Chapter 16 - Help Yang Yi

His strength is already in the cultivation momentum period, and the next step is to slowly cultivate.

What he wants most now is to cultivate with Yang Yi as soon as possible, which can greatly save his training time.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Liang Jie decided to let Yang Yi embark on the journey of cultivation.

Continue to use that shameless method to deceive the young girl's kiss, he is very shameless, it is the man that should face up.

So Liang Jie drove to the grocery market to buy the vegetables and returned to the kitchen to start cooking.

"Master, are you going to give you medicine for Yang Yi?"

"Yeah! Is there anything wrong?"

"It can be, but you still don't use the cleaning body fluid, it's best to use Han Yu's waste."


"Do you want others to notice your situation? Although there are not many cultivation people in this world, there are many more powerful people than you."

"I understand! Thanks for reminding me!"

As Li Mengyao said, Liang Jie was frightened with cold sweat.

If he was the only one, it wouldn't have revealed his identity, but if Yang Yi is also in the cultivation momentum period, it would not be so simple.

"Wow ... so fragrant!"

Yang Yi's voice came, and she had changed into the new clothes Liang Jie bought yesterday.

Yang Yi, standing at the door of the kitchen, was full of surprise at this time. She did not expect Liang Jie to cook.

"Just here, taste my craft!"

Putting the fried eggs on the table, Liang Jie looked at Yang Yi with a smile on his face.

Her portion was added with washing pulp pill and cleaning body fluid. Although it was a waste of medicine, the effect was still very strong, which could greatly improve Yang Yi's physique.

However, even if she eats for a long time, after all, she cannot reach the cultivation momentum period, but this is enough. After Liang Jie's strength improves, she can then be promoted.


Yang Yi really didn't expect that a fried egg could be so delicious.

She didn't know at all that these things were made by Liang Jie, and included something extremely rare in this world.

The cell phone rang and Liang Jie saw that it was from Shangguan Fei.

He got up and went to the outside living room, and then connected the phone.

"Liang Jie! My grandson troubled you yesterday."

"Are you free today? How about we meet?"

"In fact, it's not a big deal. I just want to get to know you. By the way, I apologize to you for my grandson. What do you think?"

Shangguan Fei's tone is very sincere, and it's just a flattering tone.

In this regard, Liang Jie naturally had no reason to refuse, and he agreed.

"I have something today and can't play with you. Do you have a driver's license? Should I give you the car?"

When packing the chopsticks, Yang Yi also helped Liang Jie together. This surprised Liang Jie. For a time, there was an urge to ask her to be his wife.

Seriously, he felt that Yang Yi was really suitable for his wife, both beautiful and virtuous, and kind-hearted, where to find such a good girl!

Suddenly, a soft sensation came from the cheeks.

Yang Yi lowered her head and washed the chopsticks. She blushed and said, "Thank you, I'm not ready yet! When I'm ready, I ..."

She ran away before she finished speaking, Liang Jie smirked and did not expect that Yang Yi would be so proactive. All the efforts were worth it.

You see, what a wonderful life like this!

"Master, you are so disgusting!"

Li Mengyao sat on Liang Jie's shoulder with a disdainful expression.

But Liang Jie didn't care, and laughed: "You don't understand, this is a happy smirk!"


She really didn't understand, so she looked forward to it so much.

Turn spirit pill is not so easy to find. Even if it is immortal, it may not be found. After all, the elf has become a human, it is unreasonable.

So she became a little lost.

"Meng Yao, don't you envy me? But you don't have to worry. I figured it out now. I need to make good use of the ring and do something unexpected.

"We just practice quietly and live happily."

"Don't you say that the practice of spiritual people is cruel! That's because the resources are not equal. As long as we can integrate resources, cultivation will become much easier."

Liang Jie didn't talk casually to make Li Mengyao happy, he really planned to do so.

With the ring, he feels that the success rate of things is still very high, but he can't rush to achieve success, but it is best to take it slowly.

"Thank you!"

Li Mengyao gave Liang Jie a kiss.

Although she is a spiritual body, the two people who share the same soul can clearly sense the kiss. Liang Jie feels that the nostril is hot, but he has a nosebleed again.

"Well, this time it's okay! No sneak attack is allowed next time!"

Holding his nose, Liang Jie felt that he was too weak to have a kiss.

If Li Mengyao really had a body, wouldn't he have been in danger of dying due to excessive blood loss at that time?

She wanted to give the car to Yang Yi, but she didn’t have a driver ’s license, so she had to be brought back to school by Liang Jie.

When Liang Jie drove Yang Yi back, the whole college forum was boiling.

"Did you see it? Yang Yi and Liang Jie were in love and didn't return all night!"

"Don't say it, I want to kill! Didn't you see Liang Jie coming back in a BMW?"

"Is that guy originally a rich second generation? It's too low-key!"

"No wonder Yang Yi has been taken down. I'm convinced this time."


As the forum exploded, the dormitory building was also boiling.

In the voice of everyone, Yang Yi blushed and ran into the girl's dormitory.

She was then surrounded by a group of roommates and began an interrogation meeting.

"Haha ... Liang Jie, you are our pride!"

The jealousy of the male students, the whistle came and went.

Those classmates who are returning home can't wait to fly over at this moment to see this spectacular scene. It's really explosive.

Just watching the little videos sent by classmates is simply not fun! Such explosive news must be seen for yourself.

"What the hell? Go play your game."

The aunt, the incontinent, couldn't stand it anymore, sighed angrily, and then calmed down.

Liang Jie in the distance couldn't laugh or cry. Was this kind of fuss? Not just fall in love, as if the stars went to the countryside to send warmth.

This treatment is really flattering!

"Master, I feel that no matter what era, people's jealousy is still strong!"

Liang Jie deeply agreed with Li Mengyao, but he still enjoyed it.

After all, being jealous shows that he has something that others don't have, which is a good thing to be happy.