform!"

"Meng Yao, I have something to ask you!"

Liang Jie thought of a way.

"Master? What do you want to ask?"

Li Mengyao appeared, standing on the computer table, shaking a pair of slender beautiful legs, Liang Jie's eyes looked straight.

However, now is not the time to appreciate it, so he asked: "You can communicate with other Xumi artifacts, can you send them a message!"

Then, Liang Jie opened QQ and gave her a demonstration.

In fact, it is very simple, it is a function of a forced popup.

Li Mengyao nodded head and said, "This is not difficult, but it requires the master's mental strength. With the current master's situation, I can only contact one elf every ten minutes.

It's enough to be able to contact. Regarding how many elves she contacts at a time, it will be easy to do these things as his strength improves.

"Can you select the right person? For example, I want to buy a mobile phone and then search out a bunch of shops, I choose the right person to trade!"

Opening eBay, Liang Jie did it, so that Li Mengyao could understand his meaning more clearly.

Although she didn't understand what the master wanted to do, it was not difficult and it could be done.

"Master, what you said can be done."

"However, based on your current practice, you can only communicate with the Xumi artifact of low level."

"Does it do any good for the master?"

Li Mengyao sat at the edge of the table and looked at Liang Jie curiously.

Although her facial features are not very clear, her confused look, coupled with the action of raising her head, is really cute. Liang Jie feels that he can't help but have a nosebleed.

"Of course it's doing business, you can also see in this world, it's not enough to have an aura, even cultivation people are really fewer."

"So, I want to learn something from these monks, so that I can improve my strength!"

"Then when I have the strength, find the Turn Spirit Pill, and you can become a person!"

At the moment when she became a human, Liang Jie couldn't help it anymore, and the nosebleeds spewed out directly.

Li Mengyao was naturally very happy to see the master thinking about her so much, lying on his face and kiss him.

At this point, Liang Jie felt full of strength and began to move forward toward this great goal.

"By the way, first find me a person and send him a message."

After thinking of a good way, naturally, it should be implemented quickly.

Li Mengyao naturally did the same, and found a person, and sent him a message through the Xumi artifact.

Suddenly a message appeared in the head, which really shocked the man.

While practicing, how can anyone send a mind message?

That is only the ability of a strong period! But I haven't contacted the strong recently! why is someone suddenly contacting himself?

"Do you need a solid foundation pill? I have one and am willing to sell! If you need it, please contact me!"

The person who in the cultivation momentum period wants to break through the realm and successfully reach the foundation period. Solid foundation pill is indeed a very good thing and can greatly increase the chance of success.

The first, middle and last three stages of each realm can be achieved with the help of a pill. If he can get it, he can reach the foundation period.

"I want, I'm willing to pay 100,000 low-grade spirits stones."

As soon as he gritted his teeth, he opened the limit price he could bear.

This is all his possessions! But in order to break through, he still wanted to give it a try.

"Meng Yao, isn't it too cheap to buy a solid foundation pill for 100,000 low-grade spirits stones?"

As a cultivation idiot, Liang Jie, he can only rely on Li Mengyao.

She knows a lot, after experiencing countless years and changing N masters, there is nothing she does not know.

"Almost at this price, the pill is very precious in the cultivation world itself, so the alchemist is very popular."

There is no doubt that Liang Jie's entry point is very good and he has caught the lifeline of the cultivation people.

Therefore, Liang Jie felt it necessary to go in the direction of the alchemist. But now, he has the priority to open this eBay store to help more cultivation people.