Chapter 10 - Boyfriend

"Go check how many Liang Jie in Shangzhou and give me a reply tomorrow!"

After Shangguanfei respectfully bid farewell to Liang Jie, he immediately asked others to investigate Liang Jie.

The master in front of him has given him such a good thing, he naturally has to find Liang Jie, it is most important to know how to make a good relationship.

The feeling of getting rich overnight made Liang Jie feel like flying.

Liang Jie, who started cultivation momentum, didn't feel tired even if he didn't sleep for a month. He is now very energetic and so excited.

"Master, I find you have the potential to be a liar."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because you're shameless enough!"

"Do you praise me or hurt me?"

"Of course I praise you!"


On the way back, Liang Jie was speechless by Li Mengyao.

But if think about it, he is really shameless enough.

"Has the order increased?"

Liang Jie skipped the topic just now and asked about the order.

With the help of Li Mengyao, Liang Jie didn't have to worry about things related to others.

Li Mengyao's online service is available 24 hours a day. Naturally, a lot of news has been sent out, and there are still many cultivation people who are willing to buy solid foundation pills.

"Added! But you have no pills." Li Mengyao sat on Liang Jie's shoulders and continued to shake those beautiful legs.

This made Liang Jie very speechless, he felt that she was intentional.

However, Liang Jie had no choice but to ignore it.

After meditating all night by the lake in the park, Liang Jie felt refreshed and full of strength. He finally cultivated it once and for all.

Especially when the sun was rising in the morning, after sunshine was absorbed by Liang Jie, he felt warm all over.

"Master, you have strength now, but if you are against yesterday's old man, you will still lose, so you need to learn some simple techniques."

Li Mengyao said so and passed the true fire skills to Liang Jie.

This is a special practice method, which is very suitable for the people of the fire roots. Liang Jie's best practice method now.

If the average person would not dare to practice the technique easily, Liang Jie is different. He has the help of the ring, so naturally, there is no problem.

In just two hours, the true fire skills have been basically grasped.

"Wow ... wow!"

Looking at the flames between his fingers, Liang Jie felt very unreal. It was too dreamy.

True fire skill is a fire-based technique, which uses the fire essence of the sun as the base and uses the spiritual root of the fire as the base to train a ray of true fire, and finally reaches the level where the flame can be controlled freely.

This is enough in this world, and she doesn't want to be too shocking. The main thing is that this technique will not be mutually exclusive with other techniques.

As the number of people in the park gradually increased, Liang Jie couldn't stay any longer, bought two breakfasts and came downstairs in the girls' dormitory.

"Well, Yang Yi's boyfriend bought her breakfast so early!"

Liang Jie, who was standing downstairs, was immediately seen by the classmate.

That was Liang Jie's classmate, who was in the same bedroom with Yang Yi. Her shout immediately caught the attention of others, and it even made Yang Yi wonder what was going on.

Thinking of what Liang Jie said yesterday, Yang Yi couldn't help but felt shy and couldn't look up.

"I'm your girlfriend's roommate? You should please us!"

"Yes! If you please us, maybe we can show her cute sleeping face!"

"Haha ... Yang Yi is shy, come and see your boyfriend!"

These girls are so noisy, Liang Jie is also speechless, but vanity is greatly satisfied.

As for the jealous eyes cast by the boys' dormitory, Liang Jie also regarded it as a kind of reverence and enjoyed it calmly.

Since the girls said that he should invite them to have breakfast, naturally he was not stingy, took out his wallet and bought a few breakfasts.

"You're sensible!"

The classmate who ran down for breakfast gave Liang Jie a look.

It also mysteriously sent a photo to Liang Jie, which turned out to be Yang Yi's sleeping face.

I have to say that the goddess is very cute even if she sleeps. Liang Jie silently clicked to save it, and then set it as the desktop.

If the other boys knew, the drool would be coming.

"How did you come?"

After a few minutes, Yang Yi ran down, flushed.

Obviously, she was a little uncomfortable with this kind of thing, so she seemed a little cramped.

"I came back for a walk in the morning and saw that someone was selling breakfast. I bought it especially for you!" Liang Jie handed the breakfast to Yang Yi with a smile.

Yang Yi glanced at Liang Jie, took the breakfast, and whispered, "Thank you!"

"Let's go! We have to move today!"

Pulling up Yang Yi's hand, she made no idea why.

Why did you suddenly mention moving? Did he say that the renting of the house was done?

But she was not prepared at all! This is how to do it?

With a blank mind, Yang Yi took a taxi called by Liang Jie, and when she returned, they had already arrived outside the eastern suburbs.

There is a distance from the school, and it takes about half an hour by bus.

"How much is it?"


"I'll give you thirty-five!"


After Liang Jie paid the money, he and Yang Yi came to sit in the suburban park.

It was only then that Yang Yi was aware, with a puzzled expression: "Liang Jie, are you renting a house here?"

Because she did promise to help Liang Jie before, it was more convenient to live with him. After all, she didn’t know when the female ghost will hurt Liang Jie.

"Not for rent, but buy a villa here!"


"What? Don't believe me?"

"Liang Jie, is there a female ghost again? Wait for me."


Yang Yi did not believe Liang Jie's words but also put down the breakfast in hand, and after making some preparations, gave him a kiss directly.

To be honest, Liang Jie could not refuse, but he always feels that the kiss today is a bit bitter.

"How are you feeling? Do women ghosts still affect you?"

"Looks like it! Do you want to come again?"

Li Mengyao really can't stand it anymore, she has never seen such a shameless person.

How can he lie to a pure girl like this?

After kissing again, Liang Jie felt embarrassed. Yang Yi was too simple. Who doesn't like such a girl?

"It's much better, but I really want to buy a house! I didn't lie to you!" Liang Jie smiled with a serious expression on his face.


At this moment, Yang Yi could understand.

He actually cheated her to kiss him, it was too bad.

But Yang Yi was not very resistant, because when she was with Liang Jie, she felt very comfortable, even when they were kissing.

Thinking of this, Yang Yi felt ashamed.