Chapter 19 - Kill All

"If you don't do it, then I will come!"

Liang Jie saw that they did not respond, and even walked towards them.

At this point, these people could not help but stare fiercely at Liang Jie.

In the decades from birth to the present, all life's humiliations have been summarized at this moment, which is simply their most sad moment!

They have never seen such a shameless person, who obviously has strong strength, but pretends to have an expression that I do not fight much.

"This time, I don't use my hands or my feet!"

Taking a step forward, those people took two steps back, which made Liang Jie speechless.

It can be seen that they are really afraid of him, but he didn't really do it on purpose.

So he thought of a good way, as long as he didn't fight back, they would definitely be willing to fight with him.

The person after hearing what Liang Jie said, naturally shot without hesitation.

However, this was a tentative blow. It seemed extremely fierce, but it was not murderous. It seemed to attack the upper body, but it actually attacked the lower abdomen.

The man twisted his body into a ball by the incredible attack, attacked Liang Jie's lower abdomen, and approached Liang Jie's body inch by inch. The man showed the joy of victory.

Even if it is above the innate realm?

He took his killings unguardedly so that he would be seriously injured even if he did not die. By then, everyone in the group would attack him. Could this person still escape?

A blaze of flames appeared in front of Liang Jie, burning the master of the late innate state directly into ashes, leaving no residue.

This weird scene made the scalp numb.

"You're shameless, shame me and you feel happy, right?"

"Come if you want to kill! We are not afraid of you!"

The masters who collapsed their minds and the crying heart was there.

For so many years, they are the first time they have met such a shameless master, and they intend to kill them. This person is really abnormal.

"Master, your effort is wrong."

"You need to control your spiritual power. You could have killed him with less spiritual power, but you used so much spiritual power."

"In battle, saving power is the top priority, otherwise it is very dangerous."

Li Mengyao ignored these people's scolding and began to comment on the shortcomings of Liang Jie's use of true fire skills.

In this regard, Liang Jie did not have any reason to justify it, because he did use too much force, clearly, it only needs a little spiritual power.

However, Liang Jie felt very strange at this moment. He apparently killed someone, but now he doesn't feel anything at all, as if he was killing an ant.

"Senior, Why are you so humiliating us?"

The remaining congenital masters looked at Liang Jie with an aggrieved face at this time.

The master in front of them is simply amazing, he clearly has the power to kill them, but he chose to abuse them in such a cruel way.

At this moment, they already have a heart for death.

"Sorry, I'm really sorry!"

"I didn't intend to kill them, but I didn't control the power very well, so there was no way to make such a mistake."

"Otherwise, I attacked you with 30% of my strength, and then you ran away with all your strength."

Liang Jie's face was sincere. He apologized for what he had just happened. This was not because he had introspected himself, but just to make the other party willing to fight with him.

The opponent's strength is too poor. This is something he expects. The masters of the innate realm are weak!

"Everyone runs, this man is simply a lunatic!"

At this time, if they still believe Liang Jie's funny words, then they are really stupid.

Mighty like Liang Jie, that is the existence above the innate realm, killing them is only a matter of minutes, and actually even said this kind of words.

Really think they are stupid?

These masters of the innate state ran towards all directions!

However, Liang Jie was not surprised to see such a result.

A mass of orange-yellow real fire in his right palm, which was then compressed into flames, which corresponded to the number of innate masters.

With his right hand raised, the flames turned into a streamer and caught up with the escaped masters.

With a scream, the people were so scared and tried desperately to avoid the small flames.

But no matter how hard they tried, the flame was getting closer and closer, and finally shot into their bodies, and a flame burst out from them.

With just a bang, these people were torn apart.

Seeing this, Shangguan Yu vomited while holding the door frame.

This method is so cruel, the elder brother is really a ruthless person.


Shangguan Fei and others did not expect Liang Jie's strength to be so horrible, and it was as easy to kill the masters of instinct as mowing.

Before they thought Liang Jie's master was above the innate state, he obviously overestimated each other, and his strength was far beyond his imagination.

"Master, you are cruel!"

Li Mengyao made a look of fear, causing Liang Jie to roll his eyes.

The true fire skill itself is to control the fire. The trick just now is to use the true fire as a guide to igniting the power of the true element or spiritual power in the body of another person, so as to achieve the effect of the explosion.

However, Liang Jie did not expect the effect to be so horrible.

"I don't know how powerful it is!"

As Liang Jie, in the first level of cultivation momentum period, he knew nothing about his strength.

At least before the fight, he never thought he had such a powerful power.

Judging from the current situation, his strength has indeed exceeded his imagination too much. This is the power of magic!

"Father, is the master of the innate realm so weak?"

Shangguan Yu's father stood there stunned, bitter.

Not only him, but other people also have the same expression, feeling the extreme state they are pursuing, at this time there is no desire to make people chase.

Even the existence of the peak of the innate realm, in the eyes of people like Liang Jie, is just an ant that can be crushed to death.

"It's not that the masters of the innate world are too weak, but that they are too strong!"

With a sigh, Shangguan Fei finally knew why those big families could stand up.

It turns out that the existence above the innate state is actually such a powerful person, there is no comparison at all! he also wants to become a big family of Huaxia. This is simply a dream!

Liang Jie, who is immersed in his strength perception, has no idea that he has made a group of people close to autism.

"The signal was interrupted!"

At the same time, the people in the major families were horrified, and the people they sent out died.

This is a dozen masters of innate state! How can they die?