Chapter 12 - Scare you

After the contract was signed, Liang Jie took Yang Yi and did not go directly to the villa.

Although the keys were obtained, it took some time for the property certificate to be obtained, and the furniture in the villa was not available.

However, Xiao Liu was very attentive. Liang Jie only needed to pay the full price, that is, the preferential price could directly deduct the money of furniture.

"Liang Jie!"

Yang Yi is still in shock. She doesn't understand why Liang Jie is so rich.

Regarding her doubts, Liang Jie didn't have the answer, but frowned, "You still call me Liang Jie! Call me jay! I'm your boyfriend!"

"Jay, you don't need to spend money like this."

After listening to Liang Jie's words, Yang Yi blushed again. Obviously, she hadn't been very comfortable for a while with an extra boyfriend.

However, if think about it, the relationship between the two is actually very close. After all, they have kissed so many times, but it is nothing to change their names.

"It's okay, I have more money!"

"You're my girlfriend, I need to let you live a good life!"

"Go, let's buy a car!"

Liang Jie's money came so easily, he didn't worry about running out of money.

With the help of Li Mengyao, he can be a billionaire at any time.

With Yang Yi's incredible gaze, Liang Jie pulled her to the 4S shop. His driver's license has just been obtained, and he didn't expect to be able to buy a car so soon. He thought it would be a few years.

"Beauty? Are you here to buy a car? Why are you following such a poor boy?"

"Otherwise! How about I get you a sports car?"

"Just follow me!"

However, just as they entered the store, they met a young man wearing a fancy dress with earrings all over his right ear.

However, if look closely, the clothes are all made-to-order.

Is this the legendary rich second generation?

"I don't want to talk to you!" Yang Yi took Liang Jie's shoulders and wanted to pull Liang Jie out of here. She didn't want to cause Liang Jie to cause trouble.

But Liang Jie wouldn't just leave like this, such a good opportunity!

Being a man, he should be brave in front of his beloved woman.

"What car are you going to buy for my girlfriend?"

Liang Jie didn't say much, and immediately speaking of it showed sovereignty.

This is my girlfriend. Do you even want to buy a car for her?

"Oh, boy! So brave."

"But well! Don't pretend to be a man without money, and leave your girlfriend, and I can give you a breakup fee."

"I give you one minute to think!"

The rich second generation with an arrogant expression sat on the hood of Porsche and looked at Liang Jie with a smile.

He wants to grab people! There are such shameless people even under the bright sky.

"This world is about the law. If you do such a blatant and bad thing, aren't you afraid the police will catch you?" Liang Jie seemed to want to use the police to scare the other side.

"Haha ... what do you say?"

"Is this guy stupid! He wants to call the police and catch me!"

"Well, did you hear that? He wants to call the police! Say I've done something bad, have you seen it?"

The rich second generation is laughing, looked at the other people in the presence of strange faces, opened his hands and asked them.

The people shook their heads together and then spread out.

Not only that, the owner of the 4S shop even turned off the monitoring, and everything happened here as if they had not seen it.

"No one said I was doing bad things! You need to call the police, I'll call for you!"

"Hey, Director Huang! I'm Shang Guanyu, and I'm in the Royal Car Shop in the East Ring District. Some people say that I robbed people in public and said that I should be arrested."

"No need to bother you, I can get things done by myself!"

Shangguan Yu, who dialed the phone, turned on the speakerphone. The voice on the opposite side was very majestic, and he knew it was not an ordinary person.

Combined with Shang Guanyu's words, Liang Jie understood immediately, this person's background is not simple!

"Director Huang said he was very busy today, and they will not come!" Shang Guanyu looked at Liang Jie with a smile, and his face was full of jokes.

Yang Yi was a little worried that Liang Jie would conflict with the other party, and she blames herself a bit. If it weren't for her, she wouldn't have caused these things.

Looking at Yang Yi, who was almost crying, Liang Jie clenched her hand and smiled, "It's all right, there is me!"

Going to the young rich second generation, Liang Jie took out the smartphone with more than 1,000 yuan.

"Oh, you really want to call the police! Hurry, I'll wait!"

The rich second-generation pretended to be surprised and signaled Liang Jie to call quickly.

Liang Jie didn't say much. He took out a business card, which was a business card given to him by Shangguanfei. He said that he could call him if he encountered any problems in Shangzhou.

The rich second-generation surname Shangguan in front of him, now he wanted to see what the other party would look like when he received a call from Shangguanfei.

In order to embarrass the other party, Liang Jie turned on the speakerphone.

"Hello? Who are you looking for?"

"My name is Liang Jie, and Shangguanfei said I can find him if I have something."

"Sorry, you made the wrong call!"


Shangguanfei was also scared. It was his dad who just answered the phone! And that Shangguanfei is his grandpa! The guy in front has a grandfather's call?

Fortunately, Dad didn't say anything else. Obviously, the guy didn't know Grandpa.

"Oh, learn to pretend?" Shang Guanyu almost smiled, this guy is too funny.

Suddenly, Liang Jie's cell phone rang.

This situation is really speechless.

"You answer, it's okay! I can wait!" Shang Guanyu smiled and didn't care.

However, Yang Yi couldn't stand it anymore. She took Liang Jie's hand and wanted to leave, but Liang Jie stood still.

Why is this person like this! When is it still a hero? She is not the kind of woman who admires vanity.

"It's okay, I'll answer the phone!" Liang Jie smiled and blinked: "Hey, hello!"

"Sorry, I just got confused. You are Liang Jie!"

"I don't know why you asked my father? He can't get away with something."

"You tell me, it is ok, as long as I can help, I will help you!"

This time it is completely different from the last time, and the tone of the other party is different.

That almost flattering tone made Shangguan Yu's feet soft and almost sat on the ground with a buttock. He kept reminding himself in his heart that this must be a hallucination, and the person on the phone was by no means that irritable father.

"How can you! You are all busy, I have nothing to look for you! Let me fix it myself!" Liang Jie smiled coldly.

"Brother Liang, I was wrong just now, really! It was my fault!"

"You can't do that! Otherwise, my father must kill me."

"Did you run into trouble? Give me an address, and I'll come over to help you. I'll see who dares to bother you!"

The man on the other side of the phone almost cried, and Liang Jie's words scared him.

If it weren't for the distance, the man was afraid to kneel on the ground and plead with tears.