Chapter 1 - Treasure

"Everyone, everyone has waited so long!"

"Now, the welcome session for the freshmen of the Department of Archaeology 2019 officially begins."

"In the mountains and forests of our campus, all the treasures you dig out belong to you, are you ready?"


The host on the stage was very excited and seemed to want the freshmen to work hard.

But the weather in September was really hot. The temperature was very high in the morning. Liang Jie reluctantly picked up the metal detector at this time.

As freshmen of the Nine Regions University of Archeology, there are a total of 24 people, 12 boys, and 12 girls, and there are many beautiful girls. However, Liang Jie stays alone, so he doesn't know what's going on in the class.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Department of Archeology has a wide area and a small population, because on-site archeological training is often performed, so the area of the mountain forest behind the campus is not small.

With the sound of the metal detector, Liang Jie squatted down and started digging with a shovel.

It didn't take long for a ring to appear in front of Liang Jie's eyes. This ring looked very old. It looked like a real bronze ring.

The bronze ring of the dragon head glowed with a simple light, and a cool feeling made him feel a lot of energy.

"This is the props prepared by the school?"

He looked around and found that there was no figure here, and judging from the surrounding environment, there was no one here at all. This thing is likely to be true.

Putting it on his hand, Liang Jie prepared to get up and continue searching for treasures.

However, the ground at his feet softened, and he swooped down, grabbing the vine next to his right hand, and the thorns on it hurt his hands, and then he felt his head sink and lost his intuition.

"Nine Regions Ring is one of the magic artifacts in the world, and can be used to connect all the world's deposit rings or other objects ..."

Liang Jie was extremely surprised by the words coming to his mind. Did he really find the treasure?

After the coma, Liang Jie felt like he was out of his soul. Now he is like being in a vast space, and he can see much jade engraved with names,

"this is……"

Reached out and touched the jade card that said Yuhua Zhenjun, and then a bunch of things appeared, all of which he didn't know, but the herbs and some fruits in it made him fascinated.

At the same time, some weapons and armors all exude quaint and amazing momentum, and at a glance, they are not ordinary.

"Well, can't get it?"

Liang Jie tried to touch something in this space but unsuccessfully failed.

"Master, I am the ring elf. If you have any questions, you can ask me!"

"Ning Regions Ring can view any Xumi artifacts in the world, and the items in them cannot be retrieved unless the owner agrees."

"If you want, I can send a message to all the artifacts elf."

The elf floated in front of Liang Jie's eyes and was a villain less than a foot tall.

It glowed white, and in this large space, it was like a beacon.

"artifacts elf? Ning Regions Ring?"

Liang Jie is a little confused now, he doesn't quite understand what is going on.

He seems to have gotten a good thing, but now he doesn't know how to use it.

"Yes, the ring is a treasure, and it can rule all Xumi instruments in the world."

"Even though you are weak now, you don't need to worry about it, because the ring does not require a powerful power to open."

"It can absorb the heaven and earth's aura on its own, but if the master wants to open the ring with Yuhua Zhenjun this level of cultivation, you must have the corresponding strength."

"and also……"

With explanation, Liang Jie understood it. This ring is equivalent to a platform-like thing, which can connect all Xumi instruments.

Not only that, but it can also communicate with all Xumi instruments, whether they have artifacts elf or not, it can directly talk to them.

In addition, there is no other ability, which makes Liang Jie's eyes twitched, and he feels that this ring is a bit of a play!

Is this still one of Nine Regions' magic artifacts?

"What else do you have?"

Liang Jie continued to ask.

"I can still transform."

"Can you be a beauty?"

In this regard, Liang Jie still has some expectations.

If it becomes a beauty, hehe ...

"I can try!"

The ring elf searches for a portrait of a beautiful woman in memory, and finally determines a prototype of the first beauty. The body gradually grows larger, and the extension of the light becomes hands and feet, then hair ...

In terms of body shape alone, this is already perfect. Liang Jie can't help but widen his eyes and wants to keep all this in his mind.

However, when the elf completely changed, it was still a glowing body, a vast white, and no trace of skin could be seen.

"What is the most basic trust between people?"

Some disappointed Liang Jie hadn't had time to look carefully at the changes and fell down.

Liang Jie, who sat up abruptly in reality, was taken aback by the doctor who had just prepared to examine him.

"Scared me, wake up and be fine!"

The doctor looked at Liang Jie with a weird look. When he was sent yesterday, the boy had no symptoms, except for some injuries and no abnormalities.

But he was unconscious, and really anxious them. If he doesn't wake up today, they are ready to call their parents over.

"Ah? Dreaming?"

Squeezing his face, Liang Jie vaguely remembered that he had a weird dream.

"Master, are you awake?"

Just as Liang Jie tried hard to remember, a beautiful girl with white light was floating on the ring.

It's just that this beauty is a bit small and not as big as a palm.

"Are you the ring elf?" Liang Jie widened his eyes, startled.

She nodded vigorously, rejoicing, "Yes, master!. It took you too much mental energy to transform yesterday, so the master went to sleep."

When it comes to the back, she is a little embarrassed.

"It's okay, just sleep for a day."

With such an eye-catching elf, Liang Jie thought it was worth a day's sleep.

Don't worry at all, sincerely!

"Master, my appearance now is the first beauty- Qiong Yao fairy, can I be called Li Mengyao?"

She carefully asked, it also wanted to have her own name but was afraid Liang Jie would refuse.

However, Liang Jie looked at her glorious appearance and nodded with joy: "You like it, I have no opinion!"

The first beauty, Qiong Yao Fairy! What an honor to watch her every day!

No problem, Liang Jie feels that there is no problem at all, it is totally okay, if there is a physical body, it will be more perfect!

"Master, as long as you improve your strength and find a Turn Spirit Pill, I can also become a human."

After seeing the thoughts of the master, Li Mengyao showed a look of expectation, and she also wanted to become a real person.

Hearing that, Liang Jie glanced at Li Mengyao, imagining that she became a human, and a sudden heat flow came from his nostrils. This was the life of his dreams!