Chapter 15 - First Level in Cultivation Momentum Period

That evening, Liang Jie drove Yang Yi to the villa.

Everything here is well-organized, the beds and furniture in the villa are all arranged, they can just live in.

"Xiao Yi, you are my girlfriend!"


"Are we staying together!"



Originally Liang Jie wanted to deceive this innocent little girl, but the other party did not give Liang Jie chance at all.

Pushing away the body that Liang Jie leaned over, Yang Yi ran away. She was really stupid, but it didn't mean she would be stupid enough to go to bed with Liang Jie.

"Master, you are too beastly!"

"What's the matter? I just want to tease her!"

"If the man's words can be believed, then it is true that the sow will be on the tree."

"Hey, are you jealous?"

"Who is jealous? I don't!"


It seems that she is very smart, and even has human nature, and the heart is still very simple.

It's fair to say she's jealous, because he rarely talks with her today, and she's in a mood now!

"Well, I'm not busy today! I will introduce you to Yang Yi in the future, and then we can live and chat together!" Liang Jie assured Li Mengyao, tempted.

Li Mengyao stared at the boss, surprised: "Really?"


Although Li Mengyao is a very powerful elf, she is no better than a real human being!

Her mind is extremely pure, but not as complicated as humans.

He was too tired today. A lot of things happened and he knew a lot. Liang Jie felt that the world had become complicated.

"Master, your order has accumulated to more than 4,000 orders."

"Are you supposed to help Han Yu? Otherwise, how can you make spiritual stones?"

"As long as he reaches the solid foundation period, there are a lot more things he can do for you! For example, he can recruit learners ..."

Li Mengyao reminded Liang Jie that this matter is urgent and the order is increasing day by day, which obviously exceeds his tolerance.

This is like overloading, but eventually, it can cause serious problems.

"Well, I understand! Can I contact the cultivation people in the solid foundation period now?" Liang Jie's strength is only in the early stage in the cultivation momentum period.

It is necessary to speed up this promotion.

"Well, you can contact one every day."

Li Mengyao told Liang Jie that his strength is still too weak.

It was already the limit to contact one person, which made Liang Jie feel helpless. Although he did not understand what was going on, he still believed in Li Mengyao.

In the end, with the help of Li Mengyao, Liang Jie found a guy in the middle stage in the solid foundation period.

"A friend of mine needs a guardian. I don't know if you are willing? I am willing to pay for the second-grade solid foundation pill!"

This is the message that Liang Jie sent. Second-grade solid foundation pill needs a thousand middle-grade spirit stones, which is one million lower-grade spirit stones.

This can be said to a large sum of money, but Liang Jie feels that it is worth it, because Han Yu's talent for refining medicine can definitely bring him great benefits.

Do not just look at the front, you must see the future investment value.

After getting these things done, Liang Jie began to cultivate, and he needed to break through and enter the cultivation momentum period completely.

First level gathering momentum pill was bought by Liang Jie for ten thousand low-grade spirit stones. It can help Liang Jie to provide the aura needed for a breakthrough.

After swallowing it, Liang Jie sat cross-legged on the bed.

According to the method of air guidance provided by Li Mengyao, the whole body's aura was mobilized, and he was going to start washing the body with aura.

The body that has been tempered by cleaning body fluids has a very high acceptance of aura.

This is a gradual process. It will not be finished until after 81 days. By then, he will be in the first level cultivation momentum period.

Liang Jie was very concentrated.

With the help of gathering momentum pill, Liang Jie's process of absorbing the aura was very smooth, and the body was gradually familiar with this feeling and began to absorb the aura on its own.

Even though the aura between heaven and earth is thin, Liang Jie can still feel that some kind of power is absorbed into the body through the skin, which strengthens his body.

"Master, congratulations! You've practiced one level!"

Early the next morning, Liang Jie withdrew from meditation.

Li Mengyao is very happy. Liang Jie really fits her choice of exercises, but she didn't tell Liang Jie what the exercises were.

"Woo ..."

Stretching his muscles, Liang Jie could feel a great change in his body.

Compared to last night, he was a lot stronger. A flaming flame spread out in his right hand, and the control of the true fire was handier.

At the same time, he smelled a foul odor. It turned out that there was a layer of oil on his skin, which was an impurity removed from the body after an overnight wash.

"Meng Yao, at my speed, how long will it take to reach the solid foundation period!"

Liang Jie was lying in the bathtub, taking a leisurely bath and asking a question.

Today, his strength seems to be very powerful but compared to the spiritual world that Li Mengyao said, it is really too garbage.

A gifted cultivation person can surpass him in minutes.

"Master, you don't need to worry about this, let's take it slowly."

"Cultivation can't be completed in a hurry. You should be glad that you were not born in the spirit world. It is not safe. You have time to cultivate."

"Only you are alive, you will have the opportunity to climb up, so I hope the master can go a long way."

This is not to scare Liang Jie, but it is Li Mengyao's personal experience, which is too dangerous in the spirit world.

It was a very cruel world. Although there was plenty of aura, there were corpses on the road to cultivation, and could die if you were not careful.

The scramble for opportunities or the resources for cultivation is very cruel.

"I see, I think too much! I won't rush to the spirit world."

"Yes, what kind of realm can I cultivate in this world!"

"Otherwise, we ascend when we reach the extreme!"

Liang Jie wanted to live a few more years, so he was not in a hurry to ascend. With the ring, he didn't have to worry about his lack of training resources.

In such a world, he is still very safe. Why does he have to take a risk in the spiritual world?

"I'm afraid not. The world cannot provide the power needed for ascension."

"However, the master's idea is very good, because after you reach the extreme, you can indeed open the walls of the spiritual world and enter the spiritual world."

"At present, the master is in the cultivation momentum period, and then you will go through the stages of solid foundation period, gold pill period, Yuanying period, and god period! The god period is the limit that this world can reach."

Li Mengyao's remarks let Liang Jie's mouth be drawn, which is too far away.

From the information she gave about cultivation, the cultivation momentum period can be entered into the spiritual world in about ten days. After all, people in the spiritual world are born innate, and their talents are better than those here. The cultivation is naturally easy.

Judging from the current progress, Liang Jie is probably taking decades or even hundreds of years!