Chapter 13 - I am wrong

Shangguan Yu sat on the ground. He could hear it, and his father was definitely on the other end of the phone.

He actually provoked a man that his father had to whisper and beg for mercy and was still such a young guy.

He really wanted to give himself two slaps!

"You heard that, too, so he said."

Scratching his head with his mobile phone, Liang Jie smiled.

Shangguan Yu, who was proud, was upset at this time, and the whole person lost his judgment. But he knew how violent his father was.

If he let him know that he mess up with someone he shouldn't, he's afraid he is going to drop a layer of skin.

A slap of applause scared everyone, and Shangguan Yu slaps himself.

That power was absolutely amazing. He was clearly aware of the seriousness of the problem, and he had to pay for his stupid behavior.

It wasn't enough to hit yourself with two slaps. Shangguan Yu knelt before Liang Jie at once and flattered: "Brother, It is my fault. I don't want to be hung up by my dad! "

"Are you very proud! Why? Shangguan Fei is your grandpa?"

Liang Jie smiled coldly and threw the business card in front of Shangguan Yu, scaring him.

Don’t all the powerful people want everyone to know? Why don't you follow the routine? Even if you want to be low-key, take two bodyguards!

"Brother, I was wrong! I was really wrong!"

The face is not important, the pain of the flesh is most unforgettable! Shangguan Yu really didn't want to be beaten by his dad, that person was violent.

Rather than ask his father to beat him, ask for mercy early!

"Xiao Yi, how do you solve this?" Liang Jie glanced at Shangguan Yu, looked back at Yang Yi, and threw the problem directly to her.

He had no intention of letting Shangguan Yu go, but the other party was Shangguan Fei's grandson.

Although Liang Jie is not afraid of Shangguan's family, he still needs a supporter. Shangguan Fei is a good person, so he has to look at his face.

"Sister-in-law, it was just me who said something wrong. I will buy a car for you!"

Shangguan Yu begged for mercy with a smile on his face.

This person can bend and stretch, but he is also a man, and he is smart.

"Jay, forget it!"

Yang Yi was kind and could not see anyone suffer. Seeing the miserable appearance of Shangguan Yu, she naturally did not want to go deeper, and they did not lose much.

"Thank you!"

With Yang Yi's words, his life was saved.

But Liang Jie hasn't spoken yet, this matter is naturally not over yet, he looked at Liang Jie with anticipation, and waited for the other party's word.

"Well, get up! Don't be so arrogant in the future."

"But buy a car for us is ok, and it is not too expensive. Just the BMW Five Series!"

Liang Jie didn't want to be too swaggering, just a car.

Upon hearing that, Shangguan Yu immediately laughed, hurried to find the manager of the 4S shop, and didn't say anything else, and gave the car key directly to Liang Jie.

"Brother, I was wrong!"

"This car is supposed to compensate you, or how about we have a meal together?"

"I treat you, and I have to apologize, otherwise I can't really explain."

Shangguan Yu's transformation was very fast.

He is really great. With resources like the Shangguan family, his future achievements will never be too low, but this character is too arrogant.

When he heard what his father said, he knew how to do it. Such a guy was not stupid.

"Okay, get in the car!"

After buying a new car, Liang Jie naturally drove himself.

To him, this was nothing at all.

As for Shangguan Yu, asking his men to drive his car back, he didn't take the embarrassing thing into mind, which made his men look at each other face to face.

Do they feel like the young master has become different?


Throwing the throttle down, the back feeling is very strong, and the body rushed out.

Although Liang Jie got his driver's license shortly, his car skills were very powerful. Even Shangguan Yu had to admire him and see the stitches in the traffic flow.

"Here it is!"

Under the guidance of Shangguan Yu, the three came to Hongyu Hotel.

This is the most luxurious hotel in Shangzhou city. You must know that there are 100 floors here, and all the celebrities are received.

Even simple meals cost tens of thousands of yuan.

"Oh, this is master Yu! Come and eat!"

Before entering, they met a young man who was about the same age as Shangguan Yu.

It can be seen that he is also a standard rich second generation, and the family power does not seem to be worse than the Shangguan family.

"Who do I think it is! It's master Long! Didn't roll the sheets with your girl today?"

"You need to be more relaxed! Beware of emptying your body later, you can only watch your wife crying!"

"And I have to say, your two women taste very good, I like it!"

This is too vicious, and Shangguan Yu can do it, so no one doubts the authenticity.

The man's face was cold, but he was not angry but smiled: "Haha ... It's good if you like it! But two women! I'm tired of it."

"haha, really?"

With a slight smile, Shangguan Yu glanced at each other.

The two were head-to-head, and his changed temperament changed surprised Liang Jie

At the same time, master Long saw Yang Yi, and raised his eyebrows: "Found a new girl! Let me try it another day!"

"Master Long, I remind you."

"This is my elder brother. She is my elder sister. You say me, it doesn't matter to me, but you say my elder brother and elder sister. This is not the case."


Shangguan Yu's face changed greatly, this man actually insulted Yang Yi.

However, he knew that Grandpa and Liang Jie knew each other. He had to take a stand in this matter and said that he would have to do something to master Long.

However, Liang Jie held him back and shook his head: "There is no need to have general knowledge with such people. Let's eat!"

Pulling Yang Yi into the hall, Liang Jie was stunned by the hall in front of him. Is it a hotel? It is clearly the palace!

Even Yang Yi froze. It's too luxurious here!

"Stupid, you haven't seen abode of fairies and immortals, then it's called luxury!"

"When your strength comes, I'll help you set up that villa."

"I'll show you what luxury is."

For a long time, Li Mengyao, who did not speak, made Liang Jie completely speechless.

However, if he thinks about it carefully, how can he be as a humble guy with a heavenly treasure like Ning Regions Ring!

All this is nothing, he can make something better than this by just making a few things.