Chapter 11 - I Bought


Liang Jie asked Yang Yi.

After struggling for a while, she couldn't shake off Liang Jie's hand, Yang Yi muttered: "You lied to me, I won't help you suppress the female ghost in the future!"

"Don't! Female ghosts will kill me."

"Ahh ... it hurts so much!"

"It hurts! She's here ..."

Squatting in front of Yang Yi, Liang Jie's expression was terrified, and then his face became very ugly, and it looked uncomfortable.

He then sat on the ground, as if he had been tortured by a female ghost.

"Do you dare to be more shameless?"

Li Mengyao's eyes were wide and were unbelievable.

But this trick really worked, Yang Yi was scared by Liang Jie.

"Are you okay? Liang Jie."

Holding Liang Jie, Yang Yi almost cried.

Looking at Liang Jie's uncomfortable look, Yang Yi couldn't bear to watch him continue to suffer and leaned down to give Liang Jie a kiss.

Liang Jie felt shameless buy couldn't help trying to tease Yang Yi.

After a long time, Liang Jie said, "Will you be my girlfriend! I'm afraid I will die."


"I really like you! Don't you like me?"

"No ..."

"Will you be my girlfriend?"


Seeing Liang Jie's worried expression, Yang Yi was really worried that he would be tortured to death.

Yesterday was also confessed by Liang Jie, she said she would seriously consider it, but she was confessed again today, and her heart was completely chaotic.

In fact, she also likes Liang Jie, but she is far from reaching the level of love.

But she was a pure and kind girl, and she did not want to see Liang Jie's uncomfortable look.

So, in the end, she agreed with Liang Jie with red eyes.

"Master, you are a real beast!"

Seeing Liang Jie's acting, Li Mengyao knew the true face of the master.

This man is a wolf in sheep's clothing. How can a man be so shameless? It is too shameless to use the girl's kindness and innocence to make her promise to be girlfriend.

"I'm much better, let's go buy a villa!"

Liang Jie rose from Yang Yi's arms and held Yang Yi's hand.

At this moment, Yang Yi was so upset that she had just promised to be Liang Jie's girlfriend, but that was just to appease Liang Jie.

In fact, she wasn't stupid. She knew Liang Jie was lying to her, but she couldn't be angry, because, with Liang Jie, she realized a lot of things she had never experienced before.

Perhaps this is not so bad.


Li Mengyao couldn't understand, Is this the fate of legend?

Yanghu Villa Sales Center.

"Can I help you?"

Seeing Liang Jie and Yang Yi was so young, people in the sales center did not think they were buying a house.

So they greeted them casually, after all, they were just students.

"We want to see the villa. Is there anything to introduce?" Liang Jie raised a brow and smiled.

He naturally saw that sales felt that he had no money, so his attitude was casual.

As for Yang Yi, she is also very worried. After all, the villas here are not cheap. Does Liang Jie have enough money?

"Xiao Liu, introduce to them!"

The consulting manager randomly arranged one person and stopped talking about them.

The sales, called Xiao Liu, look very young. She should also be newcomers who just came out to work and look clumsy.

"Please, here we have less than twenty units left in our Yanghu Villa!"

"Now there are many concessions, and certain preferential policies are also given in the price."

"The residential area is 300 square meters, and includes the courtyard, is about 600 square meters ..."

Although she was clumsy, the introduction was still good, and she did not pay special attention to whether the two were really rich, just to serve the guests well.

From the location of the Yanghu villa area, the remaining villas are relatively remote, but the lighting is good, and the surrounding fantasy is also very good.

"Where is this building?"

Liang Jie took a look and chose the most remote building.

This villa is very far away from other villas. It is really remote and cannot be remote in the northeast corner of the villa area.

But the area of this villa is very large, almost like a thousand square meters, it is a special detached house in the villa area.

"Sir, this villa covers 1056 square meters and sells for 35.65 million."

"If you want, sir, we can offer two purchase options!"

"Pay in three installments and three years, and we can sell it at a 10% discount. If you pay it in full, we can sell it at a 15% discount.

Generally, villas of this level are fully paid, but many people choose to pay in three installments in order to ensure liquidity.

Although this may cost more money, it is nothing to rich bosses, after all, they can use the money to make money.

"Manager, those two students came to buy a villa?"

"Yeah! They should have come to see it! They cannot afford it!"

"Haha ... yes!"

"It looks like they should have a little money at home, but this villa is not something they can buy."


The front desk manager was saying this to his colleagues. Although they whispered, Liang Jie was listening.

These people are like this. They like to judge people from appearance.

He decided to let them experience what it means to be blind.

"It's the full price! I want this villa!" Liang Jie nodded.


Xiao Liu was stunned, she couldn't believe what she heard.

At the same time, Yang Yi was frightened and hurriedly pulled Liang Jie's clothes.

Passing the card out, Liang Jie took Yang Yi's hand and motioned her not to worry.

At this moment, Yang Yi couldn't understand Liang Jie at all. Is he really a rich family member?

"Oh ... Okay! Sir, please wait!"

Xiao Liu was awkward, but soon woke up and hurried to get the contract.

The front desk manager was also stunned, he hurried forward, grabbed the busy Xiao Liu, ready to receive Liang Jie in person, he could not let go of such a large business.

More than 30 million! Can gain hundreds of thousands!


The manager came forward and wanted to confirm the contract with Liang Jie.

However, Liang Jie ignored him and turned to look at Xiao Liu and said, "It's Xiao Liu who served me. What are you doing? Xiao Liu is here to sign the contract!"


Xiao Liu is a little bit embarrassed. She is a newcomer, but dare not be greedy.

Such a large contract, the front desk manager is also a normal operation to talk, but now Liang Jie asked her to sign, she didn’t dare!

"Does your Yanghu villa sales can grab orders?" Liang Jie frowned, asking.

The front desk manager's face changed greatly, and he hurriedly said, "Xiao Liu, confirm the contract!"

Money is important, but rice bowls are more important. Since Liang Jie can afford a villa, naturally he doesn't care about him as a manager.

If this matter comes to the management, he will probably have to leave. This time he can only consider himself unlucky, who let him look down on others?