Chapter 18 - Enemy

"There are enemies!"

Liang Jie's reminder made Shangguan Fei immediately aware of the danger.

At this point, he already knew that the enemy was coming, but it was a few seconds later than Liang Jie, which showed that the opponent was much better than him.

"Masters above innate! And so young!"

The people present were stunned, and they couldn't believe the facts before them.

But from what just said, Liang Jie's strength has been revealed. They have to believe that the young man in front of them is a peerless master.

"Father, let me show my sincerity!"

To be honest, Liang Jie has always wanted to find someone to practice and now is the right time.

Fighting is a necessary process for him, and it is very necessary to become familiar with fighting as early as possible.

"Master, your judgment is correct and you should really adapt to the fight as soon as possible."

Li Mengyao thinks that Liang Jie's judgment is correct. He really needs to undergo actual combat to make better use of his power.

For Liang Jie, these innate warriors are not strong enough, so Li Mengyao is not worried at all.

"Little brother, take care!"

Shangguan Fei did not refuse, he also wanted to see Liang Jie's strength.

It is also a good opportunity for him to see a master's move. Perhaps he can pry into the power above the innate realm, so the breakthrough is possible.

Compared to other people in Shangguan's family, Shangguan Yu's expression of admiration, he would like to admire his brother's heroic appearance.

"Be careful, I may not be able to stop everyone!"

This time there were many people, as many as a dozen. This was a disaster for the Shangguan family. If they succeeded, the Shangguan family would be completely removed.

He came here to solve a major crisis by accident. In the future, the Shangguan family will certainly believe Liang Jie. After all, his strength will be deeply imprinted on them.

When he came outside the villa, Liang Jie ate a change appearance pill. Then he shouted to the dark forest. "Since it is here, don't hide, why not come out and fight!"

As soon as his voice fell, a dozen figures appeared.

They are all first-class masters, and their strengths range from the middle to the peak of the innate state. The strongest of them is the existence of two innate states.

In the eyes of these people, Liang Jie looks like a middle-aged person. Because they can't see the strength, they dare not act rashly.

"I understand the purpose of your coming here, can you just give up on my face today?"

"Of course, if you insist on targeting the Shangguan family, I can only fight with you."

"At that time, if I hurt you, please forgive me."

Liang Jie's behaviors really shock them.

Thinking of Shangguan Fei's breakthrough, in contacting the middle-aged man in front of them, they already have the answer in their hearts, and he really got the guidance of a superior.

But all came, if they didn't do anything, their faces would be lost.

"That being the case, let me fight with you!"

This is the end of the matter. Only by having a fight with Liang Jie can we put an end to this matter.

Even if they are defeated, they have at least an explanation of the family. If they retreat from this, they will no longer be able to live in the family.

As soon as the voice fell, the man turned into a residual image, and in a moment, he reached Liang Jie's side.

The speed of this person is really amazing, but Liang Jie was unmoved, standing there waiting for the opponent's attack, it seemed disdainful to shoot.

The man grunted coldly, and turned his hands into a fiery red blade, chopping away towards Liang Jie's neck.

A fierce blow, with endless murderous power, seemed to put Liang Jie to death.

However, Liang Jie turned around and grabbed each other's hands. Not only that, he also slapped his opponent's abdomen with a single palm, knocking him out.

The man squirted blood and fell to the ground and struggled twice before he lost his voice.

The crowd took a breath, and this person was so fierce that he killed the master in the middle of the innate state with one palm, showing the strength of the other party.

A conservative estimate is that the other party is definitely the pinnacle of the innate realm.

"Uh ... sorry! I didn’t control it!"

With his eyes drawn, Liang Jie was helpless with such a result.

He never thought about killing, but actually killed the other party, which made Liang Jie have no real sense. After all, he killed with a single palm, which is no different from stepping on an ant.

If feel guilty, Liang Jie really doesn't have it at the moment, he just didn’t control his strength.

"Master, you have to start lightly. After the true element of the innate realm has been transformed into spiritual power, its power has soared more than ten times. It is easy for them to die without a punch!"

Li Mengyao explained something and guided Liang Jie to fight.

The attack was just pure power. The other side was caught off guard by surprise, destroying all the internal organs and dying. He died before healed.

The destructive power of spiritual power is not comparable to true elements.

"I'll ask for advice!"

The master at the peak of the innate state stood out. He knew that everyone else was going to die, so he had to take action to resolve the crisis.

If he fails, the assassination will be meaningless.

"Please! I'll control this time."

Liang Jie made the other person tremble with anger.

Shangguan Yu in the villa worship Liang Jie, really, the elder brother is the elder brother, so domineering.

"Too much bullying, to die!"

The man yelled, and the whole person turned into a streamer. I don't know when a long sword appeared in his hand, cut through space and killed Liang Jie.

Although Liang Jie's fighting consciousness was not strong, the counterattack based on his instinct was still terrible. He took a handful of fierce hands and broke his sword with his flesh.


The violent force entered the body, and he could feel the bones of the body shattered instantly, the muscles were all broken, and a blood mist burst out all over.

Collapsed, although the man was not dead, he was not far from death.


Two battles, killing opponents with just one blow, this kind of strength is really terrifying.

Even the existence of the peak of the innate state is not an opponent. Is this middle-aged person's strength above the legendary innate state?

At this moment, everyone was cold, knowing that they had kicked the iron plate this time.

"Sorry, I really didn't expect he is so weak, do you still want to fight? I promise to start lightly this time." Liang Jie's expression of embarrassment made everyone's face red.

Is it great? Can it be so humiliating?

Everyone dared to anger and not to speak, it was more uncomfortable than eating the flies. The menacing moment had just disappeared. They just wanted to leave this ghost place as soon as possible.

"I mean, do you still fight?"

Liang Jie looked expectant, but everyone didn't speak.

Everyone with high-spirited spirits, at this time their faces were surprisingly consistent, all with expressions that I did not know who I was, and did not give Liang Jie a reason to fight at all.