Chapter 17 - Shangguan's Request

The place where Shangguan Fei invited to eat was at the Shangguan family. After Liang Jie drove here, he was really scared by the wealthy Shangguan family.

It turned out to be a single-family villa with a mountain forest covering an area of several hundred acres. This environment is really enviable!

"Brother, are you here? Where's your girlfriend?"

Shangguan Yu's face was bruised and bruised, apparently not beaten lightly.

But now with a smile on his face, he could see Liang Jie coming, and his hanging heart finally let go.

"She can't come because there is something wrong with the school. Why are you like this?" Liang Jie smiled.

Shangguan Yu said with a bitter face: "It was yesterday, don't say it! Come into the house!"

It's not the time for chatting, grandpa and father are waiting for Liang Jie!

Inside the villa.

"Liang Jie is here, come over and sit down!" Shangguan Fei personally came up to greet him, and even stared at Shangguan Yu, "apologies to him!"

"Brother, I was wrong yesterday. I apologize to you."

In this regard, Liang Jie naturally accepted it, and Shangguan Yu could not be beaten by his grandfather and father!

Besides Shangguan Fei, today's looks are very good, and the strength has also been greatly improved. It has actually reached the peak of the innate state.

Not only that, but his hair also changed from silvery white to silvery gray, which shows that his life has become more abundant.

"Little brother, it's really a bit abrupt to call you this time. I have met your teacher in the ghost market. He has helped me a lot. I want to thank you a lot."

"However, he talked about your little brother before leaving, so I call you."

"In fact, today there are some things that I want you to help, and the top 100 families in Shangzhou are about to come. We want you to fight for us."

After drinking three rounds, Shangguan Yu talked about his purpose.

The advantage of the Shangguan family is not obvious, because only he Shangguan Fei reached the peak of the innate state, after all, there are fewer masters than other families.

This is an old, middle-aged, and young generation competition. In the past years, it was because of Shangguan Yu that the ranking of the Shangguan family could not be improved. This time with Liang Jie, they naturally hope that they can take the opportunity to rank higher.

"It's not that I help you, but that my strength is less than that of the teacher."

"I'm afraid I can't help you! And I'm an outsider, it's not easy to do!"

"Otherwise, I ask the master for something, and it should help you if you think about it."

Liang Jie didn't agree easily, it didn't do any good to him, it was too dangerous to show his face.

He must have a certain interest to take the shot. If the Shangguan family cannot satisfy him, how can he risk it!

"Little brother, naturally we won't let you do anything for nothing."

"Wanting money is nothing to you, but in terms of connections, you are far worse than our Shangguan family, so as long as you are willing to help us."

"If you have anything, we can help. In Shangzhou, our Shangguan family doesn't speak first, at least we have some power."

The conditions of Shangguan Fei are exactly what Liang Jie needs, and he just needs a place to sell goods.

From this point of view, it is not very disadvantageous to help him. It would be more perfect if the Shangguan family could become the upper-class family in Shangzhou or in the top ten.

"Well, what you said really made me very hearty."

"I can fight on behalf of Shangguan Yu, but if I can really help you, then I can only say that I can do my best."

"My teacher travels all year round to find some relics in the world. Some things need your help to sell."

Liang Jie nodded and agreed to the other party's request, but he also had something he needed to do.

After hearing his words, Shangguan Fei agreed without hesitation, and what Liang Jie's master wanted to sell was naturally a treasure.

This is really too important for them, there is no reason to refuse because it is tantamount to mastering a supply channel!

"Haha ... I can rest assured by the words of you!"

Shangguan Fei is really assured because the Shangguan family can sit back and relax in at least three years.

For three years, plus Master Liang Jie's teacher’s medicine, they will definitely be able to produce some young masters in Shangguan. By then, they will not fear anyone.

"I and Shangguan Yu are good friends!"

Although it seems that Shangguan Fei values Liang Jie very much, in fact, everything is built on the strength of supremacy.

The two sides have the value of mutual use so that the relationship can last. Otherwise, the Shangguan family will not have too much intersection with people like him.

In the following time, everyone talked and laughed. Shangguan Yu's parents didn't say much from beginning to end, but Liang Jie could see that they actually cared about this meeting.

After all, something happened to his son, and Liang Jie's generosity relieved them.

"Father, there are already so many families in Shangzhou. How many powerful families does Huaxia have? What strengths have they reached the strongest?"

This is what Liang Jie wants to know most because it will become an important measure for his next plan.

The world is not as simple as he thought. He is actually very clear in his heart, so he must figure out some things as soon as possible.

"I'm not very clear, but as far as I know, there are countless powerful families."

"I'm not very good at explaining how strong this is, at least with your teacher level, it should not be in the minority."

"After all, the world is so vast. There are more things we don't know."

Shangguan Fei didn't dare to guarantee that the world he saw was the whole picture of the world, so he couldn't easily conclude.

However, to the extent he knows, there are still a lot of masters in the cultivation momentum period. As for the strong in the solid foundation period, it may be reduced by half.

Going up will be rare, so Liang Jie's worry is not really necessary, after all, such a master cherishes life.

"That's it! No wonder the teacher asked me to keep a low profile. He turned out not to be the strongest!"

Liang Jie pretended to be calm and said something that made people think infinitely, and everyone was really scared.

In fact, it is one of the strongest groups of people, and there is no contradiction because Liang Jie's strength is definitely above first-class.

"Huh? Sir, you have a guest!"

Suddenly, Liang Jie noticed that someone was approaching at fast speed.

The other party was killed, apparently, the visitor was not good, he had long worried that his unintentional move might cause unnecessary trouble, and now it seems that it has caused a great impact!

The breakthrough of Shangguan Fei's retreat was not good news for other families, and it was not unexpected to send someone to assassinate the other party.