Chapter 14 - The Secret of Shangzhou

Under the arrangement of Shangguan Yu, the three came to a private room, and they did not feel bad because of the things just now.

The hotel's environment is very good, from decoration to service are world-class.

"The person is from He family."

"In Shangzhou, there are hundreds of families with different strengths. The He family belongs to the middle and upper class, and it is similar to our Shangguan family."

"This year's family rankings are about to start again, and I don't know if our rankings can be maintained!"

"Actually ..."

Pouring a cup of tea for the two, Shangguan Yu talked about He Shaolong and also mentioned some things about Shangzhou.

In this Shangzhou city, the reason why there are so many families is not accidental, but it is extremely mysterious since ancient times.

According to ancient tradition, there have been immortals here.

Of course, this is just a legend, and it is not really possible to verify whether it is true, so there is nothing to talk about after the meal.

But this is a fact for ordinary people, and for people in their big families because their ancestors have witnessed the ascension of immortals.

"Can you tell us more about that fairy?"

It seemed that Yang Yi was very interested in this matter, which surprised Liang Jie.

Is Yang Yi the descendant of that immortal who remains in this world? It wouldn't be so coincident!

To be honest, Liang Jie didn't believe it, but thinking that Yang Yi was a congenital wooden spirit, he thought it was very possible.

"I just heard it, that fairy ..."

Speaking of that fairy, Shangguan Yu was endless! The envy in his heart overflowed with words, showing that he really believed the legend.

No one knows who the immortal is, but when he ascends, he is indeed in Shangzhou City, and it is unknown where it is.

These big families gathered here to get what the immortal left behind.

However, it has been thousands of years, and people from the major families have found nothing. The only thing that can be determined is that the place where the fairy has soared is the branch campus of the Archaeology Department of Nine Regions College.

"We are from the Department of Archaeology of Nine Regions College. Is that place really so mysterious?"

Liang Jie already believed that, because he had a big secret, the ring was found in the back mountain of the college.

This is enough to prove that there is really a big secret on that campus.

"Everything is true, I thought it was fake!" Yang Yi sat there stunned, muttering to herself, wondering what she was thinking.

As Shangguan Yu kept telling, some secrets of Shangzhou gradually surfaced.

However, even said by Shangguan Yu is far less than the words of Li Mengyao.

"Oh, it was the guy with the last name Yang! He was lucky, he picked up a sixth-grade washing pulp pill, and he has embarked on a smooth journey."

"It's a pity that the guy messed up and messed up the world so that no one can do like him."

"A man could have soared for hundreds of years and thousands of years. If he is found, he must be repaired, but his life in the spirit world is not good!"

Li Mengyao is very hostile to the ascended surname Yang because his appearance makes the world unable to ascend.

Only Liang Jie heard this secret, and he felt bad. It turns out that there are really ascendants in this world!

However, the surname of Yang made the world no longer suitable for cultivation, and it was said that he was indeed a sinner.

"Meng Yao, can this world be repaired?"

"I mean, can it be practiced by ordinary people?"

"If could, what would I do?"

Liang Jie is not the kind of person who thinks for the general public, he just wants to facilitate himself.

As for repairing the world, that's what he will do after he has reached a certain level. All he wants is to enable himself to cultivate.

"Fortunately, you still have a little brain. Although things like pills are good, eating too much is bad for your health."

"What really needs to be noticed is that the strength you haven't cultivated yourself is ultimately inferior."

"But you don't have to worry about it, your qualifications can't be worse anymore, it's nothing to eat some pills, let's talk about others when you reach the solid foundation period!"

With Li Mengyao, she naturally would not let Liang Jie be in danger. She had already thought of a plan for Liang Jie.

This world can be cultivated, but if Liang Jie cultivates in this world, it is very likely that the aura of this world will be drained, and then he will suffer by hurting rules.

"Oh, then I'm relieved!"

Since he was fine, Liang Jie stopped worrying.

"Brother, are you a legendary master!"

"If you are willing to teach me, I'll show it to others in the future."

"I worship you as a teacher! How?"

Shangguan Yu didn't take himself as an outsider at all, he already saw Liang Jie's power.

To be able to meet Grandpa and make his father respectful, either because Liang Jie is very strong or because he has a powerful man behind him.

"Let's eat!" Liang Jie's expression was silent, and he threw a chicken leg into his bowl.

Shangguan Yu was also not polite, holding the chicken thigh and stunned, and kept stumbling.

Yang Yi who was eating was very calm, and she also gave Liang Jie food from time to time, and then Liang Jie would also carefully give her food, which made Shangguan Yu envious.

"Big brother, big sister, or I'll go to the Department of Archaeology, Nine Regions College!"

"You look so low-key, in case someone doesn't bother you, I'll help you drive away!"

"You can't come here in person! I like labor, I'm doing this kind of work!"

During the meal, only heard what he said, and kept on advocating that he was very capable and hardworking.

Why is this person so shameless?

"Master, I finally saw someone shameless than you."

But he was right, it will more convenient with him, so Liang Jie did not refuse.

After eating, Liang Jie took Yang Yi to buy clothes and daily necessities, and they can live in the villa tonight.

To be honest, Liang Jie really looks forward to living with Yang Yi. This kind of wedding-like life has made him very satisfied.