Cultivation Ebay Store

Liang Jie, a student of the Department of Archaeology at Nine Regions University, accidentally got a magic weapon, and used its ability to communicate with all the magical instruments in the world, and started eBay store, vowing to let the cultivation people of the world to buy everything they want to buy. Elixir, magic, and everything...

Chapter 1 - Treasure

"Everyone, everyone has waited so long!"

"Now, the welcome session for the freshmen of the Department of Archaeology 2019 officially begins."

"In the mountains and forests of our campus, all the treasures you dig out belong to you, are you ready?"


The host on the stage was very excited and seemed to want the freshmen to work hard.

But the weather in September was really hot. The temperature was very high in the morning. Liang Jie reluctantly picked up the metal detector at this time.

As freshmen of the Nine Regions University of Archeology, there are a total of 24 people, 12 boys, and 12 girls, and there are many beautiful girls. However, Liang Jie stays alone, so he doesn't know what's going on in the class.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Department of Archeology has a wide area and a small population, because on-site archeological training is often performed, so the area of the mountain forest behind the campus is not small.

With the sound of the metal detector, Liang Jie squatted down and started digging with a shovel.

It didn't take long for a ring to appear in front of Liang Jie's eyes. This ring looked very old. It looked like a real bronze ring.

The bronze ring of the dragon head glowed with a simple light, and a cool feeling made him feel a lot of energy.

"This is the props prepared by the school?"

He looked around and found that there was no figure here, and judging from the surrounding environment, there was no one here at all. This thing is likely to be true.

Putting it on his hand, Liang Jie prepared to get up and continue searching for treasures.

However, the ground at his feet softened, and he swooped down, grabbing the vine next to his right hand, and the thorns on it hurt his hands, and then he felt his head sink and lost his intuition.

"Nine Regions Ring is one of the magic artifacts in the world, and can be used to connect all the world's deposit rings or other objects ..."

Liang Jie was extremely surprised by the words coming to his mind. Did he really find the treasure?

After the coma, Liang Jie felt like he was out of his soul. Now he is like being in a vast space, and he can see much jade engraved with names,

"this is……"

Reached out and touched the jade card that said Yuhua Zhenjun, and then a bunch of things appeared, all of which he didn't know, but the herbs and some fruits in it made him fascinated.

At the same time, some weapons and armors all exude quaint and amazing momentum, and at a glance, they are not ordinary.

"Well, can't get it?"

Liang Jie tried to touch something in this space but unsuccessfully failed.

"Master, I am the ring elf. If you have any questions, you can ask me!"

"Ning Regions Ring can view any Xumi artifacts in the world, and the items in them cannot be retrieved unless the owner agrees."

"If you want, I can send a message to all the artifacts elf."

The elf floated in front of Liang Jie's eyes and was a villain less than a foot tall.

It glowed white, and in this large space, it was like a beacon.

"artifacts elf? Ning Regions Ring?"

Liang Jie is a little confused now, he doesn't quite understand what is going on.

He seems to have gotten a good thing, but now he doesn't know how to use it.

"Yes, the ring is a treasure, and it can rule all Xumi instruments in the world."

"Even though you are weak now, you don't need to worry about it, because the ring does not require a powerful power to open."

"It can absorb the heaven and earth's aura on its own, but if the master wants to open the ring with Yuhua Zhenjun this level of cultivation, you must have the corresponding strength."

"and also……"

With explanation, Liang Jie understood it. This ring is equivalent to a platform-like thing, which can connect all Xumi instruments.

Not only that, but it can also communicate with all Xumi instruments, whether they have artifacts elf or not, it can directly talk to them.

In addition, there is no other ability, which makes Liang Jie's eyes twitched, and he feels that this ring is a bit of a play!

Is this still one of Nine Regions' magic artifacts?

"What else do you have?"

Liang Jie continued to ask.

"I can still transform."

"Can you be a beauty?"

In this regard, Liang Jie still has some expectations.

If it becomes a beauty, hehe ...

"I can try!"

The ring elf searches for a portrait of a beautiful woman in memory, and finally determines a prototype of the first beauty. The body gradually grows larger, and the extension of the light becomes hands and feet, then hair ...

In terms of body shape alone, this is already perfect. Liang Jie can't help but widen his eyes and wants to keep all this in his mind.

However, when the elf completely changed, it was still a glowing body, a vast white, and no trace of skin could be seen.

"What is the most basic trust between people?"

Some disappointed Liang Jie hadn't had time to look carefully at the changes and fell down.

Liang Jie, who sat up abruptly in reality, was taken aback by the doctor who had just prepared to examine him.

"Scared me, wake up and be fine!"

The doctor looked at Liang Jie with a weird look. When he was sent yesterday, the boy had no symptoms, except for some injuries and no abnormalities.

But he was unconscious, and really anxious them. If he doesn't wake up today, they are ready to call their parents over.

"Ah? Dreaming?"

Squeezing his face, Liang Jie vaguely remembered that he had a weird dream.

"Master, are you awake?"

Just as Liang Jie tried hard to remember, a beautiful girl with white light was floating on the ring.

It's just that this beauty is a bit small and not as big as a palm.

"Are you the ring elf?" Liang Jie widened his eyes, startled.

She nodded vigorously, rejoicing, "Yes, master!. It took you too much mental energy to transform yesterday, so the master went to sleep."

When it comes to the back, she is a little embarrassed.

"It's okay, just sleep for a day."

With such an eye-catching elf, Liang Jie thought it was worth a day's sleep.

Don't worry at all, sincerely!

"Master, my appearance now is the first beauty- Qiong Yao fairy, can I be called Li Mengyao?"

She carefully asked, it also wanted to have her own name but was afraid Liang Jie would refuse.

However, Liang Jie looked at her glorious appearance and nodded with joy: "You like it, I have no opinion!"

The first beauty, Qiong Yao Fairy! What an honor to watch her every day!

No problem, Liang Jie feels that there is no problem at all, it is totally okay, if there is a physical body, it will be more perfect!

"Master, as long as you improve your strength and find a Turn Spirit Pill, I can also become a human."

After seeing the thoughts of the master, Li Mengyao showed a look of expectation, and she also wanted to become a real person.

Hearing that, Liang Jie glanced at Li Mengyao, imagining that she became a human, and a sudden heat flow came from his nostrils. This was the life of his dreams!

Chapter 2 - Special Uses

The nurse outside the door listened to Liang Jie was talking to himself.

He had a nosebleed now, and she was so scared that she ran away to see a doctor.

"What are you doing? I'm not sick, why give me an injection?"

"I'm not sick, you let me go!"

The doctor ran in nervously, holding Liang Jie together with the nurse, and whether he wanted it or not, he was anesthetized and made him fall asleep again.

When he woke up again, a psychiatrist was sitting there.

"Do you often hallucinate? As if someone is chatting with you?"


"Do you often dream of something that excites you?"


"are you……"

"I'm not sick again, why are you shutting me up!"

For the psychiatrist's questioning, Liang Jie was really intolerable.

He finally came out of the hospital after a series of examinations.

However, when he returned to the school, he found a Taoist wearing a yellow robe, meditating on the mountain behind the school and doing rituals.

"Have you heard of it? There is a ghost in the mountain! A freshman is deranged."

"Really? Don't be scared, okay, I won't dare go to the mountain to do archeological exercises in the future."

"Of course it is true. I heard he laughed in the hospital and talked to the air!"

"so scary? I'll have to find a master to draw a blessing for me!"


Looking at the practice of the college, Liang Jie felt speechless about the feudal superstition.

But if he hadn't known the existence of Li Mengyao in advance, he might really believe that this ghost thing is possible.

"Look, that's him."

"Really, I haven't seen him in a few days, he's lost so much, won't it be a female ghost on him?"

"Such a good thing, why didn't I encounter it!"


Ignoring these people, Liang Jie returned to his dormitory.

The other roommates had gone to class, but he was alone in the dormitory.

The dormitory of the Archeology Department is very unique. It is actually a three-floor wooden house, one for boys and another for the girls.

Just thinking of the past few days, Liang Jie felt a bit dreamy!

"Ning Regions Ring, dominate all Xumi rings! The ring elf can also communicate with other Xumi artifacts!"

"Wait, isn't this awesome! I can build a platform!"

"Meng Yao, I have something to ask you!"

Liang Jie thought of a way.

"Master? What do you want to ask?"

Li Mengyao appeared, standing on the computer table, shaking a pair of slender beautiful legs, Liang Jie's eyes looked straight.

However, now is not the time to appreciate it, so he asked: "You can communicate with other Xumi artifacts, can you send them a message!"

Then, Liang Jie opened QQ and gave her a demonstration.

In fact, it is very simple, it is a function of a forced popup.

Li Mengyao nodded head and said, "This is not difficult, but it requires the master's mental strength. With the current master's situation, I can only contact one elf every ten minutes.

It's enough to be able to contact. Regarding how many elves she contacts at a time, it will be easy to do these things as his strength improves.

"Can you select the right person? For example, I want to buy a mobile phone and then search out a bunch of shops, I choose the right person to trade!"

Opening eBay, Liang Jie did it, so that Li Mengyao could understand his meaning more clearly.

Although she didn't understand what the master wanted to do, it was not difficult and it could be done.

"Master, what you said can be done."

"However, based on your current practice, you can only communicate with the Xumi artifact of low level."

"Does it do any good for the master?"

Li Mengyao sat at the edge of the table and looked at Liang Jie curiously.

Although her facial features are not very clear, her confused look, coupled with the action of raising her head, is really cute. Liang Jie feels that he can't help but have a nosebleed.

"Of course it's doing business, you can also see in this world, it's not enough to have an aura, even cultivation people are really fewer."

"So, I want to learn something from these monks, so that I can improve my strength!"

"Then when I have the strength, find the Turn Spirit Pill, and you can become a person!"

At the moment when she became a human, Liang Jie couldn't help it anymore, and the nosebleeds spewed out directly.

Li Mengyao was naturally very happy to see the master thinking about her so much, lying on his face and kiss him.

At this point, Liang Jie felt full of strength and began to move forward toward this great goal.

"By the way, first find me a person and send him a message."

After thinking of a good way, naturally, it should be implemented quickly.

Li Mengyao naturally did the same, and found a person, and sent him a message through the Xumi artifact.

Suddenly a message appeared in the head, which really shocked the man.

While practicing, how can anyone send a mind message?

That is only the ability of a strong period! But I haven't contacted the strong recently! why is someone suddenly contacting himself?

"Do you need a solid foundation pill? I have one and am willing to sell! If you need it, please contact me!"

The person who in the cultivation momentum period wants to break through the realm and successfully reach the foundation period. Solid foundation pill is indeed a very good thing and can greatly increase the chance of success.

The first, middle and last three stages of each realm can be achieved with the help of a pill. If he can get it, he can reach the foundation period.

"I want, I'm willing to pay 100,000 low-grade spirits stones."

As soon as he gritted his teeth, he opened the limit price he could bear.

This is all his possessions! But in order to break through, he still wanted to give it a try.

"Meng Yao, isn't it too cheap to buy a solid foundation pill for 100,000 low-grade spirits stones?"

As a cultivation idiot, Liang Jie, he can only rely on Li Mengyao.

She knows a lot, after experiencing countless years and changing N masters, there is nothing she does not know.

"Almost at this price, the pill is very precious in the cultivation world itself, so the alchemist is very popular."

There is no doubt that Liang Jie's entry point is very good and he has caught the lifeline of the cultivation people.

Therefore, Liang Jie felt it necessary to go in the direction of the alchemist. But now, he has the priority to open this eBay store to help more cultivation people.




Chapter 3 - Liang Jie was possessed by a ghost

Someone has placed an order, and the next step is to find someone who has a solid foundation pill.

With the help of Li Mengyao, Liang Jie quickly found a man. He owns two solid foundation pills, so he is willing to sell one.

"Who are you? Why are you looking for me to deal?"

After learning about Liang Jie's thoughts, the person in the cultivation momentum period was scared.

Being able to communicate and receive by god mind, at least he is in forming pill period!

"Master, he mistakenly believes that this is a god mind message. This is an ability that can only be used by those who have reached the forming pill period."

At first, Liang Jie was still a little confused. With the explanation of Jing Mengyao, he immediately laughed.

Then, he said decisively his purchase price and bought a piece of solid foundation pill for 90,000 low-grade spirit stone.

After all, he's too embarrassed to make too much, so he offered a price that he thought was "conscience".

"I am willing to sell, but how can I give you?"

"Just if you want to sell, I will put the spirit stone directly into your storage bag, and I will take it myself."


Looked into other people's storage bags! This is at least also the cultivation god period. It was obviously misunderstood that he is in the forming pill period!

He has been watching him all the time. He must behave better in order to get appreciation. No matter what he thought, Liang Jie only knew he was making a lot.

Earn 10,000 low-grade spirits stones!

"Hey ..."

Liang Jie laughed in the dormitory but didn't notice his roommate outside.

Originally, they only picked up something when they came back, but it was found that Liang Jie was talking to himself in the dormitory and almost scare them to death.

Especially the last laughter was even more horrible. He scared them away and ran away. After all, the entire college now knows that Liang Jie has been possessed by a ghost.

"Master, you can use these spirit stones to buy cleaning body fluid, enough for you to get started!"

Li Mengyao is also looking forward to Liang Jie's strength soon so that she can find the Turn spirit pill as soon as possible.

Cleaning body fluid is not unusual. It can be purchased with spirit stone. He can buy it at double price, so others will definitely sell it.

So, under the encouragement, Liang Jie bought five cleaning body fluids.

"Drink directly?"

The fluid is a thick green liquid with a faint fragrance, which makes Liang Jie acceptable even though he feels sick.

After drinking it, a burning sensation suddenly rose from his stomach, and then flowed to his limbs, making him feel like the whole person was burned by fire.

"Master, how is it?"

"I feel like I have endless strength!"

"That's right, you need to let out your energy now."

"How to do it?"

"Just run!"

"Okay, I run!"

Liang Jie, who couldn't bear it, felt like he was about to explode.

So he sprinted at a speed of 100 meters and came to the playground. The whole man ran like crazy, yelling while running.

Not that he wanted to laugh, but really couldn't help it!

The violent power slammed into his body, impacting every part of his body, making him feel like he was about to explode.

"Isn't that Liang Jie? Why is he running!"

"Really, is it really a ghost?"

"No! Don't scare me, I'm timid."

People who were in class when they saw Liang Jie shirtless and ran all the way on the playground, it felt like freedom.

There are only three grades and five classes in the college, "Teacher, Liang Jie is crazy and has run forty laps on the playground!"

Finally, the students felt that Liang Jie was crazy, and it was too scary to scream while running.

On this day, the student of the archeology department left the class early because of Liang Jie's affairs. It was really strange that his behavior was really like being possessed by a ghost.

Lying back and forth on the ground, Liang Jie finally exhausted the power in his body. The circle around the playground was 800 meters. He actually ran for more than ten kilometers in one breath, and it was still the kind of sprint.

"Master, you have successfully started, as long as you drink the remaining four cleaning body fluid, you can practice momentum"

"By then, your mental strength will be enough to connect five people, and you will be able to contact each minute."

"But you don't have to worry about it. In the evening, you just have to take a good rest. I will help you to contact the people in the cultivation momentum period. You can reply to them uniformly the next day."

Li Mengyao learns things very quickly, she has learned Liang Jie's routine, and now she can operate it by herself.

This makes Liang Jie feel very happy. He has never been so happy since he was a child, but what he didn't know is that the story of his madness has spread throughout the college.

After taking a bath, Liang Jie came to the cafeteria, and the surrounding classmates avoided him like a scorpion, which caused him some injuries.

"Auntie, give me a ten-dollar package!"

Liang Jie didn't care, took the set and sat aside to eat.

Because of the effect of the cleaning body fluid, Liang Jie was attentive at this time, and he could hear a very small sound within a dozen meters. He finally knew what happened to these people.

"It's him, the man who is possessed by a female ghost. I heard that he ran dozens of laps in the playground in the afternoon."

"Yes, yes, I heard that too! It seems to be running while shouting, so scary!"

"Yeah! I dare not go to the toilet at night, you have to go with me!"

"Together ..."

This is the sophomore sister on the left discussing Liang Jie, which makes him very speechless.

On the other side, they directly said that Liang Jie was possessed by a ghost. Now it is not him who eats, but the female ghost.

"Auntie, another ten-dollar package!"

The speed at which Liang Jie ate was called fast. Then, in the shocked eyes of everyone, he started to solve the second package again.

With the second serving, there was a third serving. Until the fourth serving, he patted his stomach contentedly. After he was hungry, it was comfortable to eat a full meal!

"Did you see that? Four packages!"

"I heard that a person possessed by a ghost can eat much. It seems that he is really ..."


The people who had watched the show all ran away, and their backs felt cold.

Even in the age of science, knowing and fearing are two different things. Fear of ghosts is inherent.


He looked scornfully at the frightened seniors and sisters, and even classmates. Liang Jie didn't even want to stay with them.

However, when he was about to leave, he found that the most beautiful girl in his class, Yang Yi, was standing at the door, watching him.


Chapter 4 - She could drive away ghosts

"Are you Liang Jie?"

Yang Yi is very beautiful. Especially those slender beautiful legs, combined with the tall body is perfect, plus that single ponytail is really fantastic.

"I am, what are you doing?"

Liang Jie, who didn't talk too much with the people in the class, didn't understand why Yang Yi came to find himself.

It's just that the stinging sight around him makes him a bit unbearable. Are they so jealous?

"You follow me!"

Yang Yi, a little embarrassed by the surrounding sight, pulled Liang Jie slightly red and came to the foot of the mountain.

Because of the ghost, students who usually like to come here will never dare to come, so there will be no other people to disturb here.

"That, Liang Jie!"

Seeing Yang Yi's somewhat shy look, Liang Jie felt that some heartbeats had accelerated. If he didn't know himself, he even thought Yang Yi might confess!

But it wasn't as if she wanted to confess.

"Yang Yi, just tell me what's the matter! Otherwise, I'm leaving," Liang Jie said indifferently.

Yang Yi grabbed Liang Jie, brightened her eyes, and said with excitement, "I heard that you have been possessed by a ghost. I can help you drive away from the ghost."

"Ah? Would you drive away the ghost?"

At this time, Liang Jie's expression was very wonderful. He didn't expect the most beautiful girl in class that everyone had a crush on, and she would say such a thing.

Although they are all in the department of archeology, everyone believes in science.

"Yes, so I want to help you out!"

Although Yang Yi was a bit shy, her serious expression made Liang Jie feel warm, at least she really wanted to help him.

There is a beautiful girl willing to help, he naturally did not want to let her lose face.

So Liang Jie nodded and said, "Yes, come on!"

After listening to the other party's agreement, Yang Yi was naturally very happy. She took out a piece of yellow paper with a spell and chanted words in her mouth as if casting a spell.

Then she threw the yellow paper onto Liang Jie's body, but the yellow paper fell to the ground lightly.

With four eyes facing each other, the air became quiet and embarrassed to the extreme for a while. Liang Jie didn't know how he should react.

"Pata Papa"

Taking a small step, Yang Yi picked up the yellow paper, and her blushing blood dripped, even her ears became red.

At this moment, Yang Yi did not dare to look up, everything just was too embarrassing.

"How can it be useless?"

Yang Yi flushed, her eyes were red.

Obviously useful before, why is it useless to Liang Jie? Could it be that the female ghost on him is not afraid of spells at all?

Thinking of this, her face became pale.

"what should I do?"

At this point Liang Jie didn't know what to do, so he could only turn to Li Mengyao.

Li Mengyao sat on the shoulder of Liang Jie, and said lightly: "It seems that she should be born and cultivated in the Taoist family, but unfortunately, the heavens and earth aura is too thin. You just fool around, and I will let her see me leave you. She will not entangle you! "

Regarding Yang Yi's life, Liang Jie was naturally unclear, but Li Mengyao said so, and he had nothing to doubt.

At first glance, she had never cast a spell, and she looked a little natural, but it made him play tricks.

"Yang Yi, I feel hot in my body. It seems that something is coming out of the body."

"Ah ... my head hurts, my body hurts, I'm going to die!"

"Help me, Yang Yi, I can't do it."

Liang Jie, whose performance was very poor, made Li Mengyao dare not look straight.

However, what was unexpected was that Yang Yi was frightened, and the rune papers in hands fell to the ground, looking at Liang Jie rolling on the ground with a worried look.

Holding him up, Yang Yi was crying anxiously and choked, "It's all my fault. I shouldn't help you. Now that female ghost has attacked, you will be dead."

With a pale face and cold sweat, Liang Jie followed the words of the other party.

Liang Jie, who feels good about himself, thinks that this way of teasing is also very interesting, especially the appearance is really very attractive.

Looking at those red lips, Liang Jie almost wanted to kiss her.

Then, Liang Jie's wish came true.

Somehow, Yang Yi actually kissed directly, her soft lips with a faint fragrance, which made Liang Jie a little obsessed.

He was forced to kiss? But it feels pretty cool.

"Come out, come out!"

Liang Jie, who was enjoying, suddenly felt that the softness on his lips had left, and then heard Yang Yi's voice. It turned out that Li Mengyao let her see herself.

As planned, she wanted to look like she was leaving her body.

"Come back! Come back!"

Liang Jie was anxious at this moment, feeling that this matter could not be over.

"Why go back again?"

Yang Yi’s face paled.

Obviously everything just happened was just a joy, she couldn't really drive the female ghost out of Liang Jie.

"So uncomfortable! So uncomfortable!"

Liang Jie continued acting, and Yang Yi kissed Liang Jie again.

At this time, Li Mengyao's voice sounded in his mind, and he knew why Yang Yi kissed her.

It turned out that Yang Yi was a congenital wooden spirit, and had a natural restraint towards ghosts. As long as she breathed out of her mouth to Liang Jie, in fact, ordinary ghosts could be driven out.

After a long time, Liang Jie was a little bit interested.

"I'm much better! Thank you, Yang Yi."

Liang Jie is really shameless.

However, this silly girl Yang Yi doesn't know! She only thought it was her help to calm down the female ghost, so she seemed a little happy. She didn't even remember that her first kiss was gone.

"I miscalculated the power of that female ghost, and when I go back to find a more powerful magic weapon, I will surely drive her out of your body."

Yang Yi gritted her teeth and made a decision. She felt that she had to take responsibility. She almost killed Liang Jie, which made her feel guilty.

Pretending to have a scared expression, Liang Jie shivered, "The female ghost is still on me? What should I do next? You seem to be able to suppress female ghosts, or do you help me to suppress female ghosts just as before? "


Thinking of what had just happened, she finally realized what was wrong.

After seeing Liang Jie's driven expression, and immediately felt that the softness in the heart was touched, and the motherhood was completely excited.


She promised with a very small voice and then ran away.

After realizing it, Yang Yi couldn't keep calm, be careful of the liver flapping, and her cheeks were as hot as a fever.

"Master, you are really shameless!"

Li Mengyao was stunned, and the master was too shameless.

Actually deceived innocent little girls.

"What do you know? I am helping others!"

The shameless Liang Jie didn't care about this bad reputation. He kissed by his own deception, and why said that he was shameless.

Besides, he was forced to kiss. Can this blame him? He is also a victim, OK.


Chapter 5 - Get Money and Beauty

"Although you are shameless, you see people very well."

"The congenital wooden spirit body is indeed extremely rare in this world, and physical cultivation with her can get great benefits."

"You can think about asking her to cultivate with you."

Li Mengyao was ashamed of Liang Jie's behavior but had to admit that he was lucky.

The congenital wooden spirit body can get twice the result with half the effort of practicing wooden spells. In the future, the achievements will be infinite. Even in the distant past, it is extremely rare.

"physical cultivation?"

With his eyes widened, Liang Jie thought of something.

Then he grinned, very creepy.

Li Mengyao said silently: "Master, you are so shameless! physical cultivation is not what you think."

"Everything is the same! How can we do?"

Liang Jie didn't care so much. Since it was determined that Yang Yi could have physical cultivation with him, it was tantamount to booking this wife, and he was naturally happy.

But Li Mengyao was very upset. she felt that following such a dirty master, she became impure.

"Master, you are a fire-wood dual-spirited root, and very weak, but fire-wood symbiosis is the best spiritual root for physical cultivation with this girl, but unfortunately you are too weak.

With a twitch at the corner of his mouth, Liang Jie's heart was very upset, listening to the extremely heavy "weak" word.

As for spirit root, he can gradually become stronger. He is not in a hurry.

The congenital capital is not strong enough, and it does not mean that cannot make up for it. With the ring, that is not a problem.

Of course, Liang Jie slept very well. Li Mengyao found a few suitable candidates according to the previous routine and then sent them a message.

This kind of big data screening ability is nothing to the ring at all, but Li Mengyao is very happy because this is the first time she feels that she is so useful.

"Wow ... five out of eight people are willing to buy solid foundation pill, wouldn't I be able to make 50,000 low-grade spirit stones?"

Waking up early in the morning had great things. Liang Jie was very happy, but he didn't immediately contact the person who had the solid foundation pill.

Big data screening is good, but it's too wasteful to play like this.

Since he intends to use the ring to establish eBay store, he must guarantee his own supply of goods, and he must build a large scale and sell it at a lower price.

After having breakfast, Liang Jie came to the classroom. Everyone was scared and scared to approach. Only Yang Yi sat silently beside him.

"I'm afraid you have a sudden accident. I'll sit down together later!"

Yang Yi doesn't care about other people's eyes, she just wants to take responsibility.

This moved Liang Jie so much that he couldn't wait to hold her for a kiss, but in this class, those resentful eyes made him very uncomfortable.

"Thank you, Yang Yi."

Grinning, Liang Jie blinked at Yang Yi.

The latter saw him so smirk, and immediately remembered what happened last night, her ears turned red.

Seeing how close the two of them were, last night, Yang Yi found Liang Jie again. The boys in the class suddenly felt blocked and had the urge to die.

"Liang Jie was possessed by a female ghost, and he actually gets close to Yang Yi!"

"It's enviable ... no, it's angering! This man is so shameless."

"No, I'll go to the mountain tonight to see if I can see a ghost!"


These people whispered to each other, and Liang Jie naturally heard it. At that moment, he was very proud. After all, everyone will like this kind of thing.

Being jealous means he is good, and that's something to be proud of.


However, just at the beginning of class, Liang Jie fell asleep on the table.

Of course, he didn't fall asleep, just pretending to look, he was waiting for Li Mengyao to find the right person.

From her perspective, she naturally knows the quality of solid foundation pill, but although the Xumi artifact is rare, there are a large number of people in the world, and there are many people in the cultivation momentum period, and many of them have such artifacts!

"I found it. This should be the alchemist. The solid foundation pill he made is piled up in mountains, but the effect is more than half worse, but quantity can still make up for it."

Li Mengyao found the right candidate and decisively sent him a message.

The man was practicing but was suddenly frightened by the divine news, and there was a predecessor who wanted to buy his solid foundation pill, and the price was very high, which surprised him.

After practicing alchemy for many years, he has been focusing on the simplified version of pill in order to better meet the needs of cultivation.

"Senior, I am willing to sell a simplified version of solid foundation pills for two thousand of the low-grade spirit stones. Five are equivalent to the original version. The efficacy is definitely guaranteed."

The other party sent a message, he took the initiative to ask for a price reduction, which made Liang Jie very happy.

This person is still very good, as long as the five simplified versions are sold for 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, they can sell for 100,000 low-grade spirit stones.

"I want as much as you have, and can even give you some rewards, but you are not allowed to sell to others, otherwise ..."

Liang Jie pretended to be mysterious.

The other party is in the late stage of the cultivation momentum period. Naturally, he dare not disrespect the predecessors of the forming pill period. It is his honor to be able to get the appreciation of the predecessors.

Not only did he agree, he even gave Liang Jie more than a hundred of the existing solid foundation pills.

"Get rich, hehe ..."

During the class, terrifying laughter burst out.

Everyone shivered and felt that the sweltering weather suddenly became cold.

Yang Yi on the one side saw that Liang Jie laughed in the dream, her face suddenly changed, thinking that Liang Jie was a female ghost in trouble, and she couldn't care much about it, so she kissed him directly.

The classmates who were drinking water saw this scene and almost choke.

This is a classroom. Can you hold on a bit, don't you be so direct?

"Big news, the archaeology department's flower Yang Yi has a boyfriend, and kissed in public."

All of a sudden, the entire college was boiling.

The majority of male compatriots had deep grievances. A murderous force came and scared Liang Jie. He felt an aroma penetrate into his nose. He opened his eyes and looked at Yang Yi's shy face.

It feels so wonderful, he feels he has reached the pinnacle of life.

"Don't pull me I will kill him."

"This can't be tolerated! Who gave me a knife, I choked him."

"I envy him, I want to worship him as a teacher!"

The boys in the class fry directly, they have an urge to kill.

However, Liang Jie, who knew their thoughts, didn't care! let them be envious!

Chapter 6 - Future Plans

The rumors of Liang Jie and Yang Yi's rumors are so high that there is no way to explain it.

However, there is no need to explain anything. Misunderstandings are better. In fact, he doesn't mind turning misunderstandings into real things, but the time is not ripe yet.

Although he enjoys kissing, he doesn't have the hobby of being broadcast live.

"Yang Yi, it is good for you to help me, but then we will be too eye-catching in the future, or we will rent a house outside together!"

This is to help others, and it is by no means greedy for beauty. Liang Jie gave himself the reason that even he was moved to cry.


Obviously, want to take advantage of others, but still say so well on the lips, this little silly girl will believe your gossip, the master is too shameful.

"That's not good!"

"That's fine. In case I am controlled by a female ghost at night, you can help me!"

"It seems right!"

"That's it. I'll go find a house. Give me your phone number!"

"I still feel a bit bad!"

"It's okay, we are a couple anyway, no one will gossip."


Persuaded by Liang Jie, Yang Yi was a little confused.

In the end, not only was the phone number given to him, but she even agreed to live with him, which made Yang Yi feel hot on the cheeks, she didn't know what to do.

"I'm saving people!"

Yang Yi cheered herself up and comforted herself.

This scene made Li Mengyao sigh, such an innocent and lovely girl will fall into the master's claw.

Renting is expensive. There are a lot of residential houses around college, but the price is not cheap!

The rent of a two-bedroom and the one-living house is almost 1,500 per month, with basic furniture.

"Meng Yao, I'm making tens of thousands of spirit stones! Please help me to contact the alchemist, I want to buy some old utensils."

Making money is a big problem, but he has the ring and the help of the ring elf, and naturally, there is no problem.

What's been the least noticeable these days?

Antique! The things in the cultivation world are all very valuable antiques. It is easy for him to buy them.

"Senior, I have prepared for you what you want!"

The alchemist is called Han Yu.

He is determined to be the strongest alchemist. Judging from his ability to simplify solid foundation pill, his talent is indeed very high, so Liang Jie would be happy to cooperate with him.

The simplified version of the solid foundation pill is not worried about selling, after all, the effect of the five is exactly the same.

"Well! How many spirits stones!"

Liang Jie now has spirit stones. More than a hundred simplified versions of solid foundation pills have made Liang Jie earn hundreds of thousands of low-grade spirit stones!

Had it not been for spirit stones to circulate in society, he would have been a rich man.

"Senior, you can give me 20,000 low-grade spirit stones."

Han Yu doesn’t dare! These things are all things he found when he was training outside. They were all useless things.

Han Yu, the things he could find were indeed worthless, at least in the eyes of their cultivation people.

"I'll give you fifty thousand low-grade spirit stones! Give me some pill that has been wasted!"

Liang Jie is still very generous. He knows that the other party needs to buy the medicine needed for alchemy by the spirit stone.

He is not a stingy person. The other party has helped him make a lot of money, and he is naturally very happy, just as a reward for him.

Soon, Li Mengyao got something from Han Yu.

These are some ancient bronze swords. For the people during the cultivation momentum period, these things are just usable, but they are not valuable.

As for the wasted pills, its effect is very poor, but there will be no problem. For ordinary humans, it is definitely a magic drug.

"Master, Han Yu gave you three bronze mirrors, two bronze swords, and a stick, and then there is a small tripod for alchemy."

"Besides, there are also defective cultivation momentum pills, cleaning body fluids, and washing pulp pills, each of which has ten servings, which is absolutely useful for the average person."

"Gathering momentum can be used to strengthen the body, cleaning body fluid can be used to relieve blood circulation and eliminate diseases, as well as washing pulp pills, can be used to improve physical fitness."

Regarding the current world, after understanding these days, Li Mengyao has been very clear.

Since the master wants to make money, whether it is these utensils or waste pills, it is very useful for him.

Spiritual artifacts are things that in the solid foundation period can begin to worship. These first-grade spiritual artifacts are all discarded.

"I'll use this stick first. Don't worry about selling things. We have to take it slowly."

"Let's talk after I get started with cultivation momentum! It's almost a few days away, and I won't have to worry about being picked on by then."

Liang Jie did not lose himself because he was rich, but rather he was very calm.

The matter of finding a house is not anxious. The most important thing he should consider now is how to earn more low-grade spirit stones, and then start to improve his strength.

"Master, you can ask Han Yu to make Change Appearance pill for you. This pill is not difficult."

"This way, no one should know who you are, and you don't have to worry about being remembered."

"And because of the enhancement of the main body, you can already contact others once a minute. When you sleep, I can help you contact hundreds of people!"

Li Mengyao smiled happily. After eating four servings of cleaning body fluid, Liang Jie's physique changed a lot.

Liang Jie after washing the veins, at this time the body is transparent and free of impurities and is already a very pure body.

"Haha ... can I finally get started with cultivation momentum tomorrow? It's really exciting!"

Liang Jie laughed, and now he was a little excited and couldn't sleep, because, after the cultivation momentum, the real cultivation began.

Of course, the most important thing is to be able to contact five cultivation people every minute, which is his real purpose.

"Han Yu can make two simplified versions of solid foundation pills every day, the quantity is not enough for delivery!"

"Actually, you can consider helping Han Yu. He is already in the state of perfection in the cultivation momentum period and can break through to the solid foundation period at any time.

"What he is most afraid of is the period of weakness when he breaks through. If no one protects, he will likely be murdered."

The meaning of Li Mengyao is obvious. It is to ask Liang Jie to help Han Yu to find a defender. This will allow him to reach the solid foundation period, and it will be more convenient to make a simplified version of solid foundation pills.

As his supplier, only the increase in the output of his pills is the most helpful thing for him.

In this regard, Liang Jie really needs to think about it carefully, but he doesn't think it is as simple as protecting him.

Chapter 7 - He is shameless

The effect of the cleaning body fluid gradually diminishes, and it is no longer effective in the fifth portion. To continue to train the body, he must use more advanced things.

After digesting the fifth cleaning body fluid, Liang Jie finally officially embarked on the path of cultivation. Although it is only a humble beginning to get started, looking at the world is an incredible master.

According to Li Mengyao, in terms of the current aura of the world, it is probably the limit to be able to cultivate to the Gold pill period, because this world cannot bear the full effort of even a master.

It is precise because of this that there is almost no ascension in this world.

However, Liang Jie wants to truly become a cultivation person in the cultivation momentum period, and there are still some things that must be done. He is now only having such a foundation, not really laying the foundation for the cultivation momentum period.

"Master, you can't continue to cultivate now, wait until you get used to it and think about what's next."

"Moreover, you need some exercises to assist yourself. I will sort it out and see if I can find a suitable exercise for the master."

"Although you are not in the cultivation momentum period, your strength is far beyond that of a warrior in a priori."

Li Mengyao told him about cultivation, which was very important to him.

The warrior divides the acquired and the innate. After reaching the innate, it is the cultivation momentum period. This refers to the general cultivation method of mortals, but Liang Jie is different.

He skipped the two warrior realms with the help of cleaning body fluids and stood directly on the realm of congenital peaks. His strength now cannot be underestimated.

It is a pity that without the guidance of the exercises, he is just a stronger person now.

"Well, I know. Han Yu is intensively refining the simplified version of the solid foundation pill. I just have a few days of free time."

"With this bottle of change appearance pill, things should be much easier, and we can start buying a house."

"It was originally intended to rent a two-bedroom and one-living room. Now it seems that it is better to buy a house directly. A villa is probably more than three million. I don't know if those bronze mirrors and bronze swords can sell so much money!"

Touching his chin, Liang Jie began to think seriously. After all, he had a rare seven-day holiday, so he naturally had to make good use of it.

It was only when he opened the dormitory door to leave but found that Yang Yi actually looked around at the boy's dormitory door, causing the boys to mourn.

"Master, your little lady is waiting for you!"

Yang Yi is a congenital wooden spirit, which is still very beneficial to Liang Jie's future cultivation.

"Yang Yi, why are you here? Aren't you going home?"

Liang Jie ignored others, how beautiful it is to be accompanied by beauty.

He had a clear conscience, because he was helping others, and did not want to discourage the enthusiasm of Yang Yi.

"I was going to go back, but I worry that you will be tortured by a female ghost."

"So, I decided not to go back, I will go wherever you go."

"In case something goes wrong, I can help you drive the ghost away."

Yang Yi blushed and said that exorcism can't help thinking of kissing.

She's actually weird. How can spells be useless? Kissing works! But because she was too shy, she didn't dare to think too deeply.

Today's Yang Yi, wearing a white dress, is as pure as a lotus flower.

"Why did the archeology department's most beautiful girl like him?"

"Don't say it, it's all fate! Maybe you go to the mountain and the female ghost gets on your body. Can you have a girlfriend?"

"Yeah! Go, let's try our luck these days ..."

These people are envious, jealous and hated of Liang Jie! Anxious to stun him and take his place.

Looking at the back of the two leaving, everyone had the urge to kill, and the boy actually raised the fairy's hand shamelessly.

"It's really amazing. The female ghost seems to have disappeared after holding your hand. She must be very afraid of you."

Yang Yi's face flushed, and she wanted to get rid of that hot hand, but she couldn't pull her hand no matter how hard she tried, and then she heard Liang Jie's words, so she was relieved.

It turned out that this would make him feel at ease.

"If this helps you, I can let you hold on after that."

With her head buried in her chest, Yang Yi felt her cheeks burn like a fire. She couldn't believe what she said, she was too ashamed.

Liang Jie on the side was stunned first and then stabbed with deep guilt. He felt that he was really a beast.

Facing such innocent Yang Yi, he could lie so shamelessly. However, he didn't really all lie, at least what he just said was true.

Yang Yi, who is a congenital wooden spirit, can make people calm, and naturally feels very comfortable.

"That being the case, then you will be my girlfriend!"

"Ah I……"

"I am serious."

"No, I don't doubt you, it's just me ..."

"You don't have to rush to reply to me, I know you must feel very sudden, but it doesn't matter, I will wait for you to reply to me."

"I will seriously consider it."


Looking at Yang Yi's serious expression, and those big watery eyes, Liang Jie felt a pain in his heart.

He was so shameless that he deceived such a pure beauty, but he was not kidding, he really planned to let Yang Yi be his girlfriend.

"I knew that the master was a beast, and he lied to the innocent girl!"

Li Mengyao's voice sounded in his mind, which made Liang Jie a little embarrassed.

In fact, there must be selfishness, but he also really likes Yang Yi. Before that, there was no intersection. Now he knows that the image of the iceberg beauty before Yang Yi was entirely due to her introvert.

"So let's have fun today!"

With a grin, Liang Jie had already planned.

Take Yang Yi for fun during the day! These days, it has been very hard for her to help herself to drive out the ghosts, and it is time to take good care of her.


Yang Yi glanced at Liang Jie's side face, and lowered her head and responded softly.

For some reason, she was actually very happy, because things like this were actually not experienced before, which made her feel very happy.


Chapter 8 - Encounter

After playing for a day, Liang Jie returned Yang Yi to the girl's dormitory.

Then, in the dormitory, he began to process the information replied by Li Mengyao, and after a rough statistics, he now has more than a thousand orders.

If calculated according to 50,000 low-grade spirit stones, this is more than 50 million low-grade spirit stones!

"Master, moisten your saliva! With the current progress of two stoves of pills a day, it takes one year for you to complete these orders. There will be more and more such orders in the future. You can't handle them at all."

"So consider my suggestion!"

Li Mengyao appeared on Liang Jie's shoulders, shaking a pair of slender legs.

Although she doesn't have a body, her figure is too perfect, which makes Liang Jie feel a bit of blood.

"If Qiongyao Fairy is known, someone poses in such a tasteful manner outside like her, I wonder if she will vomit blood?"

Li Mengyao knew Liang Jie's thoughts, flew up from his shoulders, came to Liang Jie's eyes, and put on a sultry posture, which made Liang Jie's nosebleeds squirt directly.

"Master, as long as there is a turn spirit pill, I can have a body, and I can sleep with you at that time!"

Flying to Liang Jie's ear, Li Mengyao spoke softly in words.

Holding his nose, Liang Jie felt that this destructive power was too powerful, and it made people think more infinitely than Yang Yi.

"Don't make trouble, I know what to do."

"The cultivation is boring. We have to play something new."

"To this end, we have to take it slowly. I will definitely allow you to experience a completely different cultivation path than before."

Liang Jie's serious expression forced him not to look at Li Mengyao.

He was really scared. If he continued like this, he would really be anaemic.

The business of the pill business cannot really be anxious. Cultivation does not happen overnight. They have time to take it easy.

Handing over the matter of contacting the cultivation people to Li Mengyao, Liang Jie found a hidden place, and after eating change appearance pill, he climbed down from the dormitory.

In Shangzhou City, where college is located, one thing that people talk about is that in the deep alley of Zhengdong Street, every morning, many people gather here to buy and sell things.

That is the ghost market.

Zhengyang Street is very big, but it is not much for Liang Jie now, because the cleaning body fluid has greatly improved his mental strength, and can now sense things within a few hundred meters.

He can know all wind and grass, so finding a ghost market is not difficult.

When he came to a house of some ages, Liang Jie knocked on the door without hesitation.

Of course, it's not the general knocking method, but the knock on the door ring in a special way.


The door was opened, and an old man walked out. After looking at Liang Jie, he looked around and determined that no other person let him in.

After coming to the room, the old man took out a piece of paper and handed it to him, saying, "Write your name. It's best not to be clever and dare to make trouble in the ghost market. Don't even think about leaving intact."

"This is your first time here, and rules still need to be said."

"Buying and selling here are all voluntary, whether you make a loss or make money, it's all your own business. You can't retaliate on purpose, you know?"

Real name and pseudonym, this is actually not important, because there is a camera here that will take pictures of everyone who comes here, so it is not easy to escape if there is a trouble.

This is really what made Liang Jie somewhat surprised that the ghost market is so formal!

Under the guidance of the old man, Liang Jie soon came to a house next door, where the crowd was distributed in twos and threes, and they were all watching something on the stall.

People who sell things don't yell, they just sit there. Someone talks when they want to buy something. The voice is not very loud.


Liang Jie pretended to open the backpack and took out a bronze mirror and a small bronze sword from the inside.

He didn't pay too much attention, he just spread a piece of cloth and put it on the display. Don't worry about being stolen here, because someone is watching in the corner of the room!

Liang Jie, playing with his mobile phone, didn't worry about selling anything, he just waited quietly.

"Young man, can I look at this?"

About ten minutes later, an old man with white hair came over.

He was full of energy and did not show old age. Judging from his physical age, he was at least 60 years old, but Li Mengyao told him that the old man in his eyes was at least 90 years old.

"feel free!"

Liang Jie remained calm. He knew he had caught a big fish.

Although there are not too many powerful cultivation people in this world, there are still acquired martial arts and innate martial arts. The old man in front has reached the strength of the innate congenital, which is very powerful in the worldly world.

Continue to play with his mobile phone to hide people's eyes, Liang Jie is actually in contact with Han Yu, he is going to ask Han Yu to help buy some gathering momentum pills and cleaning body fluid for emergency needs.

Of course, he still needs gathering momentum pill. In case of battle, he can restore spiritual power as much as possible.

"Young man, I want your stuff! How much do you ask for?" The old man smiled slightly and asked after setting down the bronze sword.

He looks very kind, and there are two guards behind him, and his strength cannot be underestimated, which makes Liang Jie be wary.

Even after changing appearance, there is a feeling of fear in the heart of these smiling old men!

Therefore, Liang Jie is also not good at speaking directly, but he stretched out his right hand and compared it with a five.

Isn't it silly for him to make an offer! At a glance, he knows that the old man in front of him is very knowledgeable, and it is better to let the other party guess the price.

"Five million? Young man, although your bronze sword is a treasure, it has lost its spirituality. At best, it is a good weapon."

"If you want to be cheaper, I'll buy it directly for you. What do you think?"

"I understand the rules of the ghost market, and I won't ask you where you got it. If you still have such things, I can buy them all."

The old man has a wealth of money and looks like he has to do long-term business with Liang Jie.

In his opinion, the young man in front of him looked very young, but even he could not see the front, maybe he was a hermit master.

Even the strongest in the congenital realm can maintain their youthful appearance even when they are sixty or seventy years old.

"Four million? Although a bit expensive ... OK, I bought it!"

The old man hesitated to see Liang Jie retract his thumb.

But when he saw the young man picking up two things and handing them to him, he couldn't help but be frightened by the young people in front of him.

The addition of these two things is almost the same price. Although he didn't think about buying this bronze mirror, since it is the first time to do business, it is best for both parties to be happy.

Chapter 9 - Senior

Liang Jie looks calm, in fact, Liang Jie can't help shivering.

Although he was ready, he didn't expect these things to be so valuable, two things sold for four million!

Get rich, get rich.

"Give money! It's yours."

No matter how excited he was, Liang Jie still behaved calmly.

Had he not been able to control his physical condition now, I'm afraid the other party would have seen it.

"There are 5 million in this card, and the password is six one!" The old man took a card from his arms and put it in front of Liang Jie: "The extra one million is a deposit if you still have this kind of thing and I can buy them together. "

Because nothing can be seen from the young man's face and breath, the old man feels that the young man in front of him is becoming more mysterious.

It is impossible for ordinary people to hide so well, let alone escape his eyes.

In this way, it can only be explained that the young man in front of him is not simple. He also made a deposit to make friends with the other party. Integrity is the most important thing. He is not worried about the other party's money.

"you still want?"

Liang Jie took the bank card, put it directly into his backpack, and looked at the old man with curiosity.

When asked by Liang Jie, the old man's heart suddenly jumped. He felt that Liang Jie seemed to be alert to him. What if it caused the resentment?

It was too aggressive, and it should be euphemistic. They all said that the strong people had a bad temper, and it seemed that he accidentally annoyed the other party.

"I still have it here, let's sell it to you!"

However, Liang Jie's response was not what the old man thought at all.

The moment the bronze mirror and bronze sword were taken out, the old man's expression was as wonderful as he could be. He never imagined that the young man in front of him was really there.

The quality is similar to the bronze mirror and bronze sword just now. This is really amazing. Does the young man in front of him steal a thousand-year-old tomb?

Dressing so plain! This is definitely a worldly man, and he must be treated with care.

The old man took a deep breath and respectfully said, "I don't know if you still have? If so, I want it all together!"

Such a powerful master is worth making friends. Spending some money is not a big deal. If can get his suggestion, he might break through!

People want to live longer, especially at his age, he feels that he still has a lot of things to do!

"Oh! Also!"

Liang Jie didn't think too much and took out a bronze mirror and a bronze medicine tripod.

Looking at the four things on the ground, the old man felt that his heartbeat could not be controlled. In a realm like him, he had such a morbid day.

From the moment the young man took out six bronze objects, the old man has determined that the young man in front of him is definitely those masters who have transcended the existence of the innate state.

Li Mengyao can no longer hold back. the old man cannot think of the young man is just nineteen.

What's even more surprising is that the old man took Liang Jie's strong self-assertion as calmness, and the misunderstanding was too great.

"Senior, I want all these things!"

"Please wait for me. I'll ask someone to pay you right away."

"Hey, Help me ..."

The old man was a little flustered, hurriedly showed his attitude, and then took out the phone and made a phone call in the past, and the money was transferred within a minute.

With such an efficient way of doing things, Liang Jie noticed. What is the identity of the old man in front of him?

Just as Liang Jie thought about it, the old man was scared. He was afraid that the other party would think that he has some intention.

"Senior, I have no other purpose, just to make friends with seniors."

"My name is Shangguanfei. I am the current owner of the Shangguan family. As long as you have any problems in Shangzhou, I will help you solve it."

"I just hope that you can give me some suggestions. I am willing to do everything."

The old man, named Shang Guanfei, was really scared at this time. He was really afraid of making Liang Jie bore.

Everyone said that the master of the hidden world didn't like worldly opinions, so he didn't dare to conceal anything and expressed his thoughts.

Only sincerity can exchange for the trust of the other party.

Liang Jie hesitated, then explained: "I didn't blame you, I was just thinking that meeting is fate, and I want to give you something!"

"Thank you, Shangguan Fei is very grateful!"

He was just scared, but now he is overjoyed.

Shangguanfei felt that his mood was like a roller coaster. It was high and low, but his heart was beautiful. It seemed that he had just felt his sincere.

The senior wants to give himself something, wouldn't it mean ... he didn't dare to think about it, but he knew he was really lucky this time.

"I came out in a hurry and didn't bring anything else, just give you this medicine!"

"After going back, find a quiet place to take it. Thinking about it should help you break through."

"You and I met today and you can't tell it out, you know?"

Liang Jie took out a copy of the cleaning body fluid.

It was a thumb-sized jade bottle, which looked very high-grade. Shangguanfei's eyes were straight. He took the jade bottle and hurriedly stuffed it into the inner pocket of the suit's chest, for fear of being seen.

At this time, Shangguanfei's heartbeat accelerated, and he finally knew how powerful the person was in front of him, and even saw his plight at a glance.

"Senior, I won't tell you what you and I met."

"I believe that the senior will stay in Shangzhou for a while! This is my business card. If the senior needs me to do things, you can find me."

"I came out in a hurry and didn't bring much money. Later I would let someone transfer 50 million to you."

At this moment, Shangguan Fei couldn't wait to take out all of his property and give it to Liang Jie, because the medicine was too important for him.

As long as he can break through the current trance and extend his life, even the status of the family will rise, which is a great kindness!

Looking at the excited appearance of the silver-haired old man in front of him, Liang Jie was really afraid that he was too excited to burst his blood vessels, so he nodded and said, "Well, just remember! If nothing happens, I will go!"

Had planned to leave with a bag on his back, but Liang Jie thought and stopped.

When he turned around, he saw that the old man was watching him leave respectfully, and did not dare to have any other thoughts. Even though he wanted to send him away, he did not dare to come forward.

"By the way, I'm here to see my apprentice. His name is Liang Jie. If you see him, please take care of him for me!"

"Of course, I won't let you do anything for nothing, this is a medicine that can improve your talent, and take it after you break through."

"Ok. Don't let me down!"

After speaking, Liang Jie left, feeling relieved for a while.

Not to mention making a lot of money, but also pretending to be a master, this taste is so cool, it really is cool to have strength!


Chapter 10 - Boyfriend

"Go check how many Liang Jie in Shangzhou and give me a reply tomorrow!"

After Shangguanfei respectfully bid farewell to Liang Jie, he immediately asked others to investigate Liang Jie.

The master in front of him has given him such a good thing, he naturally has to find Liang Jie, it is most important to know how to make a good relationship.

The feeling of getting rich overnight made Liang Jie feel like flying.

Liang Jie, who started cultivation momentum, didn't feel tired even if he didn't sleep for a month. He is now very energetic and so excited.

"Master, I find you have the potential to be a liar."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because you're shameless enough!"

"Do you praise me or hurt me?"

"Of course I praise you!"


On the way back, Liang Jie was speechless by Li Mengyao.

But if think about it, he is really shameless enough.

"Has the order increased?"

Liang Jie skipped the topic just now and asked about the order.

With the help of Li Mengyao, Liang Jie didn't have to worry about things related to others.

Li Mengyao's online service is available 24 hours a day. Naturally, a lot of news has been sent out, and there are still many cultivation people who are willing to buy solid foundation pills.

"Added! But you have no pills." Li Mengyao sat on Liang Jie's shoulders and continued to shake those beautiful legs.

This made Liang Jie very speechless, he felt that she was intentional.

However, Liang Jie had no choice but to ignore it.

After meditating all night by the lake in the park, Liang Jie felt refreshed and full of strength. He finally cultivated it once and for all.

Especially when the sun was rising in the morning, after sunshine was absorbed by Liang Jie, he felt warm all over.

"Master, you have strength now, but if you are against yesterday's old man, you will still lose, so you need to learn some simple techniques."

Li Mengyao said so and passed the true fire skills to Liang Jie.

This is a special practice method, which is very suitable for the people of the fire roots. Liang Jie's best practice method now.

If the average person would not dare to practice the technique easily, Liang Jie is different. He has the help of the ring, so naturally, there is no problem.

In just two hours, the true fire skills have been basically grasped.

"Wow ... wow!"

Looking at the flames between his fingers, Liang Jie felt very unreal. It was too dreamy.

True fire skill is a fire-based technique, which uses the fire essence of the sun as the base and uses the spiritual root of the fire as the base to train a ray of true fire, and finally reaches the level where the flame can be controlled freely.

This is enough in this world, and she doesn't want to be too shocking. The main thing is that this technique will not be mutually exclusive with other techniques.

As the number of people in the park gradually increased, Liang Jie couldn't stay any longer, bought two breakfasts and came downstairs in the girls' dormitory.

"Well, Yang Yi's boyfriend bought her breakfast so early!"

Liang Jie, who was standing downstairs, was immediately seen by the classmate.

That was Liang Jie's classmate, who was in the same bedroom with Yang Yi. Her shout immediately caught the attention of others, and it even made Yang Yi wonder what was going on.

Thinking of what Liang Jie said yesterday, Yang Yi couldn't help but felt shy and couldn't look up.

"I'm your girlfriend's roommate? You should please us!"

"Yes! If you please us, maybe we can show her cute sleeping face!"

"Haha ... Yang Yi is shy, come and see your boyfriend!"

These girls are so noisy, Liang Jie is also speechless, but vanity is greatly satisfied.

As for the jealous eyes cast by the boys' dormitory, Liang Jie also regarded it as a kind of reverence and enjoyed it calmly.

Since the girls said that he should invite them to have breakfast, naturally he was not stingy, took out his wallet and bought a few breakfasts.

"You're sensible!"

The classmate who ran down for breakfast gave Liang Jie a look.

It also mysteriously sent a photo to Liang Jie, which turned out to be Yang Yi's sleeping face.

I have to say that the goddess is very cute even if she sleeps. Liang Jie silently clicked to save it, and then set it as the desktop.

If the other boys knew, the drool would be coming.

"How did you come?"

After a few minutes, Yang Yi ran down, flushed.

Obviously, she was a little uncomfortable with this kind of thing, so she seemed a little cramped.

"I came back for a walk in the morning and saw that someone was selling breakfast. I bought it especially for you!" Liang Jie handed the breakfast to Yang Yi with a smile.

Yang Yi glanced at Liang Jie, took the breakfast, and whispered, "Thank you!"

"Let's go! We have to move today!"

Pulling up Yang Yi's hand, she made no idea why.

Why did you suddenly mention moving? Did he say that the renting of the house was done?

But she was not prepared at all! This is how to do it?

With a blank mind, Yang Yi took a taxi called by Liang Jie, and when she returned, they had already arrived outside the eastern suburbs.

There is a distance from the school, and it takes about half an hour by bus.

"How much is it?"


"I'll give you thirty-five!"


After Liang Jie paid the money, he and Yang Yi came to sit in the suburban park.

It was only then that Yang Yi was aware, with a puzzled expression: "Liang Jie, are you renting a house here?"

Because she did promise to help Liang Jie before, it was more convenient to live with him. After all, she didn’t know when the female ghost will hurt Liang Jie.

"Not for rent, but buy a villa here!"


"What? Don't believe me?"

"Liang Jie, is there a female ghost again? Wait for me."


Yang Yi did not believe Liang Jie's words but also put down the breakfast in hand, and after making some preparations, gave him a kiss directly.

To be honest, Liang Jie could not refuse, but he always feels that the kiss today is a bit bitter.

"How are you feeling? Do women ghosts still affect you?"

"Looks like it! Do you want to come again?"

Li Mengyao really can't stand it anymore, she has never seen such a shameless person.

How can he lie to a pure girl like this?

After kissing again, Liang Jie felt embarrassed. Yang Yi was too simple. Who doesn't like such a girl?

"It's much better, but I really want to buy a house! I didn't lie to you!" Liang Jie smiled with a serious expression on his face.


At this moment, Yang Yi could understand.

He actually cheated her to kiss him, it was too bad.

But Yang Yi was not very resistant, because when she was with Liang Jie, she felt very comfortable, even when they were kissing.

Thinking of this, Yang Yi felt ashamed.

Chapter 11 - I Bought


Liang Jie asked Yang Yi.

After struggling for a while, she couldn't shake off Liang Jie's hand, Yang Yi muttered: "You lied to me, I won't help you suppress the female ghost in the future!"

"Don't! Female ghosts will kill me."

"Ahh ... it hurts so much!"

"It hurts! She's here ..."

Squatting in front of Yang Yi, Liang Jie's expression was terrified, and then his face became very ugly, and it looked uncomfortable.

He then sat on the ground, as if he had been tortured by a female ghost.

"Do you dare to be more shameless?"

Li Mengyao's eyes were wide and were unbelievable.

But this trick really worked, Yang Yi was scared by Liang Jie.

"Are you okay? Liang Jie."

Holding Liang Jie, Yang Yi almost cried.

Looking at Liang Jie's uncomfortable look, Yang Yi couldn't bear to watch him continue to suffer and leaned down to give Liang Jie a kiss.

Liang Jie felt shameless buy couldn't help trying to tease Yang Yi.

After a long time, Liang Jie said, "Will you be my girlfriend! I'm afraid I will die."


"I really like you! Don't you like me?"

"No ..."

"Will you be my girlfriend?"


Seeing Liang Jie's worried expression, Yang Yi was really worried that he would be tortured to death.

Yesterday was also confessed by Liang Jie, she said she would seriously consider it, but she was confessed again today, and her heart was completely chaotic.

In fact, she also likes Liang Jie, but she is far from reaching the level of love.

But she was a pure and kind girl, and she did not want to see Liang Jie's uncomfortable look.

So, in the end, she agreed with Liang Jie with red eyes.

"Master, you are a real beast!"

Seeing Liang Jie's acting, Li Mengyao knew the true face of the master.

This man is a wolf in sheep's clothing. How can a man be so shameless? It is too shameless to use the girl's kindness and innocence to make her promise to be girlfriend.

"I'm much better, let's go buy a villa!"

Liang Jie rose from Yang Yi's arms and held Yang Yi's hand.

At this moment, Yang Yi was so upset that she had just promised to be Liang Jie's girlfriend, but that was just to appease Liang Jie.

In fact, she wasn't stupid. She knew Liang Jie was lying to her, but she couldn't be angry, because, with Liang Jie, she realized a lot of things she had never experienced before.

Perhaps this is not so bad.


Li Mengyao couldn't understand, Is this the fate of legend?

Yanghu Villa Sales Center.

"Can I help you?"

Seeing Liang Jie and Yang Yi was so young, people in the sales center did not think they were buying a house.

So they greeted them casually, after all, they were just students.

"We want to see the villa. Is there anything to introduce?" Liang Jie raised a brow and smiled.

He naturally saw that sales felt that he had no money, so his attitude was casual.

As for Yang Yi, she is also very worried. After all, the villas here are not cheap. Does Liang Jie have enough money?

"Xiao Liu, introduce to them!"

The consulting manager randomly arranged one person and stopped talking about them.

The sales, called Xiao Liu, look very young. She should also be newcomers who just came out to work and look clumsy.

"Please, here we have less than twenty units left in our Yanghu Villa!"

"Now there are many concessions, and certain preferential policies are also given in the price."

"The residential area is 300 square meters, and includes the courtyard, is about 600 square meters ..."

Although she was clumsy, the introduction was still good, and she did not pay special attention to whether the two were really rich, just to serve the guests well.

From the location of the Yanghu villa area, the remaining villas are relatively remote, but the lighting is good, and the surrounding fantasy is also very good.

"Where is this building?"

Liang Jie took a look and chose the most remote building.

This villa is very far away from other villas. It is really remote and cannot be remote in the northeast corner of the villa area.

But the area of this villa is very large, almost like a thousand square meters, it is a special detached house in the villa area.

"Sir, this villa covers 1056 square meters and sells for 35.65 million."

"If you want, sir, we can offer two purchase options!"

"Pay in three installments and three years, and we can sell it at a 10% discount. If you pay it in full, we can sell it at a 15% discount.

Generally, villas of this level are fully paid, but many people choose to pay in three installments in order to ensure liquidity.

Although this may cost more money, it is nothing to rich bosses, after all, they can use the money to make money.

"Manager, those two students came to buy a villa?"

"Yeah! They should have come to see it! They cannot afford it!"

"Haha ... yes!"

"It looks like they should have a little money at home, but this villa is not something they can buy."


The front desk manager was saying this to his colleagues. Although they whispered, Liang Jie was listening.

These people are like this. They like to judge people from appearance.

He decided to let them experience what it means to be blind.

"It's the full price! I want this villa!" Liang Jie nodded.


Xiao Liu was stunned, she couldn't believe what she heard.

At the same time, Yang Yi was frightened and hurriedly pulled Liang Jie's clothes.

Passing the card out, Liang Jie took Yang Yi's hand and motioned her not to worry.

At this moment, Yang Yi couldn't understand Liang Jie at all. Is he really a rich family member?

"Oh ... Okay! Sir, please wait!"

Xiao Liu was awkward, but soon woke up and hurried to get the contract.

The front desk manager was also stunned, he hurried forward, grabbed the busy Xiao Liu, ready to receive Liang Jie in person, he could not let go of such a large business.

More than 30 million! Can gain hundreds of thousands!


The manager came forward and wanted to confirm the contract with Liang Jie.

However, Liang Jie ignored him and turned to look at Xiao Liu and said, "It's Xiao Liu who served me. What are you doing? Xiao Liu is here to sign the contract!"


Xiao Liu is a little bit embarrassed. She is a newcomer, but dare not be greedy.

Such a large contract, the front desk manager is also a normal operation to talk, but now Liang Jie asked her to sign, she didn’t dare!

"Does your Yanghu villa sales can grab orders?" Liang Jie frowned, asking.

The front desk manager's face changed greatly, and he hurriedly said, "Xiao Liu, confirm the contract!"

Money is important, but rice bowls are more important. Since Liang Jie can afford a villa, naturally he doesn't care about him as a manager.

If this matter comes to the management, he will probably have to leave. This time he can only consider himself unlucky, who let him look down on others?

Chapter 12 - Scare you

After the contract was signed, Liang Jie took Yang Yi and did not go directly to the villa.

Although the keys were obtained, it took some time for the property certificate to be obtained, and the furniture in the villa was not available.

However, Xiao Liu was very attentive. Liang Jie only needed to pay the full price, that is, the preferential price could directly deduct the money of furniture.

"Liang Jie!"

Yang Yi is still in shock. She doesn't understand why Liang Jie is so rich.

Regarding her doubts, Liang Jie didn't have the answer, but frowned, "You still call me Liang Jie! Call me jay! I'm your boyfriend!"

"Jay, you don't need to spend money like this."

After listening to Liang Jie's words, Yang Yi blushed again. Obviously, she hadn't been very comfortable for a while with an extra boyfriend.

However, if think about it, the relationship between the two is actually very close. After all, they have kissed so many times, but it is nothing to change their names.

"It's okay, I have more money!"

"You're my girlfriend, I need to let you live a good life!"

"Go, let's buy a car!"

Liang Jie's money came so easily, he didn't worry about running out of money.

With the help of Li Mengyao, he can be a billionaire at any time.

With Yang Yi's incredible gaze, Liang Jie pulled her to the 4S shop. His driver's license has just been obtained, and he didn't expect to be able to buy a car so soon. He thought it would be a few years.

"Beauty? Are you here to buy a car? Why are you following such a poor boy?"

"Otherwise! How about I get you a sports car?"

"Just follow me!"

However, just as they entered the store, they met a young man wearing a fancy dress with earrings all over his right ear.

However, if look closely, the clothes are all made-to-order.

Is this the legendary rich second generation?

"I don't want to talk to you!" Yang Yi took Liang Jie's shoulders and wanted to pull Liang Jie out of here. She didn't want to cause Liang Jie to cause trouble.

But Liang Jie wouldn't just leave like this, such a good opportunity!

Being a man, he should be brave in front of his beloved woman.

"What car are you going to buy for my girlfriend?"

Liang Jie didn't say much, and immediately speaking of it showed sovereignty.

This is my girlfriend. Do you even want to buy a car for her?

"Oh, boy! So brave."

"But well! Don't pretend to be a man without money, and leave your girlfriend, and I can give you a breakup fee."

"I give you one minute to think!"

The rich second generation with an arrogant expression sat on the hood of Porsche and looked at Liang Jie with a smile.

He wants to grab people! There are such shameless people even under the bright sky.

"This world is about the law. If you do such a blatant and bad thing, aren't you afraid the police will catch you?" Liang Jie seemed to want to use the police to scare the other side.

"Haha ... what do you say?"

"Is this guy stupid! He wants to call the police and catch me!"

"Well, did you hear that? He wants to call the police! Say I've done something bad, have you seen it?"

The rich second generation is laughing, looked at the other people in the presence of strange faces, opened his hands and asked them.

The people shook their heads together and then spread out.

Not only that, the owner of the 4S shop even turned off the monitoring, and everything happened here as if they had not seen it.

"No one said I was doing bad things! You need to call the police, I'll call for you!"

"Hey, Director Huang! I'm Shang Guanyu, and I'm in the Royal Car Shop in the East Ring District. Some people say that I robbed people in public and said that I should be arrested."

"No need to bother you, I can get things done by myself!"

Shangguan Yu, who dialed the phone, turned on the speakerphone. The voice on the opposite side was very majestic, and he knew it was not an ordinary person.

Combined with Shang Guanyu's words, Liang Jie understood immediately, this person's background is not simple!

"Director Huang said he was very busy today, and they will not come!" Shang Guanyu looked at Liang Jie with a smile, and his face was full of jokes.

Yang Yi was a little worried that Liang Jie would conflict with the other party, and she blames herself a bit. If it weren't for her, she wouldn't have caused these things.

Looking at Yang Yi, who was almost crying, Liang Jie clenched her hand and smiled, "It's all right, there is me!"

Going to the young rich second generation, Liang Jie took out the smartphone with more than 1,000 yuan.

"Oh, you really want to call the police! Hurry, I'll wait!"

The rich second-generation pretended to be surprised and signaled Liang Jie to call quickly.

Liang Jie didn't say much. He took out a business card, which was a business card given to him by Shangguanfei. He said that he could call him if he encountered any problems in Shangzhou.

The rich second-generation surname Shangguan in front of him, now he wanted to see what the other party would look like when he received a call from Shangguanfei.

In order to embarrass the other party, Liang Jie turned on the speakerphone.

"Hello? Who are you looking for?"

"My name is Liang Jie, and Shangguanfei said I can find him if I have something."

"Sorry, you made the wrong call!"


Shangguanfei was also scared. It was his dad who just answered the phone! And that Shangguanfei is his grandpa! The guy in front has a grandfather's call?

Fortunately, Dad didn't say anything else. Obviously, the guy didn't know Grandpa.

"Oh, learn to pretend?" Shang Guanyu almost smiled, this guy is too funny.

Suddenly, Liang Jie's cell phone rang.

This situation is really speechless.

"You answer, it's okay! I can wait!" Shang Guanyu smiled and didn't care.

However, Yang Yi couldn't stand it anymore. She took Liang Jie's hand and wanted to leave, but Liang Jie stood still.

Why is this person like this! When is it still a hero? She is not the kind of woman who admires vanity.

"It's okay, I'll answer the phone!" Liang Jie smiled and blinked: "Hey, hello!"

"Sorry, I just got confused. You are Liang Jie!"

"I don't know why you asked my father? He can't get away with something."

"You tell me, it is ok, as long as I can help, I will help you!"

This time it is completely different from the last time, and the tone of the other party is different.

That almost flattering tone made Shangguan Yu's feet soft and almost sat on the ground with a buttock. He kept reminding himself in his heart that this must be a hallucination, and the person on the phone was by no means that irritable father.

"How can you! You are all busy, I have nothing to look for you! Let me fix it myself!" Liang Jie smiled coldly.

"Brother Liang, I was wrong just now, really! It was my fault!"

"You can't do that! Otherwise, my father must kill me."

"Did you run into trouble? Give me an address, and I'll come over to help you. I'll see who dares to bother you!"

The man on the other side of the phone almost cried, and Liang Jie's words scared him.

If it weren't for the distance, the man was afraid to kneel on the ground and plead with tears.

Chapter 13 - I am wrong

Shangguan Yu sat on the ground. He could hear it, and his father was definitely on the other end of the phone.

He actually provoked a man that his father had to whisper and beg for mercy and was still such a young guy.

He really wanted to give himself two slaps!

"You heard that, too, so he said."

Scratching his head with his mobile phone, Liang Jie smiled.

Shangguan Yu, who was proud, was upset at this time, and the whole person lost his judgment. But he knew how violent his father was.

If he let him know that he mess up with someone he shouldn't, he's afraid he is going to drop a layer of skin.

A slap of applause scared everyone, and Shangguan Yu slaps himself.

That power was absolutely amazing. He was clearly aware of the seriousness of the problem, and he had to pay for his stupid behavior.

It wasn't enough to hit yourself with two slaps. Shangguan Yu knelt before Liang Jie at once and flattered: "Brother, It is my fault. I don't want to be hung up by my dad! "

"Are you very proud! Why? Shangguan Fei is your grandpa?"

Liang Jie smiled coldly and threw the business card in front of Shangguan Yu, scaring him.

Don’t all the powerful people want everyone to know? Why don't you follow the routine? Even if you want to be low-key, take two bodyguards!

"Brother, I was wrong! I was really wrong!"

The face is not important, the pain of the flesh is most unforgettable! Shangguan Yu really didn't want to be beaten by his dad, that person was violent.

Rather than ask his father to beat him, ask for mercy early!

"Xiao Yi, how do you solve this?" Liang Jie glanced at Shangguan Yu, looked back at Yang Yi, and threw the problem directly to her.

He had no intention of letting Shangguan Yu go, but the other party was Shangguan Fei's grandson.

Although Liang Jie is not afraid of Shangguan's family, he still needs a supporter. Shangguan Fei is a good person, so he has to look at his face.

"Sister-in-law, it was just me who said something wrong. I will buy a car for you!"

Shangguan Yu begged for mercy with a smile on his face.

This person can bend and stretch, but he is also a man, and he is smart.

"Jay, forget it!"

Yang Yi was kind and could not see anyone suffer. Seeing the miserable appearance of Shangguan Yu, she naturally did not want to go deeper, and they did not lose much.

"Thank you!"

With Yang Yi's words, his life was saved.

But Liang Jie hasn't spoken yet, this matter is naturally not over yet, he looked at Liang Jie with anticipation, and waited for the other party's word.

"Well, get up! Don't be so arrogant in the future."

"But buy a car for us is ok, and it is not too expensive. Just the BMW Five Series!"

Liang Jie didn't want to be too swaggering, just a car.

Upon hearing that, Shangguan Yu immediately laughed, hurried to find the manager of the 4S shop, and didn't say anything else, and gave the car key directly to Liang Jie.

"Brother, I was wrong!"

"This car is supposed to compensate you, or how about we have a meal together?"

"I treat you, and I have to apologize, otherwise I can't really explain."

Shangguan Yu's transformation was very fast.

He is really great. With resources like the Shangguan family, his future achievements will never be too low, but this character is too arrogant.

When he heard what his father said, he knew how to do it. Such a guy was not stupid.

"Okay, get in the car!"

After buying a new car, Liang Jie naturally drove himself.

To him, this was nothing at all.

As for Shangguan Yu, asking his men to drive his car back, he didn't take the embarrassing thing into mind, which made his men look at each other face to face.

Do they feel like the young master has become different?


Throwing the throttle down, the back feeling is very strong, and the body rushed out.

Although Liang Jie got his driver's license shortly, his car skills were very powerful. Even Shangguan Yu had to admire him and see the stitches in the traffic flow.

"Here it is!"

Under the guidance of Shangguan Yu, the three came to Hongyu Hotel.

This is the most luxurious hotel in Shangzhou city. You must know that there are 100 floors here, and all the celebrities are received.

Even simple meals cost tens of thousands of yuan.

"Oh, this is master Yu! Come and eat!"

Before entering, they met a young man who was about the same age as Shangguan Yu.

It can be seen that he is also a standard rich second generation, and the family power does not seem to be worse than the Shangguan family.

"Who do I think it is! It's master Long! Didn't roll the sheets with your girl today?"

"You need to be more relaxed! Beware of emptying your body later, you can only watch your wife crying!"

"And I have to say, your two women taste very good, I like it!"

This is too vicious, and Shangguan Yu can do it, so no one doubts the authenticity.

The man's face was cold, but he was not angry but smiled: "Haha ... It's good if you like it! But two women! I'm tired of it."

"haha, really?"

With a slight smile, Shangguan Yu glanced at each other.

The two were head-to-head, and his changed temperament changed surprised Liang Jie

At the same time, master Long saw Yang Yi, and raised his eyebrows: "Found a new girl! Let me try it another day!"

"Master Long, I remind you."

"This is my elder brother. She is my elder sister. You say me, it doesn't matter to me, but you say my elder brother and elder sister. This is not the case."


Shangguan Yu's face changed greatly, this man actually insulted Yang Yi.

However, he knew that Grandpa and Liang Jie knew each other. He had to take a stand in this matter and said that he would have to do something to master Long.

However, Liang Jie held him back and shook his head: "There is no need to have general knowledge with such people. Let's eat!"

Pulling Yang Yi into the hall, Liang Jie was stunned by the hall in front of him. Is it a hotel? It is clearly the palace!

Even Yang Yi froze. It's too luxurious here!

"Stupid, you haven't seen abode of fairies and immortals, then it's called luxury!"

"When your strength comes, I'll help you set up that villa."

"I'll show you what luxury is."

For a long time, Li Mengyao, who did not speak, made Liang Jie completely speechless.

However, if he thinks about it carefully, how can he be as a humble guy with a heavenly treasure like Ning Regions Ring!

All this is nothing, he can make something better than this by just making a few things.

Chapter 14 - The Secret of Shangzhou

Under the arrangement of Shangguan Yu, the three came to a private room, and they did not feel bad because of the things just now.

The hotel's environment is very good, from decoration to service are world-class.

"The person is from He family."

"In Shangzhou, there are hundreds of families with different strengths. The He family belongs to the middle and upper class, and it is similar to our Shangguan family."

"This year's family rankings are about to start again, and I don't know if our rankings can be maintained!"

"Actually ..."

Pouring a cup of tea for the two, Shangguan Yu talked about He Shaolong and also mentioned some things about Shangzhou.

In this Shangzhou city, the reason why there are so many families is not accidental, but it is extremely mysterious since ancient times.

According to ancient tradition, there have been immortals here.

Of course, this is just a legend, and it is not really possible to verify whether it is true, so there is nothing to talk about after the meal.

But this is a fact for ordinary people, and for people in their big families because their ancestors have witnessed the ascension of immortals.

"Can you tell us more about that fairy?"

It seemed that Yang Yi was very interested in this matter, which surprised Liang Jie.

Is Yang Yi the descendant of that immortal who remains in this world? It wouldn't be so coincident!

To be honest, Liang Jie didn't believe it, but thinking that Yang Yi was a congenital wooden spirit, he thought it was very possible.

"I just heard it, that fairy ..."

Speaking of that fairy, Shangguan Yu was endless! The envy in his heart overflowed with words, showing that he really believed the legend.

No one knows who the immortal is, but when he ascends, he is indeed in Shangzhou City, and it is unknown where it is.

These big families gathered here to get what the immortal left behind.

However, it has been thousands of years, and people from the major families have found nothing. The only thing that can be determined is that the place where the fairy has soared is the branch campus of the Archaeology Department of Nine Regions College.

"We are from the Department of Archaeology of Nine Regions College. Is that place really so mysterious?"

Liang Jie already believed that, because he had a big secret, the ring was found in the back mountain of the college.

This is enough to prove that there is really a big secret on that campus.

"Everything is true, I thought it was fake!" Yang Yi sat there stunned, muttering to herself, wondering what she was thinking.

As Shangguan Yu kept telling, some secrets of Shangzhou gradually surfaced.

However, even said by Shangguan Yu is far less than the words of Li Mengyao.

"Oh, it was the guy with the last name Yang! He was lucky, he picked up a sixth-grade washing pulp pill, and he has embarked on a smooth journey."

"It's a pity that the guy messed up and messed up the world so that no one can do like him."

"A man could have soared for hundreds of years and thousands of years. If he is found, he must be repaired, but his life in the spirit world is not good!"

Li Mengyao is very hostile to the ascended surname Yang because his appearance makes the world unable to ascend.

Only Liang Jie heard this secret, and he felt bad. It turns out that there are really ascendants in this world!

However, the surname of Yang made the world no longer suitable for cultivation, and it was said that he was indeed a sinner.

"Meng Yao, can this world be repaired?"

"I mean, can it be practiced by ordinary people?"

"If could, what would I do?"

Liang Jie is not the kind of person who thinks for the general public, he just wants to facilitate himself.

As for repairing the world, that's what he will do after he has reached a certain level. All he wants is to enable himself to cultivate.

"Fortunately, you still have a little brain. Although things like pills are good, eating too much is bad for your health."

"What really needs to be noticed is that the strength you haven't cultivated yourself is ultimately inferior."

"But you don't have to worry about it, your qualifications can't be worse anymore, it's nothing to eat some pills, let's talk about others when you reach the solid foundation period!"

With Li Mengyao, she naturally would not let Liang Jie be in danger. She had already thought of a plan for Liang Jie.

This world can be cultivated, but if Liang Jie cultivates in this world, it is very likely that the aura of this world will be drained, and then he will suffer by hurting rules.

"Oh, then I'm relieved!"

Since he was fine, Liang Jie stopped worrying.

"Brother, are you a legendary master!"

"If you are willing to teach me, I'll show it to others in the future."

"I worship you as a teacher! How?"

Shangguan Yu didn't take himself as an outsider at all, he already saw Liang Jie's power.

To be able to meet Grandpa and make his father respectful, either because Liang Jie is very strong or because he has a powerful man behind him.

"Let's eat!" Liang Jie's expression was silent, and he threw a chicken leg into his bowl.

Shangguan Yu was also not polite, holding the chicken thigh and stunned, and kept stumbling.

Yang Yi who was eating was very calm, and she also gave Liang Jie food from time to time, and then Liang Jie would also carefully give her food, which made Shangguan Yu envious.

"Big brother, big sister, or I'll go to the Department of Archaeology, Nine Regions College!"

"You look so low-key, in case someone doesn't bother you, I'll help you drive away!"

"You can't come here in person! I like labor, I'm doing this kind of work!"

During the meal, only heard what he said, and kept on advocating that he was very capable and hardworking.

Why is this person so shameless?

"Master, I finally saw someone shameless than you."

But he was right, it will more convenient with him, so Liang Jie did not refuse.

After eating, Liang Jie took Yang Yi to buy clothes and daily necessities, and they can live in the villa tonight.

To be honest, Liang Jie really looks forward to living with Yang Yi. This kind of wedding-like life has made him very satisfied.

Chapter 15 - First Level in Cultivation Momentum Period

That evening, Liang Jie drove Yang Yi to the villa.

Everything here is well-organized, the beds and furniture in the villa are all arranged, they can just live in.

"Xiao Yi, you are my girlfriend!"


"Are we staying together!"



Originally Liang Jie wanted to deceive this innocent little girl, but the other party did not give Liang Jie chance at all.

Pushing away the body that Liang Jie leaned over, Yang Yi ran away. She was really stupid, but it didn't mean she would be stupid enough to go to bed with Liang Jie.

"Master, you are too beastly!"

"What's the matter? I just want to tease her!"

"If the man's words can be believed, then it is true that the sow will be on the tree."

"Hey, are you jealous?"

"Who is jealous? I don't!"


It seems that she is very smart, and even has human nature, and the heart is still very simple.

It's fair to say she's jealous, because he rarely talks with her today, and she's in a mood now!

"Well, I'm not busy today! I will introduce you to Yang Yi in the future, and then we can live and chat together!" Liang Jie assured Li Mengyao, tempted.

Li Mengyao stared at the boss, surprised: "Really?"


Although Li Mengyao is a very powerful elf, she is no better than a real human being!

Her mind is extremely pure, but not as complicated as humans.

He was too tired today. A lot of things happened and he knew a lot. Liang Jie felt that the world had become complicated.

"Master, your order has accumulated to more than 4,000 orders."

"Are you supposed to help Han Yu? Otherwise, how can you make spiritual stones?"

"As long as he reaches the solid foundation period, there are a lot more things he can do for you! For example, he can recruit learners ..."

Li Mengyao reminded Liang Jie that this matter is urgent and the order is increasing day by day, which obviously exceeds his tolerance.

This is like overloading, but eventually, it can cause serious problems.

"Well, I understand! Can I contact the cultivation people in the solid foundation period now?" Liang Jie's strength is only in the early stage in the cultivation momentum period.

It is necessary to speed up this promotion.

"Well, you can contact one every day."

Li Mengyao told Liang Jie that his strength is still too weak.

It was already the limit to contact one person, which made Liang Jie feel helpless. Although he did not understand what was going on, he still believed in Li Mengyao.

In the end, with the help of Li Mengyao, Liang Jie found a guy in the middle stage in the solid foundation period.

"A friend of mine needs a guardian. I don't know if you are willing? I am willing to pay for the second-grade solid foundation pill!"

This is the message that Liang Jie sent. Second-grade solid foundation pill needs a thousand middle-grade spirit stones, which is one million lower-grade spirit stones.

This can be said to a large sum of money, but Liang Jie feels that it is worth it, because Han Yu's talent for refining medicine can definitely bring him great benefits.

Do not just look at the front, you must see the future investment value.

After getting these things done, Liang Jie began to cultivate, and he needed to break through and enter the cultivation momentum period completely.

First level gathering momentum pill was bought by Liang Jie for ten thousand low-grade spirit stones. It can help Liang Jie to provide the aura needed for a breakthrough.

After swallowing it, Liang Jie sat cross-legged on the bed.

According to the method of air guidance provided by Li Mengyao, the whole body's aura was mobilized, and he was going to start washing the body with aura.

The body that has been tempered by cleaning body fluids has a very high acceptance of aura.

This is a gradual process. It will not be finished until after 81 days. By then, he will be in the first level cultivation momentum period.

Liang Jie was very concentrated.

With the help of gathering momentum pill, Liang Jie's process of absorbing the aura was very smooth, and the body was gradually familiar with this feeling and began to absorb the aura on its own.

Even though the aura between heaven and earth is thin, Liang Jie can still feel that some kind of power is absorbed into the body through the skin, which strengthens his body.

"Master, congratulations! You've practiced one level!"

Early the next morning, Liang Jie withdrew from meditation.

Li Mengyao is very happy. Liang Jie really fits her choice of exercises, but she didn't tell Liang Jie what the exercises were.

"Woo ..."

Stretching his muscles, Liang Jie could feel a great change in his body.

Compared to last night, he was a lot stronger. A flaming flame spread out in his right hand, and the control of the true fire was handier.

At the same time, he smelled a foul odor. It turned out that there was a layer of oil on his skin, which was an impurity removed from the body after an overnight wash.

"Meng Yao, at my speed, how long will it take to reach the solid foundation period!"

Liang Jie was lying in the bathtub, taking a leisurely bath and asking a question.

Today, his strength seems to be very powerful but compared to the spiritual world that Li Mengyao said, it is really too garbage.

A gifted cultivation person can surpass him in minutes.

"Master, you don't need to worry about this, let's take it slowly."

"Cultivation can't be completed in a hurry. You should be glad that you were not born in the spirit world. It is not safe. You have time to cultivate."

"Only you are alive, you will have the opportunity to climb up, so I hope the master can go a long way."

This is not to scare Liang Jie, but it is Li Mengyao's personal experience, which is too dangerous in the spirit world.

It was a very cruel world. Although there was plenty of aura, there were corpses on the road to cultivation, and could die if you were not careful.

The scramble for opportunities or the resources for cultivation is very cruel.

"I see, I think too much! I won't rush to the spirit world."

"Yes, what kind of realm can I cultivate in this world!"

"Otherwise, we ascend when we reach the extreme!"

Liang Jie wanted to live a few more years, so he was not in a hurry to ascend. With the ring, he didn't have to worry about his lack of training resources.

In such a world, he is still very safe. Why does he have to take a risk in the spiritual world?

"I'm afraid not. The world cannot provide the power needed for ascension."

"However, the master's idea is very good, because after you reach the extreme, you can indeed open the walls of the spiritual world and enter the spiritual world."

"At present, the master is in the cultivation momentum period, and then you will go through the stages of solid foundation period, gold pill period, Yuanying period, and god period! The god period is the limit that this world can reach."

Li Mengyao's remarks let Liang Jie's mouth be drawn, which is too far away.

From the information she gave about cultivation, the cultivation momentum period can be entered into the spiritual world in about ten days. After all, people in the spiritual world are born innate, and their talents are better than those here. The cultivation is naturally easy.

Judging from the current progress, Liang Jie is probably taking decades or even hundreds of years!

Chapter 16 - Help Yang Yi

His strength is already in the cultivation momentum period, and the next step is to slowly cultivate.

What he wants most now is to cultivate with Yang Yi as soon as possible, which can greatly save his training time.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Liang Jie decided to let Yang Yi embark on the journey of cultivation.

Continue to use that shameless method to deceive the young girl's kiss, he is very shameless, it is the man that should face up.

So Liang Jie drove to the grocery market to buy the vegetables and returned to the kitchen to start cooking.

"Master, are you going to give you medicine for Yang Yi?"

"Yeah! Is there anything wrong?"

"It can be, but you still don't use the cleaning body fluid, it's best to use Han Yu's waste."


"Do you want others to notice your situation? Although there are not many cultivation people in this world, there are many more powerful people than you."

"I understand! Thanks for reminding me!"

As Li Mengyao said, Liang Jie was frightened with cold sweat.

If he was the only one, it wouldn't have revealed his identity, but if Yang Yi is also in the cultivation momentum period, it would not be so simple.

"Wow ... so fragrant!"

Yang Yi's voice came, and she had changed into the new clothes Liang Jie bought yesterday.

Yang Yi, standing at the door of the kitchen, was full of surprise at this time. She did not expect Liang Jie to cook.

"Just here, taste my craft!"

Putting the fried eggs on the table, Liang Jie looked at Yang Yi with a smile on his face.

Her portion was added with washing pulp pill and cleaning body fluid. Although it was a waste of medicine, the effect was still very strong, which could greatly improve Yang Yi's physique.

However, even if she eats for a long time, after all, she cannot reach the cultivation momentum period, but this is enough. After Liang Jie's strength improves, she can then be promoted.


Yang Yi really didn't expect that a fried egg could be so delicious.

She didn't know at all that these things were made by Liang Jie, and included something extremely rare in this world.

The cell phone rang and Liang Jie saw that it was from Shangguan Fei.

He got up and went to the outside living room, and then connected the phone.

"Liang Jie! My grandson troubled you yesterday."

"Are you free today? How about we meet?"

"In fact, it's not a big deal. I just want to get to know you. By the way, I apologize to you for my grandson. What do you think?"

Shangguan Fei's tone is very sincere, and it's just a flattering tone.

In this regard, Liang Jie naturally had no reason to refuse, and he agreed.

"I have something today and can't play with you. Do you have a driver's license? Should I give you the car?"

When packing the chopsticks, Yang Yi also helped Liang Jie together. This surprised Liang Jie. For a time, there was an urge to ask her to be his wife.

Seriously, he felt that Yang Yi was really suitable for his wife, both beautiful and virtuous, and kind-hearted, where to find such a good girl!

Suddenly, a soft sensation came from the cheeks.

Yang Yi lowered her head and washed the chopsticks. She blushed and said, "Thank you, I'm not ready yet! When I'm ready, I ..."

She ran away before she finished speaking, Liang Jie smirked and did not expect that Yang Yi would be so proactive. All the efforts were worth it.

You see, what a wonderful life like this!

"Master, you are so disgusting!"

Li Mengyao sat on Liang Jie's shoulder with a disdainful expression.

But Liang Jie didn't care, and laughed: "You don't understand, this is a happy smirk!"


She really didn't understand, so she looked forward to it so much.

Turn spirit pill is not so easy to find. Even if it is immortal, it may not be found. After all, the elf has become a human, it is unreasonable.

So she became a little lost.

"Meng Yao, don't you envy me? But you don't have to worry. I figured it out now. I need to make good use of the ring and do something unexpected.

"We just practice quietly and live happily."

"Don't you say that the practice of spiritual people is cruel! That's because the resources are not equal. As long as we can integrate resources, cultivation will become much easier."

Liang Jie didn't talk casually to make Li Mengyao happy, he really planned to do so.

With the ring, he feels that the success rate of things is still very high, but he can't rush to achieve success, but it is best to take it slowly.

"Thank you!"

Li Mengyao gave Liang Jie a kiss.

Although she is a spiritual body, the two people who share the same soul can clearly sense the kiss. Liang Jie feels that the nostril is hot, but he has a nosebleed again.

"Well, this time it's okay! No sneak attack is allowed next time!"

Holding his nose, Liang Jie felt that he was too weak to have a kiss.

If Li Mengyao really had a body, wouldn't he have been in danger of dying due to excessive blood loss at that time?

She wanted to give the car to Yang Yi, but she didn’t have a driver ’s license, so she had to be brought back to school by Liang Jie.

When Liang Jie drove Yang Yi back, the whole college forum was boiling.

"Did you see it? Yang Yi and Liang Jie were in love and didn't return all night!"

"Don't say it, I want to kill! Didn't you see Liang Jie coming back in a BMW?"

"Is that guy originally a rich second generation? It's too low-key!"

"No wonder Yang Yi has been taken down. I'm convinced this time."


As the forum exploded, the dormitory building was also boiling.

In the voice of everyone, Yang Yi blushed and ran into the girl's dormitory.

She was then surrounded by a group of roommates and began an interrogation meeting.

"Haha ... Liang Jie, you are our pride!"

The jealousy of the male students, the whistle came and went.

Those classmates who are returning home can't wait to fly over at this moment to see this spectacular scene. It's really explosive.

Just watching the little videos sent by classmates is simply not fun! Such explosive news must be seen for yourself.

"What the hell? Go play your game."

The aunt, the incontinent, couldn't stand it anymore, sighed angrily, and then calmed down.

Liang Jie in the distance couldn't laugh or cry. Was this kind of fuss? Not just fall in love, as if the stars went to the countryside to send warmth.

This treatment is really flattering!

"Master, I feel that no matter what era, people's jealousy is still strong!"

Liang Jie deeply agreed with Li Mengyao, but he still enjoyed it.

After all, being jealous shows that he has something that others don't have, which is a good thing to be happy.


Chapter 17 - Shangguan's Request

The place where Shangguan Fei invited to eat was at the Shangguan family. After Liang Jie drove here, he was really scared by the wealthy Shangguan family.

It turned out to be a single-family villa with a mountain forest covering an area of several hundred acres. This environment is really enviable!

"Brother, are you here? Where's your girlfriend?"

Shangguan Yu's face was bruised and bruised, apparently not beaten lightly.

But now with a smile on his face, he could see Liang Jie coming, and his hanging heart finally let go.

"She can't come because there is something wrong with the school. Why are you like this?" Liang Jie smiled.

Shangguan Yu said with a bitter face: "It was yesterday, don't say it! Come into the house!"

It's not the time for chatting, grandpa and father are waiting for Liang Jie!

Inside the villa.

"Liang Jie is here, come over and sit down!" Shangguan Fei personally came up to greet him, and even stared at Shangguan Yu, "apologies to him!"

"Brother, I was wrong yesterday. I apologize to you."

In this regard, Liang Jie naturally accepted it, and Shangguan Yu could not be beaten by his grandfather and father!

Besides Shangguan Fei, today's looks are very good, and the strength has also been greatly improved. It has actually reached the peak of the innate state.

Not only that, but his hair also changed from silvery white to silvery gray, which shows that his life has become more abundant.

"Little brother, it's really a bit abrupt to call you this time. I have met your teacher in the ghost market. He has helped me a lot. I want to thank you a lot."

"However, he talked about your little brother before leaving, so I call you."

"In fact, today there are some things that I want you to help, and the top 100 families in Shangzhou are about to come. We want you to fight for us."

After drinking three rounds, Shangguan Yu talked about his purpose.

The advantage of the Shangguan family is not obvious, because only he Shangguan Fei reached the peak of the innate state, after all, there are fewer masters than other families.

This is an old, middle-aged, and young generation competition. In the past years, it was because of Shangguan Yu that the ranking of the Shangguan family could not be improved. This time with Liang Jie, they naturally hope that they can take the opportunity to rank higher.

"It's not that I help you, but that my strength is less than that of the teacher."

"I'm afraid I can't help you! And I'm an outsider, it's not easy to do!"

"Otherwise, I ask the master for something, and it should help you if you think about it."

Liang Jie didn't agree easily, it didn't do any good to him, it was too dangerous to show his face.

He must have a certain interest to take the shot. If the Shangguan family cannot satisfy him, how can he risk it!

"Little brother, naturally we won't let you do anything for nothing."

"Wanting money is nothing to you, but in terms of connections, you are far worse than our Shangguan family, so as long as you are willing to help us."

"If you have anything, we can help. In Shangzhou, our Shangguan family doesn't speak first, at least we have some power."

The conditions of Shangguan Fei are exactly what Liang Jie needs, and he just needs a place to sell goods.

From this point of view, it is not very disadvantageous to help him. It would be more perfect if the Shangguan family could become the upper-class family in Shangzhou or in the top ten.

"Well, what you said really made me very hearty."

"I can fight on behalf of Shangguan Yu, but if I can really help you, then I can only say that I can do my best."

"My teacher travels all year round to find some relics in the world. Some things need your help to sell."

Liang Jie nodded and agreed to the other party's request, but he also had something he needed to do.

After hearing his words, Shangguan Fei agreed without hesitation, and what Liang Jie's master wanted to sell was naturally a treasure.

This is really too important for them, there is no reason to refuse because it is tantamount to mastering a supply channel!

"Haha ... I can rest assured by the words of you!"

Shangguan Fei is really assured because the Shangguan family can sit back and relax in at least three years.

For three years, plus Master Liang Jie's teacher’s medicine, they will definitely be able to produce some young masters in Shangguan. By then, they will not fear anyone.

"I and Shangguan Yu are good friends!"

Although it seems that Shangguan Fei values Liang Jie very much, in fact, everything is built on the strength of supremacy.

The two sides have the value of mutual use so that the relationship can last. Otherwise, the Shangguan family will not have too much intersection with people like him.

In the following time, everyone talked and laughed. Shangguan Yu's parents didn't say much from beginning to end, but Liang Jie could see that they actually cared about this meeting.

After all, something happened to his son, and Liang Jie's generosity relieved them.

"Father, there are already so many families in Shangzhou. How many powerful families does Huaxia have? What strengths have they reached the strongest?"

This is what Liang Jie wants to know most because it will become an important measure for his next plan.

The world is not as simple as he thought. He is actually very clear in his heart, so he must figure out some things as soon as possible.

"I'm not very clear, but as far as I know, there are countless powerful families."

"I'm not very good at explaining how strong this is, at least with your teacher level, it should not be in the minority."

"After all, the world is so vast. There are more things we don't know."

Shangguan Fei didn't dare to guarantee that the world he saw was the whole picture of the world, so he couldn't easily conclude.

However, to the extent he knows, there are still a lot of masters in the cultivation momentum period. As for the strong in the solid foundation period, it may be reduced by half.

Going up will be rare, so Liang Jie's worry is not really necessary, after all, such a master cherishes life.

"That's it! No wonder the teacher asked me to keep a low profile. He turned out not to be the strongest!"

Liang Jie pretended to be calm and said something that made people think infinitely, and everyone was really scared.

In fact, it is one of the strongest groups of people, and there is no contradiction because Liang Jie's strength is definitely above first-class.

"Huh? Sir, you have a guest!"

Suddenly, Liang Jie noticed that someone was approaching at fast speed.

The other party was killed, apparently, the visitor was not good, he had long worried that his unintentional move might cause unnecessary trouble, and now it seems that it has caused a great impact!

The breakthrough of Shangguan Fei's retreat was not good news for other families, and it was not unexpected to send someone to assassinate the other party.

Chapter 18 - Enemy

"There are enemies!"

Liang Jie's reminder made Shangguan Fei immediately aware of the danger.

At this point, he already knew that the enemy was coming, but it was a few seconds later than Liang Jie, which showed that the opponent was much better than him.

"Masters above innate! And so young!"

The people present were stunned, and they couldn't believe the facts before them.

But from what just said, Liang Jie's strength has been revealed. They have to believe that the young man in front of them is a peerless master.

"Father, let me show my sincerity!"

To be honest, Liang Jie has always wanted to find someone to practice and now is the right time.

Fighting is a necessary process for him, and it is very necessary to become familiar with fighting as early as possible.

"Master, your judgment is correct and you should really adapt to the fight as soon as possible."

Li Mengyao thinks that Liang Jie's judgment is correct. He really needs to undergo actual combat to make better use of his power.

For Liang Jie, these innate warriors are not strong enough, so Li Mengyao is not worried at all.

"Little brother, take care!"

Shangguan Fei did not refuse, he also wanted to see Liang Jie's strength.

It is also a good opportunity for him to see a master's move. Perhaps he can pry into the power above the innate realm, so the breakthrough is possible.

Compared to other people in Shangguan's family, Shangguan Yu's expression of admiration, he would like to admire his brother's heroic appearance.

"Be careful, I may not be able to stop everyone!"

This time there were many people, as many as a dozen. This was a disaster for the Shangguan family. If they succeeded, the Shangguan family would be completely removed.

He came here to solve a major crisis by accident. In the future, the Shangguan family will certainly believe Liang Jie. After all, his strength will be deeply imprinted on them.

When he came outside the villa, Liang Jie ate a change appearance pill. Then he shouted to the dark forest. "Since it is here, don't hide, why not come out and fight!"

As soon as his voice fell, a dozen figures appeared.

They are all first-class masters, and their strengths range from the middle to the peak of the innate state. The strongest of them is the existence of two innate states.

In the eyes of these people, Liang Jie looks like a middle-aged person. Because they can't see the strength, they dare not act rashly.

"I understand the purpose of your coming here, can you just give up on my face today?"

"Of course, if you insist on targeting the Shangguan family, I can only fight with you."

"At that time, if I hurt you, please forgive me."

Liang Jie's behaviors really shock them.

Thinking of Shangguan Fei's breakthrough, in contacting the middle-aged man in front of them, they already have the answer in their hearts, and he really got the guidance of a superior.

But all came, if they didn't do anything, their faces would be lost.

"That being the case, let me fight with you!"

This is the end of the matter. Only by having a fight with Liang Jie can we put an end to this matter.

Even if they are defeated, they have at least an explanation of the family. If they retreat from this, they will no longer be able to live in the family.

As soon as the voice fell, the man turned into a residual image, and in a moment, he reached Liang Jie's side.

The speed of this person is really amazing, but Liang Jie was unmoved, standing there waiting for the opponent's attack, it seemed disdainful to shoot.

The man grunted coldly, and turned his hands into a fiery red blade, chopping away towards Liang Jie's neck.

A fierce blow, with endless murderous power, seemed to put Liang Jie to death.

However, Liang Jie turned around and grabbed each other's hands. Not only that, he also slapped his opponent's abdomen with a single palm, knocking him out.

The man squirted blood and fell to the ground and struggled twice before he lost his voice.

The crowd took a breath, and this person was so fierce that he killed the master in the middle of the innate state with one palm, showing the strength of the other party.

A conservative estimate is that the other party is definitely the pinnacle of the innate realm.

"Uh ... sorry! I didn’t control it!"

With his eyes drawn, Liang Jie was helpless with such a result.

He never thought about killing, but actually killed the other party, which made Liang Jie have no real sense. After all, he killed with a single palm, which is no different from stepping on an ant.

If feel guilty, Liang Jie really doesn't have it at the moment, he just didn’t control his strength.

"Master, you have to start lightly. After the true element of the innate realm has been transformed into spiritual power, its power has soared more than ten times. It is easy for them to die without a punch!"

Li Mengyao explained something and guided Liang Jie to fight.

The attack was just pure power. The other side was caught off guard by surprise, destroying all the internal organs and dying. He died before healed.

The destructive power of spiritual power is not comparable to true elements.

"I'll ask for advice!"

The master at the peak of the innate state stood out. He knew that everyone else was going to die, so he had to take action to resolve the crisis.

If he fails, the assassination will be meaningless.

"Please! I'll control this time."

Liang Jie made the other person tremble with anger.

Shangguan Yu in the villa worship Liang Jie, really, the elder brother is the elder brother, so domineering.

"Too much bullying, to die!"

The man yelled, and the whole person turned into a streamer. I don't know when a long sword appeared in his hand, cut through space and killed Liang Jie.

Although Liang Jie's fighting consciousness was not strong, the counterattack based on his instinct was still terrible. He took a handful of fierce hands and broke his sword with his flesh.


The violent force entered the body, and he could feel the bones of the body shattered instantly, the muscles were all broken, and a blood mist burst out all over.

Collapsed, although the man was not dead, he was not far from death.


Two battles, killing opponents with just one blow, this kind of strength is really terrifying.

Even the existence of the peak of the innate state is not an opponent. Is this middle-aged person's strength above the legendary innate state?

At this moment, everyone was cold, knowing that they had kicked the iron plate this time.

"Sorry, I really didn't expect he is so weak, do you still want to fight? I promise to start lightly this time." Liang Jie's expression of embarrassment made everyone's face red.

Is it great? Can it be so humiliating?

Everyone dared to anger and not to speak, it was more uncomfortable than eating the flies. The menacing moment had just disappeared. They just wanted to leave this ghost place as soon as possible.

"I mean, do you still fight?"

Liang Jie looked expectant, but everyone didn't speak.

Everyone with high-spirited spirits, at this time their faces were surprisingly consistent, all with expressions that I did not know who I was, and did not give Liang Jie a reason to fight at all.

Chapter 19 - Kill All

"If you don't do it, then I will come!"

Liang Jie saw that they did not respond, and even walked towards them.

At this point, these people could not help but stare fiercely at Liang Jie.

In the decades from birth to the present, all life's humiliations have been summarized at this moment, which is simply their most sad moment!

They have never seen such a shameless person, who obviously has strong strength, but pretends to have an expression that I do not fight much.

"This time, I don't use my hands or my feet!"

Taking a step forward, those people took two steps back, which made Liang Jie speechless.

It can be seen that they are really afraid of him, but he didn't really do it on purpose.

So he thought of a good way, as long as he didn't fight back, they would definitely be willing to fight with him.

The person after hearing what Liang Jie said, naturally shot without hesitation.

However, this was a tentative blow. It seemed extremely fierce, but it was not murderous. It seemed to attack the upper body, but it actually attacked the lower abdomen.

The man twisted his body into a ball by the incredible attack, attacked Liang Jie's lower abdomen, and approached Liang Jie's body inch by inch. The man showed the joy of victory.

Even if it is above the innate realm?

He took his killings unguardedly so that he would be seriously injured even if he did not die. By then, everyone in the group would attack him. Could this person still escape?

A blaze of flames appeared in front of Liang Jie, burning the master of the late innate state directly into ashes, leaving no residue.

This weird scene made the scalp numb.

"You're shameless, shame me and you feel happy, right?"

"Come if you want to kill! We are not afraid of you!"

The masters who collapsed their minds and the crying heart was there.

For so many years, they are the first time they have met such a shameless master, and they intend to kill them. This person is really abnormal.

"Master, your effort is wrong."

"You need to control your spiritual power. You could have killed him with less spiritual power, but you used so much spiritual power."

"In battle, saving power is the top priority, otherwise it is very dangerous."

Li Mengyao ignored these people's scolding and began to comment on the shortcomings of Liang Jie's use of true fire skills.

In this regard, Liang Jie did not have any reason to justify it, because he did use too much force, clearly, it only needs a little spiritual power.

However, Liang Jie felt very strange at this moment. He apparently killed someone, but now he doesn't feel anything at all, as if he was killing an ant.

"Senior, Why are you so humiliating us?"

The remaining congenital masters looked at Liang Jie with an aggrieved face at this time.

The master in front of them is simply amazing, he clearly has the power to kill them, but he chose to abuse them in such a cruel way.

At this moment, they already have a heart for death.

"Sorry, I'm really sorry!"

"I didn't intend to kill them, but I didn't control the power very well, so there was no way to make such a mistake."

"Otherwise, I attacked you with 30% of my strength, and then you ran away with all your strength."

Liang Jie's face was sincere. He apologized for what he had just happened. This was not because he had introspected himself, but just to make the other party willing to fight with him.

The opponent's strength is too poor. This is something he expects. The masters of the innate realm are weak!

"Everyone runs, this man is simply a lunatic!"

At this time, if they still believe Liang Jie's funny words, then they are really stupid.

Mighty like Liang Jie, that is the existence above the innate realm, killing them is only a matter of minutes, and actually even said this kind of words.

Really think they are stupid?

These masters of the innate state ran towards all directions!

However, Liang Jie was not surprised to see such a result.

A mass of orange-yellow real fire in his right palm, which was then compressed into flames, which corresponded to the number of innate masters.

With his right hand raised, the flames turned into a streamer and caught up with the escaped masters.

With a scream, the people were so scared and tried desperately to avoid the small flames.

But no matter how hard they tried, the flame was getting closer and closer, and finally shot into their bodies, and a flame burst out from them.

With just a bang, these people were torn apart.

Seeing this, Shangguan Yu vomited while holding the door frame.

This method is so cruel, the elder brother is really a ruthless person.


Shangguan Fei and others did not expect Liang Jie's strength to be so horrible, and it was as easy to kill the masters of instinct as mowing.

Before they thought Liang Jie's master was above the innate state, he obviously overestimated each other, and his strength was far beyond his imagination.

"Master, you are cruel!"

Li Mengyao made a look of fear, causing Liang Jie to roll his eyes.

The true fire skill itself is to control the fire. The trick just now is to use the true fire as a guide to igniting the power of the true element or spiritual power in the body of another person, so as to achieve the effect of the explosion.

However, Liang Jie did not expect the effect to be so horrible.

"I don't know how powerful it is!"

As Liang Jie, in the first level of cultivation momentum period, he knew nothing about his strength.

At least before the fight, he never thought he had such a powerful power.

Judging from the current situation, his strength has indeed exceeded his imagination too much. This is the power of magic!

"Father, is the master of the innate realm so weak?"

Shangguan Yu's father stood there stunned, bitter.

Not only him, but other people also have the same expression, feeling the extreme state they are pursuing, at this time there is no desire to make people chase.

Even the existence of the peak of the innate realm, in the eyes of people like Liang Jie, is just an ant that can be crushed to death.

"It's not that the masters of the innate world are too weak, but that they are too strong!"

With a sigh, Shangguan Fei finally knew why those big families could stand up.

It turns out that the existence above the innate state is actually such a powerful person, there is no comparison at all! he also wants to become a big family of Huaxia. This is simply a dream!

Liang Jie, who is immersed in his strength perception, has no idea that he has made a group of people close to autism.

"The signal was interrupted!"

At the same time, the people in the major families were horrified, and the people they sent out died.

This is a dozen masters of innate state! How can they die?

Chapter 20 - Proud

Liang Jie, who won, did not have any joy in victory.

When he saw the trembling look of Shangguan's family, Liang Jie knew that his performance was a little too much, and he had severely hit these innate masters.

Liang Jie apologized.

"Everyone, shouldn't you have a higher pursuit since you have seen the power above the innate state?"

"Yes, I am really strong, but how many people like me are in Huaxia?"

"That means you still have a lot of room for improvement, don't you? You shouldn't be upset, but you should move on, don't you?"

As a last resort, Liang Jie can only appease everyone, although he doesn't know if this is effective.

Leaving Shangguan's house, Liang Jie drove back to the villa, but the moment he entered the room, his stomach was tumbling, and he spit on the toilet and spit out darkly.

Liang Jie felt his intestines almost spit out.

It was just fine, but now it began to feel a sense of fear and discomfort. It must be Li Mengyao.

"Master, your first fight to kill, you don't need to feel ashamed to have this reaction."

"This is something you have to go through, and future battles will inevitably be more brutal."

"The world is not as simple as you think. When you decide to participate in the ranking battle of the family, you will definitely meet those real masters."

Li Mengyao did this for the sake of Liang Jie. If he doesn't adapt to this kind of thing, the person who dies in the future may be him.

Although the likelihood of that happening is not great, it is not impossible.

Therefore, this killing is necessary.

"I understand, I understand, let me spit for a while."

At this point, Liang Jie's heart collapsed.

But now the taste is so uncomfortable, he can feel his body trembling slightly, which is undoubtedly fear of killing.

That night, Liang Jie couldn't sleep anymore, often remembering what he looked like when he killed someone.

In the end, Liang Jie had to go into meditation, empty his body, and think about nothing, which calmed himself down.

The next morning, Li Mengyao woke up Liang Jie.

The previous message was sent to the master of the solid foundation period, and the other party has responded. He is willing to sign a contract with Liang Jie to protect Han Yu for the promotion of the solid foundation period.

A contract is a special technique used to restrain both parties during the cooperation. It does not need to be complicated, but the effect is very obvious, and no one will risk the breach of the contract.

"Han Yu, you have worked hard for alchemy these days!"

"But the demand on my side is getting bigger and bigger, so I want you to reach the solid foundation period. I have found a guardian for you."

"It's all about better work. Don't live up to my expectations! Tell me your address if you want!"

Han Yu replied to Liang Jie's message quickly. It is impossible for him to miss the opportunity.

Therefore, Liang Jie decisively told his location to the person in the solid foundation period.

The man said that in less than half a day, he could reach the place where Han Yu was, and the breakthrough would take less than an hour.

In the evening, Han Yu happily contacted Liang Jie. He had successfully broken through and is in the solid foundation period.

"Okay, you recruit some learners, you need to speed up refine alchemy."

"Of course, you should also study other pills as soon as possible. You don't need to worry about the sales problem. I will sell the pills well."

"The spirit stone you need for research can be taken directly from the profits you make ..."

Everything went smoothly. Naturally, Liang Jie would not forget his purpose. His purpose was to allow Han Yu to make a simplified version of solid foundation pills as soon as possible.

The demand for these pills was too great, which made Liang Jie somewhat unbelievable.

In just a few days, the number of orders has risen too fast. This has exceeded 10,000, which is enough for Han Yu to work hard for a while. At the same time, he felt that Han Yu alone was definitely not enough.

"Thank you, I still have to work with you. I wonder if you are interested?"

Since this one in the middle stage of the solid foundation period is willing to take risks to protect Han Yu, he naturally knows whether the refined pills made by Han Yu are valuable.

Things like doing business can be seen directly wherever you are, and you can see at a glance if there are benefits.

"Okay, I work with you!"

The other side answered very simply and soon gave Contract Jade Jane to Liang Jie.

With the help of the other party, Han Yu should be able to relax a lot.

With regard to remuneration, Liang Jie asked Han Yu to talk to each other. They would definitely talk better face to face. As long as they can accept it, there is no problem.

"Jay, what are you thinking?"

Yang Yi was picked up by Liang Jie this morning. At this time, he saw Liang Jie not eating, and she was a little worried that he would be possessed by female ghosts again.

At this time, her face was a little red, and she seemed to be thinking about giving Liang Jie a kiss.

With a slight smile, Liang Jie laughed: "It's okay, just happening to think of something, it's not an important thing."

"Ajie, are you hiding something from me?"

"No, absolutely not!"

"Do you hate me?"

"Why say that? I like you so much! How can I hate you!"

"I feel strange recently. I seem to be able to see the female ghost on you! She often appears in this house, and she will still be sitting on your shoulder."


Hearing that, Liang Jie froze on the spot.

He did not expect that Yang Yi's change would be so great. It was only one day after that, and Li Mengyao could be seen.

"Did you really see it?"

Liang Jie looked a little scared. When he saw Yang Yi nodded earnestly, his face became ugly.

This acting skill is really getting more and more proficient. It is too much loss to not be an actor.

"You all right! She didn't come out, don't be afraid, I'm here!"

Yang Yi hugged Liang Jie and comforted him. A fragrant fragrance penetrated into his nostrils. Liang Jie felt awkward, and his eyes could not help aiming at the place where he should not look.

Enjoying Yang Yi's appeasement, Liang Jie despised himself for a moment.

However, he still hopes that this moment will continue.

"Master, can you be so shameless?"

Li Mengyao's voice sounded in Liang Jie's mind, she really couldn't stand it.

It's so natural to lure innocent girls.

"With you by my side, I'm not afraid of anything!" Liang Jie leaned on Yang Yi's waist, feeling the softness of her body, and the whole person would drift away.

Yang Yi, who was unaware, said softly, "Well, I will stay with you."

Li Mengyao almost wanted to come out, she really couldn't stand it.

Of course, this is not because she is jealous. She just feels that her master is too shameless. The minimum morality to be a human being should still be.

"Although I have some secrets, I can't tell you yet."

"Well, I wait for you!"

"you are so nice!"


Liang Jie knew that Yang Yi had already guessed something. Since she had already said that, she naturally didn't care.

Sure enough, she was a kind girl. It was so good to be able to meet. He felt very happy, and there was a touch of wonderful flavor in his heart.

Chapter 21 - Cultivation

The family ranking battle in Shangzhou City will not begin until the beginning of next year, and Liang Jie's strength must have been greatly improved at that time.

That's not a rush. From now on, Liang Jie is going to cultivate seriously.

The holidays flew by. There was no wave in Liang Jie's and Yang Yi's cohabitation life, and the real estate certificate had already come down. It has become a love nest for the two.

"Look, here comes the best couple in the archeology department."

Today, Liang Jie and Yang Yi are already celebrities.

At college, everyone knows them, and many students who come here often block the campus.

But Liang Jie wasn't worried at all, because Shangguan Yu, who had been transferred to the school, acted as his younger brother, and the momentum of the rich second generation was so amazing that no one dared to approach.

"What do you want to see? It's blocking my brother and sister's way!"

"Seeing that, whoever crossed this line, I broke his leg."

"Don't think I'm joking, I'll do what I said."

Holding the rolled stick of the newspaper in hand, pointing at the classmates who wandered around, they were frightened.

He actually came to the Department of Archeology and also called Liang Jie as his brother. It turns out that he is really a rich second generation! Sure enough, the rumors were true.

"Okay, the class is coming soon!"

Liang Jie pulled Yang Yi in, and turned around and called Shangguan Yu.

But as soon as he entered the school, a cold chill spread all over his body. This cold atmosphere was very scary, even Yang Yi felt it.

She looks pale and looked at Liang Jie with a look of horror, her body shaking.

"Don't be afraid! I'm here!"

Holding Yang Yi's hand tightly, Liang Jie's words reduced the fear in her heart a little.

As the cold feeling receded, she became normal now, just as if staring at a pair of bloodthirsty eyes, almost fainted her.

However, Shangguan Yu didn't feel anything. The whole person looked normal, still holding a newspaper to open the way for the two.

"Master, it's a ghost!"

"This school is weird and I'm afraid it will be a big problem."

"Yang Yi is a congenital wooden spirit body, and she is very sensitive to ghosts. It seems that the level of this ghost is not low! Li Mengyao also felt that she did not expect that there was such a powerful ghost here.

During the one-day class, Liang Jie ignored it, and Yang Yi kept an eye on the situation of the school, dragging some runes in her hands.

Back to the villa.

"Jay, the campus has another ghost again, and it's very powerful!"

"I have rune paper here. You can put it on yourself to protect yourself."

"I went to catch the ghost at night, otherwise the school students would be in danger."

Yang Yi's face was full of worries, even though she was scared, she still thought of others.

This makes Liang Jie very helpless. Did she never think about her safety? It was the same when she helped drive the ghost before, she was so kind.

Looking at the rune paper in Yang Yi's hand, Liang Jie asked with a smile: "Did you draw it yourself?"

"Yes, but I don't learn well enough, otherwise I can help you get rid of the upper female ghost."

Yang Yi blushed, rubbing her horns with shame, she was ashamed of her poor academic performance.

She has the worst qualifications in the family, and everyone else can stand alone, but she has not yet.

"Nothing, you're doing fine!"

Praying about Yang Yi, Liang Jie asked Li Mengyao in his head.

She should be very clear about such things as rune paper. Yang Yi's level should be obvious at a glance.

Sure enough, Li Mengyao chuckled: "Yang Yi is too kind. The spirit pattern on the spell has not injected much aura at all, and the power is naturally very poor."

"Furthermore, this is just plain paper. What effect can it have."

"The talent of her innate wooden spirit body was the best way to practice the spell, but unfortunately she did not make good use of it! To catch the ghost at night, be careful!"

To catch a ghost in the evening, Liang Jie naturally wouldn't let Yang Yi go alone, and he said that he would like to go with her.

"I heard that there must be a connection between ghosts. What if the ghost in the school is actually the lover of the female ghost?"

"Isn't he going to be like me just because he's looking for me! If the female ghost is awakened, wouldn't I be dead?"

"Xiao Yi, wouldn't you just ask me to stay at home alone!"

Liang Jie was so pitiful that Yang Yi didn't know how to refuse.

What's more, he was right. In case it was two ghosts who were really connected, she would only kill him if she wasn't with him, so she finally agreed.

Before going to school to catch ghosts, Yang Yi was preparing in the villa.

"What about your runes? Is it wrong here?"

Liang Jie looked aside and couldn't figure out what she was drawing.

Li Mengyao was very clear, and at a glance, she saw that there was something wrong with Yang Yi's writing. It was obviously a thunderbolt, but the effect was greatly reduced because she made a mistake.

"Ah ... really! I have been stupid since I was a kid, and I can't draw well."

Aunt Yang Yi hurriedly tossed the drawn amulet, which made Liang Jie's eyes twitch.

No wonder she only uses ordinary paper characters, if it change to spiritual paper, I'm afraid will lose much money!

Spirit paper is made of special spirit wood. It is a special paper for making spells. It can greatly increase the power of spells, and the price is not very expensive, 1,000 low-grade spirit stones per paper.

Of course, there are also levels of spirit paper. The greater the power of spells, the better the spirit paper needed.

"Can't you look at me? I'm nervous!"

Looked by Liang Jie, Yang Yi's hand was shaking.

It was the first time she had drawn a charm in front of others, and she was nervous.

However, Liang Jie laughed: "It's all right, I want to learn too!"

"Then I teach you!"

Hearing that, Yang Yi laughed.

She actually started to teach Liang Jie by hand. In fact, he has the help of Li Mengyao and has learned basic spells. But now that he needs to eliminate Yang Yi ’s psychological obstacles, he still starts to learn.

"You're amazing! You just learned it!"

Yang Yi, whose eyes were shining, happily hugged Liang Jie.

She taught it only once, and Liang Jie learned it.

"You still swap the spells she painted! Otherwise, catch ghosts for a while, I'm afraid you will fail." Li Mengyao reminded Liang Jie that preparations must be done.

Liang Jie is rich now, and buying a few spells is nothing.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Liang Jie decisively replaced the rune papers, but he didn't want to hurt Yang Yi.

In fact, catching ghosts is just a trivial matter. What he really should care about is what's hidden in the school.

"Let's go! Let's go to school!"

At about eleven o'clock in the evening, the two got ready for things and set off.

It's time that the ghost should come out and move.

At that time, it is the best chance to seize it.

Chapter 22 - Ghost

Although it is hot, this campus is very cold and more comfortable than turning on the air conditioner.

"Jay, stick these spells in the dormitory building."

Over the wall and into the school, Yang Yi handed the spells to Liang Jie.

These spells can make the school's teachers and students sleep well at night so that they can be more at ease, so as not to be found by others.

"Does this work?"

Liang Jie looked at the spell in his hand and asked Li Mengyao.

Li Mengyao floated in the air, looked at the spell on his hand and nodded: "It works, it has a soothing effect on the average person, and they won't wake up even if it thunders."

Yang Yi is indeed a genius. Attacking spells are not well painted, but auxiliary spells are very delicate and the effect is absolutely very good.

It's twelve o'clock at midnight.

The two wandered around the campus to see where the ghost was.

Suddenly, the two shivered, and a chilly breath penetrated through the necks, and they felt half-hearted.

The moonlight was even with a touch of blood red.

"It is coming!"

Without Li Mengyao's reminder, the two knew that the ghost had already appeared.

The two have an invisibility sticker on them, so even higher-level ghosts can't see them, and they can follow to see how the ghosts are.

The ghost doesn't have a specific face, not even a face, but the look of the shawl is really scary. It comes from the back of the school.

It wandered around the school and seemed to be looking for something.

"Master, it's looking for you!"

"Don't be scared, okay? Didn't you see my back wet?"

"I didn't lie to you, It was really looking for you!"

"Um, did I grab her money??"

"None, it's the Nine Regions Ring!"


Li Mengyao's reminder made Liang Jie aware of a problem, and it is very likely that it was for the ring.

In fact, if think about it, the existence of the ring is very incomprehensible. It appears on the campus of Archaeology. Is this really a coincidence?

Sure enough, there are really big secrets here.

"She saw you!"


This ghost is very strong, almost in the third level of cultivation momentum period, stronger than Liang Jie. But there is no chance of winning because they also have purchased spells.


With the wind blowing around, Liang Jie was startled.

The white-eyed ghost actually came over here. Although she didn't have eyes, she kept looking at Liang Jie's direction.


When Yang Yi saw the ghost coming, she raised a hand and threw a spell.

This time, it was much better than when she drove the ghost out of Liang Jie before. The rune paper turned into a white light and fell on the ghost, so the ghost stopped there.

But it was only a short pause, and then she continued to move forward.


Throwing the spell again, the result is the same as before.

It wasn't that Yang Yi's spell couldn't work, but the opponent's strength was too strong, and she couldn't hold it at all.


Suddenly, a gust of wind blew and the incognito on them was blown off.

The ghost looked at the two, stretched out her withered hands, and rushed towards them. Her figure flickered in the moonlight, as in the ghost movie.


Seeing that the ghost is coming, Yang Yi is not very panicked. She throws a green spell on the right palm, which is a wooden spell.

For ghosts, wooden spells have a natural restraint. If they are used for capture, they are naturally the best.

Wooden spell forms vines within a certain range, which can restrain all evil things.

The wooden vine appeared and bound the ghost. She couldn't move forward for a while, she could only stay there and couldn't move, even her power was suppressed.

This made it very surprised, but it didn't panic once, and when it saw its claws, the dark claws looked extremely evil, and the vine could not stop the claws.


Then she wailed.

The two felt dizzy for a while, hurt by her voice, and her voice had the effect of mental attack.

"You can't win me, give me the Nine Regions Ring!"

There was a deep, cold voice, and the two felt cold in their hearts.

A pair of dark eyes appeared on the original pale face, deep like a black hole, and looked very scary.

"Don't come over! I don't want to hurt you!"

"What you want is not with us. You better not mess around. I'm great."

"As long as you don't hurt anyone else, I can recite sutras for you."

Yang Yi was very scared, her body was shaking, but she was holding thunder spell tightly in her hands.

Seeing her threatening, Liang Jie felt that there was really no deterrent.

Sure enough, the ghost was not afraid at all. She gave out a weird smile, the overcast wind blew, and the surrounding temperature dropped again. This double impact of spirit and body made Liang Jie very uncomfortable.

"I really hit you!"

The ghost is not afraid of Yang Yi, she still knows in her heart.

But she wanted to protect Liang Jie, so she couldn't care so much, and threw the thunder spell out.


A thunderbolt fell down, and the unsuspecting ghost was smashed into the black smoke, and the soul almost beaten was scattered.

This is a spell drawn by a cultivation person in the solid foundation period. a ghost with a third level cultivation momentum period can not resist it, lying on the ground like soft mud, can't move.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it! Are you fine?"

When Yang Yi threw the spell, she turned her head and waited for a long time before seeing the ghost, so she turned to look at it.

It turned out that seeing the ghost was dying, which made her sad.

"Don't you sympathize with me, even if I die today, I will grab the Nine Regions Ring!"

The ghost didn't want to give up and was struggling to shoot at the two of them, but because it was hit by the thunder, most of the energy was dissipated, and Liang Jie could easily burn her by throwing a small flame.

The spell is really powerful, Liang Jie thinks that he can study it carefully in the future.

"Master, use Seal Soul Spell!"

Li Mengyao suddenly spoke and asked Liang Jie to use a spell that could subdue the evil spirits.

After throwing the rune paper, the ghost was instantly suppressed, and something like a chain appeared on his body, which was exactly what sealed the spiritual power.

"Xiao Yi, since you don't want to hurt her, then subdue her!"

"She's strength has been greatly reduced. You only need to put a spirit deed on her ghost, and she will be your ghost in the future."

"Come, follow me!"

Liang Jie held Yang Yi's hand and drew a rune on the forehead of the ghost with aura, which is the so-called spirit deed.

At this time, Yang Yi was stronger than the ghost, and it was naturally easy to complete. She couldn't resist at all.

"I didn't teach you the Seal Soul Spell! And I can't, how do you know?"

After everything was done, Yang Yi discovered that Liang Jie had just used a spell she didn't know.

What shocked her, even more, was how even Liang Jie was able to draw such a special rune such as spirit deed, even if her grandfather could not do it?

Chapter 23 - There is something in mountain

"Yes! How could I do the seal soul spell?"

Liang Jie wanted to fool around, but it was too fake.

In response, Yang Yi laughed, holding his hand and saying, "Okay! I won't ask, let's go back!"

The ghost had been subdued, her body was shrinking, and she finally became the size of a ghost fire, floating on Yang Yi's shoulder.

From time to time, she would look at Liang Jie from time to time, but she had already given up completely, because she had become Yang Yi's ghost, and she couldn't do anything about it.

"Hello, did you come from the mountain?"

Li Mengyao suddenly appeared in front of the ghost and scared her almost into a scream.

Obviously she is a ghost, but she is scared by Li Mengyao, which is really a bit speechless.

The ghost hiding in Yang Yi's hair and leaned out to look at Li Mengyao.

This is not her timidity, but Li Mengyao is too powerful.

Simply comparing grades, the ring elf is at the same level as Nine Regions Ring. As long as the ring does not destroy her, she will not die. Imagine who in the world can destroy her!

"Ask you! Are you looking for me? What do you hide when I come out?"

Li Mengyao was very upset, standing on Liang Jie's shoulder with her waist in her arms, a look of sullen expression.

The ghost was still scared, she didn't dare to come too close, fearing that she would be beaten up by the other side, but the other side was the ring elf, and maybe she really could help her.

"I'm from the mountain, and there's a seal soul formation there."

"This is a gap in the path of the ghosts. There are a lot of ghosts sealed below. After I escaped, my strength plummeted."

"Due to the suppression of the ring, we dare not mess up, but the ring disappeared a few days ago, and the enchanted spirits were damaged, and I took the opportunity to escape!"

The ghost did not dare to hide anything and told Li Mengyao the truth of the matter.

Liang Jie also heard it clearly. He knew that this matter might be a bit difficult to handle because he had taken the ring, which means that he had broken the enchantment here.

"Xiao Yi, let's go to the mountain to see! Maybe there's something we don't know." Liang Jiela smiled at Yang Yi who was about to leave.

Anyway, it's better to see the situation.

If there is a big change here, things may be difficult to resolve, and even his identity will be exposed.

The two came to the mountain. They have been here many times before, but this time they have different feelings.

"This is……"

Yang Yi's face changed drastically, and a pair of eyes began to glow with the green light. She opened her eyes, and she could see everything in front of her eyes.

The original seemingly normal back mountain was dark at this time, exuding a black breath.


Is this a big tomb? Why is there such a strong ghost?

That position is!

Endured by the erosive pain of ghosts on the body, Yang Yi ran quickly to a place on the mountainside. The more she went up, the heavier she felt as if she was carrying a mountain.

"Master, ghosts drift from the break, and the enchantment can't hold it anymore."

"Within a month, the enchantment here will be broken, and the ghosts in the enchantment will flood into this world, fearing that it will cause huge casualties."

"This is not something we can solve. It must be sealed by people in the gold pill period."

Liang Jie and Yang Yi couldn't see what was going on inside, but Li Mengyao knew everything. This place has become a dangerous place.

Unexpectedly, after such a short period of time, it has been so eroded so badly that the path of the ghost described is really true.

"So what should we do?"

Escaping is certainly possible, but what about others?

This is Liang Jie's responsibility. It is the cause and effect he has set up. If it cannot be resolved, the future cause and effect retribution will inevitably cost him.

"Master, you don't need to worry, the situation here must have been known to them."

"Under the back of the mountain, there is the seal soul formation. The path of the ghosts is the ghost path formed by the gathering of evil spirits by the evil things.

"There must be a lot of masters from the news. You should pay more attention to hiding yourself."

Li Mengyao's meaning is obvious. This matter is beyond their control and can only be left to others.

Of course, the most important thing is your own security.

If people knew that the ring was in the hands of Liang Jie, he would not be able to live long.

"I see, I'll be careful."

Liang Jie took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down, but there was a ghost here and there, he suddenly felt dizzy and almost fell to the ground.

But the ghost was very happy, and she absorbed the ghost with pleasure and replenished her lost spirit.

"Jay, let's leave here! It's too dangerous."

There was a black hole in the gap of the enchantment. Yang Yi looked inward with the help of her spiritual eyes. She saw a pair of huge eyes, and the darkness was shining with an inspiring light.

There are really powerful ghosts here.

At this time, the two were already infected with ghosts, and their bodies were very uncomfortable. When they came down to the mountain, their entire skin was blue and black.

Yang Yi took out a spell and lit it with aura.

A touch of green light floated on the two of them, and a refreshing sensation flowed through the whole body. The heaviness of the body instantly disappeared, and a black plume of black gas appeared on the skin.

Clear heart spell can remove the evil spirit from your body.

"It's scary, we don't know what level ghosts are."

Yang Yi, with a lingering fear, knew that the ghost was still unable to move, but just a pair of eyes was enough to make her unable to have any meaning of fighting.

At that moment, she thought of some things. It seemed that Grandpa had already expected the same thing.

"Hurry off! It's too evil here."

To be honest, Liang Jie didn't want to stay here for a moment.

The ghostly erosion made him extremely uncomfortable.

Just when they were about to leave, they were suddenly stopped.

"Stop, what are you doing here? Why are you ghostly?"

The person is fashion, was an urban girl.

Just looking at the figure, this is absolutely perfect, just don't know how she looks.

With the help of the cold moonlight, Liang Jie could see the appearance of the coming person, she was very beautiful, and she was similar to Yang Yi.

"Cousin, why are you here?"

Before Liang Jie reacted, Yang Yi had already run over.

The pretty woman looked at Yang Yi and quickly recognized her, surprised, "Cousin, it's you! Why are you here?"

"We're here to catch ghosts, look!"

Yang Yi didn't hide anything from her cousin, and she showed the ghost to her cousin.

This look surprised her, and her cousin conquered a ghost, didn't she not learn the spirit deed?

Liang Jie on the side was a little embarrassed at this time, he felt that his troubled days were about to begin.

Chapter 24 - The Yang Family

It was an unexpected thing for Liang Jie that someone of the Yang family came. He did not expect that things would turn out like this.

At this time, driving back to the villa, Liang Jie felt upset, a good little nest, suddenly there were three more people.

In addition to Yang Yi's cousin Yang Huiling, there is cousin Yang Hu and cousin Yang Yufeng.

"Cousin, who is he?"

Yang Huiling looked at Liang Jie and asked.

Yang Yi was a little embarrassed at this time, but she looked up and whispered, "Liang Jie is my boyfriend!"

This made Liang Jie very relieved and had a sense of pride. Yang Yi said so, naturally, she fully accepted him.

Although he used a bit of meanness, it turned out to be good. Besides, he was not really the kind of casual player.

"Master, don't be proud, things are not as simple as you think."

Li Mengyao's words sounded in his mind, but Liang Jie didn't care.

"Cousin, I didn't say you! You should know that you are a descendant of the Yang family, and you have no right to choose your love partner."

It turns out that Li Mengyao's words are not wrong at all.

Yang Hu's words made Yang Yi's face pale, she wanted to refute, but think of the situation of the elders of the family and brothers and sisters, there is no possibility of change at all.

"Yang Hu, how do you say that? Shut up!"

Yang Huiling was a bit annoyed, and it was not appropriate for her boyfriend.

Even if you say that it ’s just sitting down calmly and saying, what ’s the matter with you?

Give Liang Jie a kickoff? Is the Yang family prestigious? Don’t know the other party’s background, is so arrogant. Is Shangzhou your home?


Liang Jie didn't speak, but he clearly realized the problem.

Regardless of the era, door-to-door pairing is still the most important thing, especially the children of the big family have no so-called free love at all, only the marriage of interests.

After returning to the villa.

Yang Yufeng was stunned by the villa in front of her. Even Yang Huiling was frightened. She did not expect Liang Jie to be so rich.

"Well, yes! This is our base."

Yang Hu seemed to have forgotten what happened in the car and didn't take Liang Jie into his eyes at all.

In a word, Liang Jie's lungs exploded. Ignore me is fine, but this place is my home, and you occupy it in one word?

"Cousin, this is Jay home, not Yang's."

"I'm his girlfriend, but his stuff is his."

"If you do, please leave here, I don't welcome you!"

Before Liang Jie broke out, Yang Yi had already shouted loudly, she was sorry for it, because of her reasons, Liang Jie was embarrassed.

As for Yang Huiling, she did not speak at this time. She wanted to see if Liang Jie really had the ability.

If he wants to be with Yang Yi, if he doesn’t have some strength, it is impossible even if he has more money, because they are not all the way.

"Cousin, I don't like your words."

"This time we are here, where we need to settle, as the Yang family, you should assist us."

"What's wrong here? He wants to be your boyfriend, so he should be mentally prepared. Is our Yang family's daughter so easy to marry?"

Yang Hu smiled coldly and was not frightened by Yang Yi, but instead carried the family out, which made Yang Yi feeling cold.

In any case, she was from the Yang family, so she couldn't disobey the family's orders at all.

"Your name is Yang Hu, right? Your Yang family is amazing, isn't it?"

"That's okay! Since it's so powerful, don't stay at my home."

"How can you say that you are Yang Yi's cousin? I have 2,000 yuan here. You can go out and find a place for living for a few days!"

Liang Jie came to Yang Yi, holding her by the shoulder to give her strength.

Regardless of who the other party is, Liang Jie will not just shrink back. After all, he has the support of the Shangguan family behind him.

Is the Yang family from other cities even more powerful than the Shangguan family?

"Do you know who you're talking to?" Yang Hu changed his face coldly.

Liang Jie looked around and scratched his head, "Of course I was talking to someone, don't you understand me?"


As Liang Jie said, Yang Hu's color was gloomy, and he was about to start with Liang Jie immediately.

However, Yang Yi and Yang Huiling stopped him.

"Cousin, give me the ghost you subdued, and I will hand it over to the family."

Glancing at Liang Jie, Yang Hu turned to Yang Yi and demanded Yang Yi in a commanding tone.

This time, not only was Liang Jie angry, but even Yang Huiling couldn't bear it. This Yang Hu was so presumptuous that he dared to treat Yang Yi in this way.

"Yang Hu, go quickly if you know, or don't blame me!"

"The ghost is conquered by the cousin. Even if it is turned in, she will go in person. Why do you need to do it for her?"

"Don't think that I don't know what you think. This is Shangzhou City, not Jingzhou City. The Yang family is here to assist the seal. You better see your identity."

Yang Huiling's eyes were cold, and if Yang Hu dared to mess up again, she would have to do something to him.

At this point, Liang Jie was not so angry. He felt that the Yang family was not completely united! Look at Yang Hu and Yang Yi, they are not the same way.

"Well, you're so proud! Wait for my grandpa to come and see how long you are still jumping!"

With a sneer, Yang Hu walked away without looking back. Now it is unwise to conflict with Yang Huiling.

It seems that the people of Yang Hu's faction do not deal with those of Yang Yi's faction! Obviously they were prepared, so it seems they have to be careful.

"Sister, really don't care about a cousin?" Yang Yufeng was a little embarrassed and weak.

Yang Huiling opened her eyes and said, "If you want to follow him, go! I won't stop you!"

"Don't, sister! I'm wrong!"

"But this time was led by his Grandpa, we are not good at explaining!"

"And I also feel that his boyfriend is simply not qualified, our Yang family ..."

Yang Yufeng's temper is relatively straight, and he doesn't have many minds. Although what he said is unpleasant, it is also true.

But when he said this in front of Liang Jie, he was a bit too ignorant. Yang Huiling interrupted: "stop!"

Yang Huiling, who was about to fight, scared Yang Yufeng, and hurriedly stood there not to say a word.

At this point, Yang Yi's eyes were reddish, and tears were swirling in it. She was really aggrieved. Just because of the Yang family, did she even have the right to make a boyfriend?

"Sorry, if you don't welcome us, we can leave! But please don't blame Yang Yi, she is also involuntary." Yang Huiling looked at Yang Yi's soft expression and said softly.

Liang Jie smiled and said, "It's okay! You live here!"

After touching Yang Yi's head, Liang Jie blinked at her and pulled her to walk inside.

Happiness is something you have to fight for yourself. Since the people of the Yang family look down on people, let them know there is always someone who is better than them!


Chapter 25 - Annoying Followers

They are Yang Yi's cousin and cousin. Their attitude is still very good. Liang Jie naturally treats them as a boyfriend.

Yang Yi and Yang Huiling lived in the same room. They talked about what Liang Jie did not intend to overhear at night. What he wanted to know now was the purpose of the Yang family here.

"Master, the cultivation families have noticed the changes here."

"This is a good thing, both for you and your little girlfriend."

"Just wait and see what happens, and let them do the rest!"

The matter of enchantment is not something that Liang Jie can solve. Li Mengyao's suggestion is the most secure.

As for why it is good for them, this is not something Liang Jie needs to consider, and Li Mengyao will definitely tell him at that time.

Early the next morning, Liang Jie received a notice of suspension of the school district. Everyone was a little confused, but the reason given by the school could not be refuted. It turned out to be the repair of the school and the arrangement of the post-mountain simulated archeological practice site.

Everyone must leave school within one day, and classes will resume in a week.

"Brother, I came to play with you!"

Just when Liang Jie got up, stretched a lazy waist on the balcony, and saw Shangguan Yu.

The boy drove in and ran into the villa.

Shangguan Yu is so determined to be a younger brother to Liang Jie. Liang Jie feels a bit speechless. He is also the future heir of the Shangguan family. Why is his face so thick?

"Why are you here?" Liang Jie asked on the sofa, raising his eyebrows.

Shangguan Yu smiled and said, "Brother, something has happened in the mountains after school. Grandpa asked me to inform you, we Shangguan family ..."

When he was about to talk about business, he saw Yang Huiling who came with Yang Yi.

When the words reached his mouth, he swallowed it directly, then stared at Yang Huiling with wide eyes, lowered his voice and gave a thumbs up: "Brother. You are amazing!"

"What are you talking about? That's Yang Yi's cousin!"

With a black complexion, Liang Jie couldn't wait to slap the kid.

What the hell is this? Don't impose your thoughts on me.

"Master, do you dare to say that you haven't thought about hugging Li Mengyao's disdainful voice came and made Liang Jie dumb.

This is something a man has thought about before, how can he blame him alone!

When Yang Huiling saw Shangguan Yu, she was surprised and said, "You are Shangguan Yu? Why are you here?"

"Hi, cousin! I'm Liang Jie’s younger brother, I come here to play with him!"

Shangguan Yu hurriedly got up, his mouth was very sweet, and his eyes did not move away from Yang Huiling.

Now Liang Jie can see it, he likes Yang Huiling, and his vision is very good! It's just that the strength difference is a little bit big.

"Yes, cousin, do you have a boyfriend?"

"What do you ask?"

"I don't have a girlfriend."


Wasn’t he very bullish before? Why is he getting silly now?

In this regard, Liang Jie could only say nothing and then went to the kitchen to make breakfast silently.

"Hey, what do you want to do to my sister?"

Yang Yufeng walked out of the room and saw Shangguan Yu's face pleased to harass his sister. He rushed up and threw Shangguan Yu aside like a chick.

Shangguan Yu, who fell to the ground, didn't feel any shame.

Standing up and looking at Yang Yufeng with a smile, accompanied with a smile: "Hey, brother! My name is Shangguan Yu, and I'm pursuing your sister!"


Yang Yufeng, who wanted to do it, stopped when he heard Shangguan Yu's self-reported name.

This is Shangzhou City. The strength of the Shangguan family should not be underestimated. He does not dare to mess around.

"Eat breakfast!"

Half an hour later, Liang Jie and Yang Yi came out of the kitchen.

Take the warm stomach soup, egg and bread out.

Shangguan Yu's pursuing against Yang Huiling was non-stop. He didn't care whether the other party hated himself or not.

"Cousin, drink soup! And bread ..."

Seeing his diligence, Liang Jie was dumbfounded.

It's really his style, the shamelessness is already invincible.

If there was not a Shangguan family standing behind him, he was afraid he might not have been killed alive by Yang Yufeng. Yang Huiling looked at Liang Jie with help, hoping that he could say something.

She really can't stand it, this kid is so annoying.

"Eat! Why so many words."

Liang Jie thought it was funny.

But he couldn't make her too embarrassed. He picked up a piece of bread and stuffed it into Shangguan Yu's mouth, and at the same time glared at him, scaring him to say no more.

He didn't say anything, but his eyes were still obsessed, which made Yang Huiling feel very uncomfortable.

"Huh? This soup ..."

Yang Huiling ignored Shangguan Yu, her face suddenly changed after taking a sip of warm stomach soup.

Although there was no scream on her mouth, she could feel how powerful the soup was, and she could feel her body warm, like the feeling of being washed away.


With a grin, Liang Jie winked at Yang Huiling and motioned her not to speak up.

This is naturally using the cleaning body fluid and washing pulp pills. These days, Yang Yi has been drinking this soup!

How effective it is, people who reach a certain level will soon understand it.

"Sister, this soup is so delicious!" Yang Yufeng said with wide eyes, surprised.

Yang Huiling nodded and said, "Don't drink too much, it's almost OK."

The effect of the soup is very strong, and the transformation of the human body is slow and gradual. This magical soup is comparable to magic medicine! Who is this Liang Jie?

It was not until this moment that she really realized a problem, that is, Yang Yi said last night that she had conquered the ghosts, and that must have been Liang Jie's success.

"Brother, what kind of ingredients do you use for this soup, I will let the cook at home make me drink it every day!"

Shangguan Yu was already drinking the third bowl, and that soothing feeling couldn't stop! He felt very hungry as if he could eat a cow.

"Hurry up and make clear what your grandpa told you."

Glancing at him, Liang Jie's expression was speechless, the boy was too frustrating.

From the beginning to the end, Yang Yi didn't say anything. Her face was not very good. Liang Jie probably guessed what happened.

So he didn't ask much, she had to make the decision herself, after all, it was a matter within her family, and Liang Jie didn't say much about it as an outsider.

He can only do what he can do, just like today's bowl of soup, which is his showdown to her cousins. He is not an ordinary person.


The heir of the Shangguan family, and a soup with special effects. Yang Huiling knows that Liang Jie's identity is not simple.

But this time, the Yang family arranged the third grandpa to handle things. She only hoped that the Yang family would not offend the other party.


Chapter 26 - Family Meeting

Regarding Shangguan Fei's explanation, Shangguan Yu didn't dare to neglect, but he didn't speak directly in front of everyone.

Although he is not reliable, he still knows the importance of things.

"A family meeting?"

This is what Shangguan Fei wants to say. He hopes that Liang Jie can participate together.

Of course, it is only just the upper and middle-class families in Shangzhou City, and families from various regions in Huaxia. The matchmaker is the Ji family, one of the top ten families in Huaxia.

"Your grandpa meant to let me take this opportunity to show my relationship with Shangguan's family?"

"That's it, brother, you must go!"

"Um, of course, I will go."

"Then let's go! Right, you can’t pursue Yang Huiling."


Onboarding car, Liang Jie realized Yang Huiling's purpose to take Yang Yi away.

Anyway, this is the case. He didn't mind being involved very much anyway. Anyway, this thing will develop into this. Now it is just ahead of schedule.

"Master, be careful."

Li Mengyao specifically reminded Liang Jie to keep him from being too conspicuous.

This time the task of rebuilding the enchantment does not require their direct participation. The people of the Ji family will definitely find a way. This is a good opportunity to see the strength of the Huaxia Grand Family.

The meeting is held in the Song family in Shangzhou, because it is the number one family in Shangzhou.

Like the Shangguan family, the Song family's villa is also luxurious and ridiculous, and the floor space is exaggerated. This rich man's facade work is really good.

"What am I going to do in a while?" Liang Jie followed behind Shangguan Fei and looked at the people around him and asked.

Shangguan Fei shook his head and said, "Do nothing. Someone takes the lead. We just follow along."

The Ji family, one of the top ten families is here, there is really nothing with their other families, so just listen to the arrangements quietly.

If it wasn't for the enclave on the campus of the Nine Regions University ’s archaeology department, the Ji family would not have called all the major families to discuss the seal.

Everything is done for security.

"It's almost time, guys, the meeting is starting!"

Soon after the crowds were seated, an old man appeared on the stage.

He looks sixty or seventy years old, but the actual age is certainly far from it.

"Master, he is in the late stage of solid foundation period!"

"The person of the gold pill period also came, but he didn't appear before people."

"More than one, there are three!"

Li Mengyao's voice came, and Liang Jie couldn't help being taken aback.

Only one person in the gold pill period can make the enchantment, but three have come, which has already illustrated the problem well.

This time the other party was prepared, and there must be something good in the enchantment.

"This time, the enchantment of Wolong Mountain collapsed, ghosts pervaded, and ghosts ran rampant. We want to seal them. We must destroy all the ghosts in them."

"Don't worry, most of the ghosts are not very strong. The strength of the innate world is enough to deal with, and we are prepared."

"We won't let everyone do it for free, we will give the family involved in this operation a washing pulp pill, which can give you a higher talent ..."

At the end of the stage, everyone looked hopeful.

Obviously, these people know washing pulp pills. As a big family, it is not difficult to get so many washing pulp pills, but the grade is at most first grade!

The action plan is very clear. The major families only need to guard the periphery and don't let the ghosts escape. This is really not difficult.

After all, the Ji family will distribute spells to everyone.

"Elder Ji Xuan, our Yang family, Yang Yi, went to Wolong Mountain last night and conquered a ghost there. She should know where it is."

Just when Liang Jie thought things were about to end, the so-called third grandfather of the Yang family suddenly spoke.

His strength is in the third level of cultivation momentum period, which can only be said to be very general with such a strength when he is so old.

Of course, this is just Liang Jie's idea. In fact, in the world, such strength is already considered very strong.

Liang Jie naturally knew what he meant, and he actually planned to use Yang Yi to connect with the Ji family.

With this old man's eyesight, it was natural to see Yang Yi's progress, and it was entirely possible for her talent to be seen by the Ji family.

It is so stressful that Yang Yi has subdued the ghost, and his heart is terrible!

"Oh? I don't know if niece Yang Yi is here today? Come up and let me take a look."

Ji Xuan was shocked. He didn't expect the dismal Yang family to have such a proud girl.

Being able to conquer the ghosts, if such a talent can become Ji's daughter-in-law, it is bound to produce excellent children for Ji's family in the future.

"I am Yang Yi."

Yang Yi walked onto the stage timidly, saluting respectfully.

When she stood on the stage, an old man suddenly appeared, his eyes flashed golden light, and a glance at Yang Yi, turned out to laugh.

"Haha ...God’s will!"

"Yang Xuan, I have arranged her for the third son Ji Wu of the Ji family, and she can be my daughter-in-law of the Ji family."

"I wonder if the Yang family is willing?"

This is one of the three people in the gold pill period, and no one would think that he would say such a thing.

Everyone was not stupid, and immediately saw the extraordinariness of this girl, her talent is unimaginable! Otherwise, why are they attracted by such a person?


Yang Yi's head was roaring, her face became pale, and she couldn't say a word by biting her lips.

She wanted to say that she didn't agree, but if she just rejected it, what should the Yang family do? What should Liang Jie do?

The world is not so simple. When she faced Liang Jie's pursuit before, what she said was a serious consideration, and she didn't want to see Liang Jie being hurt.

"It's a good thing. Yang family is very willing."

Yang Xuan's expression of respectful expression filled with smiles.

This is a great thing for the Yang family.

In this way, the Yang family is considered to be skyrocketing. Yang Xuan is definitely the hero of the Yang family.

"Old ancestor, would you like to ask about Wolong Mountain first?" Ji Xuan asked his ancestors carefully.

The old man smiled and said, "Look at me, but I forgot about the business. Little girl, tell me what you saw."

In his opinion, Yang Yi was already the daughter-in-law of the Ji family. He was naturally very happy, and his attitude towards Yang Yi was very good.

If it wasn't for her talent, how could he do this to a little girl who wasn't even in the cultivation momentum period!

"At the time ..."

Yang Yi took a deep breath and began to talk about last night.

She knew that her resistance was meaningless, so she couldn't bother the family and Liang Jie, and she could no longer choose to marry or not.

Perhaps she and Liang Jie had no fate.

"Brother, this ..."

Shangguan Yu is not stupid. Although he is unhappy, he dares not make trouble.

At this time, the people in Shangguan's family were very nervous, fearing that Liang Jie would make trouble. By then, they would be in bad shape. Fortunately, Liang Jie was relatively calm and did not directly attack, and shook his head to everyone with a grin.

In the face of such a powerful Ji family, what can he do? Can only endure.

Chapter 27 - Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers

Compared with the washing pulp pill promised by the Ji family, the major families are more concerned about the young person brought by the Shangguan family.

In their opinion, most of those who went to Shangguan's house and wanted to assassinate Shangguan Fei was killed by the elders of the young person in front of them.

At the subsequent meeting, Liang Jie didn't listen to it. What he was thinking now was how to solve Yang Yi's and Ji's affairs.

"Master, in fact, you don't have to worry too much, do you forget what cards you have?"

He only thought of the strength of the Ji Family but did not think of his own advantages.

What are his advantages?

Naturally, he has Nine Regions Ring, and now he is doing business by the ring. This is his best weapon!

In this world, whether it is the cleaning body fluid, or the washing pulp pill and the gathering momentum pill, it is a holy medicine that is hard to find, but he has many.

Is the Ji family great? It's really amazing.

But what if Liang Jie took out these medicines and cooperated with people from other families? Is the Ji family still great?

No, it's not great at all, as long as Liang Jie is willing to pay the price, it can even make the Ji family very uncomfortable.

At this moment, Liang Jie understood it.

In fact, he doesn't need to be able to defeat the Ji family himself, because time does not allow it, so what he has to do is simple.

The meeting lasted more than four hours, and the crowd left after dinner at the Song family.

As for Yang Yi, she was taken away by the ancestors of the Ji family, and the Yang family also went with them. Liang Jie did not dare to have any other ideas.

"Brother ..."

On the way back, Shangguan Yu was unhappy.

He is indeed a rich second generation, and he is not a good person, but he knows that as a man, such things can never be tolerated.

"You can rest assured, I have my own plan."

"It's just the Ji family. I haven't looked at it yet."

"Hard bumping only kills me, But I'm not a person who can insult."

Liang Jie smiled coldly and made Shangguan Yu chill all over the body. He didn't need to worry about this.

As for the Shangguan family, as long as he does not oppose Liang Jie's work, naturally, he will not be implicated. He knows a lot, which has made Shangguan Yu feel relieved.

When returning to the villa, Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu saw a person hanging around the villa.

"Oh, this is not my cousin's boyfriend!"

"How's it going? What is exciting today?"

"People still need to be a little self-aware. Our Yang family is about to be strong, but your life and death are in my hands."

Yang Hu looked at Liang Jie with a smile. The reason why he was here was already very clear.

There are not many people who know about Liang Jie and Yang Yi. Yang Huiling and Yang Yufeng will definitely not talk about it, so only one Yang Hu is the most dangerous.

After hearing what he said, Shangguan Yu's eyes suddenly changed and his eyes became cold. He was not a kind person. This person threatened Liang Jie or threatened Shangguan's family, he was simply trying to die.

"I remember you're Yang Yi's cousin! You're not here just to say nonsense!"

Liang Jie stopped Shangguan Yu, who wanted to speak hard, but he had to resolve it by himself. He didn't show that these people really thought he was a sick cat.

Just letting him go last night doesn't mean he will let him go today.

"Actually! I have no injustice with you and I don't want to kill you."

"As long as you give me this villa, I will not say anything."

"Otherwise, you know what I mean."

Hehe smiled, Yang Hu directly asked for something.

Threatening Liang Jie is nothing to him at all. With the strength of his Yang family, it is not easy to deal with one who is not a rich second generation.

"You just want this villa? No more ?"

"To be honest, I'm not short of money. You can ask for more money."

"Get a price! I don't want to waste time either."

Liang Jie smiled and signaled that Yang Hu could ask for more.

This makes Yang Hu very happy, it seems that this boy is still very good.

"Looking at your boy is pretty good, just give me another 20 million." Yang Hu grinned.

I have to say, this kid is about to die, and he doesn't even know it!

Even Shangguan Yu sneered, this stupid guy can live so long, no wonder that the leaders of the Yang family have no eyes.

"20 million is not too much, but I'm afraid I'll give you money, you have no time to spend!"

Liang Jie looked at Yang Hu and walked towards him step by step, never concealing his intention of killing.

Seriously, he never thought had problems the Yang family from the beginning, because he believed that he had a way to convince the people of the Yang family to believe in his strength, and sincerely wished him and Yang Yi both.

But Yang Hu and even the elders of the Yang family were too much. This really can't blame him for his cruelty.

"Haha ... Do you still want to threaten me? But you are a rich second generation who is nothing."

"My Yang family pinched you to death is as easy as pinching an ant. Do you think it would be great to get close to the people in the Shngguan family?"

"As long as Yang Yi marry the Ji family, our Yang family has skyrocketed since then."

Yang Hu is not afraid of Liang Jie. He is a master of the innate state. It is a matter of minutes to kill Liang Jie.

However, Shangguan Yu, who was on the side, couldn't stand it anymore. The newborn calf was really not afraid of tigers! Liang Jie killed the peak of the innate realm in a minute.

"Is this your last word? You can go on your way after that."

Before Yang Hu reacted, Liang Jie wrapped his arm around his neck.

Even though he was very strong, but he didn't even have the ability to resist in the face of Liang Jie, at this time he finally panicked, but he wanted to speak but couldn't say it at all.


Looking at Liang Jie with horror, he did not understand why Liang Jie was so powerful.

In this regard, Liang Jie was too lazy to explain that he really needed to vent, but he didn't expect the boy to take the initiative to come to the door.

"You can rest assured that your grandpa will be with you soon."

After speaking, Liang Jie's hand burst into a real orange-yellow fire and instantly turned Yang Hu into a fireman.

No matter how he struggled, he still couldn't break away from Liang Jie's hands, and could only watch him devoured by the flames. His eyes were full of terror, and he had no arrogant look before death.

With a light noise, the flame burned him to ashes, and there was no Yang Hu in this world.

Standing on the side, Shangguan Yu's eyes were straight. He didn't feel scared. Instead, the color of worship grew stronger.

Shangguan Yu kneeling on the ground, holding Liang Jie's thigh, said, "Brother, if you don't accept me as an apprentice, I won't give up."


Liang Jie, who was slightly more comfortable, was very speechless when he was so troubled.

This kid's heart is really big, but he is also a personal talent, and Liang Jie knows that he urgently needs strength, and in fact accepting him as an apprentice can be considered.

Chapter 28 - The Secret of Wolong Mountain

The next day, Yang Yi did not come back to the villa, only Yang Huiling came alone and gave Liang Jie a letter from Yang Yi.

There were no other words in the letter, just the words "believe me", which made Liang Jie feel very warm.

"Yang Hu didn't come back yesterday. Did he come to see you!"

Yang Huiling wanted to leave directly, after all, the Yang family's actions made Liang Jie almost impossible to be with Yang Yi.

But anyway, Yang Hu is from the Yang family, she still wants to find him, at least he can stop him before he comes to Liang Jie.

She hopes he doesn't find his own way, because she already knows Liang Jie is strong.

"Who knows? Shangzhou city is so big. Maybe he came to the big city for the first time and went for fun?"

With a slight smile, Liang Jie didn't say too much, she could understand without saying.

This world is so realistic, the strongest is the boss.

"I understand!"

Nodded, Yang Yi already knew the answer.

In fact, she still wanted to say something. It can be seen that Liang Jie had no idea of listening, and she knew that what she said was meaningless.

At twelve in the evening, everyone who had attended the meeting before came together.

"It seems that there is a big secret in Wolong Mountain!"

"I know what you think. I've been asleep until I was awakened by you, so I don't know what happened here."

"However, there is a big guy in the enchantment. I'm afraid they will be in trouble this time. I know you want to kill the old guy of Ji Family. I will help you find a way."

Li Mengyao is also a vengeful fellow. Her master is so aggrieved, and she is very unhappy.

Relying on years of cultivation, with a little strength, can do whatever they want in this world? This world is not as simple as imagined.

"I understand. I'm not in a hurry."

Liang Jie really understood.

The Ji family is bound to get it this time, even at a huge price, which shows that these things are very important to them.

If they can’t get anything and lose something, what do they think?

People from all major families are holding spells, which are used for self-defense and exorcism. Their strengths are in the innate state, and their sense of ghosts is still very strong. There is no problem with spells protecting themselves.

On the periphery of the campus, a person in the gold pill period isolated the internal connection with the outside world by a formation. Even if the inside was dark, people outside would not know it.


With a loud noise, a violent shaking came from the ground.

The enchantment was shattered by two people in the gold pill period, surging spirits, flowing down the mountain like a substantial torrent.

The ghosts whimpered and almost controlled everyone's minds. Fortunately, they carried spells to avoid being attacked by spirits.

At the same time, a golden light was emitted from their bodies to dispel all the ghosts, which was the effect of the golden light spell.

"They went in. The ghosts outside are just miscellaneous fish. We go in too!"

"With me, they can’t fell your breath, so don't worry."

"There's something useful for your little girlfriend. After all, you can't protect her all the time. You have to give her the ability to protect herself."

After hearing the words of Li Mengyao, he rushed directly without any doubt.

At this time, the situation outside was not chaotic, but no one knew who was there. The ghosts drowned together, and they were lucky to be safe.

"Don't panic, take out the immovable spell."

Ji Xuan led the crowd outside to stop ghosts, so as not to run into the outside world and cause harm to ordinary people.

The Immovable spell is a seal, which can temporarily form an enchantment, blocking all ghosts and ghosts, leaving them within the campus area.


Space shook for a while, and a golden barrier appeared, blocking the ghosts flying around.

These are just ordinary ghosts, and they are not a threat. What really threatens them is the ghosts that will come out of Wolong Mountain.

The strength of the ghost is equivalent to that of the solid foundation period, but don't worry too much. Everyone has the spell, which is the extraordinary power of the second-grade spell.

What's more, there is a third-grade spell in Ji Xuan, whose attack power is equivalent to the blow of the person in the gold pill period.

"Master, follow the route I gave you!"

There must be a secret in Wolongshan, and Li Mengyao wanted to find out.

Naturally, she wouldn't let Liang Jie take risks. There is a general trend in the mountains and rivers, and her route to Liang Jie is to move forward according to the general trend. This is a place where ghosts cannot infect.

Walking forward silently, because of the ring ability, Liang Jie did not have to worry about revealing the real body at all.

When Liang Jie came to the entrance, he was almost taken off by the gushing force.

Looking through the entrance, you can see that two people in the gold pill period are using magic weapons to fight against the internal ghosts. If Wolong Mountain is not strong enough, it has already been blown out.

The stirring spirit is very big, even if only a trace of the aftermath can make Liang Jie's body broken.

To continue like this is undoubtedly equivalent to death, he must wait until the two have resolved the ghost before entering.

Even though Liang Jie opened spiritual eyes, he still couldn't see the inside. The ghostly spirit was too strong. He felt cold all over, and there was always a breathless feeling.

"Heavenly ghosts are the ghosts of the gold pill period. After they die, they will leave ghost beads, which are the most precious things for the ghosts that Yang Yi subdued."

"The ghost beads that condensed the spirit can transform the ghosts and enhance their strength. I don't know how much can be left."

"In a while, we kill people and get the beads! I haven't done that for a long time."

Li Mengyao was even more excited than Liang Jie and kept talking.

Liang Jie understands the benefits of ghost beads. Is it too casual to kill and win treasures? He is just in the cultivation momentum period. Others are in the gold pill period. One finger can kill him several times.

The space inside Wolong Mountain is very wide. The people on the gold pill period and ghosts went to the deep inside. Liang Jie felt that he almost jumped down.

"Wow ... so cold!"

The ghostly surroundings made Liang Jie tremble coldly.

Thousands of years of ghostly agglomeration have formed a natural yin pulse here. Black ice is everywhere on the ground, which is formed by ghostly agglomeration.

"Master, don't rush forward, let's see if there are any treasures around."

The people in the gold pill period couldn’t make a difference with the ghosts in a short time, and Li Mengyao almost laughed when she saw the situation inside.

Yin pulse!

Soul-based cultivation people most need things to ensure that their ghosts are more solid, and the speed of cultivation can be accelerated a lot.

It's a shame not to take away such good things.

Because of this, she decided to clean up the place.

Chapter 29 - It's All Mine (1)

Looking at Li Mengyao, flying in front of him, Liang Jie felt a little unreal.

Because, at this moment, Li Mengyao is totally a small fan of money.

"Take it away, take it all away."

The places Li Mengyao flew over, exposing a hard rock.

The black ice formed by the ghostly spirits has disappeared, and all of them have been put into the ring by Li Mengyao.

"Master, come on, something good!"

Liang Jie was afraid that the people in the gold pill period would return.

In case he was found, this is where he was buried, the trip was very exciting.

However, he came here! Is he afraid of them?

"Look, master, this is Yinming grass. It is a blind herb for refining Nourish soul pill."

"There is also a ghost ball, which is left after the ghost dies, but it is a necessary thing to create a thunder spell!"

"It's all good! I really want to put this Wolong Mountain in the ring."

The appearance of Li Mengyao makes Liang Jie speechless.

He is not very clear about the value of these things, but by looking at Li Mengyao's expression, he knows that this is definitely a huge asset.

Just to put Wolong Mountain into the ring, isn't it a little too much?

"Unfortunately, your strength is too poor, otherwise I will definitely put Wolong Mountain in."

Liang Jie, who was very speechless, was even more speechless to hear her say this!

There are a lot of good things, but they are just the ones they just saw, but Li Mengyao is not disgusted at all, and wherever she goes, she collects the ghostly black ice into the ring.

After walking a few hundred meters, Black Ice was gone.

Li Mengyao, who has nothing to collect, is obviously not in a good mood.

She was dangling around, looking for something better.

Liang Jie followed her, and he was completely numb. He did not expect that Li Mengyao was a legendary miser!

As long as she saw it, it was all hers.

It can be imagined that after a while, the people in the gold pill period returned. If they saw that there is empty, they might vomit blood.

"Master, there is something good again."

Suddenly, Li Mengyao appeared in front of Liang Jie.

Holding his hand to fly forward, it seemed a bit impatient.

When Liang Jie came to the place she said, he almost fell to the ground. This black piece of water was actually a good thing in her mouth?

"Hum, this is a good thing. It's called yin water."

"What's it called?"

"Full name Xuanyin Holy Water!"

"Thank you, please say full name, please."

"Even the spiritual world, this is something rare, it ..."

Li Mengyao is talking about the use of this Xuanyin holy water, which is actually used to improve the success rate of alchemy, this large pool of Xuanyin holy water.

My goodness! Liang Jie felt that his heart couldn't stand it.

"Put away, put away! Hurry up."

Liang Jie was even more anxious than Li Mengyao at this time. Because, now in his opinion, everything in the hole belongs to him.

Although Xuanyin Holy Water is not a treasure, its formation is very difficult, but since it is useless after forming a pill, it can only be said to be a rare treasure.

"Walk around and see if there is anything else."

After collecting Xuanyin holy water, Liang Jie hurried forward.

He now wants to take away the stones here, and he always feels that these stones are also very valuable.

So he picked up the crushed stones on the ground. The stones were cold, and he held out a handful of yin, and Liang Jie felt that this thing should be put away.

"Master, what are you doing?"

"I want to see if this stone is also a good thing."

"These stones are useless to you, and the grade is too low."

"Can you sell it?"

"It can be, it's usually used to arrange formation, and ..."

"Just be useful, all in the ring."


Li Mengyao was speechless, and she finally found that her master was even more greedy than herself.

She also collected the treasure, but the master was different, not even the stone, even if it wasn't worth much.

The number of stones is very large, but it is not much for the ring.

Continue to move forward, the ghost spirit is getting more and more intense, and the fluctuations in the battle ahead are getting more and more intense, but Liang Jie is unmoved, and his eyes are bright looking for something to take away.

"Master, look!"

After being silent for a while, Li Mengyao exclaimed again.

Looking down her fingers, Liang Jie stared straight at the thing.

There was nothing else in front of him, but a huge stone, but there was endless yin energy.

This stone looks like a mountain range, about two or three feet long, and stands on the wall of the cave.

"What is this?"

Liang Jie could sense that the stone was unusual, but didn't know its origin.

Li Mengyao, whose saliva was flowing fast, looked at the stone and said, "This is the Yin vein! It is a special vein formed after thousands of years of ghostly erosion of the vein."

"Although still young, it has great growth potential."

"If it is dug away and placed in a place full of aura, it can grow slowly and provide a steady stream of yin for the cultivation of ghosts."


Swallowed, Liang Jie really wanted to own it.

Take away is definitely possible, but Li Mengyao doesn't want to do this, because it has the biggest growth space here, because here is the path of the ghost.

"It's a pity not to take away."

After looking at the Yin vein, Li Mengyao finally let go of her thoughts.

Liang Jie was a little disappointed but was very happy in his heart, and he didn't want to waste so much.

And the appearance of the Yin vein means that there are better things waiting for them!

The fluctuations in the battle are getting weaker and weaker. After more than an hour of fighting, the people in the gold pill period should have killed the ghosts. This is a shocking battle!

"Master, go ahead!"

At this time, it was less than a few hundred meters from the people in the gold pill period, and Liang Jie proceeded carefully.

When he came to the corner, he saw some flowers on the ground. They looked very special. The whole body was dark. Only the flower core was red, which was that glamorous red.

Li Mengyao saw this flower and almost rushed out. If Liang Jie stopped her, she might have rushed up.

"Mine, it's all mine!"

Without explaining to Liang Jie, Li Mengyao directly collected all those flowers into the ring.

It was also this move that made the people in the gold pill period notice them. They turned into a flash of lightning and arrived here in an instant.

Their eyes were as cold as a knife, Liang Jie felt that his heart was about to stop beating, and he was afraid to speak and breathe.

Chapter 30 - It's All Mine (2)

"Who? How dare you steal the ghost flower?"

With a roar, the people in the gold pill period started, and Liang Jie was almost killed.

Just with a roar, there is such a powerful force. If it wasn't for the ring's mitigation of the opponent's attack, Liang Jie had already died.


Swallowing the blood from the throat, Liang Jie didn't dare to do anything.

Any subtle action may expose himself, and he must not let himself be found out of it. He was almost killed.

"No one is there, why are those flowers gone?"

"Are there ghosts we don't know are here?"

"Go back and look, maybe some kind of creature is collecting the treasures here."

The spiritual loss of the two people is extremely great, so at this time, naturally, they hope that there is no change.

Fortunately for ordinary ghosts, in case they are powerful heaven ghosts, they may not be able to gain anything on this trip.

With the departure of the two, Liang Jie was finally relieved. He was very angry but saw Li Mengyao's aggrieved expression, which made him very helpless.

"Master, I'm sorry."

Li Mengyao looked at Liang Jie timidly, she already knew how dangerous things she had done.

In this regard, Liang Jie couldn't blame her, sitting on the ground and saying, "Let's talk! What a good thing, you are so excited."

"Ghost flower is just a very rare herb for ordinary cultivation people."

"But it is an indispensable herb for refining Jiuzhuanjindan. Of course, it is not old enough now, but these ghost flowers are definitely a treasure that is hard to find in the world."

"With it, the master will be able to make Nine Turn Gold Pill in the future ..."

Nine Turn Gold Pill is ninth grade pill, which can not only save dead people but also the spiritual world that countless people dream of.

Seeing one of the main medicine, it is normal for Li Mengyao to get excited. After all, if such an opportunity is missed, it will no longer exist.

"Well, I don't mean to be angry, just don't be so impulsive next time." Liang Jie shook his head and smiled.

This made Li Mengyao very excited, holding Liang Jie's face was a fierce kiss.

Although this is a very enjoyable thing, Liang Jie still wants to live longer, otherwise, the blood that is easily swallowed will come out of the nostril again.

"Ah ... who!"

There was a roar from the two men in the distance of the cave, and they had found that the things had been taken away.

The spirit was so powerful that he frightened Liang Jie into fright. The two men were really powerful. But he was also very excited because he saw the strength of the gold pill period and he was full of hope for the future.

Despite the two people making a big noise and sweeping the spiritual force everywhere in the cave, it was a pity that they still couldn't find the person they were looking for.

"There is nothing abnormal in our divine perception, is it ..."

"It's impossible. If there were ghosts of the Yuanying period, I'm afraid they have already come out."

"It's the same, but the situation is too weird."

"Yeah! It's weird here, we'll take all the rest!"

"Well, that's all it can be!"

Liang Jie heard the conversation between the two clearly.

Just injured by them, Liang Jie was trying to get revenge on them! Hearing them suddenly said they were going to take action on something here, he is unhappy.

"Mengyao, put away everything you can take away!"

Liang Jie decisively ordered, Li Mengya readily accepted the order.

This area in the depths of the cave, as long as it can be taken away, has been taken into the ring by Li Mengyao.

Looking at the bare cave, Liang Jie was finally satisfied.

Then, he found a more hidden place and wanted to see how the two of them were screaming wildly.

"Although a lot of things have been lost, the most valuable ones are the most profound ghost stones.

"Just use these stones to feed the ghost that Yang Yi subdued, it will inevitably become the guardian and ghost of my Ji family."

"Yeah! The harvest is still good."

"Haha ... we ..."

The two talked and laughed, and seemed very satisfied with the results of the search for the ruins.

They are stupid, after all, they do not know so many useful things. But this is also no way, after all, too much is lost in this world.

However, when the two came to the deepest part of the cave, they found nothing.

What used to be a lot of mysterious ghost stones and other Yinming herbs is now bare, except for the stones.

"Who the hell is it, come out!"

The two roared, and the sound contained endless spiritual power.

Not only were they attacking, but they were also searching for the enemy's whereabouts, but they were disappointed because they could find nothing.

"Hate, what the hell is that?"

The white-haired old man in a robe frowned.

In his opinion, this matter is not simple. He is afraid that there may be some creatures or ghosts here. They can escape their divine exploration, and the other party may not have any hidden means.

"Finding a way to catch it, maybe it could really work for us."

At first, they were very angry, but now they are very happy.

At this time, it is impossible to say that there is a stronger existence than them, so they think it should be some special existence.

If they think about it like this, they will naturally want to catch it. After all, hide breath from being discovered. This kind of existence is definitely a treasure for those who cultivate it!

"Five Elements Seal Formation"

The two thought of a solution at the same time, which happened to seal the ghosts outside.

Without any hesitation, they immediately took out the banner and started to lay it out. With the cave as the core of the formation, the entire Wolong Mountain was banned.

In this way, no one can leave here, and the hidden things will be hidden.

"Oops, master, let's go!"

Li Mengyao was shocked to hear the words of the two. Of course, she could use the ring to help Liang Jieyin's body and breath, even the people during the gold period could not find him.

But if it is a formation, then he has to appear, after all, his strength is too low.


However, at this time, a sound suddenly came from the ground.

The feeling of coldness flowed all over the body in an instant, making them unable to move. Li Mengyao's face changed so much that she never thought that the thing would come so fast.

Because, just when she was collecting things, she had discovered the secret here.

As she said at the beginning, it was very simple and there was something extraordinary, and the seal of that thing just happened to be lifted by them.

"Master, don't move! There's a good show!"

Liang Jie was going to leave, but now he can't move.

That thing has been staring at them, if messes up, it might kill Liang Jie.

However, as long as they stay here, there is a way to live, because she is here.

Chapter 31 - The Ghost King

He just said he would leave, and she let him not move. Liang Jie was puzzled, but soon he knew what was going on. The cold feeling was very strong as if his whole body was freezing.

At the same time, the ground floor of the cave seemed to have something to come out, and even a black liquid leaked out, a fierce breath permeated, Liang Jie could even feel that his soul was shaking.

The first thing that appeared was a pair of huge eyes. The darkness was as deep as ink as if it were deep like the sea. Just a glance would make the soul collapse.

"Ghost King"

Li Mengyao didn't say much, the simple two words made Liang Jie's body cold.

No wonder there are so many good things here, it turns out that there are such behemoths here!


The two people sensed the existence of the ghost king and wanted to leave before he had condensed the entity, but a layer of ghost gas blocked their way.

Not only that, the entire space was imprisoned, they couldn't leave at all.

"Senior, we have no intention to disturb, but please forgive us."

Seeing that they could not escape, they hurriedly begged for mercy. Although the other party was the ghost king, they could feel a breath of life, which could not be faked.

The ghost king cultivated Akira and giving birth to vitality.

Such ghosts generally do not kill many, so they still have the opportunity to escape. As long as they are sincere enough and willing to pay the price, everything is possible.

"Haha ..."

Cold laughter came from all sides, and they knelt on the ground sweating like rain.

The ghost king is the existence of the Yuanying period, that is not what they can deal with, the other party's thoughts can make them die.

Cultivation is not easy, not to mention such a world, they cherish their lives.

"Senior, we are from the Ji family. We are here only to seal the enchantment."

"We don't know you are cultivating here. We deserve to die, and ask seniors to be gracious."

"As long as we can do it, we must do my best."

The gap between the strengths is very large, and there is a gap between the Yuanying period and the gold pill period.

Only when they enter the Yuanying period can they be considered to have truly lost their mortal bodies and embarked on the path of longevity. That is not their existence.

Under the Yuanying period are ants.

"Hmm, kill my slave, now tell me a misunderstanding?"

The ghosts gathered together, and a slender figure appeared, which actually condensed the entity.

That's not an ethereal spirit, but a tangible thing. Although it's not physical, it also has a physical touch. This is the strength of the ghost king.

His face was not very clear, but he could see that he was angry.

But this is quite normal. Heavenly ghost is a slave he managed to cultivate, but he was killed by these two people. How could he feel well in his heart!

"Senior, the ignorant is not guilty, we really don't know."

The two had their foreheads on their knees, and they knelt there, dare not move.

After all, they are just humans. They will be afraid of death and will ask for mercy. This makes Liang Jie feel very disappointed.

"Master, cultivation people are also human. What you said is a real ascetic."

Li Mengyao's voice sounded in Liang Jie's mind and expressed her opinion on his thoughts.

Not every cultivation people are pursuing the natural avenue. The kind of people who has no desire is not common in the world. After all, there is no way to talk about it without strength.

"the ignorant is not guilty? The Ji family?"

"Do you think I will spare you if you move out of the Ji family? Even Ji Mingwu, your ancestor of the Ji family, would not dare to talk to me like that."

"Kill my slave, you have to pay for it!"

The Ghost King has no fear of the Ji family.

Hearing the old ancestor's name, the two trembled with horror. At this point, they could only fight desperately, maybe they could leave here alive.

"The Five Elements seal formation, get up!"

The two of them fought and activated the five elements seal formation.

The Ghost King did not intend to stop it, and it seemed that he had been intentionally made to do so.

The formation was activated, and the two men holding the flag were free to move. They desperately flew out of the cave. At this moment, they wanted nothing, and nothing was more important than life.

However, they flew out not far, and the black ghost gas turned into a tentacle to pierce their heart and would calm their Dantian, making it impossible to use the power.

The heart was pierced, the death of the body was irreversible, and with gold pill blocked, they could only watch themselves die.

Fear, resentment, remorse, various emotions are entangled, all infused into the soul.

"Kill my slave, and told you to pay for it with your life, do you think you can run away?"

The ghost king hummed, stretched out the ghost's hand to hold the heavenly inspirations of the two, and pulled their soul out with a force.

The death of the flesh is very scary for cultivation people in gold pill period because even if their soul can survive for a period of time, they will eventually die.

Two ghost flames popped into the soul of the two with a ghostly spirit and broke up their consciousness in an instant, and they were really dead.

However, their soul remained, and they were eroded by the ghostly spirit, and soon became a ghost-like existence. The two ghost flames turned into a spirit deed in their position, declaring their soul completely as slaves of the ghost king. .

Killing cultivation people in the gold pill period is nothing to the ghost king. It is really as simple as killing an ant.

The ghosts of cultivating immortality really can't create too many sins, because this will increase the difficulty of Tianjie, but the ghost king doesn't care about these things.

"If I had not been sealed for thousands of years, I am still weak at this moment. I would directly go to the spirit world and turn the world upside down."

"Ji's family? I'm not afraid of Ji's family in the spirit world. Am I afraid of you?"

"I don't know what happened to Yang Li, but don't live up to my expectations. To help you soar, I almost lost half of my life."

The ghost king scolded him, seeming to be very upset, but at this moment, he suddenly felt anger.


The person on the first level of cultivation momentum period retreat avoided my divine exploration?

"Interesting, you guys come out yourself!"

"You are really interesting. I won't kill you easily."

"Because your body will become my thing."

With a cold smile, the ghost king looked at where Liang Jie was.

The ghost king who had mastered the Five Elements seal formation clearly felt Liang Jie's existence.

This made him very interested. A person on the first level of cultivation momentum period actually stole something under the eyes of two people in the gold pill period. This courage is very good.

Chapter 32 - Trading

"Hello senior, I am Liang Jie"

By this time, hiding is no longer meaningful.

The opponent's strength is so powerful, and from some of the words just heard, it can be speculated that this person has a grudge with the spirit world, and he thinks this is a place to use.

"Oh, You are quite brave."

The ghost king looked at Liang Jie, a pair of dark eyes as if to see him through.

The man in front of him was indeed a cultivation person during the cultivation momentum period, but the ghost king felt an unusual breath, which made him feel incredible.

At the same time, he was very concerned about the method used by this guy named Liang Jie to lie to them.

"Seniors, not I am brave. There is really no other way."

"As far as I can hide, it is not my special ability."

"Perhaps you see this ring, you should know what happened."

Liang Jie raised his right hand and showed the dragon head ring to the ghost king without any panic.

The reason for this is that Li Mengyao taught him, because only in this way can the ghost king believe in Liang Jie, or the other party might kill Liang Jie.

After all, the opponent's strength now seems to be only Yuanying period, but who knows how strong he was before he fell, but he knows the existence of the Ji Family in the spirit world!

"Oh? Nine Regions ring!"

When he saw the dragon head ring, the ghost king already knew it, but he didn't look very concerned, because, in his opinion, the ring is not a good thing.

The stealth ability is really excellent, and there is the ability to control the Xumi magic weapon, but these are really not particularly powerful abilities for powerful cultivation people.

If an ordinary person would covet the ring, he didn't have this idea. After all, this kind of celestial soul treasure can only be obtained by a fate. If he robs, the result may be not good.

"Boy, getting the ring is all about running out of luck in your life!" The ghost king smiled, a gloating expression.

Hearing that, Liang Jie couldn't say no. To say if luck has worsened, it was really a little bit like that.

Li Mengyao is unhappy, sitting on Liang Jie's shoulder, watching the ghost king angrily, "If you don't know the goods, don't pretend to be superior, That's the loss of those people who don’t know how to use me."

"It turned out to be the ring elf! How can I feel that your breath is wrong!"

"The ring seems to have no other function than the Xumi device that connects others!"

"What's more, can you see other people's items without the permission of others? Can you still grab them?"

The ghost king grinned and felt that the elf is angry, so she would say like that.

The masters of the ring of all ages did not have many people who could cultivate to the god period. The ring, one of the most powerful artifacts, was simply a ring of doom.

"You have no knowledge ."

"My current master is different. He is very good."

"Not only can I fully exert my strength, but I can also use my ability to make money. In the future, he will not worry about the lack of resources to cultivate, even in the present world, which lacks spiritual power."

Li Mengyao's expression made the ghost king extremely curious.

Is there any special way to use the ring? She doesn't seem to be telling lies, is there really a way to cultivate in this wound?

"That's right, I'll tell you ..."

Speaking of Liang Jie's affairs, Li Mengyao is very proud, because this is the first master she likes, other masters can't even wake her up.

This shows that Liang Jie is indeed a person with great luck, otherwise, how could he get the ring!

When he learned that Liang Jie's method of using the ring, the ghost king's mouth could not be closed for a long time. He was really surprised by Li Mengyao's words.

Using the ring to communicate with the cultivation people in the spirit world, then reselling pills, and even started a business selling pills.

The ghost king who has been sleeping for thousands of years feels that he really can't keep up with the rhythm, but thinking about it carefully, Liang Jie really doesn't have to worry about the limits of the world.

"Junior, I was going to kill you."

"But after hearing from you, I think you are very interesting."

"Let's make a deal! I need to sell the spirit pill, which is only available in the spirit world, which is a sixth-grade pill. In return, I can help you once."

The ghost king looked at Liang Jie with a serious expression on his face. He really looked forward to Liang Jie's growth.

Sixth grade pill is a huge challenge for Liang Jie, but with the promise of the ghost king, if he is given a life-saving sign.

In this world, no one is his opponent at all, which is indeed a very useful promise for Liang Jie.

"Senior, I can promise to help you, but I still need some means to save my life."

"There are my enemies outside, and I'm afraid they will kill me."

"and so……"

Liang Jie didn't sit on the ground to start the price, but it was just a promise. It didn't make too much sense for Liang Jie. The most important thing in front of him was to resolve the ancestor of the Ji family.

The other party is in the gold pill period, who is not Liang Jie who can deal with it, and there are ready-made masters outside. Naturally, he does not want to think about other methods.

"You said that person in gold pill period outside! This is trouble."

"I give you the promise. It would be a pity to use it on the person in the gold pill period!"

"This is a ghost species. You can plant it on the person. The ghost species will absorb the power of his gold pill to hatch. At most, it will break out of the body, and then he will change into no human being and no ghost, hehe ... "

The words of the ghost king scared Liang Jie. The black ghost in his hand at the moment was something like a flame, which turned out to be such an evil thing.

However, this is exactly what Liang Jie meant. Who asked that old guy to set Yang Yi up!

"How to use this? It won't be harmful to me!" Liang Jie didn't dare to pick it up by hand, he was worried that he would become fertilizer for ghost species.

The ghost king laughed: "Relax, the ghost species are conscious, it knows what to do."

"Then I'm relieved. Do you need anything on these guys?"

"Oh! You can take it. Anyway, I don't have any use to keep it. I will reseal it here. You don't have to worry about leaking the ghost."

"Thank you senior!"

With the permission of the other party, Liang Jie and Li Mengyao started to scrape the two people in the gold pill period. Unfortunately, they were poorer than expected and did not have much at all.

This makes Liang Jie feel very speechless. They don't even have a storage bag.

However, it is not without gain, at least the ghost spirit beads left by the ghost are still there. This is what Liang Jie wants most. As for the others, they are incidental.

Chapter 33 - Shameless

"You don't have to be disappointed, let me help you!"

Seeing Liang Jie seemed unhappy because he didn't get anything, the ghost king felt that the boy was very close to his appetite.

He was like him at the beginning, so he would be happy to help the boy.

His hands clasped together and played a ghostly spirit, and even made the bodies of two people directly into two ghost species.

At the same time, the gold pill fell out and was swallowed up by the spirit that had become a ghost.

"Well, these two ghost species will give the ghost of the girl!"

"She was the one I let out, and it was a gift for you."

"With these two ghost species, she can reach the strength of the heavenly ghost in three years, which should be a good help for you."

Since it is sincerely intended to cooperate, the ghost king will naturally not be stingy. The contents inside are given to Liang Jie, which can make him do things better for himself.

He doesn't worry about Liang Jie's words, only a fool will offend an existence like him. This is the confidence brought by strength.

"Okay, let's go!"

As soon as the ghost king waved his hand, Liang Jie went out of the cave.

The ghost kings who possessed the five elements seal formation immediately let them return to the outside world. At the same time, with the power of the five elements seal formation, all the ghosts were banned in the cave.

Then he seals himself again, ready to continue to sleep in Wolong Mountain.

"Mengyao, do you know the origin of the Ghost King?"

"Well, wait, If I need him for help, what should I call him?"

"Forgetting the most important things."

Liang Jie regretted this, and Li Mengyao rolled her eyes.

The opponent is a powerful existence that has fallen from the spirit world. Is it difficult to leave a ray of divine thought on you? Don't know how to contact him yet!

"If you are in trouble, call him and he can come over."

However, Li Mengyao explained it. She felt it necessary to teach the master some basic common sense, otherwise, she would even be despised.

No one noticed that they were back where they were because everyone was blocked by ghosts.

Coupled with the existence of the five elements seal formation, all people can not leave their positions at all, until all ghosts just disappeared, they can move freely again.

"Did they make it?"

"should be."

"That ghost is too scary."

"Stop talking, my pants are wet."


The innate realm of the Shangzhou family did not care about their own image at all, and they made fun of themselves when they faced the ghosts.

It's safe to say that yes, it's true! Although they were scared, they were virtually unharmed.

"What's going on? Why haven't those two come out yet."

The old person who presided over the external enchantment came, and he had sensed that the spiritual power fluctuations of the two men had disappeared.

However, he was very happy, because the two were dead, which meant that this time it was all his credit.

"You guys, search Wolong Mountain to see if there is something left."

"Everything you find will be repurchased by the Ji family with heavy money. Please rest assured."

"This place is safe now, you can search anywhere."

The old man's face turned right, and the task of searching things was left to everyone.

He didn't really care what was inside the Wolongshan cave, because there was no way to get in, so he also had a good excuse when he went back.

Moreover, a girl with a congenital wooden spirit body was also found, which is definitely a great achievement.

"Haha ... God help me too!"

"It seems that God is helping me. Today is a good day for me."

"This achievement will definitely make me break the gold pill's later period."

Ji Penghai was very happy. There was no doubt at all about the death of the two men.

Rather, he is grateful that the two died inside, otherwise he may not get many benefits! After all, how many can there be for three people?

"Senior, junior found something."

Half an hour later, Liang Jie held the ghost species and found Ji Penghai.

That ghost species was surrounded by ghosts, and at a glance, it was known that it was not an ordinary thing, and it also had a slight fluctuation of consciousness, which made Ji Penghai excited.

According to legend, in the ghostly place, there will be natural-born ghost fetus, it is an excellent material used to cultivate imperial ghosts, which is the treasure!

"Well, this thing is really good, but can others see it?" Ji Penghai pretended to be calm, asking for fear of revealing flaws.

Liang Jie shook his head and said, "No, I came to you when I found it."

"Very well, I think you are good. You are at a very young age and in the cultivation momentum period, and it should be the back that the family has devoted all its energy to training!"

"I don't treat you badly either. Here is a washing pulp pill, which will definitely give you a higher talent for pulp-washing."

"You must not tell others about this, you know?"

Throw the bottle containing the washing pulp pill to Liang Jie, and Ji Penghai held the ghost fetus in his palm.

After sending away Liang Jie, Ji Penghai looked cold and stared at the leaving Liang Jie, and he was ready to kill him at an appropriate time.

As long as he left Shangzhou himself and returned to kill him at that time, he would not know it.

"Master, that old thing wants to kill you."

Li Mengyao was very annoyed. If Liang Jie was not powerful enough, she would beat the old thing.

What the hell! Aren't you born a few years earlier? Had the master got her earlier, he would be able to beat him to the ground now.

"It's okay, the ghost species has given him, look at him so carefully, he really regards it as a treasure!"

"I still want to approach him! I did not expect the other party to take the initiative to come home."

"As for him trying to kill me, I'm afraid it won't work. The ghost species will erode his gold pill and affect his spirits, and it will not be me who dies by then."

Liang Jie smiled coldly, this time he was trying to die, so he couldn't blame others.

This time the harvest is good. There are a lot of ghost beads left after the ghosts die, but Liang Jie and Li Mengyao don't want them because they have already got a lot of things.

Now that he has a bunch of valuable things in his hand, it's time to do good business with the cultivation people in the spirit world.

When the sun rose, the search was over, and everyone returned to the Song family's villa.

"Brother, it's really nice that you're fine."

When Shangguan Yu saw Liang Jie, he rushed over, but he emptied himself and fell heavily on the ground. This person always likes to make a fuss.

However, Liang Jie noticed that the atmosphere didn't seem right, especially the Yang family, and seemed to be very hostile to him.

The so-called third grandfather of the Yang family was looking at him gloomily at this moment, with an expression to kill him, which made Liang Jie a little speechless. It seems that things are not so easy to solve!

Chapter 34 - Humiliation

"Senior, actually Yang Yi has a boyfriend, and we just knew it."

"His name is Liang Jie. He is a student in the Department of Archeology of Nine Regions College, and is in the same class as Yang Yi."

"However, they did not..."

Yang Xuan stood up decisively and told what happened to Liang Jie and Yang Yi.

His grandson disappeared for no reason in Shangzhou City. He may have died. He heard that his grandson had had an unpleasant relationship with Liang Jie and probably guessed what happened.

This time against him, obviously, he wanted to get revenge.

"Oh? Yang Yi, are you really a couple with Liang Jie?"

Ji Penghai glanced at Liang Jie and asked Yang Yi about it.

It's easy to kill someone but can't do it in front of so many people. Besides, it is Yang Yi's boyfriend, it is bad that stirs up Yang Yi's resistance.

Therefore, Liang Jie not only cannot be killed but must also become her shackles.

"Senior, Liang Jie and I have already broken up." Yang Yi's face was calm, without any emotional fluctuations, as if she did not know Liang Jie.

If it hadn't been for Yang Yi's letter that said "believe me", Liang Jie would really believe it.

She wants to protect Liang Jie. As long as she keeps distance from Liang Jie, Liang Jie will not be in danger of life.

Alive is the best protection, and she can only do so much.

"Senior, Yang Yi is right, we have indeed broken up."

Liang Jie took a deep breath and behaved extremely calmly, without any retention.

In any case, he can only do so now, otherwise, Ji Penghai will inevitably kill him directly. Only in this way can he survive.

"Now that you have broken up, that's fine."

It is better to target Liang Jie afterward.

The most important thing right now is to solve everything and return to the Ji family to report the situation and receive the reward. He doesn't care about a Liang Jie!

Ji Family, it is not the existence he can shake now.

At this point, the incident has come to an end, but Liang Jie has suffered unimaginable humiliation. The Ji family has mercilessly threatened him, and Yang Xuan of the Yang family has directly slapped him, and this matter must not be over.

"You don't need to worry, I will handle my business, believe me!"

With regard to the Shangguan family, Liang Jie did not intend to give up. They could not abandon Liang Jie because they needed Liang Jie's help.

But this was not enough. Before leaving, Liang Jie gave Shangguan Fei the washing pulp pill that Ji Penghai had given him, which made Shangguan Fei excited.

"Xiao Yu, get closer to your elder brother in the future, take this one!"

Shangguan Fei naturally cared about his grandson. He gave the pill to Shangguan Yu. He had already planned to completely tie the Shangguan family with Liang Jie.

They can’t get close to the Ji family, but Liang Jie and his master can be ok.

What other people think, Liang Jie didn't think about it so much. After returning to the villa, Liang Jie waited for the arrival of Yang Yi and Yang Huiling.

They are afraid to say goodbye to this!

In fact, as Liang Jie thought, with the company of Yang Huiling and Yang Yufeng, Yang Yi came to the villa to organize things.

Liang Jiejing was sitting on the sofa, and Yang Yufeng was a little embarrassed at this time. He didn't know how to face this boyfriend of Yang Yi.

"So nervous? It is not your fault."

"Yes, you guys have a rare trip. I haven't prepared gifts for you yet!"

"Some things here are for you and your sister. Don't tell others when you go back!"

Give Yang Yufeng two copies of the prepared cleaning body fluid and washing pulp pill, and Liang Jie showed a soft smile.

As if what happened before was nothing to him, which surprised Yang Yufeng.

"I can't accept things!"

Despite his desire, Yang Yufeng refused.

Seeing this, Liang Jie laughed: "This is what you deserve. It is not good to refuse without seeing it. You can just give it to your sister. She knows how to deal with it."

Having said that, Liang Jie ignored him and went straight to Yang Yi's room.

At this time Yang Huiling was outside the door, and Yang Yi's sobbing could be heard in the room.

"Sorry, I……"

Yang Huiling wanted to apologize for the Yang family, but her status in the Yang family was low and she couldn't do anything at all, so she couldn't keep talking.

Say too much is useless, Liang Jie's humiliation is not something she can make up for.

All can say is that he has no fate with Yang Yi! She really didn't expect the third grandpa to do it. What made them unexpected was that cousin Yang Yi would be chosen by the Ji family.

"No need to apologize, let me chat with Yang Yi for a while."

With a slight smile, Liang Jie seemed very calm, but Yang Huiling shivered.

What he meant so calmly meant that she knew very well. I'm afraid the Yang family did something wrong this time.

Leaving silently, Yang Huiling could only apologize again in her heart.

In the room, Yang Yi was sitting on the bed with red eyes, apparently already crying, which made Liang Jie's heart soft and felt that this girl was really stupid.


Yang Yi looked at Liang Jie bitterly, she didn't know what expression to face him.

For her own sake, Liang Jie was humiliated, and he was caught by the Ji family. His life will not be too good in the future.

"Don't cry, this is not your fault."

"You can only blame me for having no strength, otherwise I will be able to protect you."

"Although the Ji family is hateful, they can indeed provide you with better cultivation resources, so you have to be sure that I will pick you up at that time."

Liang Jie knew that he couldn't keep Yang Yi's, so he could only take her to the place prepared by Ji Family.

During this time, as long as he cultivates well, he can go to Ji's house to ask for someone, and then he will settle the grievances today.

"I don't want to leave, but I can't help it!"

"Jay, will you really come to pick me up?"

"Actually ..."

It can be seen that Yang Yi has already made plans to escape with Liang Jie in recent days, but Liang Jie would not choose so.

It was very selfish for Yang Yi to suffer with him. He had to be responsible for Yang Yi's future, so he interrupted Yang Yi's words.

"Fool, you have to cultivate well."

"I have prepared good things for you. As long as you are good, I will be full of motivation."

"When I go to pick you up, no one can stop us together. You have to put these things away, ok? You can contact me through it if you miss me."

Give the prepared storage bag to Yang Yi, everything is already in it.

Liang Jie had already thought about it. Parting was painful, but this was the best result for the two of them so that he could freely carry out his own plan.

"I wait for you!"

Holding Liang Jie, Yang Yi's eyes were full of firmness. She gently kissed Liang Jie's cheek and then flew away.

In fact, she already knew that Liang Jie hadn't been possessed by a ghost, but she pretended that she didn't know it, and it was obvious why she had done so.

Chapter 35 - UnexpectedNew Page

"Master, her qualification is really good."

Li Mengyao has already seen it, even if Yang Yi only used the spent cleaning body fluids and washing pulp pills, she has already achieved the strength to break through the innate realm.

If adds the pills that Liang Jie gave her, coupled with the strong support of Ji Family, Yang Yi would become a very young person in the solid foundation period.

"I know, and she already knows my situation."

Yang Yi is very kind. Even if she knows that Liang Jie lied to her, she still treats him so well, which shows that she really likes him.

No one is sure about emotional matters, but Liang Jie can feel it.

Lying on the bed, Liang Jie couldn't help laughing, he really looked forward to what kind of genius she would become when the two met again. by then there would be a bunch of suitors around!

"Master, if you don't work hard, I'm afraid Yang Yi will protect you in the future."

"It's all right, being protected has always been my dream."

"Can you be not shameless?"


Faced with the shameless Liang Jie, Li Mengyao could only say nothing.

After leaving the villa, the three of them were ready to meet Yang Xuan, but when Yang Huiling saw what her brother gave her, she finally knew that what she thought was not fake.

Sure enough, Liang Jie is not simple!

Moreover, he is likely to be an alchemist, but the Yang family treats him like this, just beg him not to remember too much to hate the Yang family!

However, the three of them did not know that Yang Xuan had already gone to the villa where Liang Jie was located.

"Master, the old guy from the Yang family is here!"

"Yeah. I know!"

"Kill him?"

"Of course!"

"I like it! Come on!"

"Haha ..."

Liang Jie laughed, this is that you don’t go to heaven, but you come to hell!

Originally, Liang Jie did not intend to do anything with this old guy, but since he wanted to target himself, that would only make him disappear.

When Yang Xuan came to the villa, he found that Liang Jie was unprepared, which made him overjoyed, and it was nothing to kill the boy.


Yang Xuan wanted to make Liang Jie stop.

However, Liang Jie was smiling at Yang Xuan with a smile.


Seeing that the spell was useless, and his position was exposed, he hurriedly shifted his position and tried to keep Liang Jie with the spell.

Unfortunately, his spell was useless at all.

"There is no use for me in low-level spells, this time we will kill you." Li Mengyao laughed.

The ring's abilities are not just as simple as dominating the Xumi artifacts. The ability to hide and invalidate spells is very simple.

Of course, these abilities also need to be slowly stimulated by Liang Jie. When he reaches the gold period, the strength of the ring will really be revealed.


Liang Jie grinned and threw out a spell.

The spell fell into Yang Xuan's body as a streamer, and before he could react, he fell to the ground and couldn't move.

At that moment, he looked surprised.

Obviously he is just in the first level of cultivation momentum period. He didn’t be affected by the spells in his hands. That's the fixed spell painted by the cultivation people in the solid foundation period!

"Who the hell are you? Why pretend to be a person during the cultivation momentum period?"

Yang Xuan felt that Liang Jie must be in the solid foundation period, otherwise, he would not be affected by the fixed spell.

Such a wonderful mistake, Liang Jie did not expose it, but raised the spell in his hand and laughed: "Aren't you very arrogant? Just like your grandson!"

"You killed Yang Hu?"

With wide eyes, Yang Xuan was furious.

That's his only grandson! He was killed by this vicious young man.

"Oh, I'm so scared! Do you want to eat me?"

"It's a pity! Your grandson was burned to ashes by me."

"But don't worry, you will meet your grandson soon."

The wicked person is so ignorant, he can only endure harm to himself, but he can never endure others to harm them.

It's hard to protect themselves. Yang Xuan looked at Liang Jie so viciously. He still looks like a backhand, but Liang Jie is not very worried.

Even if the opponent has a backhand, it is not possible to really hurt him, and the ring's defensive enchantment is very strong.

"Well, even if I die today, I will make you pay!"

"The Ji family will take revenge for me. You and Yang Yi will never be together."

"Haha ..."

Seeing that he couldn't escape the influence of the fixed spell, Yang Xuan even wanted to anger Liang Jie.

Moreover, he also wanted to scare Liang Jie with Ji's name, which made Liang Jie feel very disappointed. Such a person who would only become inflamed is really too mean.

However, it is precise because of such people that the Yang family will become what it is today!

Those who soared must be the ancestors of the Yang family. That's right. Otherwise, the ghost king would not be so good to Yang Yi, but the people in the Yang family knew nothing!

"Since you want to die, then I will fulfill you!"

Liang Jie threw his hand and threw a real fire spell, and a flame flew out, enveloping Yang Xuan.

Although Yang Xuan was pained by the burning of the flames, he didn't shout, he never asked for mercy until he died.

Only that resentful stare stared at Liang Jie, it seemed to be to remember Liang Jie's face.

Suddenly, Yang Xuan, who had been burned to ashes, came straight to Liang Jie as if he had come alive.


Li Mengyao exclaimed, opening up the enchantment of ring, and trying to prevent the other's curse, but unfortunately, this was not something she could defend.

At the same time, spiritual power of light rushed out of the ashes. It was a divine thought left in the soul of Yang Xuan. This is to send the information back!

Li Mengyao was a little excited, and she did not expect Yang Xuan to make two hands.

That divine thought was by Ji Penghai. He used Yang Xuan to explore Liang Jie's strength which was a very bad thing for Liang Jie.


Liang Jie has no mentality to get divine thoughts. What he wants to know now is a curse.

The body didn't respond, which made him very confused and didn't understand what was going on.

"Yang Xuan burned his own soul and cursed you. This will pollute your soul. When you reach the solid foundation period, it will bring disaster to you."

"But you don't have to worry too much. The curse is terrible, but it doesn't hurt you much."

"It's a good thing for you, the master. Your cultivation method finally has a direction."

Li Mengyao smiled a little, saying it was easy, but in fact, it was not as simple as imagined.

The curse is very difficult to deal with, even if she has a way, it is quite risky, but it is really good for Liang Jie.

"Well, it's okay!"

In this regard, Liang Jie is not very worried.

This curse may be really a good thing for him. After all, with such a curse, the Ji family members don't have to worry about him!

It can be said that this is to protect Liang Jie in disguise. He is too happy!

Chapter 36 - Rake in Money

Everything came to an end, and the school had not yet started class. Liang Jie now had time to start selling what he got in Wolong Mountain.

At the suggestion of Li Mengyao, Liang Jie sold all the unusable Tianyin Stones and some items that were not needed much.

"Senior, everything has been sold. Almost 100,000 middle-grade spirit stones. I can help you exchange them for top-grade spirit stones!"

Han Yu and another person in solid foundation period, the man named Zhuo Yi who protected him before, are now buying and selling medicinal materials in a chamber of commerce.

They sold everything by the way. This is a credit union that has always cooperated, so there is no need to worry about information leaking.

Moreover, although they sell a lot of things, they are not particularly rare, so there is no need to worry about being watched.

"Give me three top-grade spirit stones, and use the low-grade spirit stone for the rest."

"If you need spirits stones to buy medicinal herbs, you can buy them first, and it's time for you to refine the second-grade pills! Don't worry about no medicinal herbs for you."

"By the way, the learners can be increased, but many people are waiting for solid foundation pills!"

According to Li Mengyao's suggestion, Liang Jie brought back top-grade spirit stones from the spirit world, which will be the key to future cultivation.

As for other spirit stones, it is the most important now to improve the service scope.

There are a lot of pills, such as the cleaning body fluid, washing pulp pill, body spirit pill, etc, and they can start to try. What Liang Jie needs is a simplified version of pills with high imitation.

Cheap price, wide audience! This is the way to make money.

"Okay, senior."

Han Yu is very happy. He now admires Liang Jie very much.

For a long time, cultivation people in the spirit world bought pills in the free trade zone and the chamber of commerce. However, Liang Jie broke this rule and has such a large demand.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would have been disbelieving.

"Yes, I have some Xuanyin holy water here, which should help you!"

"I've put it in your storage bag. You can make good use of it."

"If you run out, tell me!"

Liang Jie got a lot of Xuanyin holy water, he gave Han Yu about 2 liters.

It's not that he owns one-thousandth of Xuanyin's holy water, so he doesn't care, directly frightens Han Yu.

Looking at the holy water in the storage bag, Han Yu was frightened and sat directly on the ground.

Zhuo Yi aside quickly lifted him up and asked, "What did the predecessor say?"

"You see for yourself!"

Han Yu opened the storage bag and let Zhuo Yi check it with a sense of consciousness.

What did he see, a bottle of Xuanyin holy water!

If this is known to the powerful people, it will be robbed!

"Hurry up and don't let others know."

Zhuo Yi was even more nervous than Han Yu. He felt his heartbeat was very strong.

Before that, he doubted whether Liang Jie was a powerful master. Now it seems that there is nothing wrong with it. There are many such treasures.

He was dizzy for a while and felt like a frog at the bottom of the well.

"Seniors, juniors must do our utmost to live up to your trust."

As an alchemist, Xuanyin Holy Water is too important for them.

You know, adding a drop during alchemy can increase the rate of success by several times! Han Yu can't wait to kneel in front of Liang Jie and give him a few heads.

Unfortunately, Liang Jie couldn't appreciate their excitement, just thinking about how to make money.

In the following days, Han Yu’s refining amount of refining medicine rose wildly, and Liang Jie is very happy. The thrill of making money was so refreshing.

Today, there are almost 30,000 orders in his hand, which is not counting the orders that have been completed these days.

"Master, now Han Yu, they can complete one hundred orders a day."

"This speed is already very good. For the cultivation people in the spirit world, waiting a little longer is not a big deal, plus our price advantage, the list generally does not run away."

"It's just, Han Yu, their security problem ..."

Making money is a good thing, and don't need to worry about others making a simplified version of solid foundation pill.

It is difficult to copy without prescription, so there is no need to worry about it, but the problem lies in Han Yu's being in the spirit world, which is very dangerous.

"The problem is not big and no one will notice them."

"We are selling things, do they run to catch us?"

"A world as big as this, can they catch us?"

Liang Jie is not worried at all, as long as Han Yu does not mess around by themselves, there will be no major problems.

People in the spirit world are even more fragile than themselves. It is impossible for Han Yu and Zhuo Yi to joke about their lives. I am afraid they are already in hiding.

In fact, just as Liang Jie thought, after getting Xuanyin's holy water, they had been hiding in the mountains for a long time, and they only came out when they bought medicine.

"Meng Yao, we are starting to sell a simplified version of cleaning body fluid. The profit margin of this thing is greater! And it is relatively easy to make it."

First-grade cleaning body fluid, the maximum use of five parts in the cultivation momentum period is already the limit, but the simplified version of Han Yu developed, but this limit has been increased ten times.

The increase of the limit means that the limit that can be strengthened by the pills has also increased.

Even though the effect has been reduced a lot, it still has five times the space for horror improvement, which is a great gospel for cultivation people.

"Master, I can only say that you are lucky."

"If the pills studied by Han Yu is known by alchemists, I am afraid it will be completely crazy!"

"However, fortunately, Han Yu met master, otherwise he would not have the opportunity to continue his research."

Li Mengyao is right because the spirit world is so cruel, I am afraid that a simplified version of the solid foundation pill will take his life.

Liang Jie's strength has been improved to the second level of cultivation momentum period, thanks to the cleaning body fluid effect made by Han Yu, and can continue to improve.

It is estimated that it will not take long for Liang Jie to reach the thirteenth level of cultivation momentum period in cooperation with the top-grade spirit stone. This progress will scare many people!

"The improvement of strength is not a problem. Although the Shangguan family is reliable, it is an outsider after all."

"I think it's still necessary to go out and have a look. Maybe I can find a lot of suitable candidates. As long as I train carefully, it will definitely be my help."

"After all, what one can do is still limited! What do you say?"

In fact, this idea is not difficult to understand. The major families and sects in the spiritual world develop just to allow themselves to occupy a certain advantage.

If it is only one person, it is really easy to be followed, but if it is a powerful sect, then it is different.

"Master, let's start a sect!"

Li Mengyao's eyes brightened, it seemed that she wanted to do so long ago.

Seeing her full of energy, Liang Jie was relieved. It would be no problem to have her help. After all, what she mastered was far more than just these surfaces that Liang Jie saw.

Chapter 37 - Tomb Sect

The next day.

Liang Jie found Shangguan Yu and smiled kindly: "Shangguan Yu, don't you always say that you want me to accept you as an apprentice! Today I will fulfill your wish."

"Uh ... brother!"

"I always feel that you have no good intentions, why don't you let me think about it?"

"I'm not feeling well today, I ..."

Shangguan Yu is not stupid, Liang Jie today is a little different.

To be honest, he was afraid to disturb his elder brother these days. Today, the elder brother took the initiative to call him and made such a request, which made him very disturbed.

"Come here, where are you going?"

With a kind smile, Liang Jie grabbed Shangguan Yu's shoulder.

This scare Shangguan Yu.

"You should have washing pulp pills, your talent has been inspired."

"As long as you worship me as a teacher, I can provide the conditions for cultivation."

"magic weapons, pills, and you are the chief disciple, I will naturally cultivate you well."

At this moment, listening to Liang Jie's words, Shangguan Yu felt like he had joined an MLM organization.

How come I haven't seen him for a few days, my elder brother has actually become an MLM leader? In particular, he looked at his own eyes as if looking at a piece of meat.


Shangguan Yu swallowed, and shivered, "Brother, then what can I do with experiential entry? In other words, I come in as an intern, and I'll talk about it after I try!"


In this regard, Liang Jie was decisive.

The hands holding the teacup kept shaking, Shangguan Yu was frightened by Liang Jie's eyes, as if he was about to eat people.

"Here are fifty cleaning body fluids. As long as you promise to get started, it's yours."

"With these cleaning body fluids, you can reach the ninth level of cultivation momentum period within three months. Such strength is rare even if you look at the whole country."

"At that time, not only can you push your father to the ground, and you can gain the favor of Yang Huiling with your strength. Are you really not at all interested?"

With a grin, Liang Jie offered a very enticing entry reward and began to seduce Shangguan Yu.

Later, he took out another magic weapon, which was a bronze sword, but it shimmered in cold light and even reflected the face of Shangguan Yu.

Then, he took out another jade Jane, which contained the exercises, which contained the cultivation exercises best suited for Shangguan Yu.

"Well, I agree! It's okay!"

In the end, Shangguan Yu couldn't beat the temptation and agreed.

It was mainly because he could defeat his father and get Yang Huiling's favor, which really made him really excited.

"Well, that's great! Then make a vow!"

Since he is a disciple, the binding force of the oath is zero.

But once you betray the master, it will not be a simple matter. It will not only break the road to the future but also be condemned by the heavens. Basically, he will die, and the soul will dissipate.

Therefore, the vow is the best constraint.

"Today, Shangguan Yu worships Liang Jie as a teacher. If I betray the teacher in the future, I will die!"

The vow is completed, and thunder comes from the sky, which is testifying from heaven.

Suddenly, Shangguan Yu could feel that there was an additional shackle on his body, but it would not affect him, it was just a void shackle.

"Well, today you are the chief disciple of the Tomb sect."

Liang Jie grinned, handed a storage bag to Shangguan Yu, and let him put everything away.

And after watching him personally remember the exercises in mind, he was finally relieved.

It ’s just that the name of this sect is not good at all, and it always feels dead-hearted. They are all good young people, so why did they choose such a name.

"That master, I don't think our names are loud enough!"

"No, I think it's good. We are from the archeology department. This is just the right thing."

"Uh ... what does this have to do with archeology?"

"Of course it does matter. We will explore the mighty remains of the future, isn't that archaeology?"

"Does this work?"

"Why not? In short, you remember, if anyone messes with us, we will go to their ancestral tombs for archeology!"


The Tomb sect is indeed domineering.

At this time, Shangguan Yu felt a little floating.

It is conceivable that if this becomes famous in the future, it is not everyone must be afraid! But they would become street mice in the future.

Going to the archeology of other people's ancestral tombs is really so straightforward that Liang Jie can say.

During the following three months, Liang Jie cultivated during the day and at night and constantly improved his strength. He had to do it as soon as possible because time was not waiting.

However, it is strange to say that the Ji family did not come to trouble him. Wanting to come to the Ji Penghai is dead. It stands to reason that the Ji family cannot sit idly by!

"It's the 13th level of cultivation momentum period. It's time to find a place to prepare for the impact of the solid foundation period."

Liang Jie felt his powerful body.

Under the strengthening of the cleaning body fluid and the body spirit pills, Liang Jie's body is strong. Now he can point to death the person in the innate state with one finger.

Ordinary bombs can't kill him, it can be said to be very powerful.

"Master, someone blinds the nature’s mystery!"

The elf of the ring, she was born from heaven and earth.

She is exceptionally sensitive to heavenly things and all kinds of mysterious things. This is her ability, not the ability of the ring.

"What do you mean?"

Liang Jie is a little puzzled. Although he understands nature’s mystery, he is not to this extent.

It must be noted that only those who have reached Yuanying period can get a glimpse into nature’s mystery, and they can only see a little bit, not much at all.

At the same time, there is a huge price to pay, after all, the mystery cannot be leaked!

"It's not very clear, but nature’s mystery in Shangzhou is disordered. Someone seems to be intervening." Li Mengyao is not very clear, but she just knows.

This matter is very important because it has a bearing on Liang Jie's future.

Such a powerful person in Shangzhou City is really incredible. The other party is the existence of the Yuanying period. Fortunately, he did not target Liang Liang, otherwise, he would have died.

Even if there is a ring, it is useless, because there are ants under the Yuanying period!

"Master, I have already reached the ninth level in the cultivation momentum period, and I have also learned the exercises you gave me."

"What are you going to do next? I heard that the college is on vacation, are we going to go out and practice!"

"Then look for some places to archeology so as to carry forward the reputation of our tomb sect."

Shangguan Yu has been in the villa all the time. Anyway, here is a big place, Liang Jie lived in space alone.

At this time, Shangguan Yu was very happy, because he had just pressed his dad to the ground.

"You hit your dad?"

"Of course! This is the fine tradition of my family! My grandfather praised me!"

"Your family is good!"

"Teacher is better!"

"Go to cultivate momentum!"


With him, Liang Jie did not lack joy.

But as he said, he should really think about where he should go, after all, now is the crucial time for his breakthrough.

Chapter 38 - Unusual Headmaster

Just then, Liang Jie suddenly felt that someone was coming.

The person who came seemed ordinary, like an old man who was depleted of blood, but Liang Jie could feel the tremendous power in his body.

"Master, he is in Yuanying period!"

This is really terrible. Li Mengyao did not expect such an existence besides the ghost king.

What kind of place is Shangzhou?

Why was Wolong Mountain first, then Ghost King, and now there is such a person again, everything is too fascinating.

"Huh? Principal?"

Liang Jie looked from the balcony and finally saw the man's face.

At this moment he beckons to Liang Jie! Apparently he came to Liang Jie.

The visitor is the principal of the branch campus of the Department of Archaeology. The principal was actually present at the opening ceremony and previous treasure digging activities.

"Liang Jie, are you nervous?"

The headmaster Wang Jing looked at the students in front of him and smiled slightly.

It seems that he is an old man in his sixties, and it is really amazing that he can't connect him with the cultivation person in the Yuanying period.

"Principal, do you cultivate?" Liang Jie asked cautiously.

"Your ring was originally discovered by me. Do you think?"

"I didn't expect that thousands of years have passed! I am afraid there are not many people who know me in the world."

"I came to see you this time, just to see you."

As soon as Wang Jing opened his mouth, Liang Jie was dumbfounded, and the ring was discovered by him.

However, it is now in the hands of Liang Jie, which means that he arranged all this.

Is he nothing but a pawn in his hand? Thinking of this, Liang Jie was terrified.

"Well, don't think it's great to be strong, don't blame me if you're not good for the master."

Li Mengyao felt the panic in Liang Jie's heart, and appeared in front of Wang Jing and warned.

Today, Liang Jie is at the critical juncture of her breakthrough. the mind is extremely unstable, and unexpected problems may occur. She must not let this happen.

"Student Liang Jie!"

A cool spiritual force came in from the shoulder, Liang Jie suddenly realized that he was just obsessed.

At the point of breakthrough, it was normal for this situation to occur, so he had to deal with it carefully. He did not expect that just because of this, he was just obsessed, and the path was too difficult.

"Thank you, the principal, did you give the ring to me on purpose?" Liang Jie didn't want to hide it, he should ask clearly.

The principal didn't seem to be an enemy, so he didn't want to make himself think anymore.

Li Mengyao sat on Liang Jie's shoulder and looked at Wang Jing with a look of vigilance as if warning him.

In response, Wang Jing smiled and said, "I can't say that I gave it to you, but you got it yourself."

"Heaven and earth have their own lives, yours is yours, and others can't take it away."

"You have cause and effect with me, so I'm here."

Regarding the purpose of his visit, Wang Jing did not hide.

From the moment Liang Jie got the ring, there were a cause and effect between them. This is something that heaven is destined, can not void.

"Isn't it the person who disrupted nature’s mystery? What good is it for you to protect master?"

Cultivated for three months, which was too important for Liang Jie, but the safety period of three months was not obtained for no reason.

Li Mengyao said that mystery was blinded, so the Ji family did not dare to act rashly, for fear of variables in Wolong Mountain, which gave Liang Jie a chance to breathe.

"Since its destiny, what I do is naturally let it be."

"This world is no longer adapted to cultivate. It has been tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years ago, but this world has ushered in variables."

"In this life, I have the opportunity to restore the original world suitable for cultivating, and I will naturally contribute to this."

Wang Jing's words were very plain, but they sounded terrible in Liang Jie's ears.

Destiny and mystery are not things that he can now touch during the cultivation momentum period. It can be seen that there are many things in the world that he does not know.

However, he couldn't escape at all, because he was also part of the fate of the heavens, so Wang Jing came to see him.

"Thank you for your help, I don't know where I should go now?" Liang Jie understood it. The principal came here to help him.

Wang Jing smiled and nodded: "You are very smart, so I am not worried. Your way is in the north, and you will have an answer soon."


Although it is impossible to reveal the secret, this is too general!

However, these seniors are like this, like to say that half-hidden and half let you unclear, there is a feeling of watching flowers in the fog.

"Principal, what's the origin of Wolong Mountain on our campus?"

"can’t say!"

"What does the ghost king in Wolong Mountain have to do with the spirit world?"

"You can guess!"

"How many cultivation people are there in the school?"

"a lot of."


At this time, Liang Jie had an impulse to hit people.

This principal Wang is obviously playing with him! These are not secrets, but the other party just didn't tell him, which annoyed him.

When he was annoyed, Liang Jie felt that he was going to be obsessed, and the whole person's consciousness was a little hazy.

"Not that I don't say it, it's useless to say it."

"You go your way, and you know what you need to know."

"Notice, in order to recruit you into the Department of Archeology, I took a half-life!"

The sigh of Principal Wang's face sighed, but Liang Jie was dumbfounded, he always felt that this was wrong.

It was Principal Wang who tried to recruit himself to college. He did not enter by himself, which means that everything was arranged from the beginning.

"Wait, what do you mean?"

Liang Jie took a deep breath and felt that the spiritual power in his body was somewhat out of control.

"Your grades are so bad, so I changed your test paper!"

Sure enough, when Principal Wang opened his mouth, Liang Jie is almost angry.

In order to get himself over, he actually revised his test paper. No wonder he estimated more than 300 points, but in the end, it became more than 600!

How uncomfortable it is to follow a group of excellent students, do you know?

"anything else?"

After finally calming down, Liang Jie forced himself to calm down.

After all, it was not a bad thing for him.

"It's gone. It just interferes with your test scores and volunteering. It's pretty good overall."

Principal Wang was very satisfied with the results of his intervention, but Liang Jie smiled bitterly.

Seriously, he doesn’t know if such a change is a blessing or a curse!

"By the way, there will be places for further studies in one year. I will declare for you."

"But you have to improve your strength to the late solid foundation stage, preferably to reach the gold pill period."

"By then, everything you expect can be achieved, and I assure you."

Perceived that Liang Jie's mood was disordered, Principal Wang didn't say much, but just left such words and left.

This made Liang Jie feel speechless for a while, and things became more and more troublesome!


Chapter 39 - Mother's Call

The end of the semester is very peaceful, almost no more courses, most of them are internships.

The internship in the archeology department is very strange. The forged sites on the back hills are like real ones, especially the things buried inside. they are all true.

In the past, Liang Jie might not believe it, but since he knew the identity of the principal, he has been convinced that these things are likely to be true.

The cell phone rang, Liang Jie opened it and it was actually his mother's call.

"When will you come back? Isn't it time for a vacation!"

"Oh, I'll be back in two days."

"Well, come back soon. Your dad and I have found a girl for you. Meet first when you come back!"

"Wait, do I need to find someone so early at the age of nineteen?"

"Don't you see so many singles in the village? It's well-prepared, understand?"

"Ask for a moment, who is the girl?"

"Your high school classmate, from a county, is actually a fate ..."

Listening to his mother's remarks, Liang Jie was completely entangled, and he did not expect such a thing to happen.

Because the encounter between the two mothers in the county seat, and then talked about their children's affairs, and then hit it off to make this date.

Hanging up the phone, Liang Jie froze, "Do I seem to be unable to find a girlfriend?"

"Master, I don't think it's a problem to find a girlfriend based on your shame level!"

Li Mengyao's words made Liang Jie roll eyes, and it was only her who exaggerated this way.

However, since he is a high school classmate, he really has to see it this time, but he doesn't plan to go back alone, he must also bring Shangguan Yu back.

Three days later.

"teacher, you are restless without Yang Yi."

"How do you say that?"

"A date!"

"Do you envy?"


Shangguan Yu was so speechless that he was too tired to speak to the teacher, and he was dumbfounded every time.

What's more, Liang Jie is not the kind of person who reasoned with you. A word that doesn't match is a fist reason until he is convinced.

This time to return to Liang Jie's hometown to celebrate the New Year, Shangguan Yu refused at first, but his father and grandfather said that he would have no pocket money to spend if he didn’t go.

Jiangcheng County is a small county town in Shangzhou City. It is three to four hours' drive from the urban area. It is only a mountain road that appears far away. In fact, it is more than a hundred kilometers straight.

When BMW's five-series car drove into the rural market in Jiangcheng County, many young people in the village all looked at it, and their eyes were full of envy.

"teacher, I knew I should drive my car!"


In this regard, Liang Jie said that he was very speechless.

Thinking of the pile of gifts prepared by Shangguan's family, Liang Jie has a big head now. He won't know how to give his parents when he returns home.

Liangjia Village is not far from the market, just a few kilometers away, and the road is already clear, so they reached their destination in less than ten minutes.

"Lao Liang, someone's here, by car. Go and see."

A middle-aged woman poked her head out of the room, glanced at the car parked in front of her house, and hurried to call her middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man looked reluctantly, scolding and grinning, "Isn't it just a car! Why stop for a while?"

However, he only took two steps and saw his son step down from the driver's seat. There was a young man in a stylish dress on the side of the co-pilot's seat.

"Wife, the son is back!"

Lao Liang was very happy, but also very confused.

The car is hundreds of thousands! Why is his son driving? Another young man, who looks a little older than his son, should be a rich second-generation, with a totally different temperament than them.

"Dad, I'm back!"

When Liang Jie saw his dad, he shouted happily, and then walked to the trunk, ready to take off the contents.

As for Shangguan Yu, he also shouted loudly at this time: "Hi, uncle, I'm brother's classmate. This time I'm here to play."

After speaking, he took out the prepared things from the trunk neatly.

"Uncle, these are gifts."

This was what his grandpa and father prepared, and he didn't know what it was.

But Liang Jie knew it very well. There were two boxes of millennium ginseng, some vintage medicinal wines, and some jewelry.

The gifts of these four handbags cost at least millions.

"Oh, come here, you're so polite!"

Liang Jie's mother wiped the grease off her hands and took the gift from Shangguan Yu.

Since everyone bought it so kindly, they should accept.

Liang Jie's home is pretty good. There are two-story small western-style houses with a yard in front of the house.

It was because the courtyard door was a bit small, and the car could not drive-in.

"A Yu, sit down casually, we have to be busy for a while."

"Entertains your classmates well, don't be so rude."

"Then I'm busy!"

Liang Jie's mother is a simple rural woman, and his father is a real rural man, but it is this mellow local customs that make Shangguan Yu feel very kind.

The two went outside for a walk.

When people in the village see Liang Jie, they will say hello very kindly, but most of them are like "when will you come back", which is nothing special.

"Xiao Jie, that car belongs to your classmates! Otherwise, you can pick up your grandpa and uncle?"

"Your grandpa and grandma are thinking about you every day and just go to see them."

"We need to discuss something about your date!"

The words of mother made Liang Jie very speechless, and Shangguan Yu even snickered.

Li Mengyao didn't say a word after he came here, Liang Jie didn't know what happened to her, but it should be fine!

"Look, that's Liang Jie. I heard that this time he came back driving a BMW."

"The son of the Liang family has made a lot of money."

"I heard it was his classmate's car. It should be that his classmate is rich."


Regarding Liang Jie, the village spread quickly. The old people sitting in the gazebo by the river have started discussing Liang Jie's affairs.

This is the countryside, and which house and household have something to do, and it will soon become a negotiation.

"Master, here is not simple!"

He just thought that Li Mengyao didn't talk much, and the result immediately gave him a surprise.

Actually, saying that Liang Village is not simple, that is to say, here is extraordinary, but Liang Village has existed for hundreds of years, and there is nothing special about it.

However, Li Mengyao didn't say much, and then she stopped talking, which made Liang Jie very upset.

Chapter 40 - Topography

It didn't take much time to pick up grandparents and aunts.

Moreover, the uncle has already bought a car, so Liang Jie came back with her grandparents. As for the cousin, they are in the uncle’s car.

"uncle, here are some things I brought to you."

"Cousins also have toys! Let's play!"

"These are for the body, for grandpa and grandma."

"and also……"

Liang Jie prepared a lot of things, all for the family.

They were given to grandpa and grandma. Naturally, give gifts to the uncle and the second uncle.

Everyone was very happy, especially Liang Jie's father, who drank a lot of wine with the uncle. They drank from 7 to 10 in the evening.

Shangguan Yu originally wanted to participate in the battle, but Liang Jie refused to let him go. If this kid were to go, everyone would probably be lying.

"Master, bring Shangguan Yu in the evening and go to that mountain!"

Li Mengyao suddenly appeared, pointing to the opposite mountain.

This surprised Liang Jie because Li Mengyao said so, and the mountain must be very special. However, Liang Jie also thought so, because older people have said that this mountain is called Fei Xian Mountain.

It is said that once there were immortals flying up to immortality.

In the middle of the night.

Shangguan Yu, who was sleeping comfortably, was suddenly awakened by Liang Jie. Without a word, he was dragged to run, and after a few landings, he walked far away.

Today Liang Jie is still unable to fly. Only when he reached the solid foundation period, he could fly, but this distance is not a problem, and soon arrived at the top of Feixian Mountain.

"teacher, why don't you go to sleep in the middle of the night? Why come to this wild mountain?" Shangguan Yu yawned and looked around with the help of moonlight.

Liang Jie didn't speak, waiting for Li Mengyao to explain to him.

During the day, Liang Jie didn't feel anything wrong, but just a moment ago he did sense a different breath.

Feixian mountain can actually gather heaven and earth's spiritual power.

"Master, this mountain was originally a spirit vein. Although the vein is dead, it has not dried up."

"Here is still gathering spiritual powers, and the leaked spiritual powers have just blessed your village."

"I have to say it's a pity. It was originally a good place, but the spirit veins are dead, so your village can only be blessed!"

Li Mengyao said very clearly, Liang Jie heard it very well. It should have been a good terrain, but because of the death of the spirit veins, so can’t give birth to true dragons.

This place should be reasonable to be able to produce a true dragon character.

The spirit veins are up there, and Liang village is engulfed in them. They are carried by the spirit veins. This is really amazing. Those who settled here at that time were probably directed at the spirit veins.

"Shangguan Yu, it's up to you. Use your dragon hunting skills to see if there are any treasures here."

Liang Jie grinned, signaled Shangguan Yu to show off his skills, and let him see the power of dragon hunting skills.

The masters of this collection of skills have spells and even feng shui skills. It is a multi-functional combination of skills, whose complexity is evident.

However, it is nothing to Shangguan Yu, because he is a body of five elements. Although the spiritual roots of each department are weak, it is indeed the most suitable for this method.

"Has treasures? ok!"

Shangguan Yu, who had both eyes brightened, took out the rune, quickly drew the five-element spell, and then distributed it in their respective positions.

Shangguan Yu, who was in it, closed his eyes tightly, and his spiritual power dived into the ground along his feet, resonating with the Five Elements spell, and a surge of spiritual power spread all over the place.

In a short time, everything around him came into view, Shangguan Yu could see a lot of things.

Of course, these are not tangible things. They are all things that emit this spiritual power. The richer the spiritual power, the more prominent it is.

Under his investigation, he found something extraordinary, right in the mountains under their feet.

"Master, I found it. Inside the mountain, there is a mass of spiritual power."

Although he couldn't see what it was, Shangguan Yu knew that it must not be unusual.

Shangguan Yu’s dragon hunting skills are very powerful, because even Li Mengyao can't see through the Feixian Mountain, and she can't find anything inside.

However, Shangguan Yu can find it, which is the convenience brought by the exercises.

"Um, inside the mountain?"

Liang Jie is a little speechless, this seems to be helpless!

Can't dig in! And this is a spirit vein, not an ordinary mountain. Even if you dig in, you can't reach the space where the spirit vein is.

"Master, you have me!"

"You ask Shangguan Yu to protect you, and then tell your family not to worry."

"Because next time, you're going to die!"

Li Mengyao's words were very easy, but Liang Jie heard them creepily.

What? He did understand the breakthrough in the solid foundation period here, but why did he die? Is it really so dangerous?

"With the help of terrain and spirit veins, can I not break through safely?"

"It's not a matter of security or insecurity. It's that I want to teach you the exercises. You must die once when you breakthrough."

"What kind of exercises are so arrogant, and people still die?"

"cultivate or not?"

"yes, just die."

For Liang Jie's questioning, Li Mengyao was very dissatisfied.

The skills she found for him are naturally the best. She originally planned to ask for something from the spiritual world. Now that she has the terrain, she has no other needs.

According to Li Mengyao, Liang Jie ordered Shangguan Yu to let him go home and wait for his news.


After making proper arrangements, Li Mengyao took Liang Jie to cross the space and came to the location of the spirit vein.

This is the coordinates given to him by Shangguan Yu, and there will be no deviation from the position captured by dragon hunting skills.

It ’s just that Liang Jie doesn’t understand. In addition to the ability to control Xumi's artifacts, such as enchantment, invisibility, invalid spells, and other general abilities, can it still move instantly?

"Master, the power of the rig is to control all Xumi artifacts."

"The ability to teleport is nothing at all. As long as there is an artifact that can be used, it can be teleported directly, but there are conditions."

"It must be within the limits of you can reach, that is, the distance you can teleport determines how far I can teleport."

Li Mengyao's proud look broke the conventional cognition of Liang Jie again.

For the ring, the most commendable nature is to rule all the world's Xumi artifacts. The other abilities are really average. After all, powerful cultivation people can easily add restraints to the artifacts, and the ability to cast enchantment or invisibility is too mediocre.

Even teleportation is not a special ability, because the powerful cultivation people can do it, and it can be easily reached by using coordinates.

"I now know the power of Nine Regions artifacts."

At this moment, Liang Jie finally understood why the ring is a heavenly treasure.

It is indeed enough to dominate all the Xumi artifacts in the world because any other treasures are incomparable, even powerful cultivation people have no such ability.

Chapter 41 - The Five Elements of Yin and Yang

Space, where the spirit veins are located, is not the same as space where Liang Jie is.

Just like the previous space in Wolong Mountain, it is an independent space, so cultivation here will be much safer, and it will cut off certain natural opportunities so that others cannot find Liang Jie.

The most important thing is that even if he is here to cross a thunderstorm, he doesn't have to worry about others knowing it. After all, it seems to outsiders that it is just a thunderstorm.

This place has a very strong aura, much more than the top-quality spirits stone that was exchanged before.

Space is not very large, only tens of square meters. There is a pool at the center of the pool. There are some liquid things at the bottom of the pool, exuding a strong aura.

"What's that?" Liang Jie asked.

Li Mengyao said indifferently: "aura liquid, something that has been liquefied, is ten times stronger than aura. It is a very rare thing, and these can help you breakthrough."

"Okay, what should I do?"

Liang Jie is not nonsense, he is ready.

Don't worry about the aura needed for cultivation, but he still needs to make some preparations, that is, let Liang Jie evolve the spirit root.

For the average person, this is not possible, but Li Mengyao has a solution, and it is extremely important for Liang Jie. If he cannot succeed, his future achievements will be extremely limited.

"First, expiration and inhale aura according to the exercises I taught you."

"After forty-nine days, you begin to train your five internal organs to expand your dual system spiritual roots into five system spiritual roots."

"Your talent is really bad, but you have good luck because you have perfect twin spiritual roots, which can directly derive other spiritual roots."

Li Mengyao's request is simple, that is, Liang Jie can operate the aura according to the exercises she taught.

Two hours later, Liang Jie had already cleared the operation of the exercises, and he was allowed to run it by itself, which could save him a lot of energy.

The derivation of the firewood dual system spiritual roots needs to be supplemented with endless auras. Liang Jie sits directly in the aura and begins to refine the aura in the spiritual fluids.

Based on the five internal organs, the body is the furnace, ignite the wood root with the fire root, so as to obtain the earth root, and then endure the earth root with endless aura, successfully spawning the gold root, and finally, the gold water has successfully evolved the water root.

The whole process took a long time, Liang Jie settled into the spiritual fluid, and a huge aura poured into his body, successfully refining the five internal organs into the root of the spiritual root.

"The five elements are complete, only the yin and yang are missing!"

"Breakthrough! Get the power of Yin and Yang with the help of Tianjie."

Looking at Liang Jie's bright colors, Li Mengyao was finally relieved.

Now he has successfully cultivated the five roots of spiritual roots. Although they are only the roots of the lower grades, he does have the five elements. Although they are not congenital five elements, they are almost the same.

Liang Jie still lacks the most important thing to practice the five elements of yin and yang: the power of yin and yang.

This is not a force that can be obtained casually, but a person who needs to truly experience life and death to obtain it.

Ghosts have the power of yin. If they are immortals, they will be born from death and finally gain the power of yang. In the end, the harmony of yin and yang will be the ultimate immortal body and become an immortal existence.

Liang Jie, the thirteenth level of cultivation momentum period, has reached the edge of breakthrough after experiencing the five elements.

Liang Jie, who eats heart devil pill and solid foundation pill, doesn't need to worry about other problems at all, he just needs to make a full breakthrough.


Aura gathered and circled around Liang Jie.

The breakthrough has already begun and Liang Jie feels weird now.

At first, Dantian changed. Dantian, which was originally empty, appeared like a pond, something similar to spiritual fluid.

Then from the bottom of Dantian, a green lotus and a green lotus with buds can be seen. You can see the green leaves covering the entire Dantian.

"Huh? What's going on!"

According to Li Mengyao's description to him, the solid foundation should be the development of lotus-shaped objects in Dantian, which is the prototype of the gold pill. With the deepening of cultivation, the lotus seeds became gold pill and finally gave birth to a baby.

But his situation was a bit special, and he even gave birth to a green lotus, which made him feel too weird.

The vast aura was introduced into the body, and his strength took a qualitative leap, at least more than ten times his previous strength.

The aura appeared in Dantian, and green lotus swallowed it, continuously refining and absorbing it, forming a special spiritual force, gestating a lotus flower that has not yet bloomed.

At the same time, Liang Jie also sensed the change. His body seemed to be disappearing, everything in the world was turned into nothingness, and his entire body was turned into the smallest dust.


Outside Feixian Mountain, suddenly zoomed in, the lightning flashed and thundered, and the drifting rain poured down.

The lightning was so stout that it scared Shangguan Yu to chill. He knew it was a vision caused by the teacher's breakthrough. But was lightning too big?

Too close, even on the top of Feixian Mountain, he can even see the trees that were split by the lightning emitting fire.

The thunder seemed to hit Feixan Mountain but actually hit Liang Jie.

The power of that thunderbolt entered Liang Jie's body, and all the impurities in his body were removed. This is a key step in solid foundation.

The initial thunderbolt, also known as the quenched thunderbolt, is the first step to change the mortal body.

Nine Road Thunder Calamity will not harm Liang Jie's body and will bring him great benefits.

The arc fluttered, Liang Jie's body crawled with white lines, and the spiritual fluid flowed through the body along those white lines, washing Liang Jie's body very clean.

He has broken through, but his realm is not stable, because the key thunderstorm has not yet passed.

However, at this time, the curse of Yang Xuan from Liang Jie's soul suddenly came out, contaminating the original thunderstorm, and the thunder cloud flashing with electricity and light seemed to have some kind of creature move.

"Destroyed by Lightning"

Li Mengyao was very excited, she was waiting for this thunder.

For Liang Jie, this is the most important thunderbolt, because he will use it to die.

The changes outside Liang Jie are not very clear, because he can't perceive anything now, as if he is dead. The silence in the dark environment is terrible.

"Where am I?"

This is Liang Jie's only consciousness, he does not know where he is now.

However, soon he saw the light, the light flashing from the darkness, illuminating a way forward, he strove for the light, and finally touched the light.


At this moment, heaven and earth dropped a word of lightning, which was a lightning-like a dragon, and dived towards Liang Jie with endless destruction.

Shangguan Yu, who was watching at home, almost scared of the urine. This time the lightning was too strong. If he touched it, it could blast him into slag.

It's hard to imagine how the teacher would deal with this thunderstorm!

In fact, there is no need to deal with it. Since it is extinct thunder robbery, it suffices to die, and he doesn't need to think about other things, he can just take the thunder robbery directly.

Thunder Dragon fell from the top of Liang Jie's head, shattering the space where the spirit veins were located.

The endless thunder rushed towards the Quartet, Liang Jie's body instantly became coke, lying in the spiritual fluid without sound, Liang Jie was successfully hacked to death.


Chapter 42 - Successful Foundation Building

"Dead, fine!"

Li Mengyao was not very worried about Liang Jie's death.

Rather, what she is most looking forward to is Liang Jie's death. The death of the body is not real death, because there is a soul in it.

The thunder kills the body, not the soul of Liang Jie, so he lives in a certain sense.


The scorched black body sinking into the spiritual fluid, which is now Liang Jie, can be described as extremely miserable and was stabbed to death by lightning.

The body has been coked, but this is already the best result.

Had it not been for the protection of the spirit vein space and the ring, Liang Jie's body would have been blasted into slag.

"Life is born of death. On the green lotus stage, the true spirit is eternal."

This is the essence of the Five Elements Yin-Yang. Only through death can he be born again.

Today Liang Jie has indeed died physically, but his soul has not yet died, and the endless aura of the spiritual fluid is still pouring into his Dantian, which is holding the green lotus.

It can be seen that Dantian's aura is strong, and there is also the power of thunder and lightning.

That is the most masculine power in the world, and it is also the power of life. It will split flower buds and let Liang Jie's true spirit appear on the lotus platform.


Liang Jie, who was exposed to the light at that time, could feel his body turned into light and became fine dust.

Then the green lotus flower finally opened. After absorbing the power of thunder and lightning in the Dantian, it bloomed directly. You can see the golden petals trembling on the lotus platform in the center of the lotus. .

A shadow appeared on Liantai, which was the true spirit of Liang Jie.

It just didn't stop but flew directly above the lotus platform. It slowly shrank from the golden villain, and finally turned into a lotus seed object. This is exactly the prototype of the gold pill.

At the same time, green lotus swayed and rooted in the roots of Dantian. Through Liang Jie's body, began to absorb the external spiritual fluid, and a breath of life was diffused.


The golden light flashed a lotus seed.

The lotus seed contained endless vitality, which exuded from the Dantian and merged into Liang Jie's coking body.

The wood's liver began to recover, and the force of life went to all parts of the body, and then the heart resumed beating, then the spleen and finally the kidney.

The five elements cycle was activated in an instant, and the power of life began to nourish the body. With the huge aura of the spiritual fluid, Liang Jie's body began to repair slowly.

This process seems to be fast. In fact, it took a lot of time, more time than expected, and took half a month.

"The body has begun to repair, and it is also a matter of time before the true spirit wakes up."

"Master, don't be fooled, your way is different."

"Because ..."

Li Mengyao did not continue, she believed Liang Jie would know.

Everyone will be exposed to the Tao when they build the foundation. This will be the ultimate pursuit of their lives and the necessary path of practice. They will all spend their lives on the road they pursue.

Three thousand avenues have their own strengths, and no one can really understand all the Tao.

The Five Elements as the foundation is the Tao that many people are pursuing and the easiest to achieve, but Liang Jie is not the case. His Tao has been destined from the practice of this practice.

"Huh? This is ..."

After being shrouded in light, Liang Jie lost consciousness, and now he is waking up to another place.

This is a peaceful world, it is really very peaceful, it makes people feel very relaxed, there is no hustle and bustle and nothing complicated, just a pure and simple world.

"So comfortable!"

Liang Jie stretched his muscles and bathed in the sun, he didn't even want to leave the world.

However, he was very clear that he was now in a state of confusion, and he had to see his own way. Once he went the wrong way, the consequences would be disastrous.

He is a modern person. In fact, the so-called Tao is too vague for Liang Jie. If he insists that he wants to cultivate. In fact, space Tao is very good.

However, he knew it was impossible.

"The five elements of yin and yang tactics are based on the five lines, supplemented by yin and yang.

"What is this? I can't think wrong!"

"Although my grades are not good, this elective should be okay with my brain! It should be like this!"

Although Liang Jie thinks it may not matter much, his bad brain may cause him to choose wrong.

Thinking of this, Liang Jie even complained about himself, why didn't he study well at the beginning?

After thinking for a while, Liang Jie calmed down, he felt that he might not have to choose.

Wouldn't it be great if everything was right? Anyway, he already has the exercises, he doesn't need to force himself to choose it! Isn't it good to be free?

Freedom Tao!

"I want freedom!"

Liang Jie is very firm in his ideas. He thinks that the most important thing for a person is freedom.

Although this is not very realistic, as long as you are alive, there are all kinds of things that are tied up, but the cultivation is not so particular about the way. Since there are so many Tao, there should be freedom Tao!

Thinking about this, Liang Jie only felt a flash in front of him, and he even woke up directly.

The true spirit was united with the flesh, and he was truly resurrected.

"Congratulations, master, the Five Elements Yin Yang has started."

Li Mengyao was very happy to see Liang Jie wake up.

Being able to understand what he is pursuing is very important for Liang Jie. She also chose this method because she knew Liang Jie's ideas.

With the five elements of Yin and Yang as the foundation, Liang Jie can also be regarded as a foundation for rooting. After that, learning other exercises can be more effective.

After all, this is not an attack method, he needs other skills to assist.

"Um, I can't move. How long will it take?"

Liang Jie wanted to move, but the true spirit and the body were just one, and it took some time to fuse.

An hour later, he was finally able to move freely, and he could see that his body was now very strong, more than several times stronger than before.

At the beginning of the solid foundation period, he finally reached the solid foundation period.

"Master, you have been unconscious for fifteen days and it is time to go out."

Li Mengyao has been guarding Liang Jie. Although the space of the spirit veins is broken, the enchantment of the ring still exists, and the pond where the spiritual fluid is located has been successfully saved.

This is the basis of Liang Jie's recovery, and naturally, she will not let it be damaged.

Back to Feixian Mountain, Liang Jie was shocked by everything in front of him. It turned out that Feixian Mountain had a landslide and destroyed dozens of acres of mountains!

"It won't be my fault!"

Liang Jie felt a bit guilty. The landslide caused a lot of damage, and the fields under the mountain were directly washed away.

Although it was a natural disaster, it was also because of him, so he was a bit uncomfortable.

In this regard, Li Mengyao did not express any opinions. In her opinion, this is nothing, after all, the spiritual vein has completed its mission.

Heaven is fair, and spiritual vein has given Liang Jie so much. He has the responsibility to protect this side.

This has been linked to Liang Jie's fate. The higher the Liang Jie's achievements in the future, the more blessings this land can get.

Chapter 43 - New Year's Card

There is no way Liang Jie can solve the collapse, even he has a solution, he can’t do it.

Those excavators are operating! He can't totally expose the cultivation! Until then only people in this area will be harmed.

"Parents, I'm back! The headmaster suddenly told me to handle things, because it was a newly discovered site and all communications were banned, so it was delayed."

This is why Liang Jie left so many days without answering the phone, and finally managed to confuse his parents.

Today is New Year's Eve. Every family is preparing New Year's Eve dinner. Liang Jie and his family are no exception.

Children on New Year's Eve are the happiest because they can display fireworks to the fullest. Naturally, fireworks will not be banned in such mountain villages, so when the fireworks take off, Shangguan Yu is even more excited than children.

Shangguan Yu took a cigarette and ran to the boxes of fireworks side by side.

He bought a lot of fireworks, saying that he wanted to make up for all the copies that he couldn't light before.

Looking at the fireworks that lifted off, Liang Jie couldn't help laughing, and Li Mengyao also watched bursts of joy and was extremely happy.

Liang Jie returned to his room to prepare a New Year gift for the friends in the spirit world.

"Mengyao, can you send cards to those people!"

"It's like this. It uses the picture of Qiong Yao Fairy, and then write some words."

"The final product is almost like this."

Liang Jie searched for some small card patterns with his mobile phone and opened it to Li Mengyao.

After a little explanation, he showed Li Mengyao the kind of small card that often see in hotels. Liang Jie's request is to be as close to this as possible.

"Master, do you still have this hobby?"

"Is Yang Yi not beautiful enough, or do you think you are too lonely?"

When Li Mengyao saw those beautiful women in naked clothes, she suddenly became goosebumps.

This makes Liang Jie very speechless. All advertisements are like this now! Look at the ads on those computers, which is not the case.

"You listen to me explain, I mean to let you contact others in this way."

"I plan to ask Han Yu and them to buy Xumi stone, and then I will make a storage bag, this storage bag is like their passport."

"You can directly view the space specifically allocated in the ring through the storage bag, and you can directly place an order to buy items, similar to the models of those platforms I showed you before."

Liang Jie explained carefully that he didn't want to be misunderstood by Li Mengyao.

He was thinking seriously about the future development plan.

"Oh, it's not difficult! You are in a solid foundation period, and the refining of the storage bag is not a problem."

"Those storage bags can be connected to ring directly through the ban, and because they are made by you, I have full control."

"In this way, you don't have to worry about being used by a caring person. The storage bag can only be used to buy things in the ring."

After listening to the master's explanation, Li Mengyao was a little embarrassed, but she understood quickly and instantly understood Liang Jie's intention.

In this way, there is no problem at all, because the dominance of the ring is strong, and it can absolutely control the masterless Xumi artifacts.

What's more, it was made by Liang Jie, which is even more problem-free.

"Then I can rest assured, is there any problem with this little card?"

"Of course, it's not according to our aesthetics. You can beautify the Qiong Yao fairy, according to the standards of the spiritual world."

"As for what she said! Just say,‘ Buy pills, the price is good '. As for the theme! Just say New Year ’s surprise!

Liang Jie didn't worry about the effect at all, which was really not a problem for him.

Because, he can now contact the cultivation people in the cultivation momentum period and the solid foundation period anytime, anywhere. The base of this group in the spirit world is huge.

Especially the people in the solid foundation period, they almost all have storage bags, so the number of people is at least 100 million units, so the order must be very huge.

Of course, Liang Jie just wants to be a platform, but there must be users, so it is best to warm up first.

"Master, how about a card like this?"

Li Mengyao was fast, and she had a card ready in less than a few minutes.

This is not just a card, but also a dynamic card. The Qiong Yao fairy is like a real one.

As for the dress of Qiong Yao's fairy, it is naturally impossible to be exposed as a small hotel card. After all, she is a fairy, so Li Mengyao made some changes to make her wear Qixia colored clothes and flutter her clothes.


Liang Jie looked at Li Mengyao, and in the future, she won't be much worse than Qiong Yao fairy!

With the endorsement of Qiong Yao fairy, this time the small card plan can definitely catch everyone's attention.

"Well, show it a little bit, chest and legs or something."

"Let's give priority to attracting a wave of male, and then get a handsome man card."

"In this way, both male and female can be accepted as users."

Liang Jie grinned, with a little selfishness, and suggested to Li Mengyao.

She looked at the host with a scornful look, but Li Mengyao didn't reject and began to modify directly in front of Liang Jie.

The Qiongyao fairy's clothes fell at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. As for the skirt, it was directly changed to a slit, and a pair of straight jade legs made it impossible to remove the eyes.

"Master, how is it?"

"Or else, just make the process just now?"

"Be honest, do you want to see it?"

"I don't want to see it, it's a man who wants to see it."

"Well, I know you guys don't have a good thing."


In this regard, Liang Jie could not refute.

However, Li Mengyao did not object at all, and he actually made a sloppy action of ripping off clothes and even made a hooking gesture.

I like!

"Yeah, that's it."

Liang Jie was very satisfied. The card was completely completed.

Although Li Mengyao's eyes changed a little, he didn't care! If you are a man, you shouldn't hide your desire. It's true that you like beautiful women.

"How many people can you send at one time?"

"It can be sent directly to everyone at one time, but you must be mentally prepared for the host."

"What mental preparation?"

"of course……"

Li Mengyao didn't say but sent the dynamic small card directly.

Then, Liang Jie lay down with a crooked neck, and his mental strength was seriously overdrawn. After all, this is not a spiritually consuming work, but it is still very useful for exercising the spirit and consciousness.

Chapter 44 - Shock the Spirit World

The New Year is not special in the spirit world, but there are many cities that will be busy to welcome the new year.

What everyone didn't expect, however, was that they had a very special year.

"Huh? Why is there fluctuation in the storage bag?"

"Why does the storage bracelet come out with divine thoughts?"


Countless people received a special ray of thoughts at the beginning of the new year. It was really special. It did not need to rely on objects to transfer special pictures and texts.

When everyone learned the content through divine contact, everyone was crazy.

A violent scream frightened many people.

Many gold pill period monks, they frantically fly around the city frantically, the divine thoughts cover dozens of miles like a large net.

"Who is it? Dare to joke with Qiong Yao Fairy?"

"Buy pills, and the price is good?"

"Which dare to do this, come out, look at the uncle, I will hit you."

These gold pill period monks were angry, and their anger covered the entire city.

At the same time, some monks in the solid foundation period were dumbfounded because they also saw the Qiong Yao fairy who was going to be enchanted.

Some people are angry, and others are naturally excited.

Qiong Yao Fairy is the first fairy for tens of thousands of years. Needless to say, her appearance is the goddess in the minds of countless people.

Unfortunately, she has been immortal for a long time, so no one can see her true face, even very few portraits.

"Wow ... is this Qiong Yao fairy?"

"It's so pretty, it really is the first beauty."

"Who the hell is this? How dare to use Qiongyao's fairy image to promote his chamber of commerce?"

In their opinion, this should be something that a major chamber of commerce would do, otherwise, it would not cause such a big noise.

The whole spirit world shook and everyone was discussing it.

"Did you see that? Qiongyao Fairy is like a real person, and I don't know who asked Qiongyao Fairy to speak for himself."

"Don't say that I look at that card more than 20 times, and I feel my body is almost empty."

Good news, bad news, spread in the spirit world.

Countless people are saying that this is Qiong Yaoxian herself, so countless people have fallen, and they have been attracted by the card.

It is a pity that no matter how hard they tried, they still could not find the person who sent out this portrait of divine thought.

"This is by no means the case for our chamber of Commerce. Please don’t ask me again."

"I solemnly declare that the matter of Qiong Yao Fairy has nothing to do with us."


The major chambers of commerce in the spirit world came forward to express their stand, and they were frightened by many monks.

At first, many Taoist friends who came here to talk to them about buying medicine made them very happy, but then they were scared by those Taoist friends who scolded or even used force.

In order to calm the anger, they had to come out to clarify the facts.

Qiong Yao Fairy propagated the Chamber of Commerce in a gigantic manner, spreading to the spirit world overnight, everyone was surprised and very curious about this eBay store.

"Dear friends, of course, it takes a lot of work to make it."

"It can be so widely announced, and it's all for Taoists who have Xumi artifacts, don't you think it's strange?"

"Is there anyone in the world who can do this?"

On the first day of the new year, the news of the Qiongyao Fairy Endorsement Chamber of Commerce has become the talk of everyone, and many of them are academics who are already doubting the source of the matter.

A powerful monk can cover millions of miles of spiritual thoughts, but it is difficult to cover the entire spiritual world, and if this is done, someone will be aware.

Therefore, the matter itself is weird.

"Nine Regions Ring!"

Following this line of thinking, there is only one explanation that makes sense.

That is, the ring that can rule all the Xumi artifacts in the world, it can contact all Xumi artifacts without knowing it.

"What? The ring appeared? Which state?"

Soon, the monks in the spirit world noticed the ring, their eyes were full of horror, and at the same time, they showed a greedy look.

The ring is a heavenly treasure! Now in the world, monks naturally want to compete.

Of course, whether you can grab it or not is another matter.

Because this time, Liang Jie did not ask Li Mengyao to collect information from other monks, so he didn't know the changes in the spiritual world.

"Senior, is it Qiongyao Fairy's endorsement of the Chamber of Commerce? Isn't it your work?" Han Yu found Liang Jie and asked carefully.

He was completely frightened, and the senior who had been in contact with him unexpectedly was actually the master of the ring.

What is this concept? He used to think that the other party was only a master of the Yuanying period or gold period, but now it seems that he completely underestimated the other party!

He dares to propagate his chamber of commerce so aggressively, he must be from the immortal world and have a very high status.

"Well, I want to promote our chamber of commerce! What's wrong?"

Hearing that Liang Jie was a little puzzled but pretended to be calm, without any wavering.

Li Mengyao saw the other side's news and was very curious about what happened in the spirit world.

Then, Li Mengyao rolled on the ground with a smile, everyone in the spirit world was a genius! Everyone's brain makes up too much.

"Nine Regions eBay Store? This name is very appropriate, we will be Nine Regions eBay Store in the future."

"But it will take some time to prepare. I need a lot of Xumi stones!"

"You can prepare first, then you will know what I plan to do!"

In fact, Liang Jie didn't think of a good name, but everyone has already thought of a good name for him.

At the same time, he also explained the task and asked them to collect as many Xumi stones as possible, and he was ready to refine the storage bags.

However, Liang Jie was surprised now. He did not expect that Qiong Yao's fairy was so powerful. But this is normal, after all, Qiong Yao fairy has already become immortal.

The immortal realm is too far away for Liang Jie, and his main focus now is in the spiritual world.

"Master, yesterday you said you want to get a handsome man card. I thought of a suitable candidate."


"The first handsome man, Jiang Yixian!"

"First handsome man?"


"Then you made it like this."

Liang Jie pulled out his cell phone very decisively, and then searched for some pictures of ancient style men, but these pictures are not just a man, but pictures showing the intimate friendship between beautiful men and beautiful women.

Although she did not quite understand Liang Jie's intentions, Li Mengyao felt that this should not be a problem.

"Hey, this is good! That's it!"

Looking at the pictures that Li Mengyao spent an hour, Liang Jie was very happy.

Believe that this little card is thrown out, the whole spirit world will be crazy!

Chapter 45 - Super Shameless

Of course, the moment when this card was released, Liang Jie fell asleep again happily.

This puzzled Liang Jie ’s parents. Why is his son so sleepy? Did he stay up late last night?

"Uncle and auntie, he likes to stay up late, rest assured."

For this reason, Shangguan Yu also made a lot of effort. He had to help the teacher to get through, although he didn't know what happened to the teacher.

However, he believes there must be a reason for teacher to be so. After all, the teaXueer seems to have broken through, and it is normal to consolidate the cultivation at this time.

At the same time, the spirit world was speechless again.

The reason is without him, just because they received another card, and this time it is even more explosive, it turned out to be the interaction between a first handsome man and beautiful woman.

Two of them in a half-embracing shirt and hugged and fell asleep, their faces were full of happy and sweet smiles, and then one came with an ad.

"Buy pills"

"The price is good"

What are you trying to do?

Isn't it just the opening of a chamber of commerce? Are you tossing like this?

The first beauty advertised, and now the first handsome man. Are you ready to sell pills or pull hatred!

"This can't be tolerated! when did Qiongyao fairy fall in love with the first handsome man Jiang Yixian? This matter is not clear!"

"Yeah! It must be said clearly that the first handsome man, Jiang Yixian, is an idol in the hearts of many of our women, how can they tolerate such defilement?"

"The people from the Nine Regions eBay store explained it to me, otherwise, I will tear down your shops."

"We are seriously protesting ..."

This time, the Nine Regions eBay store was famous.

They are highly anticipated people, and now such ambiguous advertisements are really unacceptable.

The voice of controversy has caused waves in the whole spirit world. Everyone is looking for a Nine Regions eBay store. They want to see which shop is. The ads are so vulgar.

Is it remarkable to have the ring? Can it be so shameless?

"The master of the ring this time has a lot of personalities! He actually made a joke with everyone."

"Don't say that these two divine images are very realistic,"

"It's almost like a real person. Anyway, no matter how you look at it, I see it as a real person."

"Hey, the hero sees the same thing! Qiong Yao Fairy's sultry posture has already been recorded in Jade Jane!"

However, there are many angry people and many like them.

Compared to this kind of behavior of a male monk, even a female monk has collected a new version of the divine image, a portrait of Jiang Yixian's half-dressed clothes, and a spoiled look. The lethality is too great.

It is said that countless female monks passed out happily that day.

"I am the descendant of the family of Jiang Yixian's ancestors. We strongly condemn this slanderous behavior of the ancestors. Nine Regions eBay store, you must give us a statement!"

"I am the descendant of Qiong Yao Fairy's family. I am very angry at the behavior of the Nine Regions eBay store. you slander my ancestor and damage her innocence. We will never give up on this matter."

With such a big noise, the family descendants of Jiang Yixian and Qiong Yao fairy naturally wanted to stand up and speak.

It's a pity that the so-called Nine Regions eBay store has no news at all and has no intention of showing up, which makes everyone very confused.

For this reason, many people spontaneously organized and issued a crusade mission, hoping to get the person in charge of the Nine Regions eBay store out and find out the master of the ring.

"You are actually to see the card. I don't know how many times the god portraits are taken out to watch! Also for the reputation of Qiong Yao fairy, shameless!"

"I agree with this statement, you need to be realistic about being a person, and I don't hide after collection."

"Don't say anything, I heard that someone sold the card directly! And in the name of Nine Regions eBay store, I don't know which chamber of commerce is so bold."

The spirit world is vast and boundless. It is not easy to find out Liang Jie, not to mention that he is not in this world at all, and it is impossible to find him.

This matter has attracted the attention of countless forces, and they all want to know what kind of person the master of the ring is.

In just two days, it caused such a huge wave, which is really amazing. The whole spiritual world is noisy, and most of the monks in the cultivation momentum period, solid foundation period, and gold pill period received the card.

The other party made it clear that they wanted to stir up the uproar. All the powerful people were guessing what the purpose of that person was, whether they were hostile to Jiang Yixian and Qiong Yao fairy.

"The predecessor is the predecessor, so extraordinary shot."

Han Yu sighed. He already admired Liang Jie totally.

How can he dare to do this if he doesn't have the strength? Obviously Liang Jie has nothing to fear!

"Yeah! It is really great to be able to follow the predecessors, and our future must be bright!" Zhuo Yi was also grateful. When the predecessors found him, it was a blessing he had repaired in his last life.

Working for their predecessors, they have earned a lot of spiritual stones, and there is no need to worry about cultivation.

Not only that, but they can also get the protection of their predecessors, and their future achievements must be unimaginable, even if it is not impossible to ascend to the immortal world.

"Xumi stone must speed up the collection, otherwise we can call our Taoist friends too!"

"I believe that seniors now need manpower. We can sign a master-servant spirit deed with the seniors. I believe the seniors will not refuse."

"how do you feel?"

Zhuo Yi also has many Taoist friends.

As for Han Yu, although there are not many Taoist friends, they are also trusted.

Han Yu naturally agrees with it. After all, the major forces in the spiritual world often recruit slaves. As long as you can cultivate, what about as a slave?

It is their blessing to be a slave to seniors.

Compared to their happiness, the members of the major chambers of commerce were sad, because the sudden appearance of the Nine Regions eBay store caused them a huge impact.

"It has said they want to sell pills cheaply. Why are your prices so expensive?"

This reason alone made them miserable, not to mention a large number of slow-moving sales of pills, and public praise also plummeted.

For a time, everyone's expectations for the Nine Regions eBay store have reached an unprecedented height. Whether they want revenge or cooperation, they all want to get news about the Nine Regions eBay store.

Chapter 46 - Nine Regions Tripod

Liang Jie knows nothing about the spiritual world, at this time he is in a coma.

However, when he was lethargic, a special wave came over, and Li Mengyao felt it directly, and she also showed a hint of shock.

"This guy is awake, but it's surprising!"

As an artifact, the storage space of the ring is almost unlimited, but it also corresponds to the strength of the owner.

Initially, the space available to Liang Jie was very limited. The cultivation momentum period would be much larger, but even a mountain could not be stored. It can be seen that the space is too small for the ring.

At the solid foundation period, the second floor of the ring can be opened, but there is a weird guy blocking the entrance. It is not easy to enter.

"I sense it, shameless breath!"

The voice came directly to Liang Jie's mind, which surprised him.

At the same time, in the consciousness, a small fat guy with white light suddenly appeared. This feeling was too familiar.

His body is not an entity, but a change similar to that of Li Mengyao.

"Hey, I'm talking to you! Have you heard?"

He was fleshy and looked at Liang Jie with a pair of small eyes at the moment.

Needless to know, this little fat guy is also an artifact elf, but Liang Jie does not know what the elf this guy is.

"Are you talking to me?" Liang Jie pointed to himself and asked.

The fat guy rolled his eyes and said, "Isn't it you, is it a ghost?"

"Are you an artifact elf?"

Liang Jie was very curious and asked.

The little fat guy didn't rush to answer, but floated in front of Liang Jie and hit a ring finger. The card sent by Li Mengyao was presented in the air.

Both the first and the later ones are very clear.

"This is the card you asked the ring to send out!"

"Well, that's right."

"Very good, shameless! I admire you."

"What the hell are you?"

"Never mind, I'm the elf of Nine Regions Tripod, one of Nine Regions Artifacts."

"Uh ..."

It feels that the fat guy and Li Mengyao are completely different.

Li Mengyao is innocent but very spiritual. The small fat guy in front of him, a pair of eyes looks at Qiong Yao Fairy's body, but it is not serious.

"I know you must not believe it, but the elf of the ring has sensed my awakening."

"To unlock the seal of the second floor, you have to please me."

"Otherwise, you don't want to enter the second floor."

The fat guy's expression that I was very proud of made Liang Jie feel speechless for a while.

This little fat guy came to find himself, in order to get some benefits!

Is this an elf or a rogue? How do you feel smarter than people? However, Liang Jie will not doubt his words. After all, he has seen Li Mengyao, this little fat guy must be the elf of Nine Regions Tripod.

"I don't know, what do you want?" Liang Jie smiled and asked.

Now that he has offered to take the initiative, he naturally has to follow the other party's will.

Liang Jie is still very interested in the second-floor space of the ring.

"Of course it's a beauty. I like beauty the most. Just give me some beauty!"

"Uh ... what do you want beauty to do?"

"Of course I want them to serve me."

"How to serve?"

"Of course I asked them to help me take a bath. You are still young and don’t know it. I don’t blame you."


At this point, Liang Jie was completely speechless.

This guy is actually a lascivious little fat guy. An elf actually needs beauty to take a bath.

After all, he is just an elf, he can’t do anything!

"Boy, what's your look? I can do much."

"Don't say it's to let the beauties take a bath for me, just to take a bath with me, they all want it!"

"Do you know the Nine Regions Tripod? It can refine pills and artifacts, and the success rate can be increased... "

In order to highlight that he is very powerful, he said a lot, and Liang Jie was said to be stunned.

This is not what he needs most now! It was so timely.

Doesn't he just want beauty! As a modern man, Liang Jie can have countless ways to make him envious to kneel and ask for himself.

"Beauties, I don't have now, but I can show you the beauties of this world."

"How's it? Interested? If you think I'm the master, I'll give you this opportunity."

"The kind of divine image you saw just now, I can ask Li Mengyao to help you make it, and it can completely meet any of your needs."

When Liang Jie talked, the little fat guy looked with contempt.

However, speaking of Qiongyao's fairy portrait, he was clearly shaken, but in the end, he still held back and did not agree with Liang Jie's request.

"You want to be my master just like this, and you look down on me too much."

"Well, I can show you the beauties of our world, this is part of my memory!"

"I have seen beauty."

"Of course, I have not only portraited, but also video information of these beauties."

"What's the big deal, I have taken advantage of all the fairies of the immortal world."


He wanted to seduce the fat guy, but the modern beauties were not attractive to him at all.

After all, the almost perfect woman of the first beauty is not found in the world, but Liang Jie is not completely helpless now.

"Hey, since you're so uninterested, let's forget it!"

"Wait, you seem to have something to say."

"Forget it! You don’t like anyway."

"Boy, don't say I didn't give you a chance, as long as you can make me tempted, I will recognize you as the master."



Knowing that Liang Jie had deliberately seduced him, but the fat guy couldn't help it.

In order to know what Liang Jie was thinking, the fat guy directly opened up a condition, which was exactly what Liang Jie wanted.

Therefore, Liang Jie laughed: "Actually, I plan to find beautiful women in the future to broadcast live shows, and then you will do the master planning, and they will do whatever you want them to do."


He didn't quite understand what the live broadcast was, but he knew he could command a group of beauties, and he was very excited that they will do things according to his orders.

For a long time, he just wants to be surrounded by beauties, and then the beauties obeyed him!

"Okay! I recognize you as the master, but in the future, the position of the master plan must belong to me." The little fat guy's expression on his face was full of expectation.

After speaking, a light radiated from the fat guy blended into Liang Jie's brows.

At this time, Liang Jie woke up from drowsiness, and he could obviously feel that there was a very close connection between himself and an artifact.

Chapter 47 - Perfect Combination

"Master, are you awake? Did the fat guy talk to you?"

Li Mengyao made Liang Jie completely speechless. She knew it long ago.

Regarding the Nine Regions Ring, Li Mengyao did not tell him all the truth!

"Um, how many things have you not told me about the secret of the ring?" Liang Jie didn't get angry because of that, but he was very concerned.

Li Mengyao said with an aggrieved expression: "Master, I didn't conceal it on purpose, but I hated the fat guy, and he ignored the previous owner."

"Who do you say? Master, don't forget what you promised me."

The fat guy suddenly appeared, looking at Li Mengyao with an unpleasant expression. He was quite dissatisfied with her calling herself a fat guy.

However, Li Mengyao turned her neck and ignored him.

However, she still cares about the master Liang Jie. He did not expect that the master not only awakened the fat guy but also recognized by the fat guy, which was really great.

"Well, get along well in the future."

"Promise you, and when my strength goes up, there will be no problem."

"This is not the spirit world, so there is nothing I can do for you."

Liang Jie smiled helplessly, glanced at the little fat guy and said lightly.

Hearing the owner's words, the fat guy's face was huddled up, apparently, he didn't expect this result.

The spirit here is indeed thin, and even cultivation is a problem. He felt that he had been deceived by his master.

Therefore, he looked at Liang Jie with a grudge on his face to show his dissatisfaction.

"Master, I don't care what you lie to me, but you have to give me those photo albums of the beauties of the world."

The fat guy has already entered into a contract with Liang Jie, so it is too late to regret it, and the road is chosen by himself. No one can complain about this.

Although unhappy, there was no way, so he made such a request.

"Well, here's the mobile phone. You search for the beauty yourself."

Liang Jie threw the phone to the fat guy, and he caught it and played it directly.

Unlocking the phone and opening the browser, all actions are very skilled, he seems to know most of the world.

"Look at me? Aren't you going to look at the second floor of the Nine Regions Ring?"

The fat guy glanced at Liang Jie, then disappeared holding the phone.

Compared to Li Mengyao, this little fat guy has done more on his own. At this moment, he is unhappy with his recklessness!

He thought Ling Jie was a great monk! The result is just a solid foundation period. But being able to wake him up doesn't mean that Liang Jie is really bad.

"Yes! Master, hurry up to the second floor!"

At the urging of Li Mengyao, Liang Jie immediately sat down and sank his consciousness into the ring. Liang Jie once again came to that empty world.

He can see a lot of Xumi artifacts here, but unfortunately, he can't get them. Obviously, the ring dominates all the world's Xumi artifacts, which is the ability of the first floor of the ring.

The entrance to the second floor was very obvious. Under the leadership of Li Mengyao, Liang Jie quickly found it.

A simple bronze tripod was suppressed on the ground, Liang Jie could feel its powerful momentum. It did not seem to be a big tripod but it had the mighty power to crush the mountains and shatter the galaxy.

"Come on!"

The fat guy appeared next to tripod, moved a position, and signaled Liang Jie to go down.

The second floor of space in the ring is in the world below the tripod, which is much smaller than space above, but when Liang Jie enters, he finds that his consciousness is gradually becoming stronger.

The speed of this strengthening is obvious, like the feeling of ten thousand years at a glance.

"Master, the second floor is not storage space, only the first floor."

"The space-time flow rate of the second floor is ten times that of the outside. As the strength of the master increases, the time-flow rate here can double."

"Master can exercise the strength of consciousness here, as well as refining pills or magic weapon here. The faster time flow means that the master's refining speed is countless times faster than others."

With regard to the second floor of space in the ring, this is its ability.

It seems that there are only a few hundred square spaces, with the time ability that everyone admires. This is the inherent space. Compared with the prohibition or matrix method that accelerates the time flow rate, it is much more advanced.

"Well, she's right, it's really the best place for alchemy and refines artifacts."

"With the help of me, you can become the strongest alchemist and refiner in the world."

"At present, you can’t use my body, but I can differentiate the vanity tripod for you. The effect is worse than my body, but it is much better than the so-called fairy magic in the world."

The little fat guy looked with a smile on his face, faint in the air.

He stared at the beauties on the screen of his phone, his saliva was almost flowing, apparently, he was satisfied with the little thing in his hand.

A tripod appeared in front of Liang Jie. The style was similar to that of the Nine Regions Tripod. On the tripod wall, there were various patterns of beasts and immortals as if living.

"At present, with your strength, you can differentiate nine vanity tripods, the limit is ninety-nine."

"When your strength reaches the god period, you can use Nine Regions Tripod refining pills or magic weapon."

"It's not that I don't help you, but that I need a lot of spiritual power to motivate me. Master, you now use me to refine pills, and it is estimated that the spiritual power will be exhausted and die instantly."

The fat guy wasn't alarmist. He reminded Liang Jie for his sake.

Moreover, in this second layer of space, the use of the vanity tripod to make pills or magical instruments is the perfect way for Liang Jie to cultivate.

At the same time that consciousness can be cultivated, the necessary pills or magic weapons can be refined, which is a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

It can be said that this is the perfect combination of the Nine Regions Ring and Nine Regions Tripod.

"Master, as he said, it really is." Li Mengyao glanced at the fat guy and nodded.

Liang Jie smiled and said, "Well, it's really good. Little fat guy, you don't have a name yet!"

"Who says I have no name, my name is Yuanbao."


"Well, I think the name is very appropriate."


In this regard, Liang Jie has no opinion.

The name of this little fat guy is indeed very interesting. It just matches the tripod.

"You like it, then call you Yuanbao!"

Liang Jie is also lazier since he likes it.

With tripod and ring, Liang Jie's plan can be speeded up a lot, after all, these nine vanity tripods can help Liang Jie to quickly make storage bags.

As a result, the platform plan will be much faster.

By that time, the Nine Regions eBay Store could be considered as a real prototype.

Chapter 48 - The Superb Storage Bag

On the first day of the New Year, Liang Jie passed by in drowsiness.

Naturally, this is not the case on the second day of the New Year. After returning to the grandmother's house to pay New Year, Liang Jie returned to the room to conduct the experiment of the refining device.

"The steps of refining artifact and refining pills are the same. Purify the material, melt the material, then draw the matrix method, and finally come out of the oven."

"With the current strength of the master, there is no way to refine other things. Although using my vanity tripod, does not require you to specifically operate these things, but the required fire still needs you to do."

"She has taught you the true fire skills, you can now use it to alchemy or refine artifacts."

Yuanbao looked at Liang Jie and told him some precautions, but in fact, it is useless.

With the help of the Nine Regions Tripod, the refining device and the alchemy are both fool-like operations. Liang Jie only needs to control the fire.

"Let's get started!"

Liang Jie doesn't want to waste time. When he sleeps at night, his consciousness can be cultivated in the second-floor space of the ring. This is undoubtedly the best way.

The five elements of yin and yang circulate on their own, absorbing the aura emitted by top-grade spirit stones. Liang Jie now does not need to worry about cultivation.

Xumi stones have already been obtained from Han Yu, and the quantity is very large, enough to make millions of storage bags.

After all, a low-grade refining material such as first-grade Xumi Stone is very common, and the amount accumulated by a general chamber of commerce is enough for Liang Jie to make hundreds of millions of storage bags.

"You want to make a storage bag, two kinds of materials: vanity fell and first-grade Xumi stone."

"In the order I said, you can directly start the refining, and put one hundred pieces of vanity fell and first-grade Xumi stone in each stove."

"You don't have to be so careful in sorting, just throw it in."

Yuanbao took a smartphone and looked at the pictures of the beautiful women, both eyes were protruding.

Listening to his remarks, Liang Jie was completely speechless, and this little fat guy's words were too shocking.

However, he is right. After all, his experience is much richer than Liang Jie. If it is not for Liang Jie, such a low-level magic weapon as a storage bag, he would not do it!

How to say that he is a celestial treasure. When refining a magic weapon, he must refine more than ninth-grade magic weapons!

"A low-level artifact like a storage bag is not even a first-grade artifact."

"But there is no way, who makes you the master! So I try my best."

"Master, you can't say that this is made by me. I can't afford to lose this person."

Although Yuanbao was helping Liang Jie to make the storage bag, he is very noisy. Liang Jie wanted to hit the wall. This little fat guy is not over.

Regarding the magic weapon, Liang Jie has also been very clear.

The first to third grades are magical instruments, the fourth to sixth grades are treasures, the seventh to nine grades are spiritual instruments, and above that are the fairy instruments, true treasure, and spiritual treasure.

After reaching the fairy instruments, there are four grades of lower grade, middle grade, top-grade, and superb grade, each of which is very far apart.

Spiritual treasure is generally divided into congenital spiritual treasure and acquired spiritual treasure. As for the celestial spiritual treasure, only Nine Regions Artifacts in the world can call it a celestial spiritual treasure. It is made by the superb congenital spiritual treasure after numerous years of sacrifice.

Thinking of these things, Liang Jie felt incredible.

"Master, concentrate, you're in the refiner, watch the fire."

"I'm the Nine Regions tripod. If you use me to refine and failed. I will tell you that I can't go out to meet people. Don't ask me to help you refine in the future."

"As a master, are you so lazy, aren't you ashamed at all? You ..."

However, his words could not be continued, because Li Mengyao did not know where to draw a sword, and was actually going to chop Yuanbao.

"Now, we are civilized, can’t battle."

However, Li Mengyao didn't care so much. She dropped the bronze sword in her hand, then picked up a stick and knocked it over.


"Oh ... Sister Meng Yao, forgive me!"

"I'm wrong. I don't dare to disrespect my master anymore."

"Don't run!"

Liang Jie was stunned when he looked at the two.

This tripod elf is also amazing! This character is too smoky.

Controlling the fire carefully, Liang Jie felt that his consciousness was gradually becoming stronger, which made him very happy.

Refining the storage bag does not take much time, it is about an hour or so.

Liang Jie can feel the changes in the vanity tripod, each vanity fell has evolved into space under the smelting of Xumi stone, and finally formed a storage bag.

All the processes are clearly visible, and he does not need any operation. It can be seen that Yuanbao does not lie, and most steps do not need Liang Jie to control.

"It's time to cease the fire, master!"

Yuan Bao grinned with fangs, but there were no injuries on his body.

Looking at his grievance, Liang Jie felt very funny.

As soon as the fire stopped, a hundred storage bags flew out of the Nine vanity tripods. It seemed nothing special, but Li Mengyao held a storage bag and widened her eyes.

"Master, you have even practiced the storage bag into a first-grade magical instrument, it's so good!"

This is really shocking. Obviously it is just such ordinary materials, but it has refined the best storage bags with great internal space.

It should be noted that the general storage bag has about ten square meters of space, but the superb storage bag has reached 50 square meters!

"Is it fantastic?"

Yuanbao held his chest, an expression of my credit.

In this regard, Li Mengyao did not refute, it is indeed the help of Nine Regions tripod, such a miracle can occur.

Liang Jie was happy about it, but he wasn't particularly happy either, because he thought it would be necessary to refine so many storage bags.

Nine hundred superb storage bags in one hour, or nine thousand in one night. When does this have to be refined?

"Ah, the ideal is full, and the reality is too skinny!" Liang Jie shook his head helplessly, feeling that his thoughts were too naive.

Although the process of refining the storage bag was smooth, as far as the results were concerned, he felt hindered.

At first, he was going to build the platform directly, but in order to be safer and better control the Xumi artifacts, Liang Jie had to use his own storage bag.

So, this time he needs to change his strategy.

However, it is not completely impossible. and a long delay will only consume the expected value of spiritual monks.

"Looks like we have to use a trick."

Liang Jie grinned, and he thought of a great way.

It is not too much to get close to 10,000 storage bags a day, but it is not a small number. This is enough for him to earn a fortune. After all, as a modern civilized man, he has many ways to let the monks in the spiritual world pay for but unaware.

Chapter 49 - Hunger Marketing (1)

After all, the superb storage bag is already a commodity.

If it is sold at the most basic material price, those monks will definitely be happy to buy it, after all, the space for fifty squares is already very large.

"Senior, lately the spirit world has been telling about the Nine Regions eBay Store!"

"Look if we should put some news out! After all, this matter is still very important to us."

"The other thing is, Zhuo Yi and I have found some friends who also want to become senior partners. We can sign a master-slave contract. Seniors don't have to worry that we will leak information about you."

Han Yu first talked about things in the spiritual world, and then mentioned the idea of adding some people.

In fact, Liang Jie also thought of this. Now he just raised it, it is just right, he has no opinion, after all, the deed is the safest means.

Unless it is an immortal shot, otherwise it is impossible to suppress the backwash, there is no such immortal existence in the spirit world.

"Well, okay! I happen to be understaffed too!"

"I have some storage bags here for you to use for alchemy materials."

"Also, you can spread the news about the Nine Regions eBay Store. You could say that we have prepared a wave of warm-up activities. People who previously received promotional advertisements have the opportunity to buy superb storage bags at low prices. 10,000 places per day, sold at zero on time."

Liang Jie's idea is very simple, that is, use the hunger marketing method often used by major businesses to let people in the spirit world snap up the superb storage bags.

Just gain the cost, for Liang Jie, they make money because this is the first step of the experimental platform.

He is not a charity, he can’t do business at a loss! So in this way, it will be more topical for everyone, and they must be very satisfied with this little gift.

When Zhuo Yi got the storage bag Liang Jie gave him, he was stunned and turned out to be a superb storage bag.

"Zhuo Yi, you slap me and see if I'm dazzled."

"No need to pump you, I just hit myself."

"It's really a superb storage bag, and space is fifty square meters."

"You are right, it's fifty!"


Generally, the price of a storage bag is 100,000 low=grade spirit stones, which is a lot of money.

But the price of the superb storage bag needs to be turned several times! It's really precious for them.

If they knew it, it was just made by Nine Regions Tripod casually. What do they think?

During the next two days, Liang Jie refined the superb storage bags at night and also sold the pills every day. He did not carefully calculate the number of spirit stones he earned, but the purchase of the vanity fell and first-grade Xumi stone was absolutely enough.

At the same time, news spread in the spirit world.

"You heard about it, the Nine Regions eBay store is ready for sale. I heard that it is preparing 10,000 pieces of superb storage bags and selling them at extremely low prices."

"I heard that everyone is looking forward to coming, not to mention the monks in the cultivation momentum period and the solid foundation period. Even the monks in the gold pill period are very excited."

"After all, low prices mean a lot of profit! It's money when you sell it!"

Normal monks are naturally very interested in such topics, so they spread very fast.

While everyone was expecting, the people in the major chambers couldn't sit still, because they were caught off guard by the Nine Regions eBay store.

Selling the superb storage bags at a low price, wouldn't that mean that the storage bags in their hands are going to be overstocked, which is not good news.

"The master of the ring is so shameless that he wants to break our financial path!"

"Yes! If continue to indulge like this, our business will be affected."

"I'm not sure now, let's take a look! If it is really not good for us, we can only do something."

The people of the Chamber of Commerce have a unified standard for the sales prices of various pills and instruments.

But now there is a person who does not play cards according to common sense. They felt unhappy, it is even more disgusting than eating ants.

"Tomorrow night will start selling the superb storage bags. It has 50 square meters of space, only 50,000 pieces of low-grade spirit stones, and 10,000 pieces will be sold every night."

"In addition, everyone who grabbed the superb storage bag, please don't resell it! Otherwise, you will regret it!"

"Each person is limited to one purchase. At that time, please note that we are allowed to receive your spirit stone in the storage bag or other Xumi magical instruments!"

This time, Liang Jie released another message, which is still the endorsement of the first beauty of Qiongyao fairy.

However, compared with the obvious one before, this time has obviously converged a lot, but this time the picture is a bit excessive.

Because the storage bag was taken from the double peaks of the fairy Qiong Yao, and then introduced with a smile in her hand, countless monks saw the heat flowing in the nose when they saw this scene. It was like a fire.

It ’s really amazing. Just rely on this scene of the portrait, this must be bought!

"What time is it now?"

"It's a quarter of an hour."

"I can't wait, why can't start!"

"Yeah! The spirit stones in my hand are jumping."


Earlier, the Nine Regions eBay store caused heated discussions.

Now everyone's attention has been stunned again and coupled with such a low-cost ultra-best storage bag, it has obviously made everyone eager.

"Recover spirit pills, is it really useful?"

"Master, rest assured! Second-grade recover spirit pills are enough for you to recover several times. You don't have to worry about any problems."

"Oh, that's it! Otherwise, I missed the historic scene, I feel bad."

"What is it? So mysterious? I want to see it too!"

The conversation between Liang Jie and Li Mengyao made Yuanbao very much concerned, and he simply asked Liang Jie to share with him what he saw.

In this regard, Liang Jie also had no choice but to follow suit.

After all, recovery spirit pills were made by Yuanbao. If he doesn't show it to him, God knows if the guy will scold him again.

"The ability to use the ring to rule all Xumi instruments is actually communicating with the monks in the spiritual world."

"Master, I used to underestimate you, I reflect, and you can let me do anything in the future."

"That's what, can you find me a few beautiful monks and let them take a bath for me ..."

Yuanbao was so excited to see everything in front of him and talk about taking a bath.

This made Li Mengyao very unhappy, and flew him directly to the side, saying that he was a rogue and he did not admit it, thinking about the beauty monk to serve him all day.

But she can't let him affect the master, this is an absolute ban.

"It's about a minute before we start, let's see how hot it will be."

Liang Jie grinned, and couldn't wait. He really wanted to know how this hungry marketing campaign would affect the spiritual world.

Chapter 50 - Hunger Marketing (2)

Time passed minute by minute, and the activity started.

According to the earliest plan, Li Mengyao passed the set image of the divine mind, this time it is the kind that can be replied, so it takes more mental energy.

"People, the superb storage bags are on sale, please reply if you are willing to buy!"

The portrait of the image this time is still the portrait of Qiong Yao Fairy, but this time she is cute.

Many people were fascinated by Qiong Yaoxian wearing colorful colorful dresses, bending over and sending kisses, and even forgot to reply.

"I want to buy!"

"It's so shameless. I want to buy."

It is true that less than a second.

10,000 superb Storage Bags have been sold out. Many people have received a reply from Li Mengyao, expressing sympathy for the failure to grab the superb Storage Bags, and welcome to participate in the sales activities tomorrow.

"Haha ... it turned out to be superb storage bag."

"I bought it, the Nine Regions eBay Store is good!"

"I bought a superb storage bag."

Without much publicity, those who grabbed the superb storage bags are already very happy.

The ostentatious mood could not be concealed, and they notified their Taoist friends by using the news jade Jane as soon as possible and immediately attracted the Taoist friends to scold them.

"Fuck, I want to break up with you!"

"You wait for me, see if I beat you."

The whole spirit world is boiling, because the superb storage bags sold at the Nine Regions eBay store are real, not fakes, with 50 square meters of space.

Fifty thousand low-grade spirit stone! It only sells 50,000 low-grade spirit stones! This is just the money to buy a refined storage bag!

"I protest seriously, I didn't buy it."

"I strongly urge the store to restock."

"Without this, I didn't grab it!"


The monks were so excited that they left messages to express their wishes.

There is no doubt that this time the Nine Regions eBay store is completely famous.

The price of a superb storage bag is so low. What price will it be when selling pills in the future? Definitely an amazingly low price.

"I'm convinced."

"Who said no?"

"Haha ... hurry up and buy vanity fell and first-grade Xumi stone at a low price."

"Yes, yes, the major chambers of commerce must be busy processing these materials now!"

Han Yu and Zhuo Yi are very happy now because Liang Jie's move directly squeezed the price of the storage bag to the extreme.

The price of the superb storage bag is even lower than the price of the low-level storage bag. The profits of the major chambers of commerce have been lost.

After all, they also need refiners for refining storage bags, so they will definitely sell the refiner materials at low prices, which is a good opportunity for them to acquire.

"Master, it's sold out in an instant."

Li Mengyao was already a little dumbfounded, she didn't expect the monks in the spirit world to be so crazy.

Yuanbao did not expect that the ring still had this usage. Before that, he wondered whether Liang Jie had lied to him.

Now it seems that Liang Jie did not lie to him, and really can let the beautiful monks in the spirit world play live! He already knows about the live broadcast and can be said to be looking forward to it very much.

"Yes, although not much, but it is ok!"

Liang Jie is very happy. Each superb storage bag earns only 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, but every night he sells 10,000, that is one hundred million low-grade spirit stones!

Such an amazing income is extremely cool.

"You actually made a superb spirit stone one night. Master, do you think you are too few?" Yuanbao stunned, he was very skeptical of Liang Jie's concept of money.

Although the super storage bags are cheap, they do make money. And it is used to open up sales, so this is not a loss.

You know, ordinary monks in the foundation period want to earn a superb spiritual stone, they will take a year or even two years.

"Ten thousand low-grade spirit stones are one middle-grade spirit stone, one thousand middle-grade spirit stones are one top-grade spirit stone, and ten top-grade spirit stones are one superb-grade spirit stone."

"A superb spirit stone will allow you to cultivate for several days. What's your dissatisfaction?"

"Do you know how difficult the monks in the spiritual world are? You can easily get the resources required by other monks, and you are still so indifferent, master, do you want to anger all monks?"

Facing Yuanbao's words, Liang Jie scratched his cheek and felt a little embarrassed.

It is indeed too easy to earn a spiritual stone, so he does not feel the value of money, even in real life, he is already a billionaire.

Is it so empty to feel rich?

Liang Jie sighed, causing Yuanbao to almost want to slam.

If it weren't for Li Mengyao, he would have to beat Liang Jie's teeth all over the floor.

But thinking about it this way is not a bad thing. The rich master means that he can find a monk to serve himself.


Thinking of this, Yuanbao couldn't help laughing, and drooled all over.

It's very easy here, but the chamber of commerce in the spirit world is dumbfounded. They have already foreseen the end of their chamber of commerce. The entry of Nine Regions eBay store is simply a bottom-up salary!

Either they followed the price cut, or they died to the end.

Right now, they haven't been hit too much, but the other party has made it clear that they need to sell pills and magical instruments. By then, it would definitely be a shockingly low price.

As a result, their profit margins are very small.

"I think it is necessary to let the people in the fairy world take a look. The master of the ring must not be in the spirit world."

"I feel the same way, otherwise he would never dare to do that unless he wanted to die."

"It is also possible that he has reached the limit that the Spirit World can bear, in which he is invincible."


This is just guesswork. They can’t be sure until they find him.

However, the only thing they did not expect was that the person they were looking for was not in the spirit world, nor in the so-called fairy world, but in the lower world.

"Ah ... begging for a chance! It ’s good to sell some extra superb storage bags every day!"

"Who sells the superb storage bags? I pay 200,000 low- grade spirit stone."

"Want to buy the superb storage bags sold in the Nine Regions eBay store, and pay a top-grade spirit stone!"

Under Liang Jie's hungry marketing, the monks in the spirit world were completely crazy, and Li Mengyao could receive many requests for increased sales.

In response, she chose to ignore it.

As for the spirit world's acquisition of the superb storage bags at a high price, Liang Jie already knows through Han Yu, but he is not in a hurry to start the next step, because he has not yet reached the minimum requirement of 1 million in his mind.


Chapter 51 - Yuanbao's Suggestion

For monks, one hundred days is a matter of cultivation.

However, for Liang Jie, it is a very important time difference, and he must use this time to improve his strength and pills reserve.

Although he is still fulfilling his previous orders, the amount of refining pills has increased significantly. After all, through Han Yu, they have found many alchemists to participate.

"Master, now we can complete a thousand orders a day."

"Whether it is cleaning body fluid, a simplified version of a solid foundation pill, or another simplified version of pills, we have already developed it."

"The mass production of the first and second grades of pills is not a big problem, and it can fully satisfy the monks in the cultivation momentum and solid foundation periods."

Li Mengyao told Liang Jie about the good statistics of Han Yu, hoping to help his plan implementation.

In fact, this is really good news, because the daily order volume determines how high their ceiling is, and a thousand orders a day are still too few.

However, Liang Jie wasn't worried, and laughed: "In a few days, the daily transaction volume should reach more than 10,000."

"By then, we should have about one million of the superb storage bags, and by then we can really launch the store."

"For those old customers, you can tell them something and say that the superb storage bags we sell will be of great use in the future."

Regarding the future plan, Liang Jie has already done a good job. Now he just needs to follow the steps.

The orders that are made now are all monks in the cultivation momentum period, but some of them are loyal customers of Liang Jie. After they are in the solid foundation period, they can bring a lot of users to Liang Jie.

There is no doubt that loyal customer groups have slowly formed.

"Master, is there anything I can help you with?"

The fat guy Yuanbao licked his face and sat on Liang Jie's right shoulder and said with a smile.

Already knowing that Liang Jie stirred up such a situation in the spirit world, he would no longer think that his choice was wrong. He absolutely believed that Liang Jie would be an excellent master.

Therefore, he wanted to perform well and ask the master to get some beautiful women from the spiritual world.

"It's very good for you to make the superb storage bags for me. There is nothing special that needs your help. After all, I need to increase the production capacity and it is not allowed!"

For Nine Regions Tripod, Liang Jie is still very satisfied, but unfortunately, his strength is poor.

Today, Liang Jie is just in the early stage of a solid foundation period. To reach the gold pill period, he must take it slowly. Going too fast will only put him into crisis. After all, the foundation is unstable and prone to problems.

"Master, in fact, I have a way to get people in the spirit world to this world."

In order to express himself, Yuanbao works hard.

Of course, this is not all for Liang Jie, but also for his own enjoyment.

"Really? Can this be done?" Liang Jie asked with disbelief.

Yuanbao patted his chest and said, "With the ring, there is nothing impossible, but it requires the master to reach the gold pill period."

"Um, it's too early for me! At least it will take a year to reach the gold pill period!"

Hearing that the gold pill period was necessary, Liang Jie became speechless for a while. He felt that his strength couldn't keep up with his ambition.

Just like this, Liang Jie hopes to do it very much, because this will allow Han Yu to come over and make it easier for him to control the overall situation.

"Master, that's what it says, but you can prepare in advance!"

"You can have people prepare things in the spirit world, and then when you reach the gold pill period, you can directly implement the plan!"

"This is very important for the master because I want to help master to steal a vein from the spirit world."

Yuanbao is clever. At the same time as helping Liang Jie, he is also helping himself. Stealing the vein is his ultimate goal.

However, this is a win-win situation, so Liang Jie has no reason to refuse, but he still needs to evaluate the feasibility of this matter.

"Stop, I don't want these now."

Liang Jie, who had already figured out Yuanbao's ideas, would not have fulfilled his wish so easily.

"Master, you have already established a sect, what can you do without a spirit vein?"

"Cultivation can't only rely on pills! Spirit veins can provide a spiritual fluid and superb spirit crystals, aren't those really useful things?"

"Moreover, do you still worry that there are no beauty monks? With so many beauties in the world, just give me a few beauties. I am not very greedy."

While Yuanbao seduced Liang Jie, he was still instilling some special knowledge.

That is to receive all beauties so that the dream in his heart was fulfilled. Even if it is impossible to realize the idea of bringing the beauties to the bed, it is still possible to train some maids.

"Shut up, you are rogue, and you are not allowed to influent master." As soon as Li Mengyao was busy with her business, she heard that Yuanbao was bewitching Liang Jie, and she suddenly wanted to beat Yuanbao with a stick.

Yuanbao hurriedly begs for mercy: "Sister, you can't do this! I'm helping the master. Spirit veins are a must! Do you want the master to go to the spiritual world like this? By then, wouldn't he be cramped? But there is a spirit pulse ... "

This is not his alarmist talk, but even if Liang Jie has reached the god period to go to the spiritual world, he is still not strong.

But it is different if there is a spirit vein. Using the space ability of the ring, no one can catch Liang Jie at all.

After some explanation, Liang Jie immediately understood its importance.

"Well, this is quite reasonable and worth considering."

"Mengyao, is there really a way to get the monks from the spiritual world to the lower world?"

"You can rest assured. How can a person like me who is upright be tempted by Yuanbao?"

Liang Jie's expression of righteousness made Yuan Bao very upset. He really wanted to shake out all the unsightly things about his master.

For example, there are some websites that are not suitable for children in mobile phone bookmarks, which is already very amazing.

But he didn't dare to break the news now, because Liang Jie was upset, and he would be upset.

"There are ways, but many things need to be prepared. And, a spiritual vein is needed." Li Mengyao thought for a while and finally nodded.

There is a solution, but everything is as Yuan Bao said, which makes her very upset.

Yuanbao grinned and said, "Sister, I have a clue for the spirit vein! And it can be guaranteed that it is a spirit vein without a master, even if it comes to the lower bound, it is not a problem."

"That's it, that's all for now! Add it to the 100-day plan."

This will be Liang Jie's life-saving thing in the future, no matter what, he must get it.

After doing so many things, if he came to the spirit world, he didn't want to be remembered for his life, so this matter must be put on the agenda.

Chapter 52 - Blind Date (1)

After several days of busywork, Liang Jie was also a bit tired, but the reality would not make him so easy.

On the seventh day of the new year, all the relatives who had visited were almost gone, and finally is Shangguan Yu’s most anticipated blind date.

Inside a restaurant in Jiangcheng County.

"Brother, why did you choose such a cheap restaurant?"

As the supervisor designated by Liang Jie's mother, Shangguan Yu naturally wanted to accompany him.

What he didn't know was that Liang Jie had two supervisors! That is Li Mengyao and Yuanbao.

At this point, they were staring, preparing to see what the person who was going to match the master look like!

"Okay, isn't it hard to make money?"

Liang Jie glanced at Shangguan Yu.

If Liang Jie had no money, he wouldn't believe it if he was killed. Grandpa gave him so much money.

Anyway, go for a more luxurious decoration! It's too ordinary here, there is no luxury at all.

Don't bother to pay attention to this boy, Liang Jie sinks his consciousness into the second-floor space of the ring, and checks the refining situation of the superb storage bag.

At the same time, he also paid attention to the situation in the spiritual world. From the feedback of Han Yu, the storm of superb storage bags is still continuing!

"Liang Jie!"

Hearing someone shouting himself, Liang Jie's consciousness retreated from the ring.

As soon as he came out, he felt that Shangguan Yu was pulling his clothes so hard that his eyes were straight.

Looking up, Liang Jie didn't recognize it for a while. Although she was his high school classmate, the girls changed a lot after college.

The girl in front of him was very pure and beautiful, and she felt very comfortable. Even compared with Yang Yi, she is not much worse than the other party.

The woman who accompanied her was also very beautiful, with an inexplicable mature charm.

"Master, why is your blind date a monk?"

Yuanbao saw it at a glance, and pointed at the mature woman with excitement: "Stop saying nothing else, get me this woman, and I want her to be my maid."


In this regard, Liang Jie was speechless.

Do you think this is a vegetable market?

Fortunately, Yuanbao and Li Mengyao are an elf. The average monk even senses them. Otherwise, the expressions of the two must be wonderful.

"You don’t know me? Lin Xueer!"

The girl sitting opposite Liang Jie smiled slightly, with two shallow dimples on her face.

The sound was very sweet, and Liang Jie immediately thought of Lin Xueer's high school look. At that time, she was wearing two ponytails and wearing braces. How can she look like a little bit now!

"You are pretty, I don't recognize it."

Liang Jie was calm and smiled.

He has a girlfriend, and Yang Yi is still very pretty. In addition, Li Mengyao often exercises his patience. How can he be confused when he sees a beautiful woman?

"Really? I didn't expect to go to college, you will speak better than before." Lin Xueer laughed as if flowers were in full bloom.

Someone who claims to be unshakable sees his eyes straight.

As for Shangguan Yu, at this point, it has been completely entangled, and he doesn't know what he is doing.

"Master, stay awake, don't be seduced."

"This girl is born with charm, and she should practice charm."

"Her every move, every smile, will make a man unable to refuse. This kind of woman who hooks up everywhere, you can't mess with her ..."

Li Mengyao reminded Liang Jie but found that he didn't listen to her, but watched Lin Xueer and saliva was almost flowing out.

Lin Xueer is indeed a very attractive, perfect body, proud body, is the perfect body that all women dream of.

But compared to the first beauty, she is far from right.

"What are you doing? don't disturb me watching the ball!"

Liang Jie saw that Li Mengyao was dangling in front of his eyes, blocking his vision, and he was very upset.

Even if he can’t cheat, but if he didn’t taste the deliciousness delivered to his mouth like a man, it is his fault.

"Well, the master is the master, and the hero sees the same."

Yuanbao was also looking at the two beautiful women with their hands on their cheeks at the same time. And the host ’s performance is normal because the other party cannot be seen as unaffected.

A stick blasted Yuanbao, and Li Mengyao sat angrily on Liang Jie's shoulder.

Although it wasn't Lin Xueer who seduced Liang Jie, the person who came with her did so, indicating that they were not good.

"Liang Jie, what would you like to eat, I'll treat you today." Lin Xueer called Liang Jie with a hint of imperceptible spirit in her voice.

Obviously, she was helping Liang Jie to dispel the charm.

Liang Jie's dull eyes became energetic, and he smiled and said, "That's not ok. How can I make a girl pay for it? I'll do it!"

"Boss, come here for some signature dishes."

Called the boss, Liang Jie decisively ordered a few dishes.

Seeing Liang Jie like this, Lin Xueer didn't say much, just smiled and took Liang Jie's tea.

As for Liang Jie's unreasonable behavior just now, she was not angry or shy because of it, but her heart rate was very abnormal.

"Master, you are such a beast."

Li Mengyao knows that this girl must have been interesting in Liang Jie in the past, otherwise she would not have such a performance.

In her opinion, Liang Jie was sympathetic everywhere, but Liang Jie himself had no consciousness.


In this regard, Liang Jie has nothing to say.

Then he fell into embarrassment, especially the stupid look of Shangguan Yu, always staring at the chest of the beautiful girl on the opposite side, which made Liang Jie very shameless.

"This is my college classmate. His name is Shangguan Yu."

He patted his shoulders, and let him return to my mind.

At this time, Shangguan Yu also noticed that something was wrong. He just broke the consciousness, but what he saw was always in his mind.

It ’s so white and so round!

"I'm glad to meet you. My name is Shangguan Yu! My brother and I ..."

Shangguan Yu, who came to his senses, naturally won't be charmed again. His strength is not worse than the opponent, but he just has no defense.

He will not be confused again! Watching the ball in his unconscious state is not his character.

Shangguan Yu at this time, was anxious to open the eyelids.

"Hello, first meeting. This is my school sister Liu Ru."

Lin Xueer's face was a little awkward, she did not expect that Shangguan Yu was so bold.

Even Liu Ru didn't expect that her own charm was ineffective.

"Master, you should learn from your student."

Yuanbao floated back from a distance, but just after speaking, he was hit by Li Mengyao.

This fat guy is so abominable that he wants to seduce her master into a rogue. She will never let this happen.


Chapter 53 - Blind Date (2)

"Can you be polite?"

"Oh, you just seduced me first, why am I shameless now that I look at you?"


"Why? You can seduce, and I can’t be seduced!"


Liu Ru and Shangguan Yu exchanged ideas with the mind, and eventually, Liu Ru lost to Shangguan Yu's shamelessness.

Anyway, he is also a monk. He is so shameless, he is just a beast.

Then Liu Ru put on her coat silently, which made Shangguan Yu feel a pity.

"I heard that you did a good job in the exam, was you studying the Department of Archaeology at Nine Regions College?" Lin Xueer didn't particularly care about Shangguan Yu's small movements.

Although she was so ashamed now and wanted to wear her coat, she didn't want to reveal her thoughts.

Therefore, under her small movements intentionally or unintentionally, Liang Jie looked at the beautiful scenery in front of his eyes, feeling that his nosebleeds were out of control, and wanted to rush out.

Well, a very pure little action is that when she gathers hair, she accidentally stretch the neckline of the sweater. Liang Jie swears to God that he has absolutely no other ideas.

"Mengyao, you are wrong."

Looking at the glowing body that suddenly appeared in front of him, Liang Jieyi said rightly.

However, Li Mengyao didn't listen to his sophistry and reached out to cover Liang Jie's eyes.

Liang Jie laughed: "It's okay! The environment of the archeology department is good, and there are few people and large places, and there are many beautiful girls ..."

The two chatted with each other.

However, this is nothing, Yuanbao, the fat guy, who can hide his body by relying on himself as an elf, actually squatting directly in front of Liu Ru's sweater and drooling.

In this regard, Liang Jie is envious.

Li Mengyao also saw it, but she also supported Yuanbao's approach, because it was the woman's fault that she made a good blind date like this.

However, soon Liang Jie couldn't handle it.

As Li Mengyao said, Yuanbao is a rogue, and he actually rolls on Liu Ru's chest, the kind that turns over and over.

Even more amazing is that he actually shared his vision with Liang Jie.

With a touch of snow in his eyes, Liang Jie could no longer support him and ran to the toilet with his nose in his hands. Is this a blind date?


Liu Ru's face was red, and the strange feeling just made her feel ashamed.

In her opinion, it must have been Shangguan Yu's deliberate revenge and harassing her with divine thoughts, so she gritted her teeth and looked at Shangguan Yu fiercely, anxious to swallow him.

Unfortunately, she guessed wrong. This was not Shangguan Yu's fault, but a fat guy named Yuanbao was at work.

"Well, it was just my sister who was wrong, can you stop harassing her again?" Lin Xueer looked at Shangguan Yu with a begging expression, apologizing for performed her charm.

Although the humiliation suffered now is her own fault, she is not intentional.

Since Shangguan Yu is stronger than her, he should be more generous, how can he take advantage of the rogue?

"Uh ... our sect practice tooth for tooth."

In this regard, the righteousness of Shangguan Yu said that he was not ashamed.

Just after he finished speaking, he saw Liang Jie standing beside him and hurriedly changed his mouth: "we don't know each other for the first time, can we make a friend and give me your phone number?"


As a last resort, Liu Ru exchanged contact information with Shangguan Yu. After a meal, it was very unsatisfactory. Finally, under the strong invitation of Shangguan Yu, she had to leave with him to go shopping.

"Come on"

Before leaving, Shangguan Yu gave Liang Jie a thumbs up.

Although his heart is good, Liang Jie wants to hack him with a knife, and he wants to watch the ball again! What do you think you are doing?

Yuan Bao's expression of regret was apparently not yet satisfied, and then he looked at Lin Xueer.

"You dare to mess around, I will go to the spirit world to find an old lady to serve you."

"master you are too cruel!"

"What? Any comments?"

"Did I just share the blessing with you just now!"

"It's commendable, but she can't."


Yuanbao is very unbalanced about Liang Jie's owner who likes monopoly, but he can't make the master too disgusted, so he can only sit on Liang Jie's shoulder reluctantly.

It was just that he hadn't settled yet, and backache was hit by a stick with Li Mengyao.

"Otherwise, let's go for a walk!"

It would only be embarrassing to continue to stay, so Liang Jie suggested it.

Lin Xueer was a little restless and nodded hurriedly when Liang Jie said so.

Seeing her like this makes Liang Jie feel a little speechless, and she's obviously learning the charm, how can she be so shy! Shouldn’t monks like this be very open?

Walking on the street, Lin Xueer didn't know where to go, but could only follow Liang Jie stupidly, saying some insignificant things, but some interesting things after graduation.

"You're blushing? Isn't the air conditioner turned on too high in the hotel just now?" Liang Jie saw Lin Xueer lower her head and walked forward, her ears turned red, so he joked.

Lin Xueer quickly shook her head and said, "No, in fact ..."

When talking, Lin Xueer glanced at Liang Jie and lowered his head quickly.

At this moment, she didn't even know how to tell the truth to Liang Jie. The reason why she promised a blind date was because someone was pursuing her at school, so she wanted to find a shield.

Therefore, this is not so much a blind date, but rather to let Liang Jie be his fake boyfriend.

"Just say something! We are all three years old high school classmates, aren't we?" Liang Jie put away the form of playing before, he knew that his old classmate was in trouble.

When Lin Xueer heard Liang Jie say this, she finally gathered up her courage and then said, "Please be my boyfriend."

As soon as the words came out, she noticed that she had said something wrong, but at this point, she couldn't change her mouth, and could only look at Liang Jie very timidly.

There is hope in her eyes, but also confusion, because she does not know what she thinks of Liang Jie.

"Oh, I would like to agree to this confession, but I have a girlfriend."

Liang Jie's words relieved her, but there was a little lost in her heart. It turned out that he already had a girlfriend.

But this is also good, otherwise, she will feel guilty, so she cleaned up her emotions and said, "Actually, I'm in trouble, can you pretend to be my boyfriend, and then go to my school during a long vacation?"

"I will pay the fare, I just don't want other people to harass me, so ..."

"It doesn't matter if you don't want to, I ..."

Talking, Lin Xueer's eyes became red, apparently, she didn't seem to be doing well in school.

It is not impossible to understand, after all, it is the school where the monks are! It is also normal to have unpleasant things. It can be said that it is difficult to do things like them without the support of forces behind them.

Chapter 54 - Seeing Ji Family Again

However, rather than these trivial matters, Liang Jie is more concerned about asking an ordinary person to help pretend to be a boyfriend. What if the other party makes trouble?

Can Lin Xueer still help Liang Jie fail?

Sometimes, women like to think of the problem simply. If Liang Jie helped her, he might end up in danger.

"Master, if you are an ordinary person, her idea is feasible."

"The monk is not to do cruel acts to ordinary people, after all, someone looks at it!"

"It's her who bears the greatest risk. She has offended those who pursue her. It's not a good day!"

Li Mengyao told Liang Jie some common sense issues. The monks are indeed stronger than ordinary people, but they are also subject to certain restrictions.

What's more, if there is an informed person, if something goes wrong, it will be arbitrated.

"Actually ..."

Liang Jie listened to Li Mengyao's words and originally intended to help Lin Xueer.

But at this time, Liang Jie found that someone was coming here, and he was still a young man about the same age as them.

"You didn't hear what I just said, I'll go back first ..."

Obviously, Lin Xueer also saw the other party, her face was very panic, this man put a lot of pressure on her.

This man should be the one who pursues her. He came to her hometown. It seems that he really loves her deeply!

"Xue Er, this is your boyfriend?"

"I thought it was a handsome guy? He is normal!"

"Hello, I'm Xueer's classmate. My name is Ji Zi'an!"

Ji Zi smiled, mocked Liang Jie, and then introduced herself.

For an ordinary person, he is too lazy to compare with the other person, because he already knows that Lin Xueer deliberately uses his boyfriend as a shield, and wants to let himself stop.

The girl whom Ji Zi'an fancy, will let an ordinary person snatch it away.

"Hello, I'm Xueer's boyfriend, it's nice to meet you."

Originally sympathetic to Lin Xueer, now seeing that the person came from the Ji family, Liang Jie felt that there was a will in this meditation, and he really could meet the Ji family everywhere.

At that time, the monk of the Ji family liked Yang Yi's physique, so she forcibly entered into a marriage contract, which kept Liang Jie in resentment, even though he had tried to solve the culprit Ji Penghai, but Yang Yi's matter was still not resolved.


Lin Xueer, who was held in his arms by Liang Jie, was a little shocked. She did not expect that Liang Jie actually agreed to her unreasonable request.

In fact, she knew very well that this was difficult, but Liang Jie's current actions made her even more overwhelmed. For a time, she turned red and didn't know what to say.

In the end, she could only lower her head and let Liang Jie hug her waist. Although that made her heart beat faster, now she must show the attitude his girlfriend should have.

"Oh? Are you Xueer's boyfriend?"

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

"Then I won't go around. How much do you need to leave Xueer? 10 million or 20 million? Or you ask for a price!"

Ji Zi'an's eyes narrowed, looking at Liang Jiehuai's hand around Xueer's waist, the muscles on his face were shaking unnaturally.

This person's possessiveness is very strong, apparently, he has a bad mood for Liang Jie. Obviously, he has not been able to get close to Lin Xueer. Why can a poor boy do this?

Therefore, he will humiliate him in front of Lin Xueer!

"Xueer is priceless in my heart. If you talk like this, is it too disrespectful to Xueer as a classmate?" Liang Jie frowned, a little angry.

Now that he plans to play a boyfriend, he naturally has to perform well.

At this time Lin Xueer had recovered from the shock, she did not want to see Liang Jie and Ji Zi'an clash.

She held Liang Jie's hand and whispered, "We still have something, so let's go!"

Then, she wanted to take Liang Jie to leave here. Unfortunately, Ji Zi'an's men blocked the way of the two. How could he let them leave?

He has chased from school, he must get Lin Xueer.

"Xueer, we are classmates, I don't want to embarrass your boyfriend."

"Although I can't shoot at him, my Ji family has 10,000 ways to make him unable to survive or die. You better think clearly."

"If you leave today, don't blame me for being rude."

Killing a person may be bad for Ji Zi'an, but if it is to suppress ordinary people, then it really is not a problem.

In terms of Ji's forces, it is really not difficult for them to do this.


Lin Xueer froze. She did not expect Ji Zi'an to threaten her so directly.

She couldn't watch Liang Jie be implicated, so she didn't dare to leave at all, but her resentment against this person made her physically resist this person.

"Boy, you can't fight me, and took the money and left." Ji Zian smiled and walked in front of the two.

From his eyes, Liang Jie could see his inner greed and desire, without having to think about and know what the boy was like.

"Hey, let me say you! What do you want to do with my elder brother?"

"It's a pity not to pick up customers."

"My hair salon lacks a hair-washer, or should I hire you for 20,000 a month?"

Just then, Shangguan Yu appeared in time and ran up to Ji Zi'an.

He originally took Liu Ru around and wanted to create opportunities for the master, but just after he heard the master's call, he naturally dared not neglect and came straight to this site.

As a result, he just saw the scene where Ji Zi'an surrounded Liang Jie and Lin Xueer.

"Who are you? Do you know who I am?" Ji Zi'an was scowled, and then he sank and warned.

Shangguan Yu laughed: "I care who you are? Dare to hit the attention of my brother!"

Quickly and slap hard, Ji Zi'an turned three laps in place.

That force swelled his face directly so that Ji Zi'an was a little stunned for a long time and didn't know how to react.

Even his men were stunned. Their young master was actually slapped hard? They all wondered if they see it wrong.

"Well, what the hell!"

"I will teach you how to be a good man today."

"I told you not to learn well, I told you to play hooligan ..."

Ji Zi'an, who was hit, was mournful.

His men wanted to come up to dissuade them, but with a slap, their teeth flew out, and they twitched aside.

Everyone who is watching this amazing scene is dumbfounded.

"Liang Jie, he is from the Ji family, and your classmates will cause troubles like this." Lin Xue'er nervously couldn't help, she reminded quickly.

However, Liang Jie smiled and said, "It's okay, isn't it the Ji family! I have seen."

Until this moment, Lin Xueer finally found out that the biggest change was Liang Jie, who was completely different from before.

As for Liu Ru, she was even dumbfounded at this time. For the first time, she saw such a fierce person and actually beat the young master of Ji Family to the ground.

Chapter 55 - Very Comfortable

"It's almost OK, don't kill him."

Ji Zi'an's bruised nose and swollen face, and he is not handsome.

Of course, the reason for stopping was not a flood of sympathy, but Li Mengyao and Yuan Bao shouted too joyfully on his shoulders.

"Good fight, hit the face!"

"Kick the crotch! Why not kick?"

"Hit your waist! Use a bit of force ..."

They were so fierce that Liang Jie felt his back cold.

He took out a paper towel and wiped the blood on his hands. Shangguan Yu kicked Ji Zi'an again, and then returned to Liang Jie's side.

"It's okay!"

"I just hit him. it doesn't bother you, don't worry."

"Big brother and I are here, no problem."

Shangguan Yu was very arrogant, with a fearless expression.

This made Lin Xueer and Liu Ru speechless, thinking that he might not be really afraid, because he didn't even know that he was from the Ji family, nor did he know that the Ji family was terrible.

"Addicted? Or continue? I think you are not afraid of him. what is the guy of Ji Family? When you encounter such a small white face, you must fight him until he is convinced."

Liang Jie looked at Shangguan Yu with a smile and seemed to be stinging him, but he was actually telling him that he was in trouble.

This guy just likes to show off, and the people who hit the Ji family are not so easy to solve.

"Yes, this kind of person has to be beaten... No, brother, who did you just say he is?"


"Why don’t you say it earlier?"

"What? Scared?"

"I knew I would use my unique skill."


Liang Jie thought he would be scared, but Liang Jie was completely wrong.

Obviously, Shangguan Yu dislikes the Ji family. The matter of Yang Yi, Shangguan Yu clearly remembered.

What a good opportunity to take revenge? As a result, he was so full of smiles that he was preparing to beat Ji Zi'an.

"What are you doing?"

Ji Zi'an struggled, squirming on the ground.

Looking at Shangguan Yu step by step, he felt like he was scared of seeing the devil. His men were all masters of the sixth-level of cultivation momentum period.

The man in front of him is definitely a master, and it is a terrible master.

"Don't be afraid, it will be over in a while."

Shangguan Yu didn't rush to kick but measured the distance so that it was clear that he wanted to kick at Ji Zi'an's lower body.

Ji Zi'an, who was sweating coldly, hurried to knees for mercy.

"Brother, I was wrong. I was wrong, so please spare me!"

Kneeling on the ground, Ji Zian is regretful, why is he so stupid.

It is said that it is easy to meet a ghost when you walk too much at night. Today, he is unlucky. He doesn't want to be a eunuch, so he is not ashamed of begging.

"You are the young master of the Ji family, why are you so boneless?"

"Isn't you very powerful just now? Why were you suddenly persuaded?"

Raising Ji Zian, Shangguan Yu patted him on the shoulder and was ready to kick.

After his lower body was cold, Ji Zi'an felt a warm crotch, and then he even spits out and fainted.

"Well, it's disgusting!"

"But this is big news. Hurry up and post it online."

"The title is called" Punish the bag guy, Scaring Urine on the Street "Hehe ..."

In his opinion, the Ji family did not have a good thing.

Those old things were even more shameless. Seeing Yang Yi's good talents, they wanted her to be a wife-in-law. They are shameless.

"What kind of person is he, your classmate?" Lin Xueer asked with incredulous eyes.

Liang Jie smiled and said, "A bully in Shangzhou City, but now he is following me."

Listening to his muffled tone, Lin Xueer was speechless.

Even Liu Ru was completely dumbfounded. How could she never have imagined that Liang Jie could conquer such a younger brother, but that was a master of ten-level cultivation momentum period!

Isn't he more powerful then? Doesn't look like it?

"Brother, it is ok! How do you see me doing?" Shangguan Yu, pleased, smiled.

Liang Jie nodded and patted Shangguan Yu's shoulder, "Yes, good job!"


Lin Xueer and Liu Ru were speechless again.

Regarding Liang Jie, they are getting more and more unclear. Is he really just an ordinary person? It doesn't look like it!

But the two of them couldn't see how high Liang Jie's strength was, so they didn't dare to have any ideas. After all, they didn't believe that such a young person could even reach the solid foundation period of cultivation.

"Shangguan Yu, you take them to the front, I'm going to buy something."

Turning the car key in his hand, Liang Jie turned and left without explaining too much.

Looking at his leaving figure, Lin Xueer was very worried because she knew what Liang Jie was doing! From what he had said before, he seemed to be at odds with the Ji family.

"Sister, don't worry, brother is much better than me."

With a smile, Shangguan Yu took the two men forward, and he didn't want them to see the scene of the big brother bullying others, although he wanted to see it.

But that's his own business, and he's not too involved.

"Without revenge, I am not a  human!"

Ji Zi'an, who was unconscious, woke up and found herself lying on the cold concrete floor.

Given such a great deal of humiliation today, Ji Zi'an naturally would not give up, and would definitely retaliate against Lin Xueer and Shangguan Yu after returning.

"Master, I have an immature little suggestion." Yuanbao sat on Liang Jie's shoulder and learned that Liang Jie was going to punish this person, he immediately got excited.

Liang Jie smiled and said, "Speak."

"This kid offended the master."

"Master, you can shake one of his three souls and make him a fool."

"Then erase their memories of today, and there is nothing to worry about."

There are two favorite things in Yuanbao. One is harassing beautiful women, and the other is watching theater.

This time someone came to the door, he was naturally very happy.

"Yes, Not Bad!"

With a grin, Liang Jie appeared in front of Ji Zi'an.

Suddenly a big living person appeared, and Ji Zi'an hated the most. He took out the spell in his arms and wanted to treat Liang Liang with his hand.

Since the other party is a monk, he has nothing to worry about.

Later, Liang Jie held Ji Zi'an's head with one hand and smiled, "If you want to blame, you were born in Ji's house, and you just provoke me!"

Now that he has made up his mind, Liang Jie naturally doesn't like dragging water around, and directly shakes Ji Zi'an's soul, making him dementia, and then erasing the memories of him and his men.

After doing all this, Liang Jie felt a lot more relaxed, and it was so pleasant.

Chapter 56 - Dealt with

"Master, it is not safe enough."

"You should put a restraint in his mind, and once someone tries to search for memory, burst his head like a firework."

"As for the memory of ordinary people, we can leave it alone. As long as the Ji family dares to send someone, we can clean up all of them."

Li Mengyao has not been very strong for a long time, but this time the proposal was very strong, Liang Jie was somewhat frightened.

However, he did not intend to do so. Ji Zi'an had already been punished, and he would not continue to entangle Lin Xueer. Even if the Ji family wanted to make trouble, they would find him.

Lin Xueer was his classmate, and he didn't want her to be targeted by the Ji family.

"Forget it! That's it."

Liang Jie glanced at Ji Zi'an, who had been foolish, shook his head and left.

Strength is everything in the monk world, but Liang Jie has his own rules of life. When is it a fight? Leave the line in everything, and he doesn't need to be affected by too much cause and effect.

Murderers, crime-ridden, will be punished by God when they break through!

Looking at the continuous flow of vehicles and pedestrians, Liang Jie felt that this kind of life was what he wanted, and that kind of transcendent monk life was not the life he wanted.

At this time, Shangguan Yu were resting on the flower bridge in the county seat. When they saw Liang Jie return, their respective expressions were completely different.

Lin Xueer and Liu Ru were a little worried, while Shangguan Yu looked forward to it.

Liang Jie instigated the magic spell in his hand, which instantly burned to ashes, and turned into a white light that enveloped the four people around him.

This can prevent the conversation between them from being heard by other people. At the same time, ordinary people will not notice them, and they will not be able to recognize them even face to face.

"This is……"

Only at this moment did Lin Xueer and Liu Rufang understand.

As Shangguan Yu said, Liang Jie is indeed stronger than him.

"Xueer, I have resolved your business. Ji Zi'an will not bother you anymore."

"If you have any trouble at school, you can call me directly. This is my phone number."

"I know you have a lot of doubts, but you better not ask, it is not good for you. If the Ji family finds you asking about today, you can just say it."

Liang Jie wasn't worried that the other party would kill him, because if the Ji family really dared to be so presumptuous, then don't blame Liang Jie for being fierce.

The ghost king in the Department of Archaeology promised to help Liang Zhuoshu once. If the Ji family really dared to come, he wouldn't mind letting the family disappear forever.

"Thank you, I know how to do it."

Lin Xueer is very grateful to Liang Jie, this time it is really thanks to Liang Jie.

Had it not been for him and Shangguan Yu, she would have been captured by Ji Zi'an.

Although she had a lot of thoughts in her heart, she didn't plan to ask a word now. Liang Jie was right about everything. The more she knew, the more dangerous she became.

"It's okay, we are all old classmates, aren't we?"

"Besides, I'm your boyfriend now, and I should help you."

"You don't have to worry too much. The Ji family dare not mess around. After all, they are not fools."

The cold light appeared in Liang Jie's eyes, Lin Xueer and Liu Ru were shocked, they could not know Liang Jie’s strength at all.

There is no doubt that Liang Jie's strength is above them, the young monks who are in the solid foundation period! This is really amazing.

"Don't worry, if you really encounter a big problem, just contact us."

"We can’t guarantee others, younger children of the Ji family, we will see one and hit one. If it really annoys us, hum ..."

"Brother and I went to their family's ancestral tomb for archeology!"

As a big disciple of the Tomb Sect, Shangguan Yu felt it necessary to carry forward the division.

If the Ji family really came to provoke them, he really didn't mind doing it.

"Low-key." Liang Jie gave Shangguan Yu a white look, and the name of the Tomb Sect was directly displayed.

This is deliberate so that through the mouth of Lin Xue'er, the people of Ji's family will not know who the real enemy is.

Just as Liang Jie thought, Lin Xue'er and Liu Ru were both dumbfounded, and Shangguan Yu's so bold words made them cried and laughed.

They haven't seen such an inconsistency before going to the archeology of others 'ancestors' graves, but it is not impossible to think of the identities of Shangguan Yu and Liang Jie, after all, they are students of archeology.

"Yes, I have something for you here."

"After you go back, take the washing pulp pill first, it will allow you to pill wash the veins and have a higher talent than the average person."

"Then this cleaning body fluid, one serving per day for two months in a row, it can let you reach the peak of cultivation momentum period, and finally take solid foundation pill to breakthrough ..."

Liang Jie threw things together to the two and explained them one by one.

At this moment, the expressions of the two were dull, completely frightened by what Liang Jie gave. What they never dreamed of was that one day they would experience this kind of thing in person.

That is the legendary pill! But now Liang Jie is sending out as if they don't need money, and also said that they can break through to the solid foundation period.

There is no doubt that these pills are real, because the aroma of the washing pulp pill is very strong, and just taking a sip of the pill can make them relax.

"Sister, am I dreaming?"

Liu Ru couldn't believe this was true, because it was all too dreamy.

Is Liang Jie actually a descendant of a big family? But even so, isn't it so generous?

Finally, they realized a serious problem, that is, the tomb sect in the mouth of Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu. They dare not have any doubt.

"Liang Jie, this is so precious, I can't accept it ..."

Although very heart-warming, Lin Xueer did not dare to accept it. It was too expensive.

Now if she still accepts the pills he gave, then she is really too thick-skinned.

"It's not for you in vain. Is this the seal fee and the messenger fee?"

"You have the strength to control your own destiny. I believe that with these pills in hand, you will have a better life at school."

"It doesn't matter if you don't, I throw it away ..."

Liang Jie's words left the two of them speechless. They had never seen such a person, and the gift-giving had even threatened people.

Seeing that he was ready to throw away the pills, Lin Xueer grabbed it directly, thanked blushingly, "Liang Jie thank you, I will definitely repay you in the future."

"Let's make a promise!"

She had just finished speaking, and Shangguan Yu laughed.

This was not just for Lin Xueer, but of course, it was for Liu Ru. The boy didn't change his heart.

"Well, this kid has a future, and it would be appropriate to follow the master."

"Oh? What do you want to say?"

"Sister, don’t hit me!"

Yuan Bao and Li Mengyao made a mess, Liang Jie also had a headache.

Looking at Lin Xueer and Liu Ru in embarrassment, Liang Jie slaps Shangguan Yu mercilessly, but the latter grins, and even blinks at Liang Jie.

Chapter 57 - Return

When Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu left, neither Lin Xueer nor Liu Ru could calm down.

Looking at the pill in the hand, the simplified version of the cleaning body fluid, and the simplified version of the solid foundation pill, they suddenly felt that their three views were subverted.

As for Liang Jie, he was not at all concerned. The reason why he did so was to let the Ji family know that it was not wise to provoke him.

"Master, when are we going to Ji Family Archeology?"

When they went back, Shangguan Yu suddenly said something like this.

Liang Jie was speechless and glared at him: "Why do you talk so much? Breakthrough to the solid foundation period today."

Counting the time, it is indeed time for Shangguan Yu to breakthrough. After all, he has given so many pills to him and eats it every day. If he doesn't break through, it is too untalented.


Hearing that, Shangguan Yu stopped talking.

In fact, he also knew that he was about to breakthrough. However, thinking of the situation of the teacher that night, he was very disturbed. After all, there was too much movement that night.

"Master, your hometown is very special."

Li Mengyao sat seriously on Liang Jie's shoulder.

"Yeah yeah! I can see it too."

Yuanbao sat on Liang Jie's head and smiled with a smile.

Li Mengyao can't wait to give him two sticks.

In this regard, Liang Jie knew something. He felt that the entire Shangzhou city was not simple, not just a place like Jiangcheng County.

First, there was a ghost king in the back of the school, and then the principal Wang Xun was a monk in the Yuanying period, and depending on their situation, it was obviously not the peak period, which explained many problems.

"What's special?"

Liang Jie was also more concerned about this and asked.

"Shangzhou City belongs to Jizhou. Jizhou is the head of Nine regions and a land of great people."

"And this Shangzhou is the center of Jizhou, it can be said that it is a combination of heaven and earth."

"It's really easier to have talented monks than anywhere else."

Obviously, Li Mengyao's meaning is very simple, that is, Lin Xueer is by no means the only foundable and talented person.

many people in Jizhou have been excavated by Lin Xue'er's school. This is actually not difficult to understand.

"Do you mean, what the principal said is to go to the school where Lin Xueer is?"

Liang Jie understood that they had been spotted from the beginning, but some people were not selected.

The reason why he would go to the Department of Archaeology of Nine Regions College is entire because of Wang Jing and arrogantly said that his road is north.

This Jiangcheng County is in the north of Shangzhou City!

"It can't be wrong, and he clearly has a purpose."

"After the master returns to his hometown this time, it is difficult to say whether it is a blessing or a curse."

"But from the current situation, at least it is very favorable."

What Li Mengyao said was true. Liang Jie not only successfully broke through the solid foundation period, but also learned the five elements of yin and yang, and even opened the second space of the ring, and obtained the Nine regions tripod that sealed the entrance.

Everything went very smoothly, it can be said that luck is extremely good.

This is extremely important for Liang Jie's future development. Without these conditions, Liang Jie would have to go a long way!

"let it go!"

For Liang Jie now, he thinks too much is useless because, in the eyes of a powerful monk, he is just an ant who can pinch to death at any time.

Only when his strength is really strong can he have the opportunity to participate in the scramble for opportunities in this world.

The business that Liang Jie is doing today is only the lowest-level business and has not touched the core interests of those big forces. Once the pills and treasures of the Yuanying period and above appear, it will really disrupt the spiritual world.

Imagine the sudden influx of tens of millions of Yuanying period monks, and they can appear in batches in the future, so the problem is very serious.

The danger is inevitable. This is why Li Mengyao did not object to the previous proposal of Yuanbao. At the same time, she also wanted to let the ghost king and principal Wang Jing take care of Liang Jie.

At least, Wang Jing must be on the side of Liang Jie, so that he may not really need to be afraid of being remembered.

Back at home, regarding the meeting of today's blind date, the supervisor Shangguan Yu made a certain report, which was to praise Liang Jie almost to the sky, and also said that the other party had agreed to date first.

"I said my son was very nice! Come on, try to take her home after graduation."

Liang Jie's father smiled happily. The expression of eagerly hugging his grandson made Liang Jie very helpless.

His mother patted her husband’s hand to prepare vegetables, and blame him, “What are you talking about? Son, you have to work hard, don’t listen to your dad.”

"Understand! Understand! Guaranteed to complete the task."

Regarding this matter, Liang Jie really didn't pay much attention to it.

They really have nothing to do with Lin Xue'er. Not like or hate. The most in his mind are Yang Yi.

"Parents, we are going back to the city for two days."

"Anyway, there is a car. I can come back at any time."

"The medicinal liquor and other health products I left for you, you have to remember to take one or two sips every three steps, which is good for your body."

Those things are naturally not ordinary things, they are all things that monks dream of.

He has the ability and responsibility to let his parents enjoy his old age, and it is best to accompany him a long way.

"I see. Your mother and I will remember to eat."

"By the way, Ayu brought so many things, you need to get back a gift!"

Although they refused to do so, this was their intention, and Liang Jie had to let Shangguan Yu agree.

"Thank you, Uncle and Aunt, my parents and grandpa must be very happy."

Things have to be accepted, Shangguan Yu is still very good at this point.

Although he is arrogant, after meeting people, he still knows how to be polite.

In the following two days, Liang Jie made a lot of preparations. He left a jade for his parents, which was an engraved magical instrument.

Although it is only a second-grade magical instrument, it is enough to withstand three times of damage from the outside world. Even if the monk in the solid foundation period made a full blow, he could not cause damage to them.

Originally, he planned to engraved the formation to protect the village, but after giving it a thought, he gave up the idea. He was only a monk in the solid foundation period, and doing so would only bring disaster to the village.

Therefore, Liang Jie chose to let it go in the end, something he couldn't stop.

Chapter 58 - Chamber of Commerce

Shangzhou, Yanghu Villa.

Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu finally returned to the city, at this time it was only a few days before the family ranking battle.

Originally, Liang Jie planned to let Shangguan Yu break through in Jiangcheng County, but in the end, he thought it would be safer to come here. After all, there is the headmaster.

"Master, would a breakthrough be dangerous?"

Today is the twelfth day of the first month, the day when Shangguan Yu broke through.

But even though Liang Jie was well prepared and even the defensive array was set up, Shangguan Yu was still panicking.

"Nothing to do, hurry in!"

A lot of materials were obtained through the ring, and several prohibitions were also arranged. Today, Liang Jie's villa is the safest place in Shangzhou.

If there are no jade charms in traffic, coming here is to die.

"Well in, just go in!"

Shangguan Yu reluctantly walked into the center of the formation.

There are not only gathering spirit formation but also the five elements formation, and there is even thunder formation.

Seriously, under the guidance of Yuanbao and Li Mengyao, Liang Jie planned to use all the available formations, and Shangguan Yu's breakthrough was definitely not a problem.

"Master, Shangguan Yu is different from you. There will be no thunderstorms during the solid foundation period."

"Let's pay attention to the business of the spirit world! Recently, there has been a lot of enthusiasm. The spirit world is about to be turned over."

"People of all powers want to find you! Our source of pills may be cut off by them."

Things to come still come. As Liang Jie's business grows bigger and bigger, those big chambers of commerce will prevent them from getting better and vowed to kill Liang Jie's store in the cradle.

What Li Mengyao conveyed was the information from Han Yu and Zhuo Yi, and it was already difficult for them to receive pills in the spirit world.

The reason is simple, that is, the major chambers of commerce have monopolized all the low-level pills, and they still buy at high prices.

"Well, I already expected that."

"Those big chambers of commerce want to restrain us from the source. The idea is very good."

"Unfortunately, they seem to have forgotten that I have a ring, we are not in a hurry to sell pills, but hoarding pills, after all, in order to impact the first wave of business performance!"

Liang Jie is not worried at all. Since you want to break my financial path, let you break it.

Isn't it pills! Now that they have a certain amount of reserves, it is not a problem to stick to it for two or three months. If they take advantage of the 20% discount on opening business and let those who place orders have expectations, this is actually a very good hungry marketing method.

So, according to Liang Jie's plan, all pills stopped selling.

Although the people in the cultivation momentum period and the solid foundation period were very dissatisfied when they knew that the pills would be sold at a 20% discount after three months later, they were all quiet.

Because for them, three months is just a blink of an eye.

"Haha ... deserve it, these are no more!"

"Don't stop buying, we need all pills."

"In order to strengthen the acquisition, we must buy all the low-level pills and sign contracts with the major households who own the medical fields. We will buy a century-old exclusive cooperation contract."

The major chambers of commerce are very happy. They feel that the Nine Regions eBay Store stopped selling pills as their plan worked.

As for the discounts, they didn't care at all, after all, the sources of alchemy and smelter materials in the store were all cut off.

Now they have bought out a hundred years of cooperation, and the Nine Regions eBay Store has been stooped by them.

"Have you heard of it? the Nine Regions eBay Store has started stockpile of pills, and it seems to be making a big move."

"It is said to be the opening ceremony three months later. The pills will be sold at a 20% discount. This is to ensure the number of pills!"

"The major chambers of commerce are so disgusting. They actually came up with this method to block the Nine Regions eBay Store. Regardless of whether you support it or not, I support the Nine Regions eBay Store anyway."

"If you support it, go to pick the medicine and sell it to the owner of the Nine Regions eBay Store! He has the ring, and he doesn't need to trade in person."


The method of the chamber of commerce is very good. Some of the pills suppliers have been their partners.

After all, the ability of the mass consumers was underestimated. The monks in the cultivation momentum and solid foundation periods spontaneously collected medicine for Liang Jie. Although they bought it at a high price, Liang Jie still made money.

"Master, you are too bad."

There are thousands of monks, and all of them can not be banned by the chamber of commerce.

They don’t dare to offend powerful monks, and the lower monks were no longer interested in the pills of the chamber of commerce. In fact, the chamber of commerce lost.

Can't help but spend a lot of spirit stones to buy low-level pills, but in the end, failed to make money, and only gave his cash flow to the bottom of the warehouse.

Li Mengyao clapped his hands and said, "I'll see how long these chambers can last."

With the pills sold to them by monks, the yield of pills can be completely guaranteed.

And at this time, it is also a good time for Han Yu to make a simplified version of the second-grade pills. the Nine Regions eBay Store must appear in the spirit world with the strongest posture.

"Why is it so troublesome! Isn't the third floor of the ring the medicine field! As long as the master reaches the gold pill period, the third floor can be opened."

"By then, the pills would be fully self-sufficient, and the lower pills could mature every day."

"You don't need to buy the materials needed for one to three grades of pills..."

Yuanbao had a look of scorn and felt that those in the chamber of commerce were simply stupid.

The source of the refining material is broken, which is not a big problem for Liang Jie. It can be said that the ring is in the hands, he has everything he wants.

When Yuanbao talked about it, Li Mengyao remembered the third floor of the ring.

"Master, hurry to practice and strive to reach the gold pill period within three months."

Li Mengyao's eyes brightened, she is the kind of personality that doesn't want to be bullied, so she desperately wants a devastating blow to the chamber of commerce.

Dare to oppose her master, she wants to let the other party know what misery is.

"As long as the master reaches the gold pill period, then the sage of the spirit world can be brought to the lower world, and my good day is coming ..."

Of course, Yuanbao reminded Liang Jie not only for the master but also for himself.

He kept remembering that this fairy in the spirit world bathed himself! As long as it is to achieve this purpose, no matter who is blocking him, he has to peel off the other party.

"I feel like I'm about to break through to the middle of the solid foundation period. If it is fast, I can really reach the gold pill period in three months."

In fact, Liang Jie still has confidence, but reaching the gold pill period, thunderstorms will inevitably be lowered. At that time, it would not be possible to hide.

So, he had to think of a way before that.

Chapter 59 - Family Ranking Battle(1)

Shangguan Yu's breakthrough was not difficult. He sat for the night like that and reached the solid foundation period the next morning.

He was so relaxed that Liang Jie was very uncomfortable, because he broke so difficultly, and he really died once!

"What did you feel?" Liang Jie asked, looking at Shangguan Yu.

Shangguan Yu looked puzzled and said, "Master, what I feel, I just sat and thought for a while!"


In this regard, Liang Jie could only give him a blank eye.

The solid foundation period needs to comprehend the Tao. This will be the only way to cultivate in the future. In order to complete the Tao, Shangguan Yu did not realize it.

"Master, what he cultivates is the hunting dragon skill, and he doesn't need to feel the Tao."

"His Tao is hidden in heaven and earth. He can be any Tao or nothing."

"So, it's not surprising that he doesn't feel it now, after all, the hunting dragon skill is controlling the five elements, and it will appear in the future."

Li Mengyao is not surprised. The solid foundation period can feel the Tao, which shows that the talent is really very good, but he can't feel it and doesn't be discouraged, because it takes a long time to build the solid foundation period to the gold pill period.

Not everyone is Liang Jie, who can advance so quickly and reach the gold pill period in a year, which is afraid to scare many people.

"Master, didn't feel the Tao, do I have no future?" Shangguan Yu saw Liang Jie's solemn expression and was a little worried.

Liang Jie rolled his eyes and said, "Why are you in a hurry? Don't be afraid, even if it's shit, I can plate you with gold! Let your bright eyes blink!"

"Isn't that a shit!"

This sounds good, but the essence remains the same.

However, Shangguan Yu didn't dare to say anything, as long as he followed the teacher, they will certainly carry forward the tomb sect. At that time, if there is any immortal monarch or the mighty remains, they will go to archeology.

On the evening of the Lantern Festival, Shangguan Fei, the head of the Shangguan family, flew to pick up Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu.

This time the family ranking battle was held in the place where the current No. 1 family royal villa is located. There is a long-standing isolated formation here, and it is impossible for outsiders to know the situation here.

Speaking of villas of major families, Liang Jie has also been to several, but this time the royal family gave him a very special feeling because it is no longer possible to use luxury to explain, but it should be said that there is a lot of fairies.

The quaint wooden building is really very grounded, surrounded by a touch of spirit, many times stronger than the outer boundary.

"Master, it's good here! There is a spirit vein that is close to dryness. Would you like to grab it and put it in our villa!"

Yuanbao's eyes brightened.

This makes Liang Jie very speechless. This fat guy is really too brave!

"Don't drag your master if you're looking for death! Didn't you see a gold pill period monk sitting in the town? And that person's breath is very close to the principal of the school where the master is located, and it should be his descendant.

Li Mengyao hit a stick on Yuanbao's head.

Being able to become the first family in Shangzhou naturally has a certain strengths. It can be said that the top ten families are by no means ordinary, and at least one gold pill period monk sits in the family.

Family ranking battles, those who are willing to participate, are confident in themselves. As for those families that are outside the top 100, they have no intention to participate.

Therefore, all people who come here have enough strength.

The playing field of the qualifying battle is a field within the formation. This field covers a very large area of over 1,000 square meters and is protected by a special guardian legal formation. Don't worry about the damage caused by the battle.

All the people took their seats in turn. Each family had its own place to rest. The top ten families were sitting on the podium. They were the notaries in this battle.

"Master, this is the circle set by the Yuanying period monks."

Li Mengyao is very powerful, she can see a lot of things at a glance.

This type of magic matrix relies on the spirit vein to run, as long as the spirit vein is not exhausted, it can continue to run, and this magic matrix also put in a few superb spirit stones, so it will be no problem to run for thousands of years.

She has to say that the family's heritage is very good. In this way, Wang Jing and the family should really have a relationship.

"Are you not be found? This is the place of others." Liang Jie asked a little bit worried.

Li Mengyao laughed, "The master is assured. As long as I want to hide it, the monks during the gold period will not find me."

Hearing that Liang Jie was relieved. As long as Li Mengyao and Yuanbao were not discovered, then the exchange of spiritual thoughts was actually very convenient.

The ten veterans of the podium position seem to be getting old, and their strengths are very good. Almost all of them are in the late period of the solid foundation construction, and even there is a breakthrough that the solid foundation period is about to breakthrough.

The man was really the owner of the Wang family. He stood up at this time and said loudly, "Dear everyone, welcome everyone to join this family ranking battle."

"It is not easy to cultivate, resources are limited, and distribution according to work and strength is really a helpless decision. I hope everyone can continue to love and help each other."

"The ranking battle is conducted in a free challenge way. The list of rewards has been distributed to everyone. You can see for yourself."

Regarding the ranking battle, the owner of the Wang family didn't say much, he just stated the facts.

Shangzhou has a vast area. It is impossible to say that there are no other spiritual veins, but these tiny spiritual veins are in the hands of the ten strongest families. Each major family sends people to assist in mining and digging the spiritual veins each year. There are things like collecting pills.

Therefore, each year each major family can share a certain amount of cultivation resources.

Looking at the list in Shangguan Fei's hand, he can see that fifty to one hundred families have the same resources, and the only thing that can be more is the ranking reward.

Ranking rewards are recognition of each family, so major families will care so much about rankings.

As for the families outside the top 100, they can only get few. This gap is really similar to the actual situation. A large number of resources are in the hands of a few people, and most people can only compete for a small amount of resources.

"It's the same everywhere!"

Liang Jie sighed and felt very lucky at the same time.

In this family ranking battle, each family can only send two young people to participate, and the age must not exceed 25 years old. Such a rule is obviously to give young people a chance.

Only in this situation of imbalanced resources, people of other families can only compete for similar rankings. After all, more than 50 families have resources that are several times or even dozens of times that of others.

Especially in the top ten, they get definitely the most cultivation resources.

"Little brother, how is A Yu's strength?" Shangguan Fei knew that Shangguan Yu rubbed his dad on the ground and rubbed him. He couldn't help but be very angry.

The reason why he asked at this moment, he was calculating what position the Shangguan family could climb to.

Chapter 60 - Family Ranking Battle (2)

"Grandpa, believe me!"

"Did you not see my dad being convinced? you may not be my opponent now, Grandpa."


After waiting for Liang Jie to speak, Shangguan Yu immediately became proud.

Seeing him like that, he took pride in pressing his father against the ground. His father is even more complex, but now he can't beat his son, he feels upset!

Shangguan Fei smiled and said, "Oh? Boy, you are really grown up! You dare to fight even grandpa?"

"No, how can it be? If you take a shot, I can't last a round."

At this time, Shangguan Yu's face was so pale, what more dare to say there! Winning the father' is a family tradition, but if he beats grandpa, his pocket money will be gone.

Even if he is more powerful, that is not grandpa's opponent, this is a must.

"Father, you can rest assured, this kid is amazing!"

"When he was at my county seat, he was so powerful!"

"By the way, he also likes two girls!"

Liang Jie looked at Shangguan Yu with a smile and immediately started the performance.

The words made Shangguan Yu silent, and there was no reason to refute them.


The teacher is so ruthless!

Hearing that Shangguan Yu was fancy with two girls, Shangguan Fei laughed out loud: "Okay, A Yu is more prosperous than your father, find some time to take home and show us!"

"Well, good!"

In this regard, Shangguan Yu is very happy.

But at this time, people from two families had begun to compete.

Regarding the rules of the game, there are no obvious rules, that is, the low-ranked family will challenge the high-ranked family.

Of course, although it is a young strong in the family, who knows if it is true! Such things as foreign aid are possible, and they are still in the default state.

"teacher, what are they doing?"

Shangguan Yu has some skills, for those who are weaker than him, he doesn’t care about.

However, this is not true, because the strength of these two people is only about the third level of cultivation momentum strength, Liang Jie can kill them with a finger.

"Can a family with a ranking of ninety be compared with yours of forty?"

Although Liang Jie's words were euphemistic, in fact, Shangguan Yu himself was very clear. If it was not because he had met Liang Jie, he would have no chance to play now.

There are indeed young people in the family, but their strength is only about the ninth level of cultivation momentum period. It is not easy to achieve certain results in this battle.

"Master, who do you say I should challenge?"

Shangguan Yu has no interest in the showdown. What he wants now is to play well and see how strong he is.

Although the hunting dragon skill is not suitable for fighting, it is not a way to fight.

Ordering the Five Elements is not a joke, coupled with the powerful ability to make spells, the strength of Shangguan Yu is definitely not to be underestimated.

"Low-key, I remember you said that there was someone named master Long, let's challenge him first!" Liang Jie noticed that the one called master Long was staring at Shangguan Yu fiercely at this moment.

At that time, he provoked Ling Jie. Although Liang Jie didn't hold many grudges, the other party seemed to make trouble with Shangguan Yu, so let him taste the abuse.

Shangguan Yu nodded and said, "Understand!"

He really understood. The teacher wanted him to play with the guy. He was good at this kind of thing that he couldn't hold back anymore.

A few minutes later, the two split up and the low-ranked family won the high-ranked family.

"Well, young people are very good. Who won the challenge with our privately sponsored training resources. After the battle is over, we will release it to your family."

The owner of the Wang family commented briefly and then talked about the reward.

"I want to challenge Mo Zilong!"

Just after the last match was over, Shangguan Yu couldn't wait to stand up.

A leap forward, drawing a perfect arc in the air, and even brought a little bit of colorful glow, the look is very invincible.

"This kid is so embarrassing."

At almost the same time, the idea came to everyone's mind.

Li Mengyao laughed while holding her belly. Shangguan Yu was so good at doing things, she actually used the hunting dragon skill to make this kind of light effect.

It can only be said that he is very capable of playing treasure and shameless.

"Master, is your student so arrogant that he is not afraid of being killed?" Yuanbao lay on Liang Jie's head and glanced at Shangguan Yu.

Liang Jie said lightly: "Then let him be killed."

For this student who is even more arrogant than the teacher, Liang Jie wants to give him two feet.

What are you going to do to get out of the limelight? They said to be low-key, is there all water in your head?

"Haha ... you're so ridiculous!"

"Challenge me? OK! Come on!"

"Relax! I will show mercy."

Mo Zilong is even more arrogant than Shangguan Yu. He patted the railing with one hand and jumped up from the sidelines.

It wasn't really flying, it was just taxiing, but it was handsome enough.

"Master, do the children of these families have problems in their brains?" Yuanbao really couldn't stand it. How could these younger generations be of this kind?

Li Mengyao laughed: "You don't understand. Brain disability is a genetic defect. These people have more or less."


In this regard, Liang Jie could not refute.

Think about it, isn't it? Whether it's Shangguan Yu or Mo Zilong, their situation is very special, isn't it?

As for the Shangguan Fei family, their faces were dark when they saw his performance, but they were relieved when they saw that Mo Zilong's behavior.

"Mo Zilong, I was able to grab your woman before, this time I can grab your ranking."

"You are not handsome, and you are far worse than me. I stand here today and still can beat you down."

"Everyone can testify. If I go out of this circle, I will lose!"

Shangguan Yu grinned, drew a circle on the ground with his feet, and looked at Mo Zilong provocatively.

This is undoubtedly contemptuous, Shangguan Yu has exerted his arrogant nature to the extreme and made Mo family furious.

Mo Zilong’s muscles on his face are twitching. This guy is so abominable.

Chapter 61 - Proud

"Haha ... Shangguan Yu, have you lost memory?"

"When do you become my opponent? See how I teach you to be a human today."

"My Mo Zilong is ..."

Mo Zilong was about to show his generosity.

But before he finished speaking, he found himself speechless, which made him inexplicable.

Everyone saw it really. It turned out that Shangguan Yu took out a sound-proof spell to isolate Mo Zilong's voice.

"Oh? spells, this is interesting."

All the members of the top ten families had their eyes brightened and were surprised by the performance of Shangguan Yu.

To be honest, they are very clear how Shangguan Yu's strength is, but they did not expect that he could make such great progress in such a short time.

Before he was even less capable than the innate state! Is this change too big?

"Is it the means of that mysterious powerhouse?"

Regarding the affairs between the Shangguan family and other families, the top ten families are still very clear.

Shangguan Fei suddenly became a master of the second level of cultivation momentum period. This is not something that can be done casually. It must be after eating a washing pulp pill that it has broken own limits.

After all, his talent is there, and it is already the limit to reach the innate state.

"Brother, we play together from a young age. I don't want to make you too shameful."

"If you give up, I'll let you go like this today."

"Otherwise, I'm going to show off my power."

Shangguan Yu took out a stack of ordinary paper and waved his right hand to bring out an aura.

There is no doubt that it is the spiritual power used to draw spells. He actually mastered the method of making a spell and looks very familiar.

He draws hundreds of times a day. The trick of hunting dragon skill is that practice makes perfect, and there are no other shortcuts to take.

If there are special brushes, inks, and spirit paper, the magic power of Shangguan Yu's spells is absolutely amazing.


Mo Zilong found himself able to speak, even when he rushed to Shangguan Yu.

At this point, he already knew that he must not wait for his death. Since the other party has a spell, he can only not give the other party a shot.

However, before Mo Zilong rushed out a few meters away, he fell to the ground.

A stone pier suddenly appeared at his feet, which caused him to fall miserably, gliding on the ground for several meters, and the whole man was ashamed.

"Haha ..."

Everyone laughed, but this fall was really hard.

Although it would not hurt Mo Zilong, his heart has been hit hard, and Shangguan Yu is playing with him.

"Look for Death"

Mo Zilong's eyes became cold, even when he was ready to move against Shangguan Yu.

But he unexpectedly found that he could not move, and when he looked back, he found that the vines had grown, but he was bound tightly.


Shangguan Yu was sitting on the ground, not nervous at all. He had already fixed Mo Zilong.

No matter how he struggles, it is useless. In front of his spell, this boy has no power to fight back.

After repeated provocations, Mo Zilong couldn't take care of it so much. He broke out of the vine in an instant, and his speed was very fast.

For Mo Zilong, the spiritual root of the wind attribute allows him to choose not many exercises.

Due to his family strength, Wind skill has already been regarded as a relatively advanced method, at least the three-grade, which allows him to practice the gold pill period.

"Don't run too fast or you will be hurt."

Shangguan Yu's eyelids were raised, not surprised.

He painted the spell in a leisurely manner and threw out a spell, and the spell was dissipated into a golden light, and then a piece of golden silk appeared.

These golden silks are not real golden silks, they are just things transformed by Shangguan Yu's spiritual power, but their sharpness cannot be underestimated.

"Golden silkworm rune?"

The people in the ten major families were stunned. They could see very clearly that what changed after the spell had turned out to be a golden silkworm.

Isn't this a spell of biology? The summoned spirit can be used as a spirit pet.

However, the use of Shangguan Yu was astounding. Can such a thing really be done?

"This is not as simple as a simple spell, it is a magic rune!"

The head of the Wang family first understood that his eyes became hot.

There is no doubt that the Shangguan family must have something to do with the master, otherwise, it would not have such a magical method.

It is not uncommon for runes to fight with spells, but it is completely different if runes have mastered magic runes. They can combine various attack methods.

A splash of blood splattered out, and Mo Zilong stopped, only ten meters away from Shangguan Yu.

At this moment, his body was covered with gold silk, because Shangguan Yu had been controlling it with spiritual power, so these gold silks did not dissipate so easily.

"Come, you're so dirty, gives you a bath!"

With a smile, Shangguan Yu threw out the water spell in his hand.

Although it looks like ordinary water, it makes Mo Zilong miserable.

This water was extremely heavy, and it didn't evaporate, adsorbed on his body, making him feel a sudden surge of thousands of pounds.

With feet on the ground, he can't move half a minute at all.

Everyone was scared. The sudden weight gain was very real, and there was clearly a wave on the ground.

"Come, I'll perm for you!"

The smiling Shangguan Yu did not intend to stop, picking up a spell and shaking it in front of everyone's eyes.

That is indeed a thunderbolt. This is intended to give Mo Zilong an electric shock therapy! All the people in the Mo family changed their faces and wanted to admit defeat but couldn't say a word.

As for Mo Zilong, it is even impossible to admit defeat.


With the formation of a thunder cloud, and then small lightning, Mo Zilong scorched black, and his hair was upright.

Then, Shangguan Yu decisively threw a spell, and a strong wind blew across, blowing Mo Zilong's hair to one side, and it looked like an astonishment to the extreme.

"Look, this isn't much more handsome."

The bad Shangguan Yu grinned and opened his mouth with white eyes.

Everyone couldn't help it anymore, all clapping their legs and laughing. This battle was the first time they saw it, but Mo Zilong did lose too badly.

Everyone was apprehensive at the thought of his misery at the moment.

However, it is not necessarily to say how strong Shangguan Yu is. After all, as long as the strength is strong, there is not much advantage for rune master.

Chapter 62 - Rune Master’s Strength

"I'm not convinced, come to fight with me."

Mo Zilong was greatly humiliated, and blood spit almost spurted from his throat.

There is no doubt that Shangguan Yu was playing with him and did so on purpose.

"Huh, it's just a spell."

Obviously, the people in Mo's house were not convinced either. The owner and other people who came here did not care about Shangguan Yu's advantage at this moment.


No way!

"I said that I could win you without going out of this circle, and I said I could do it."

"Now you think I won unfairly, which means that I am out of this circle to fight you, right?"

"Okay, I'm afraid you lose too badly. What to do if you commit suicide for a while? Then I have to admit it, or I will be disqualified if you die ..."

Shangguan Yu's mouth is very poisonous, saying that Mo Zilong was worthless.

His name should not be a dragon, but a worm, because he doesn't deserve it!

"You ... hmm ..."

A spit of blood spewed out, and Mo Zilong was completely angry.

Even though he is not a genius, he is many times stronger than Shangguan Yu. Before, he had only laughed at the other side. He never thought that he would have such a day.

"Oh, are you serious?"

"Senior, you saw it, even if he died, it was his own business, you must not blame me."

"Otherwise, I have nowhere to reason!"

At this moment, Shangguan Yu was extremely wronged, as if he was the victim.

This twitched the eyes of the heads of the ten families in the stands. How could the future heir of the Shangguan family be such a young man!

There is some strength, but this behavior is bad!

"Since you're looking for death, don't blame me!"

Mo Zilong was wiped with blood from the corner of his mouth.

He took out a small bronze sword from his arms, which was undoubtedly the flying sword refined by the Jin Dynasty. It could be controlled by his strength, but it was by no means a weapon he could possess.

The second-grade flying sword is engraved with a prohibition to increase attack power, and there is also a prohibition against fast flight and blessing from the formation. This instrument is not bad.

"The second-grade flying sword is okay!"

For this flying sword, Yuanbao didn’t care.

However, since it is used by a kid in the world, it is already very good, at least it can improve his strength one level at a time.

Killing a monk in the cultivation momentum period is not a problem.

With a spit of spiritual power, the flying sword was like a green rainbow, crossing a beautiful arc, and flying towards Shangguan Yu, trying to cut off his hands and feet.

The sward was too fast, and in the blink of an eye, he reached Shangguan Yu.

"Senior, we ..."

Shangguan Fei was shocked and wanted to abstain.

However, Liang Jie stopped him. This trivial matter was nothing at all. Shangguan Yu, who had a hunting dragon skill, attacked him with a flying sword, which was simply insulting himself.

"Hum, crush him hard."

Li Mengyao was very happy, waving her hand.

She can be said to be the real teacher of Shangguan Yu. She naturally does not want to see him defeated, and she is confident that he can definitely win the test.

The flying sword crossed and cut off all the hands and feet of Shangguan Yu. The sight of blood splashing instantly paralyzed the people in Shangguan's family, and their family's hope was thus annihilated.

This scene saw people's scalp tingling, Mo Zilong was too harsh, owner of the top ten families were shocked, they did not expect this young man to be so cruel.

Mo's people sneered and apparently expected such a result.

"Haha ... deserve it, you're still arrogant!"

"Today I want you to become crippled, what is it to abandon your hands and feet, and see if I completely break your hope of continuation and completely ruin your hands and feet!"

"You mourn in pain! Haha ..."

Taking control of the sword, all the severed limbs of Shangguan Yu were shredded.

This made Mo Zilong excited, and the joy of revenge made him crazy.

However, the top ten family owners in the stands saw something different. Shangguan Yu was too calm. Was he really cut off his hands and feet?

Shangguan Yu, who sat down on the ground, burst into the spirit, a broken spell fell to the ground, which was actually a spell with a villain painted on it.


Everyone exclaimed they did not expect that Shangguan Yu would still do it.

The Substitute is an ordinary spell, but it is not so simple to mix the fake with genuine, but Shangguan Yu has achieved a level that is not noticeable.


As soon as his eyes were frozen, the smile on Mo Zilong's face was frozen.

An icy cold came from his throat, and Shangguan Yu was behind him.


No doubt, this is exactly how Shangguan Yu moves silently.

Rune Master, Real Rune Master! And also a master of the rune master. Its use has long been in full swing, and its strength is absolutely comparable to that of ordinary people.

"Don't be afraid! This is not a real knife!"

Shangguan Yu grinned, and the icy knife turned into a spell as soon as he clapped.

However, Mo Zilong knew very well that if the other party really had the intention of killing, then he was now a dead body, and Shangguan Yu's strength as a rune master had already surpassed him.

"Then you guess, which one is me right now?"

Grinning, Shangguan Yu's body exudes a hazy light, and then there are dozens of Shangguan Yu's where.

No matter where you look at it, it's no doubt they are Shangguan Yu, and can't see any flaws.

These are "avatars", which can be faked in real, each of them seems like real existence. Except for the owners of the top ten families, who were present, few people could tell.

"How could this happen?"

At this time, Mo Zilong was about to collapse. Looking at more than fifty Shangguan Yu in front of him, he couldn't tell which one was true.

Mo Zilong trembled, and the whole person was abnormal. He couldn't accept the fact that he lost to Shangguan Yu, and he was even more reluctant to admit that he was stronger than himself.

and so.


With a cold look, Mo Zilong controlled the flying sword, but actually started the slaughter of Shangguan Yu's avatars. After each avatar was killed, it splattered like blood.

However, when the avatar fell to the ground, it became an ordinary rune paper.

"Haha ... finally dead!"

The red eyes of Mo Zilong was already a little crazy at this time. He controlled the flying sword and attacked for so long that he could no longer support it.


A hot current was flowing from the nostrils, and Mo Zilong turned into a long flow of nostrils.

However, all Shangguan Yu is an avatar, he seems to disappear.

"Oh, you're amazing! You killed all of my avatars."

When Shangguan Yu's voice came, he even sat in that circle.

It turned out that he had never stepped out since the beginning. In fact, all the previous were made by Shangguan Yu. He has been watching good shows.

Chapter 63 - Tomb Sect is So Arrogant

"Impossible, this is impossible ..."

Mo Zilong was severely hit. He couldn't believe everything he had done, but he was treated like a monkey show.

In fact, not only he couldn’t accept it, but also other people in the family, because Shangguan Yu showed too much strength.

"It seems that Mo's kid has been hit hard, but it is also reasonable."

"Yeah! The kid in Shangguan's family is very good. The use of spells is too familiar."

"I suppose it should be the master who taught! Otherwise, there would not be such a big improvement."

The Wang family took the lead in commenting, and other people in the family naturally echoed. They were still very satisfied with the performance of Shangguan Yu.

However, they are not worried that their respective family status will be challenged, because Shangguan Yu's current strength is simply not enough.

Why do major families choose two people to fight, the reason is still very simple, nothing more than to make a strong person ensure that their status is not violated.

"Are there any tricks for you? you try, I don't mind."

It can be seen that Shangguan Yu intend to destroy Mo Zilong.

Everyone can see that Mo Zilong's final means have been used, but unfortunately, he did not cause much damage to Shangguan Yu.

"Haha ... I won't lose!"

"Shangguanyu, I'm better than you, I've been better than you all my life."

"I'm going to prove it to everyone today, you're not as good as me!"

Mo zilong, who was crazy, roared and gathered all his spiritual power.

That flying sword surpassed the previous speed, and it seemed to be a fatal blow to Shangguan Yu. This speed was too fast, and it was too late to defend.

However, a strange scene appeared, and the flying sword stopped in the air.


Everyone was exclaimed, they did not expect that Shangguan Yu would still do this.

However, rune master's identity is there, and it is not unusual to use bans. It is really difficult to just keep the flying sword still.

It can be seen that within ten meters of the center of the above official feathers, a magic formation drawn by spiritual power appears, which is the effect of prohibition.

"Looks like this is your last resort. It's boring."

"Uncle Mo, Mo Zilong has been stimulated. You can find some beautiful girls to comfort him!"

"Let him make up for it, so don't be so ill with me next time."

With that said, Shangguan Yu sent Mo Zilong back and affixed it to Mo Zilong's body, and he walked back empty-eyed.

The amulet is nothing, for Mo Zilong, who is already in a state of mental breakdown, is effortless to control.


The people of the Mo family were silent in silence. They didn't know what to say.

The performance of the Shangguan Yu, even if sending another person, is not his opponent, and it is better to admit defeat than to insult him.

"we lose!"

Be generous, but they can still have some face, otherwise, it will be swept away.

Everyone was very surprised, Shangguan Yu's victory was amazing because no one was optimistic about him!

But from the beginning to the end, his style was almost arrogant.

"Shangguan's kid is good! Haha ..."

The victory belongs to Shangguan Yu, and the others have no opinion.

At this time, praise is nothing, and the emergence of this genius is not a bad thing for them.

"Well, that's right! He has grown."

Shangguan Fei, who was almost scared to death, smiled at this moment and readily accepted the praise of others.

His grandson is promising, and he is still very happy as a grandfather. Even the father of Shangguan Yu is very happy.

"Master, this kid has a future!"

Yuanbao looked at Shangguan Yu with a smile.

As for Li Mengyao's expression of pride, it was like saying that she had taught him.

Liang Jie is also very happy about this, but he feels that Shangguan Yu will definitely not stop it like this, or he will continue to challenge.

"Next, I want to challenge the No. 35 Zhong family!"

Shangguan Yu naturally wanted to vent her anger.

A few years ago, he was bullied by the Zhong family, so this time he had to earn his face.

The people in the Zhong family stomped their feet one by one, this kid was too bullying.

Is it great to win the Mo family? How could he directly challenge the Zhong family?

However, they can not understand the details of Shangguan Yu, they dare not fight easily, but the right to refuse is only once, they do not want to use it so easily.

All of a sudden, everyone looked at the Zhong family, waiting for their reply.

"What? Scared?"

"Our tomb sect believes in the principle of revenge, and whoever provokes us, we will go to his family's ancestral archeology!"

"Today your Zhong family does not want to agree, but you have to agree, otherwise don't blame me for archeology in your ancestral land."

Shangguan Yu's expression that I could do, made the Zhong family angry, and they were completely dumbfounded this time.

What is archeology? Is it archeology? Two different things, OK?

Explain clearly is to go to their ancestral land, dig their family's ancestral grave, and then see if there are funerary items or leftovers.

The kid threatened so blatantly, it made people angry.

"Shangguan Fei, is it behavior for your Shangguan family?"

The Zhong family couldn't sit still, and they glared in the direction of the Shangguan family.

They are very uncomfortable with the words of Shangguan Yu.

"Children are not sensible, and if they go to your Zhongjiazu archeology, I'll bury them for you."

Shangguan Fei grinned, and his words were so fierce that he almost let the people in the Zhong family vomit blood.

Shangguan Yu is definitely born by Shangguan Jie, it is the grandson of Shangguan Fei.

"Have you heard that you better think clearly."

"The favorite thing of our tomb sect is to go to archaeological sites of ancient times. The Zhong family has a history of thousands of years, which is barely enough."

"Don't worry, with my skill, even if you hide your ancestral land 300 feet underground, I can dig it out for you."

"At that time, I will host an exhibition and publish the glorious history of the Zhong family to the public. The fees you charge for collecting tickets are not small! you have to thank me ..."

Shangguan Yu was addicted, said endlessly, and the people in Zhong's face were very bad.

This kid is too sinister. Such things can be said, they are really worried.

"Well, yes! I like this!"

Liang Jie couldn't help nodding, archeology was his specialty, and it really could be tried.

However, both of them are happy, but others are miserable. It is hard to hold back laughter. Could you please be so funny?

Chapter 64 - Shock the Audience

"Look for death!"

The young people of Zhong's family couldn't help it. He stood up and was about to fight.

However, the owner of the Zhong family shook his head and motioned him not to be impulsive. For now, it is better to bear it, because the situation of Shangguan Yu is too special.

"Your strength is strong, our Zhong family consciously is not an opponent, we will not fight this battle, we used the last opportunity to avoid a battle."

This cannot be taken for granted. There is really no way out because the young man beside Shangguan Yu is really calm.

He is a good brother of Shangguan Yu, but everyone is not a fool. Anyone can see that his status is not so simple.

"Um, uncle has said so, naturally I will give you face."

"Okay! I challenge the Qian family, do you dare to fight?"

"If you want to avoid, I don't mind at all."

Shangguan Yu's indifferent expression, Zhong's reaction was expected.

What he said before wanted to highlight the strength of the Tomb Sect, and he didn't force it if the purpose had been achieved.

However, things can't end like this, he hasn't played enough!

So, he pointed his finger at another family he didn't like.

The 30th-ranked Qian family now has the heart to scold his mother. This Shangguan Yu is just a crazy dog.

Although friction between juniors is normal, this kid is too vengeful!

"Huh, really no one can win you?"

Qian family's young people are not afraid, and there is nothing to lose.

Compared to the Zhong family, they are more confident and more courageous. They have never been afraid of battle!

However, as soon as the Zhong family's young man flew out, he fell to the ground.

Everyone is dumbfounded, this Shangguan Yu is not kind! Actually, the ban was prepared in advance, and the young man from the Qian family was really miserable.

He had passed out before the match.

"Sorry, when I first fought with Mo Zilong, the ban set was not lifted."

"Otherwise, it is over."

"In order to show my sincerity, I will not continue to challenge."

Shangguan Yu's expression that he was wrong and was willing to bear, almost anger Qian family.

If the Zhong family retreats from difficulties, they are really humiliated this time! The young people of their own ran out to fight, and they lost before they even started.

"Well, so that's it!"

The owners of the ten major families nodded one after another, saying that it would be a good way to do this.

Think of it as a stubborn young man and make a joke!

However, they do not laugh, which does not mean that other people in the family do not laugh. After all, such a fight is so funny.

The people in the Qian family had a blue complexion, and the people in the Shangguan family also had complex expressions. Now they were afraid that the Shangguan family would be staring by them.

"What's the laugh? Qian Duoduo dares to fight me."

"What? You want to fight me too?"

"Come, I'll stand here if you want to fight with me, come on!"

The major families that had been gloating for a moment were suddenly silent, this Shangguan family kid was too hateful.

If they want to fight, they really can't beat Shangguan Yu. His strength has been recognized by everyone. Although they don't know the specific strength, he is definitely more than the tenth level of cultivation momentum period.

"A group of guts."

Looking around for a week, no one dared to fight.

In this regard, Shangguan Yu expressed disappointment. He thought that these people would boldly accept the challenge!

When he sat down at the Shangguan side, everyone was relieved, and he finally went back. The boy was too frustrating.

"Teacher, how am I doing?"

He looks at Liang Jie generally, he cares about the teacher's evaluation.

If the teacher dissatisfied, he may have to undergo Spartan-style training again, and he really doesn't want to try that boring meditation and drawing spell.

"Well, yes! Look at me next!"

Liang Jie smiled and walked from the place where Shangguan's house was located to the center of the ring.

Obviously, he was ready to launch a challenge, and it was the kind that everyone expected, and it was by no means an ordinary battle.

After all, Liang Jie's strength as the final one of the Shangguan family, must not be underestimated. At least the owners of the top ten families cannot see how strong the other party is.

The hiding power of the ring is still very strong, and it can shield the spiritual exploration of other monks. Liang Jie does not have to worry about his strength being exposed at all.

Besides, what if they knew it?

"I represent the Shangguan family and challenge the Song family!"

Everyone was surprised, they did not expect Liang Jie to directly challenge the 11th ranked family.

This is something they dare not imagine. Even the heads of the top ten families did not expect that another young man in the Shangguan family was so bold.

"Is it crazy? Is it challenging the Song family?"

"What the hell is this guy? There is no such figure in Shangguan!"

"Being able to enter shows that age must meet the requirements. Is he stronger than Shangguan Yu?"

Everyone is not very clear about Liang Jie's strength, but his actions have shocked everyone.

The families ranked in the top 20 are not ordinary families. The strength of the young people in their families is definitely the peak of the cultivation momentum period, even the existence of the solid foundation period.

It is almost impossible for people from other families to challenge success, especially middle-to-high families like the Shangguan family.

"Shangguan Fei, can he represent you Shangguan family?"

The owner of the Song family did not directly accept but asked Shangguan Fei.

In this regard, Shangguan Fei smiled and said, "He means what we mean in Shangguan's family. If the young people in your family dare not fight, you can use the avoid battle."

People from the major families took a breath, and they did not expect that Shangguan Fei was so brave.

This is not simply a slam. Shangguan's family wants to compete with the Song family! If the Song family did not fight, they will always be laughed at forever.

"Haha ... Since Shangguan Fei is so confident, our Song family agreed to this battle."

The Song family ranked 11th, naturally will not be afraid to fight, and losing does not mean that they will become the rank of the Shangguan family.

This is not a bad thing in itself, it is a real shame to retreat without a fight.

Chapter 65 - True Words Mystery

"Master, you should be more arrogant."

Yuanbao was a bit unwilling and felt that Liang Jie's challenge was not domineering.

On this point, Li Mengyao expressed her support, and she also felt that Liang Jie should be more proud.

"Be low-key!"

Liang Jie smiled and made Yuanbao suddenly speechless.

Domineering and provocative is good, but show strong strength is obviously more interesting.

It is indeed the master of Shangguan Yu, this is the right way to do it! That's it.


Liang Jie smiled and seemed to care nothing about the Song family.

This immediately aroused the curiosity of everyone, they wanted to know what kind of confidence Liang Jie had, and dare to despise the Song family so much.

"Hum, I will meet you!"

The young people of the Song family stepped forward and did not deliberately show off.

Compared to Shangguan Yu's publicity, Liang Jie and Song's people seemed very low-key, but their aura was more than one grade higher, and everyone looked at it with a deep breath.

"Although I don't know where your teacher is since you want to challenge the Song family, you have to be prepared for failure."

"I am Song Shijie, also likes to embarrass people. If you kneel down and ask for forgiveness, I will let you go."

"How's it? Don't really think about it? If you miss the opportunity, just ..."

Song Shijie smiled coldly and persuaded to surrender loudly, which was undoubtedly hit the face of Shangguan family.

If Liang Jie retreated like this, the Shangguan family wouldn't even think about raising their heads in front of the major families. To put it lightly and not to embarrass Liang Jie is actually more hateful than defeating Liang Jie.

"Very good, the strength of the early solid foundation period."

The eyes of the owner of the Wang family were bright, full of admiration.

People from other families also nodded non-stop. They still recognized Song Shijie's strength as a young man, although they knew that this was helping to promote seedlings. But for a family, there must be such young people.

"Kneel down"

After waiting for Song Shijie to finish his speech, Liang Jie shouted.

The sound was like a thunder blast, everyone was shocked, and the weaker people knelt down without any ability to resist.

Song Shijie, a master of the solid foundation period, under the pressure of Liang Jie's spirit, his legs bent down and he straightened to his knees.

The loud noise of the knees touching the ground awakened everyone in shock.

It was not until this moment that they finally saw it. At the very moment, they were under control, and their bodies fell on their knees without listening.

They are not affected because they are far away, but Song Shijie is different. He can now feel that his legs are as heavy as lead.

What's more terrible is that he seems to be pressed against his shoulders and head, making him unable to stand up.

With a silent meditation in his heart, he mobilized the whole body's spiritual power. He wanted to stand up, but the huge coercion made him kneel again.

He was still strong, but now he is kneeling directly in front of his opponent. This change shocked everyone. They didn't know what happened.

"What's the matter?"

At this moment, they were full of doubts.

Why did they suddenly kneel and why Song Shijie kneel? These strange phenomena are undoubtedly caused by Liang Jie. How did he do it?

For a moment, everyone was silent, and their eyes were full of horror.

"True Words Mystery."

The people of the ten major families have incredible faces. They did not expect that the young people in Shangguan's family actually knew such profound mysteries.

Compared with other monks, it is very common to use swords or whip, but True Words Mystery is unusual. Its attack method is a special attack based on True Words.

Depending on the True Words, it can bring different effects.

At this time, Liang Jie is like an immortal speaking the truth, every word and every word contains powerful power.

It's no surprise that people from other families don't know, after all, they don't have much access to it.

"Did you give up?"

Liang Jie smiled, looking very relaxed.

This True Words Mystery was naturally taught by Li Mengyao because Liang Jie didn't want to learn other troublesome exercises, so he chose this special mystery.

After careful consideration, Li Mengyao thinks that Liang Jie is indeed suitable for this set of mystery, especially the nine-character mystery of the highest state, which has a great effect on Liang Jie.


At this moment, the people of the Song family were collectively silent.

They did not understand how Liang Jie did it, but they knew that Song Shijie's strength was not Liang Jie's opponent at all.

In the first battle, they lost.


However, even when his body was unable to move and he knelt down on the ground with strong coercion, Song Shijie did not give up.

In his opinion, he did not lose at all, and his eyes were full of battle intention.

"True Words are speeches with spiritual power, like magical powers as the forbidden formation."

"In ancient times, the words spoken by immortal were called True Words, which contained the Tao of the immortal. The power recognized by the heavens and the earth has infinite power."

"You can't win, I just show you my strength, what if I let you die?"

Liang Jie smiled but made everyone cold, and a cold air rose from the heart.

Yes, he just said "kneel down", but what about a "dead" word?

If so, Song Shijie will no doubt die.


Looking at Liang Jie, Song Shijie was shocked. He heard the other party's explanation and understood that he was not Liang Jie's opponent at all.

The power of True Words is unpredictable, just like confronting heaven and earth. He must be stronger than Liang Jie if he wants to break free, but this is impossible.

"But you don't have to worry, I'll be disqualified if I kill you."

"Can't kill you, I have a way to torture you, what do you think?"

"Our tomb sect is fair, and now I give you two options, either to become disabled or to give up now!"

Liang Jie did not intend to kill Song Shijie, he was just to prove his strength.

Once the True Words Mystery comes out, everyone will be afraid, because being able to master this mystery is enough to explain many things.

Tomb sect!

When this name appeared again, everyone thought of Shangguan Yu. This is not exactly what he called!

"It looks like you're pretty strong, not bad!"

"However, in addition to this usage, there is something called a mantra."

"It's not unusual, it can make you implied, and always be dominated by the curse of the mantra, I think you are still young, if I make you impotence, you think ..."

Smiling Liang Jie, what he said made people cool, and had to say that he was even more shameless than Shangguan Yu.

A kind of shocking mystery is actually used to curse others for being impotent. Many people will be mad.

"I surrender!"

Song Shijie couldn't stand it.

He could tolerate killing him, but it was really intolerable.

Chapter 66 - Arrogant Young Man

Song Shijie didn’t dare to persist there.

He was not injured, and he can fight next. It is nothing to lose a victory.

But if it is impotence, it would be too tragic, he is still young!

"Well, you know."

Liang Jie grinned and lifted the effect of mantra.

Slumped all over, Song Shijie fell to the ground with his butt, his back was soaked with sweat, and just now he accepted such a powerful mystery, he was a little proud of himself.


Grinning, Liang Jie looked at the people in the top ten families.

This sight really shocked them, and it was really difficult to defeat Liang Jie's young people in the top ten families.

Even if it is stronger than Liang Jie, it is useless, because the effect of mystery is too strong to restrict other people, which is not something that ordinary people can resist at all.

"Do you want to challenge us?"

The people of the Wang family smiled slightly, without any expression, and seemed very casual.

Challenges are not constrained, and it is not surprising that even the top ten families are challenged.

"Yeah! Who do you want to challenge?"

The members of the top ten families smiled and did not flinch because of Liang Jie's strength.

Even if there are tens of thousands of ideas in my heart, they still have to be very calm at this moment.

"I don't challenge the top ten families. I just want to say that can I stop fighting."

"You see, the young people in these families are not my opponents at all. I am very busy."

"How about that? Let the people who want to fight with me all come on, and I solved it all at once."

Liang Jie spoke flatly but left everyone speechless for a while.

He is too arrogant. Does one person fight with all the families except the top ten families?

"I'm afraid this won't work. The Shangguan family is already ranked 11th. If you want to challenge, you can only challenge our family."

The Wang family owner smiled and dispelled Liang Jie's thoughts.

People in other families were relieved. They were really afraid of Liang Jie going crazy, and really beat the young geniuses of their family.

In fact, he is so strong, they already recognize it, what else is there to fight?

"So, can the Shangguan family first withdraw?"

"No one sees them dare to challenge us, they can't even win."

"Instead of wasting time, let's go home and take a shower and celebrate!"

Liang Jie, the words are full of arrogance from beginning to end, he thinks that no one is his opponent.

The eyes of all the major families were resentful, and they felt that this young man was too proud. Even if you are strong, you don't need to do this!

The Shangguan family didn't know what luck had happened, but they found such a backer, and the arrogance of the tomb sect was almost invincible.

"This is fine, I believe everyone has no opinion!"

The Wang family nodded and looked at the owners of the other major families.

Since Liang Jie gave them face, this trivial matter was nothing, so they all said that there was no problem. Anyway, there were so many families who didn't come to participate. It was also the strength of the Shangguan family to leave early.

"Oh, do you have any opinions?"

Turn around and look around the heads of the major families.

Liang Jie was obviously asking them, which made the people in the major families embarrassed one by one. Didn't they see the people in the top ten families agree?

They are just small shrimps. What can they say?

"If you don't speak, it's the default, then I thank you on behalf of the Shangguan family."

With a smile, Liang Jie held his fist and walked directly to the place where Shangguan's family was.

At this moment, Shangguan Yu was happy, the teacher really conquers everyone.

"Teacher, can you teach me the mystery?" Shangguan Yu smiled and pinched Liang Jie with a flattering expression.

Liang Jie gave him a white look and said, "It's good to learn your hunting dragon skill well."


With a smile, Shangguan Yu didn't dare to say more.

He is already very strong, only to get started with hunting dragon skills, and he has already defeated those who bullied him. He really has no dissatisfaction.

"Master, why don't you challenge the people in the top ten families?"

"I found that among the top ten families, there were people from the Ji family sitting in town."

"I'm upset when I see the Ji family. You should just beat him up!"

Li Mengyao muffled her mouth and seemed very dissatisfied with Liang Jie's decision. Her violent temperament determined that she would be extremely mad when she saw the enemy.

In this regard, Yuanbao dare not speak, because he was afraid of being beaten.

"I have a better way. There is no need to trouble the Shangguan family here."

Communicating with Li Mengyao with divine thoughts, Liang Jie told her what he thought.

There is really no need to worry about this matter. The people of the Ji family will definitely come to him. The reputation of the Tomb Sect has already begun. He believes the people of the Ji family will definitely check it out.

With so many things happening in Shangzhou, the Ji family directly lost two gold pill period monks and they would naturally not give up.

"Let's go! We're back!"

Liang Jie patted Shangguan Yu's shoulder and motioned for him to leave.

Shangguan Yu, who didn't want to stay here, was naturally very happy, and followed Liang Jie and left. But Shangguan Fei and others did not leave. They stayed here and waited until the end.

Arrogance is the privilege of young people. Shangguan Fei can't control them, but they must have the courtesy. Even if the people in the top ten families have agreed, he still needs to be polite.


Watching Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu leave, people in the major families have different expressions, but no one has a grudge against him, because they are not qualified at all.

With Liang Jie's strength, he can easily destroy their family. Who would be stupid enough to provoke him?

"Idol! If only I could do that too!"

This is the idea in the hearts of many young people in the family. Unfortunately, they dare not make any statements. They don't want to be taught by the owner.

The envious eyes could not be concealed. Liang Jie was really dazzling. This time, he is definitely the most famous person in the family ranking battle.

"Qualification battle continues ..."

The members of the top ten families smiled slightly and were not angry because of Liang Jie's arrogance, but it was better to say that he did nothing at all.

You have strength, you can do whatever you want.

"I want to challenge ..."

After a while, everyone who wanted to challenge stood up.

Seeing the battle between Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu, their fighting spirit was also ignited. They really did not feel embarrassed if they lost.

"Interesting, worthy of being valued by the ancestor!"

The owner of the Wang family was very concerned about Liang Jie.

This guy is really not easy! The True Words Mystery has been used, and he is really arrogant enough, and he is not afraid to be followed.

Chapter 67 - They Are Strong

The family qualifying battle ended smoothly, Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu didn't care about the next things, waiting in the villa to start school.

During this period, Liang Jie has been paying attention to the situation in the spiritual world.

"Senior, you let us buy pill seeds, we have all acquired them."

Han Yu and Zhuo Yi made every effort to complete Liang Jie’s request.

Although they had some doubts in their hearts, as long as it was what Liang Jie wanted to do, they absolutely supported it.

"Well, above my list for you, those seeds are bought indefinitely."

"By the way, I still have something, and you should help me pay more attention."

"These things are of great use to me and are very important to you. I plan to take you to my world so that you can stop worrying about security issues."

Liang Jie's remarks made Han Yu and Zhuo Yi surprised.

Picking them up where Liang Jie is, that is to say, taking them to their own cultivation place, this is simply a gift to them!

"Thank you, senior, we must live up to your trust."

The two were very respectful, and the whole person was more powerful.

Thinking of being able to practice in the predecessor's place, they can't wait to get everything the predecessor wants immediately, but when they see the items on the list, their eyes almost fall down.

Ten sixth-grade vanity stones, ten sixth-grade ghost stones, ten thousand superb spirit stones ...

The value of these things is absolutely amazing. They are really scared, but it is not to say that it is completely impossible. As long as their pill business is done, there will naturally be no problems.

It takes some time to buy these things.

"It's rare to relax and it's time to cultivate."

Liang Jie sat cross-legged, and the whole person relaxed.

Holding the superb spirits in his hands, he began to cultivate seriously.

There is not much time until the scheduled date, he must improve his strength as soon as possible so that he can have life-saving capital in the world.

School finally started in a few days.

"Huh? How did the school feel different?"

Because he has been cultivating, Liang Jie didn't know what happened in the school.

When they came to school, the spirit concentration here actually increased a lot, and it was already suitable for cultivation.

What is even more surprising is that the seniors in the school have turned into monks, and their strength is stronger than Liang Jie.

"Teacher, am I dazzled? Is this our school?" Shangguan Yu swallowed, rubbing his eyes hard and feeling that he might be wrong.

However, he did not read it wrong, and the school really changed a lot.

"Yang Yi has gone to Nine Regions College for further studies. You don't have to worry about it. She will never be bullied. There are also many seniors there."

"Yes! You can rest assured, who dares to bully our archeology department, they will die."

"Don't be sad! I will take good care of you ..."

As soon as he reached the gate, Liang Jie was surrounded by seniors.

When they changed their normal state, they all knew about Yang Yi, and they said that Yang Yi went to Nine Regions College for further studies, which surprised him.

Are the students of the entire archeology department actually monks? Is the usual attitude a disguise?

"Why don't you speak?"

"Do you think we are changing too fast? Thanks to you! Otherwise, we have to pretend!"

"But there will be no problems in the future. Whoever dares to bully you, we will beat him."

Listening to the words of the seniors, Liang Jie smiled and thanked them, he was really a little confused now.

Even Shangguan Yu was dumbfounded. It turns out that all of the archeology students are monks! No wonder the mountain on the campus is so dangerous.

In fact, in order to maintain the enchantment of the school's back mountain, the seniors, as providers of spiritual power, all lost their strength, which was deliberately arranged by the principal Wang Jing.

But now it's different, and all of their spiritual power is restored. And Wang Jing also lifted the ban, and they can now become themselves.

"Liang Jie, I am from the Ji family of the top ten families. We suspect that you have a connection with the demons. Please come with us to the Ji family!"

At this moment, several people suddenly came, and their strength was very strong, which was actually the later stage of the solid foundation building.

They made it clear that they wanted to take Liang Jie to the Ji Family.

Sure enough, as Liang Jie expected, the Ji family really started to act.

With their family power, it is not difficult to find him, but what motivated them so much is Liang Jie's performance in the family ranking battle.

"The Ji family?"

However, without waiting for Liang Jie to answer, the seniors of the Department of Archaeology all looked at those people.

Yang Yi was taken away by the Ji family, and they were angry!

"Exactly, if you are clever, it's better not to ..."

The head of the man looked arrogant and seemed very confident in his family.

It is a pity that he came to the Department of Archeology and actually acted like this. He didn't notice the strangeness of the crowd.

"Hit them!"

The crowd rushed up and did not give that person an opportunity to explain.

Those people originally wanted to fight back on the strength of their own strengths, but the archeologists of the Department of Archaeology were not ordinary people, and directly launched a restraint to confine their spiritual power, and then punched and kicked them.

"Oh, we are from the Ji family, you are trying to die ..."

"We are messengers from the Ji family, you ..."



The Ji family wanted to use the identity of the Ji family to crush people, but they were beaten even more miserably.

Dozens of people were fighting around a few people, and the scene was really shocking. The seniors of the archeology department were all fierce.

"Well, what the hell is it for the Ji family! I'm not afraid of you!"

"That is, you are lucky that we don’t kill you, bully our archeology department!"

"Go back and tell the people of Ji's family. The people of Ji's family in Shangzhou City dare to take a step closer. Believe it or not, we will go to your Ji's archeology?"


The seniors are domineering, and in the end, they have carried forward the fine traditions of the archeology department.

At this moment, Li Mengyao and Yuanbao were laughing together, and they did not expect that the students in this school would be so interesting.

It seems that these people are very suitable to become disciples of the Tomb sect!

"So handsome!"

Shangguan Yu's eyes were shining, and he was sipping around the seniors. He is now worshiping everyone to the extreme.

If anyone in our archeology department was bullied, let ’s go to their archeology. This is too domineering.

Chapter 68 - Wonderful Foresight

The changes in the archeology department were too great, and Liang Jie couldn't adapt for a while.

However, he doesn't need to adapt to anything, because everything hasn't changed much, it's just that those seniors who hadn't cultivated before become stronger.

Three days later.

Speech in the new semester.

"I know you're very happy to have recovered your strength, but you don't have to show it. Keep a low profile."

"Our aim is not to offend me, I will not offend, if anyone offends me, dig his ancestor's grave!"

"Our students in the archeology department are not afraid of things, whoever ..."

Wang Jing's remarks made Liang Jie dizzy and felt that he was the real bandit leader.

The entire archeology department was distorted by him. No wonder they were so violent and arrogant.

After the speech, Liang Jie was taken to the principal's room by Wang Jing. He looked at Liang Jie's small fat guy Yuanbao and the beauty Li Mengyao, showing a thoughtful expression.

"Principal, do you have anything to tell me?" Liang Jie asked for a stool and sat down.

Wang Jing glanced deeply at Liang Jie, and said helplessly: "It's strange, I could see your future before, but now I can't see anything."


In this regard, Liang Jie was speechless.

Headmaster Wang now, that is the existence of Yuanying period, his strength is undoubted, can even change his future, but now he can't see clearly.

The gap between them is very large, Liang Jie even has a bad hunch.

"Hey, my master is so good. Don't talk blindly!" Li Mengyao raised fist, a warning expression on the face, which left Wang Jing speechless for a while.

"Actually, this is nothing. People who reach a certain level of strength can do nothing to see through each other's future."

"With my strength, it is impossible to count his future!"

"You honestly explained, what skills did you teach him? It was so strange that he was blinded by the heavens so that no one could calculate him."

Wang Jing's method is also not ordinary. As soon as he said, even Yuanbao and Li Mengyao's eyes widened.

They both held Wang Jing's neck, one with a mallet and one with a hammer, and want to snatch the exercises, and Liang Jie looked dumbfounded.

"I give you a chance to hand over the exercises to spare you."

"Yes, hand over the exercises, my sister and I spare you."

Look at their fierce looks, the exercise should be really extraordinary.

However, the principal was someone who helped himself. Liang Jie reached out to catch Li Mengyao and Yuanbao, and looked at Wang Jing with curiosity.

It's not good to grab the exercises, he wants to know what's special about these exercises.

"Don't be excited, the exercise is great, but even I gave it to you, it is useless to you!"

"Do you still want to be reincarnated as an adult and rebuild it? It might as well be faster to find transfer spirit pill!"

"Liang Jie, it is useless to you. Your True Words Mystery is much better than this. You still have to study your exercises!"

Wang Jing gave Li Mengyao and Yuanbao a glance, thinking that they wanted to grab everything.

As elf, they don’t do their job well and think about other things all day long.

"Less nonsense. Don't make his idea."

Li Mengyao leaned hips and stared, warning Wang Jing.

Yuanbao on the side was quiet, he felt that Wang Jing was right, and instead of rebuilding the life, it would be better to find transfer spirit pill!

"What exactly did you teach him?" Wang Jing rubbed his uncomfortable neck and asked.

"Five Elements Yin and Yang."

Li Mengyao showed a proud look when she said the name.

It simply means that adoring me quickly is really funny. As an elf, she is really too humane, just like a real person.

"No wonder, you're so good to him!"

Nodded his head, Wang Jing looked at Liang Jie and said, "You learn the True Words Mystery well, which is absolutely beneficial to you."

"Principal, my future is unclear. Do you want to tell me something?"

Although Liang Jie was curious about Wang Jing's skills, now he wants to know more about what the principal saw in him.

Regarding this point, Wang Jing did not explain too much but just looked at Liang Jie deeply.

In his body, Wang Jing can see a few things, but he does feel the breath of spirit vein.

"Today, you have unpredictable opportunities, even I can't see through."

"But now that you have been approved by the spirit vein, the future is naturally to be expected."

"It's just that what you are doing today can cause great disaster to yourself. The Ji family is not as simple as you think."

Regarding Liang Jie's affairs, Wang Jing has already learned from the Wang family's homeowner. He was really unexpected.

Originally, there was no major resentment with the Ji family, but Yang Yi's existence did change a lot of things, especially after going back to Jiangcheng County, it was really difficult for Liang Jie and the Ji family to mediate.

In this matter, Liang Jie will never give in, and can only hope that the Ji family can retreat.

"Principal Wang, I want to ask what your identity is?"

Liang Jie is really curious about what Nine Regions College actually is.

It seems that what he knows about the college should be completely different from what he sees now.

"Me? I'm nothing more than a branch president of the college."

"If really want to say that I have something special, that is, I can know destiny!"

"In your words, I am the kind of person who deceives people under the flyover."

With a smile, Wang Jing didn't feel how powerful he was, instead, he was calm.

Although he said very lightly, Liang Jie knew what it meant. How could a person who knows the fate of the man is an ordinary person?

"Well, principal! Can you help me calculate Yang Yi's future?"

The reason why Liang Jie did this was to know if she would suffer.

"Yang Yi is very good, there will be no major problems, but there will be love disaster!" Smiled, Wang Jing looked at Liang Jie said.

Liang Jie looked puzzled and asked, "Love disaster?"

"Well, her road of love is not going well."

"Without you in her future, you better be mentally prepared."

"Of course, if you work hard, you should be able to rewrite destiny. After all, only you yourself know how to go."

Regarding Yang Yi, Wang Jing was not very concerned, because he saw it from the beginning.

The relationship between her and Liang Jie is short-lived, and it is really difficult to get to the end. This is also a matter of no means, but no one is sure in the future, so there is a turnaround.

"Uh ..."

At this point, Liang Jie was a little speechless.

Feeling this is the rhythm of losing love!

Chapter 69 - Nine Regions eBay Store Opens

In the following two months, Liang Jie did not encounter any other obstacles.

The Ji family didn't even show up, it was just that those people had come to him at the beginning of the school. After that, the Ji family seemed to have completely forgotten him.

"Master, you have reached the end of the solid foundation period, and the distance from breakthrough is not far behind."

"Open the Nine Regions eBay Store first! Then we can concentrate on breaking through."

"The gold pill period is different from the solid foundation period, it requires a lot of preparations, and I always feel that something unexpected will happen."

Li Mengyao has been flustered recently, and she feels that something may be wrong.

Although she didn't know what was going on, she believed that it must be related to Liang Jie, and Liang Jie was about to break through. She had to be fully prepared.

"Well, listen to you."

In fact, Liang Jie felt it.

The calm in front is just to prepare for the storm after.

Therefore, before the storm comes, it is necessary for Liang Jie to make good preparations so that the Nine Regions eBay Store opens first so as not to miss the opportunity.

Because at this time, people in the spirit world are paying attention to the Nine Regions eBay Store.

Today, it is the agreed time, the store will be officially opened, and the secret of the superb storage bags will be officially revealed.

"I can't wait, why can't start!"

"Yeah! I've prepared spirit stone, and I'm ready to snap up."

"Hey, let those who don't have a superb storage bag be envious!"

The monks in the spirit world are very much looking forward to the opening of the Nine Regions eBay Store. They want to see what masters the ring intends to make.

Although there has been a lot of news beforehand, the special functions of superb storage bags are always kept secret, so that everyone who buys the superb storage bags is eager to know it.

Over time, the countdown to the opening of the Nine Regions eBay Store has begun.

"Look, there are fewer numbers on the superb storage bag."

"Really! it really has special features!"

"Haha ... less than half an hour!"

A monk with a superb storage bag saw the countdown displayed on the storage bag.

This made everyone very surprised. For the special function of the storage bag, they have been wondered. That is not the moment to dare to relax, for fear of missing the time and failing to grab the cheap pills.

"Dear friends who buy the superb storage bags, the Nine Regions eBay Store will open soon."

"The warm-up event is about to begin. Please open the superb storage bag and connect the separate space divided by Nine Regions Ring with a sense of the divine."

"Here, you will see the lucky bags that we distributed to celebrate the opening. Each bag has prizes! Each person can only receive one!"

Suddenly, a divine message came from the superb storage bag.

All the monks hurriedly glanced at the storage bags, and they found a special space, which was an independent space controlled by the ring, and would not be controlled by them.

The moment they entered the space, they saw the lucky bag floating inside.

"pills 20% off [limited to less than third-grade]"

"pills 30% off [limited to less than third-grade]"

"pills for free ..."

Everyone got the discount rolls in the lucky bag, and even free.

At this moment, the monks were completely crazy, and they were very concerned about what was sold in the Nine Regions eBay Store.

At the same time, some people got vouchers for spirit stones.

There are even people who have received rewards, which are some pills. Although they are not very valuable, they can be said to be thousands of spirit stones.

"These days, the superb storage bags sold are no less than a million. This time, the Nine Regions eBay Store has spilled hundreds of millions of low-grade spirit stones!"

"Nine Regions eBay Store is mighty! We will always support you!"

"Haha ... who will go to those chambers of commerce to buy things in the future, then it is stupid, I support Nine Regions eBay Store."

The monks, who were all over the spirit world, were boiling at this moment, and they saw Liang Jie's sincerity.

The pre-opening benefits were in place. Liang Jie didn't worry about selling the pills at all. Although it was a simplified version of the pills, the efficacy would never be worse, or even stronger.

In less than half an hour, many monks and friends gathered to discuss what kind of pills to buy.

That is, in the expression that everyone expected, soon came the appointed time.

"Dear everyone, the Nine Regions eBay Store is officially open."

"All the products are clearly priced and you can buy them freely."

"The superb storage bag will be proof of identity in the future. You can always buy the items you need in a separate space in the storage bag ..."

Liang Jie's voice came from the storage bag. All the monks first stunned, and then all sunk into the storage bag.

In that special independent space before, they could see numerous pills and the price was clearly marked.

"The simplified version of solid foundation pills has a group of five and sells for 60,000 spirit stones! The effect is exactly the same as the full version of solid foundation pills."

"A simplified version of cleaning body fluid, a set of fifty parts, the effect is five times that of the full version of the cleaning body fluid. The price is so affordable..."

"A simplified version of washing pulp pill, a group of ten, the effect is three times that of the washing pulp pill, the price is ..."

When many monks looked at the assortment of goods, they were frightened by the effect and price of the goods, because they had never seen anything so cheap.

There is no doubt that the simplified version of the pill has a better absorption effect than the full version of the pill, but the price is only doubled.

What's more important is that these groups of pill support spin-off sale, which is undoubtedly a huge benefit. For many monks, it is simply a blessing.

The pills that originally need hundreds of thousands of spirit stones can now be bought for a few tenths of the spirit stones, which can gradually improve strength, which greatly reduces the time and cost required for cultivation!

"who is so quick to start, the one million copies of cleaning body fluid sold out!"

"Beasts! You can start slowly, leave us some!"

"Oh my god! First-grade gathering spirit pill is sold out instantly ..."

The monk holding the superb storage bag lamented, and many people didn't even buy the pills.

Everyone complained, which made Liang Jie dumbfounded, not because they were not prepared enough, but because these people were too crazy, even if the purchase was limited to two copies, they could not resist the madness of these monks!

Looking at the spirit stone that kept flowing in, Liang Jie was completely numb, and it was all sold out in less than a quarter of a minute when the Nine Regions eBay Store opened.

"Master, I will do whatever you ask me to do in the future. I have absolutely no opinion."

Yuanbao looked dumbfounded and felt that his master was simply a genius, and his future happiness depended on his master.

In this regard, Li Mengyao expressed contempt, but her face was full of smiles. Of course, she and Liang Jie were the happiest.

Chapter 70 - Shocking the Spirit World Again

Speaking of Yuanbao, he actually helped Liang Jie a lot.

Liang Jie, who has reached the late stage of solid foundation period, can now control a dozen vanity tripods, and the speed of refining pills has also accelerated a lot.

Of course, the refine instrument has not started yet, because it is not the time yet.

"Senior, the preserved pills, should we sell it?"

Han Yu and Zhuo Yi also saw the shopping shelf, where the neat pill was placed, and it was placed in different places according to different grades.

Today there is only a handful of first- and second-class pills, each of which does not exceed thirty species, which are improved elixirs.

Of course, no modified pill is also sold, and the price is much lower than the chamber of commerce in the spirit world.

"No rush, it's selling fast because we're doing promotions!"

"This is another discount and it's free. Everyone will definitely snap up."

"After the price returns to normal, the speed of sales should be guaranteed, so you must now find as many learners as possible. The demand for the first and second-grade pills is far from saturated.

Liang Jie is very clear that this time the event was very successful. He already knows how much the pill demand in the spirit world is.

Such a large market was originally held in the hands of the chamber of commerce. Now Liang Jie has begun to step in, which will naturally have a great impact on the chamber of commerce.

However, the Chamber of Commerce will not be destroyed because of this, at most it is only a thinning of profits.

"Yes, we understand!"

Han Yu and Zhuo Yi did not dare to contravene Liang Jie's order, and they immediately started looking for learners.

Although the process of refining the pills was very smooth, for them, the speed of refining the pill was really too slow. At this time of rapid expansion, not to mention that it fully meets daily needs, at least half of it must be completed!

Of course, this half does not mean all the monks in the spirit world, but the monks who have superb storage bags, they are the true VIP users.

"Adding 10,000 users a day is actually nothing to us."

"These users can get some purchasing bonuses during our expansion period, and they will definitely promote the Nine Regions eBay Store."

"So there's no need to worry about visibility."

Liang Jie breathed a sigh of relief, and the first shot to raise awareness was complete.

Although it caused a certain topicality before, it is far from being as popular as it is today. After all, the monks have really benefited.

Liang Jie, a big earner, didn't know how many spirit stones he had gained at this time.

"Master, I can distill the spirit stone into a spiritual fluid."

In order to please Liang Jie, Yuanbao highly recommends himself with a smile on his face.

The spiritual fluid is something that can't be found, it is extremely important for the monks, and it is more convenient and quick to absorb. When Liang Jie broke through, it was thanks to the spiritual fluid accumulated by the spiritual veins.

"Really? That task will be entrusted to you. But how much will it cost?"

Hearing that Liang Jie was very happy, this is definitely a good business, and the sales of spiritual fluid are very few in the spirit world.

The reason is that the loss is the biggest problem. Compared with the absorption of spirit stones, the spiritual stones consumed by refining the spiritual fluid have more.

"The loss is about ten out of seven! If you use Nine Regions tripod body to make it, you can reach ten out of nine." Yuanbao looked proudly, saying that it was nothing.

The absorption rate of spirit stone is about 50%, which means that a large part of the spirit is lost during the absorption process, and after the spirit stone loses 80% of the spirit, it can no longer be used.

Therefore, Yuanbao said the loss is very low.

"Yes, then you can help me make it!"

Earlier, Yuanbao said that he did not help Liang Jie to make pills, but now it is different. For his own happiness, it doesn't matter if he is tired.

Starting today, the vanity tripod is an all-weather refining storage bag.

In this way, the 10 million superb storage bags away from Liang Jie's original goal can be achieved in less time.

"The Nine Regions eBay Store even took over the refining of spiritual fluid!"

"Not only that but also intends to sell the spiritual fluid directly, the price is only 20% more than the value of the spirit stone itself?"

"No matter what kind of spirit stone it is, it's almost the same price as spirit stone. It's crazy!"

This just opened, and the pill was sold out by the monks, and then it released such powerful news that directly detonated the emotions of the monks.

Just now they were still discussing how awesome the Nine Regions eBay Store was, and now there is such amazing news that they are a little numb.

Spiritual fluid! That is a treasure without impurities! What can be produced only by the spirit veins, refining spirit stone and turning them into the spiritual fluid is a loss-making business!

However, the Nine Regions eBay Store has such confidence, how can the monks in the spirit world not be surprised?

"President, the pill dealers we work with are reluctant to work with us."

"They said that we were too stingy and that the pills wey sold were so expensive but the purchase price was so low."

"Our low-grade pills can't be sold, and there is a lot of pills hoarding. The turnover of spirit stone is already a bit difficult."

When the major chambers of commerce received news from their men, they all spread to the ground, which was a heavy blow to them.

The low-grade pill is the big head of their profits! Compared with the advanced pill, the cost of refining pill is much lower, and the profit margin can be maintained at about 50%.

But the emergence of the Nine Regions eBay Store directly pushed them to a dead end. The previous idea of severing supplies was completely stoned to their feet.

"Sell the existing pill at 30% discount. Don't move the pill we bought."

Almost all chambers of commerce have made such a decision, and they know that they must clean up their inventory.

This time the impact of the Nine Regions eBay Store is huge. It is no longer necessary to avoid it. They have to make a change. The era of huge profits has passed.

Now, the only thing they can do is to cooperate with the Nine Regions eBay Store to get a simplified version of the pill.

Although they may make a lot less money, they will at least make money. As for other advanced pills, they don't need to worry too much. It can't be simplified at will.

"Have you heard of it? The low-level elixir of the chamber of commerce is all 30% off."

This news spread quickly, and those who had money in the hands of the monks in the spirit world bought the pill one after another. In their heart, they were very grateful to the Nine Regions eBay Store.

Of course, everyone just bought some gathering spirit pill or other pills without an upper limit. After all, they want a simplified version of the pill.

Although the price is a bit more expensive, the upper limit of the pill is high! It can greatly enhance their own strengths, allowing them to get a higher starting point.

For a time, the pattern of the spirit world was actually broken. For the first time, the monks felt that the cultivation was not so difficult!

Chapter 71 - Is it amazing?

The appearance of the Nine Regions eBay Store has completely changed the pattern of the spirit world.

Countless people want to find the master of the ring, and the people of all major forces even send the strong to explore its whereabouts.

This time, the intensity is not too small, but still nothing.

"Senior, the three chambers of commerce in the spirit world are looking for you!"

"I heard that the strong man in the illusory period was called out, so you should be careful."

"If anything, we'll do it."

Han Yu and Zhuo Yi were frightened, after all, they were monks among the strongest in the spiritual world.

Ascending from the world to the spiritual world requires the full strength of the Yuanying period, but there are many monks in the spiritual world, but there are as many Yuanying period monks, and the truly powerful monks exist above the gold period.

Especially in the illusory period, the masters in this state can already see the Tao. Once they really master the Tao, they are the masters in the real period.

"Well, it's fine! They can't find me."

For the masters of the illusory period and the real period, Liang Jie didn't really have much concept in his mind.

Even if they know they are strong, he doesn’t understand how strong they are, but even if he knows how strong they are? Can they still find him?

However, he needs to be careful, after all, such a strong man is too difficult to deal with.

"Master, in fact, some experts in the middle stage of the illusory period have found you."

After Li Mengyao learned the news, she thought about it and told Liang Jie about it.

The spirit world is a very complicated environment. It is really nothing to compete for cultivation resources. It is common to kill people and win treasures.

Nowadays, their customer groups are mainly concentrated in the cultivation momentum and solid foundation periods, and a small part of the gold pill period. It is not surprising that their superb storage bags have been taken away.

"Oh? Let me talk to him!"

Liang Jie's eyes lighted up and he immediately made a decision.

That's the master of the illusory period! If he can get along well, it wouldn't be difficult for Liang Jie to find a sixth-grade pill.

He promised to help the ghost king find the sixth-grade pill. Liang Jie has never forgotten this. Now that someone has come to the door, he is naturally very happy.

"You are the master of the ring? I am Xuanyu immortal. How many spirit stones can you sell the ring to me?"

When Li Mengyao conveyed the words of the other party, Liang Jie was really directly dumbfounded. The master of the illusory period was really domineering.

Actually, he asked directly to buy the ring, and he looked like he is confident!

"In the middle stage of the illusory period, the strength is just average! You want to buy my ring, what kind of price can you give?" Liang Jie smiled and replied to this Xuanyu.

Soon, Xuanyu said, "I pay 100,000 superb spirit stones!"

"Do you think I'm stupid? Give me an ancient spirit vein, otherwise no way!"

"Why don't you grab it? At most, I add another 10,000 superb spirit stones."

"Ancient spiritual veins plus all the prescriptions of the sixth-grade pill."


"Then no more talk!"


This is an unpleasant negotiation.

At least for the Xuanyu, he was really mad. As his status in the spirit world, there was such a day.

What's more hateful is that the other party actually stopped talking to him directly.

"Boy, you'd better agree to my request, because as your strength, you can't keep the ring."

"Now the major forces of the spirit world are looking for you. As long as I tell them where you are, you don't want to be safe."

"I'll give you time for consideration!"

Xuan Yusent the divine thought again, even in a threatening tone.

In this regard, Liang Jie ignored it. People in the spirit world dared to threaten him. He chose to ignore him.

At first, this Xuanyu was very strong but finally had to be subdued.

"Boy, I know you are in the world, but you don't forget that you are going to ascend after all, and do you really think that the people in the spiritual world have no way to go down?"

Obviously, Xuanyu really planned to use this news to let Liang Jie answer, but he was finally disappointed.

Although people who know that the spirit world has a way to come down, Liang Jie is not worried at all, because in this world there are limits, no matter how strong they are, they are only the strength of the gold period.

In this world, the gold period is indeed very strong, but Liang Jie is not scared, because he knows that this world is not difficult, how easy to go to this world.

What's more, if things happened in the world, the powerful old monsters could directly kill the people in the lower world. Relatively speaking, the world is really safe.

"Boy, you say something!"

In the end, Xuanyu couldn't sit still.

After being ignored N times, he has no temper.

"It's impossible to sell the ring to you, but we can cooperate." Liang Jie saw that the other party's temper was almost gone, and he finally replied to the other party.

Seeing Liang Jie replying to himself, Xuan Yu almost jumped up and said happily, "Boy, I'm a master of the illusory period. What can you do with me?"

In words, Xuanyu lifted himself high, as if to say that Liang Jie was not worthy to talk to him about cooperation.

Then, Liang Jie had no news again, which made Xuanyu speechless. This kid was too bad. He used the same method every time, but it was very useful to him.

"Boy, I'm convinced, talk about your cooperation!"

Xuan Yu wanted to give himself two slaps. He was convinced by a little monk. he will face him in the future.

Seeing that the other party had been completely subdued, Liang Jie laughed: "To tell you the truth, it only took me less than a year to reach the gold pill period, and Yuanying and gold period would be only a year or two."

"You also know that I opened a Nine Regions eBay Store so that the monks could not worry about cultivation, and they could buy pills and magic weapons here."

"You've just cultivated a few more years than me. You can't be more talented than me, and you can't surpass me, so I plan to hire you!"

Looking at Liang Jie's words, Xuanyu almost violently wanted to hack people, and based on his strength, he could not be moved by foreign objects, but he was still very angry.

"Calm down, can't be angry, how can you be demonized by this?"

After taking a few deep breaths, Xuan Yu finally calmed his restless heart.

Having to say Liang Jie's words is too much, it's just an insult! Even Li Mengyao couldn't stand it anymore, he was so embarrassed to say that he was talented!

What's worse, he actually planned to hire a monk in the illusory period, and he was really bold.

Chapter 72 - Bragging Without Breaking the Law

"How? I'll give you time to think about it!"

Liang Jie put on a look of pride in spite of the scornful eyes of Li Mengyao and Yuanbao.

"Master, I find you shameless."

Yuanbao smiled and seemed very satisfied with Liang Jie's style.

For his praise, Liang Jie chose to ignore directly, he was waiting for the other party's reply, this is a very rare opportunity.

"Can you make a face? you tell me you want to hire me?"

After skipping those words bragged by Liang Jie, Xuanyu decided to calm down and talk to each other.

He himself is also a master of the illusory period. He was hired by a monk who did not reach the gold pill period. He said that he was afraid to be laughed at.

"What? I'm the master of Nine Regions Ring, and I still have Nine Regions Tripod."

"You can do things with me who is so lucky, it is your blessing."

"I'm not afraid to tell you, I know that there is an ancient spirit vein in the spirit world, and when I reach the gold pill period, I will steal the spirit vein to the lower world, and some of my friends here will have three life skills, hunting dragon skills, mantras ... ... "

Liang Jie is doing the bragging, and what he said is true, making it harder for the other party to distinguish.

Moreover, not face to face chatting, Liang Jie has no psychological burden, and it is impossible for Xuanyu to come and hit him.

Sure enough, Xuanyuwent crazy when they saw the divine message sent by Liang Jie.

The robe on his body was windless, and there was a strange smell in the entire cave house, which was extremely cold.

"Boy, will you die if you don't brag? You still have three lives skill and hunting dragon skills!"

"The world has long been worn out, and no one has soared for thousands of years. What good can there be in that place?"

"I can see it clearly, and you like to brag."

Xuan Yu can't stand it, and the ghosts will believe it.

Is there such good practice in the world that it has become so broken?

"You don't know! The great forces of the spirit world are afraid of the enemies of the lower world soaring, so they deliberately broke the lower world."

"In fact, in the world, there is an existence that even you look up to, they are all waiting for the opportunity to go back to the spirit world and make the world glory again!"

"The monk who has mastered three lives skill has already seen the future. Now is a good opportunity for you. Otherwise, don't say that I didn't give you a chance. You ..."

Liang Jie talked endlessly, Li Mengyao and Yuan Bao were stunned.

Their master is so good at blowing things up. Who says these words are hard to tell from the truth? Xuanyu in the spirit world was also dazzled at this moment. A little monk in the solid foundation period actually talked a lot.

Not only are there things that seem to be secret, but even such things that are outrageous. It is possible that the spirit world intentionally blocked people in the lower world.

"I'm afraid of you, you pretended that I haven't found you."

At this time, Xuanyu felt that Liang Jie was very unreliable.

As the owner of the ring, he actually said such irresponsible words, apparently, he was an outrageous lunatic, otherwise, he wouldn't open Nine Regions eBay Store.

Although he did see Liang Jie's ability to make money, he didn't want to be connected with the lunatic.

"Senior, you have to think about it. I can make superb storage bags and spiritual fluids. This is undoubtedly something that only Nine Regions Tripod can do."

"As long as you promise to do things for me, I will never treat you badly. The road to cultivation is not overnight. For decades like the predecessors, you can only pass by in a flash."

"I think it's not difficult to surpass you. By then I will be able to provide you with resources. I think this sale will be very cost-effective ..."

Seeing that Xuanyu didn't want to have a relationship with himself, Liang Jie immediately started to induce and drew a big cake directly.

Of course, this is not something out of nothing, but something that may happen in the future. There are Nine Regions tripods and Nine Regions ring. Liang Jie has opened the store, which can bring him endless benefits.

After some explanation, Xuanyu is really tempted, because Liang Jie is really reasonable, even if Liang Jie's strength can not keep up, but his ability to earn spiritual stones is strong!

Whether it's the spirit world or the lower world, having money is great, you can do whatever you want.

"As long as you are willing to do things for me, I can teach you a set of best practices."

"It doesn't matter if you don't want to, but I will tell all the monks in the spirit world about you, and I will say that you are the master of the ring."

"By then, hehe ..."

Xuanyu has a little thought at this time.

But when he saw Liang Jie's next divine message, he almost went into the devil directly, the boy actually intended to frame him.

He knows this guy is not good, and his stomach is full of bad water.

"Boy, I'm a virtuous person, you threaten me to be useless."

"Since this is the case, I can't help it. I originally planned to teach you Jiuyang exercise, so I'll find someone else!"

"Wait, do you really have Jiuyang exercise?"

"Senior you don't plan to do anything for me. It doesn't matter to you if I have it!"

"If you can come up with Jiuyang exercise, I can do it for you!"

"That is ok, I'll give you the first entry method of Jiuyang exercise!"


Xuanyu gritted his teeth, knowing that he had been fooled, but still had to persist.

The reason is simple. This Jiuyang exercise is too important for him. That is one of the most extreme exercises that match the Fire Spirit Root, which is exactly what he needs.

"Taking the sun to refine your body, taking spirit as the basis ..."

Soon, Liang Jie gave the first volume of the Jiuyang exercise to Xuan Yu.

In fact, he didn't know if this was true, but if Li Mengyao said it was true, it must be true. He still believed in Li Mengyao.

Xuanyu, in the spirit world, has shortness of breath, which is really Jiuyang exercise, exactly like the rumors.

"I promised to do it for you, and we'll sign a deed!"

Xuanyu knows it's his luck.

With Jiuyang exercise, he can definitely breakthrough, how can he miss such a good opportunity!

After signing a deed, Liang Jie said lightly: "Since this is the case, then you can do good work for me! The other five volumes of Jiuyang exercise depend on your hard work."

"It must be."

With benefit, Xuanyu is really happy.

Then, Liang Jie gave him a task to find a sixth-grade pill-solid spirit pill, no matter how many spirit stones he spent, it was not a problem.

Now that Xuanyu has the motivation, naturally, there is no opinion on things, and he immediately agreed.

Chapter 73 - Everything is ready

Liang Jie, who cultivated hardly, took the second-grade gathering spirit pill, as a meal, and had spiritual fluids like water to drink, and soon reached the late stage of the solid foundation period.

It's almost a short distance from the perfect state, but it won't take a few days. He doesn't dare to reach the limit easily, fearing that problems will occur.

He must prepare fully, or Liang Jie is not assured, after all, Li Mengyao's intuition will not be wrong.

"Liang Jie, I bought you the sixth-grade solid spirit pill."

Finally, after ten days, Liang Jie waited for the good news from Xuanyu.

This sixth-grade solid spirit pill was bought by Xuanyu from a friend, and it cost Liang Jie tens of thousands of superb spirit stones.

The advanced pill is too expensive. This is already the majority of Liang Jie's profits during this period.

"Well, thanks, please wait for my good news, I am about to break through to gold pill period."

Liang Jie gave Xuan Yu two bottles of spiritual fluid, enough time for him to cultivate, which should be fine for him.

Although Xuanyu was a little disappointed, he also knew that it was unrealistic to obtain the second volume of Jiuyang exercise just because of a pill.

Therefore, he said nothing and began to study the first volume of Jiuyang exercise.

"Master, you are really shameless. You obviously don't have the final three volumes of Jiuyang exercise. You actually deceived the Xuanyu."

Li Mengyao laughed very happy but did not forget to ridicule Liang Jie.

In the second-floor space of the ring, Yuanbao is concentrating on refining the superb storage bags, while also refining a furnace of the pill, which was specially prepared for Liang Jie.

To this day, he has been very optimistic about Liang Jie. He feels that his happiness can be realized in Liang Jie. As long as Liang Jie reaches the gold pill period, many things can be done.

"Everything is ready, it's time to break through."

Liang Jie smiled and didn't care about Li Mengyao's sarcasm.

It's almost time for summer vacation. Now he has time to cultivate. He must reach the gold pill period before the semester begins because this is an agreement with the principal.

Taking advantage of the night, Liang Jie came to Wolong Mountain.

At this point, the principal Wang Jing was already waiting here, all he had to do was to send Liang Jie to the secret place inside Wolong Mountain.

"With this solid spirit pill, Xuan Xiao should be able to recover the physical body, with him, there will be no problems with your breakthrough, go!"

With a wave of his hand, Wang Jing opened the enchantment and signaled Liang Jie to rush in.

Once the ghostly spirit spreads here, the Ji family will definitely notice it. Ji family will come here in less than a day.

The breakthrough of the gold pill period is not so easy. Once it is obstructed, it is likely to die. Liang Jie and Ji family have grievances. This time, it will be dangerous.

"Senior, my family will be fine, right?"

To be honest, Liang Jie didn't worry about himself, what he worried most were his parents and relatives.

If the Ji family had no bottom line, he really did not dare to imagine what the other party would do.

"Relax, this world is not so simple."

"If the Ji family did that, they would have come to an end."

"Be assured to break through! Don't have any burden, there will be no problems."

With Wang Jing's guarantee, Liang Jie naturally feels relieved a lot, because he must have already counted it, this little thing is not something that reveals the secret.

Entering the secret place inside Wolong Mountain, Liang Jie soon came to the place where the ghost king was.

The ghost king sat there to practice, absorbing the heaven and earth's yin, the ghost spirit was like the ocean and the sea, and he could only see a pair of dark eyes flashing the cold light.

Feeling Liang Jie's breath, he put the huge ghost spirit into his body and soon appeared in front of Liang Jie.

"You did not disappoint me, you got solid spirit pill so soon."

The Ghost King grinned, he was really very happy, he could feel the ghost spirit flowing on him, the cold feeling made Liang Jie's blood almost frozen.

Yuanying period? Is it really that simple?

Obviously, no matter Wang Jing or the Ghost King, their strength is more than what he saw. They have a huge secret in their bodies.

"Ghost King, here's solid spirit pill!"

Liang Jie took the pill from the ring and gave it to the ghost king, and he finally fulfilled his promise.

This is an equivalent exchange. The opponent can shoot for him once, so Liang Jie has no burden.

"Well, yes! You're on the verge of breakthrough. You may worry about the Ji family is against you!"

"You can rest assured that no one in this world will try to kill you, but the ghost species I gave you did not erupt, so it can be seen that the other party is prepared."

"Your breakthrough is bound to be extremely dangerous. I can help you resist the Ji family, but you still have to rely on yourself."

In the realm of the ghost king, it is not difficult to deduce some things. He has always paid attention to Liang Jie.

Originally he wanted to see some secrets from him, but as a result, he could not do it like Wang Jing, and the heavenly mystery had been completely confused.

"Thank you Ghost King!"

With the other party's promise, Liang Jie naturally felt relieved.

At this time, when the ghost king looked at Liang Jie, he showed a thoughtful expression, and said, "Have you learned the five elements of Yin and Yang?"

"Seniors know this method?"

Liang Jie frowned but did not expect the other party to see it at a glance.

Regarding this, the ghost king did not explain too much, and said lightly: "This method is very evil, and there are few people who have a good result, so you better be careful."


He thought ghost king would praise it, but it turned out to be this way.

However, this is also well understood. The exercises that can be valued by the ghost king will naturally not be ordinary exercises, so it will not really be a problem if he cultivated until the final problem leads to death.

Therefore, Liang Jie is not worried because he believes that he can surely work wonders.

"You are very calm. Although this technique is dangerous, it is indeed very powerful."

"No need to worry, you have a long way to go before you can die!"

"Now that you're ready to break through, I'll protect for you! Let's talk about the completion of the solid  foundation period first, and I believe you will have no problems."

The ghost king nodded, thinking that Liang Jie was still firm, and he was not at all flustered in the face of such a thing.

Breaking through the solid foundation period to form a gold pill in the body is actually not difficult for Liang Jie. The really difficult thing is the external factors.

In this world, no one can escape the cause and effect cycle, and the conflict between Liang Jie and Ji's family will inevitably erupt this time.

Of course, this is not all Liang Jie's fault. In fact, the ghost king himself is also an important cause. The cause and effect between him and the Ji family may also come true in Liang Jie's body.

"Thank you senior!"

Liang Jie didn't think too much, the only thing he can do now is to break through.

As for other things, the ghost king and headmaster Wang Jing helped him resist, so there is no need to worry too much.

Although the place is full of ghost spirits, the Ghost King has been fully refined, Liang Jie can cultivate here with peace of mind, without worrying about any other things.

Chapter 74 - Cause and Effect

Youzhou Ji Family.

In a dense underground room, an old man with white eyebrows opened his eyes, and two bright lights shot out as if they had penetrated the world.

In his whole body spirit surging, the whole person became deep, like a sea of oceans.

"Fate, fate!"

With a sigh, he stepped forward and disappeared from the back room.

When he reappeared, he actually reached the sky above Wolong Mountain in Shangzhou City. He looked helpless and seemed to think of many things.

A spell turned into dust, which was a one-time teleportation charm.

"Ji Mingwu, you are here anyway."

Wang Jing also appeared in the air, looking at the old man in front of him.

The ancestor is the ancestor of the Ji family, who has already reached the age of die. The time of the Yuanying period is only more than 2,000 years, and Ji Mingwu is over 1,900 years old.

"You are still so young, but I am already old." Ji Mingwu smiled slightly, said.

In response, Wang Jing smiled and said, "You are different from me."

"Yeah! I'm different from you."

Ji Mingwu nodded and seemed to think of something.

Regarding Wang Jing's identity, even he is not very familiar with it. The top monks also kept the secret.

How long he lived, few people really knew about it.

"Why are you here?" Wang Jing asked.

Ji Mingwu smiled helplessly: "you should know."

"I can't let you do it."

"you can’t decide it."


"Naturally this!"

Facing Ji Mingwu, Wang Jing stopped him.

But when he took out a jade pendant, Wang Jing had to retreat.

With this jade pendant in hand, he really couldn't stop Ji Mingwu, but only this time, and he was no longer bound.

"Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, come out and see! I know you are awake."

"My Ji family and your grudges, let's end today!"

"It's time to end the cause and effect cycle."

Ji Mingwu looked at Wolong Mountain and called the name of the ghost king.

To him, this is not unfamiliar, because he has been here since he was young, but unfortunately, he missed a lot of things at that time.

"Oh, the little baby of that year has grown up!"

Ghost King Xuan Xiao laughed and flew out of Wolong Mountain.

He is still a soul and looks a bit bleak, but he does have a surprising amount of oppression, even Ji Mingwu during the Yuanying Period did not dare to despise.

Regarding the Ji family, the ghost king Xuan Xiao knew it very well. After all, it was the ancient family of the spirit world who brought him from the spirit world to the lower world. The Ji family also participated in that year.

The reason why he was sealed here is also from the Ji family, so the ghost king Xuan Xiao and Ji family can be said to have a deep hatred.

"The predecessor's style is still the same! I followed the ancestors, but eventually fled."

"If it wasn't for the ghost species of Ji Penghai, the descendants of the Ji family, I wouldn't even believe you have recovered your strength."

"I came here this time for the sake of cause and effect. I also asked predecessors to continue to sleep."

Ji Mingwu is not afraid. He respects Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, and is full of respect in his words.

If the other party is willing to continue to sleep, he will be more relaxed, otherwise, a fierce battle is inevitable.

"Sleeping? Haha ... How long have I slept? 10,000 years, 100,000 years?"

"Things from the past are vividly remembered! Now that I have escaped, do you think I will be obediently sealed?"

"It's different today. This world is already broken. How many people in the spirit world can come down? Unless they want to die."

Obviously, the ghost king Xuan Xiao couldn't agree to this matter, but he knew very well how those people in the spirit world deal with things.

He was awake, they could not let him go. This world would become the battlefield again, but this time he was not panic at all, because some of his lives were changed.

"Senior, cause and effect cycle, don't be obsessed."

"You're just a junior. How much do you know about the events of that year? You have made a rude statement that I am obsessed with. Even if I retreat, will Wang Jing retreat?"


"Junior, you don't know too many things. You should know that this world is not as simple as you think. People in the spirit world must be right?"

"That being the case, that junior can only offend."

As the ghost king, Xuan Xiao said, Ji Mingwu was speechless.

If the opponent is ready to fight, he can only meet the requirements of the opponent.

Throwing the banner in your hands to the Quartet, the space of the entire academy has been fixed. This place has been completely isolated. Even they fight, it will not affect the world.

"Say it's coming but cause and effect, in fact, you're looking for someone who threatens your Ji family!"

"Wang Jing's asylum, fighting for him for a few months, and with my appearance, you can't sit still anymore, this really makes me care!"

"Ji family in the spirit world, what did you see?"

The ghost king Xuan Xiao knows a lot and even knows that this is the intention of the Ji Family in the spirit world.

The reason why they did not shoot at Ghost King Xuan Xiao, they just wanted to see how the variables appearing in the lower world existed. If they can use it for themselves, they are naturally very happy.

Unfortunately, the end result left them helpless, and the variables of the lower bound would probably ruin the Ji family.

"I don't understand what you mean."

Ji Mingwu's face was bland as if he really didn't know.

However, Wang Jing and ghost king Xuan Xiao did not believe what he said. The Ji family must have known it, otherwise, they would not have waited so long for everything to prepare.

"There is a Nine Regions eBay Store in the spirit world. It is a shop opened by the owner of Nine Regions Ring."

"Not only the simplified version of the pill is sold, but even the superb magic weapon is also sold. This is a disaster for the great forces in the spirit world."

"What it means, you don't know, but I know, so you don't have to hide it."

The ghost king Xuan Xiao laughed. There are so many things he knows! Wang Jing has told him many things.

The relationship between this world and the spirit world is still very close, and there are many means to communicate with each other.

Liang Jie knew this, so he came to Wolong Mountain to find him, and chose to breakthrough here.

"Nine Regions Ring?"

Obviously, Ji Mingwu didn't know what it was.

After hundreds of thousands of years, Nine Regions artifacts in the spirit world and the fairy world, have disappeared in the years.

"Forget it, don't talk about these things."

"Don't you want to fight me! You have to think clearly."

"I think it's not easy for you to cultivate. It's not bad to give you the last few years of leisure time to enjoy your old age. What do you think?"

The ghost king Xuan Xiao smiled and gave Ji Mingwu a suggestion.

However, Ji Mingwu didn't accept it, and he had a firm heart and will. He just wanted to play against the ghost king Xuan Xiao, and realized his wish.

Chapter 75 - Yuanying Period War

Ji Mingwu has an unusual obsession with ghost king Xuan Xiao. If he wanted to avenge his ancestors, not exactly. He might want to use this battle to improve himself!

Yuanying's later strength can be completed further, but unfortunately, he cannot break through the god period. After all, the world can no longer afford such things.

But this is not absolute, as long as the people in the spirit world provide him with the best spiritual stones and fluids, even advanced pill, he can still break through.

"Fight with me, do you dare?"

Looking at the ghost king Xuan Xiao, Ji Mingwu was full of war intention.

Wang Jing who looked at him shrugged didn't say much, he just kept the enchantment here, as for what happened later!

"Haha ... fight with me! Junior, how dare you say that!"

"The living fossil of the Ji family is still alive. Don't think I don't know. Today I will teach you to respect the elders!"

"Just so young, even dare to behave atrociously in front of me?"

With a cold smile, the ghost king Xuan Xiao was surging with ghost spirits, and his warfare was rising.

Ghost spirit surge, the momentum of the two soon climbed to the top, Ji Mingwu is exuding golden light, a smell that makes the ghost king Xuan Xiao hate.

With his eyes narrowed, Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, was very alert to Ji Mingwu.

He is now the most yin body. As a ghost, he has suffered from such restraint exercises. Even if he is stronger than the opponent, it is useless.

For the evilest things, the thunder system is the most practical, followed by the gold system. Although the wood system is the most special, it is not too aggressive.

"Senior, please!"

Ji Mingwu was surging with spiritual power, and a golden sword appeared in his hand. It was an innate magic weapon.

It looks like a handheld sword, but it is also a flying sword. This is a huge threat!

"Haha ... somewhat interesting, come on!"

Grinning, Ghost King Xuan Xiao said with ease.

A fight after thousands of years! And he is still from the Ji family, he is actually very excited.


The ghostly spirit was permeated, and the whole world was shrouded. The cold ghostly air eroded the spirit power and dyed everything around black.

What's more terrible is that the things touched by the ghosts started to melt, and the ghosts were too sinister.

"Golden Light"

Seeing the other party ’s ghostly spirits rushing, Ji Mingwu waved a golden sword in his hand, and a touch of gold light shone out, pushing the ghostly spirits back.

Not only that, the golden light hangs over his head like the same round of scorching sun, which actually blocks all the ghostly spirits from several feet.

"Can you stop it?"

Eyes narrowed, ghost king Xuan Xiao sneered.

The shape of the sword changed into a spirit, and it resisted ghost spirits. This is indeed a very interesting trick, but unfortunately, the person performing it is Ji Mingwu, who can only resist for a while.


Seeing the ghost spirit move forward, Ji Mingwu frowned.

Letting go of the golden sword, Ji Mingwu pinched the sword tactics. The golden sword turned out to be thousands of thousands. Under the round of tomorrow's shining overhead, all the golden swords radiated a dazzling light.


With a right-handed wave, thousands of gold swords flew towards the ghost king Xuan Xiao.

Even as strong as the ghost king Xuan Xiao could not stop this move without injury, he stepped back dozens of feet, and under his control, ghost spirit turned into countless resentment, flying towards those golden swords.

The resentment collided with Jin Jian, and it was immediately purified, and the light on the sword's body weakened.

At this moment, Ji Mingwu folded his hands together and shot a golden light in his eyes. A sitting human figure flew out of his Dantian, and actually blended with the tomorrow above his head.

Seeing this, the ghost king Xuan Xiao hurriedly retreated, a huge ghost head appeared, swallowed all the gold swords, and then burst.

The number of those golden swords has decreased, but the number is still huge, flying towards the ghost king Xuan Xiao.

But it is not these golden swords that are really threatening, but the sun when Ji Mingwu's head meets Yuanying, it is the opponent's killing trick.

"Sun's Golden Light Sword"

A sword shot from the bright sun above Ji Mingwu's head pierced the sky and pierced the ghostly defense, but actually penetrated the body of the ghost king Xuan Xiao directly.

His soul was severely wounded, and the wound's ghostly decay could not heal.

Such a weird scene stunned Wang Jing. The sword tactic of the Ji family was truly extraordinary. It was worthy of ninth-grade exercise, and the ghost king Xuan Xiao could not bear it.

"Is Sunburn? Do you think you can really kill me if the chains trap me?"

"Junior, you can try and see if you can kill me."

"I, Xuanxiao, there was a reason for not dying that year."

The ghost king Xuan Xiao just didn't want to hide, but his body was tied up by a chain, which was the restraint move.

For ghosts, this is a very effective move. Even the ghost king Xuan Xiao needs some time to break free.

"You will die today!"

Ji Mingwu sat in the air, his lips did not move, but his voice was very clear.

A round of sun's light over his head converged, and a Yuanying who looked exactly like him appeared, with a small golden sword in his hands.

That is the Sunburn.


Yuanying injected the power of his whole body into the golden sword and was directly sacrificed by him.

The little golden sword turned into a golden streamer, cutting through space and time, transcending the godly sense of Xuan Xiao, when he realized it, the little golden sword had stabbed in the chest of Xuan Xiao.

The spirit of the body dissipated smoothly, and the spiritual power of Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, decayed at a rapid speed as if he might disappear at any time.

That sunburn and the chain formed a special legal array, and the huge power was eroding the soul body of the ghost king Xuan Xiao.

This is undoubtedly devastating, causing irreversible harm to him.

It can be seen that the wound on the chest of Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, has become transparent, and his soul is slowly dissipating. It won’t take half an hour for him to really lose his soul.

In the distance, the Yuanying returned to the throne and a spurt of blood spurted out. He had just used his power to exceed his limits in order to severely hurt the ghost king Xuanxiao.

Now that he has achieved his goal, he will have no regrets even if he dies now.

"It seems to be over."

Wang Jing embraced his hands and watched the two men fighting.

In his opinion, it is over, Ji Mingwu has no fighting power anymore, and ghost king Xuan Xiao has been controlled, now it is just to see who died first.

Of course, it's too early to say whether to win or lose, ghost king Xuan Xiao has been passively beaten from the beginning! Does he really have no plans?

Chapter 76 - The Sinister Ji Family

"Senior, I won!"

Ji Mingwu looked at the ghost king Xuan Xiao, a proud smile on his pale face.

In this regard, the ghost king Xuan Xiao did not refute but chose to be silent.

The atmosphere at this time was a bit weird, which made Ji Mingwu feel a bit wrong as if he didn't win and the other party had some kind of intention.

"What are you going to do to Liang Jie?"

A long time later, ghost king, Xuan Xiao asked.

Wang Jing aside opened his eyes, he was very interested in this issue.

Just glanced at it with divine thought, and found that Liang Jie's condition could not be investigated. He was more at ease, at least not to worry that they knew Liang Jie was in Wolong Mountain.

"Liang Jie not only made my Ji family guys fools but also planted ghost species in our gold pill period monks with the help of you."

"It is natural that our Ji family will punish them for such bad acts. Recently, the ancestors felt that some people were about to reach the gold pill period, and this guy has a big cause and effect with my family.

"So we decided to let heaven decide his fate."

Ji Mingwu explained his interest while adjusting his breath.

Regarding this matter, he didn't have any need to conceal it, and he couldn't conceal it. With Wang Jing, this thing is public.

Because of this, Liang Jie's treatment will have such a result.

"Do you plan to use the Return Soul Curse?"

Wang Jing glanced at Ji Mingwu with a cold look.

There was murderous anxiety, Ji Mingwu's heart shuddered, but he couldn't run now if he wanted to run, and Wang Jing could kill him at any time.

He had been so obstructed before, and it can be seen that the relationship between him and Liang Jie was very strong. This matter could not be dealt with. The Ji family could not have good results.

"Senior, the ancestors have given you face."

"If not, Liang Jie is afraid that he has already died!"

"After this time is life or death, our Ji family will not care in the future."

With a bitter smile, Ji Mingwu was helpless, and his opinions did not work at all in the Ji family.

In fact, he knew what was going on from the beginning, but for a Liang Jie who was nothing, if Ji's family conceded, it would really become a joke.

"At the expense of the gold pill period monk soul, will all his negative circumstances be passed on to Liang Jie?"

"Your Ji family is really as sinister as ever? It's shameless to say that it's all destiny to see it!"

"Wang Jing! When do you go to the Ji family to see the old immortal, hit him for me, and consume him some life!"

Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, was not worried at all and began to ridicule the Ji family.

This made Ji Mingwu very helpless, but what he said were facts, and he could not refute at all.

This time their Ji family has used that jade pendant, and they can no longer stop Wang Jing in the future. Ji Mingwu even though whether it was worth it.

Now being mentioned about this, Ji Mingwu is very worried. He is afraid that Wang Jing will really go to the Ji family in desperation.

"Xuan Xiao, don't give me a trip. I won't go. You go."

"Again, what do you think that the Return Soul Curse will hurt Liang Jie?"

"If he dies so easily, it can only be said that we are wrong."

He shook his head and smiled. Wang Jing has become his original self, and his killing intent is gone.

Sometimes, many things don't need to be paid too much attention. If they intervene so thoroughly, Liang Jie's future will only get narrower, and many things must be borne by himself.

"Yes, that kid is not a short-lived one."

Ghost King Xuan Xiao laughed, not paying any attention to his situation.

This situation made Ji Mingwu feel a little at a loss and felt that Xuan Xiao was as if he had anticipated his situation, or that he did it on purpose.

"Junior, do you think it's weird, why didn't I just fight back?" Ghost King Xuan Xiao passed through Ji Mingwu's mind and laughed.

There is nothing difficult to explain this issue.

As the predecessor of the ghost king Xuanxiao, if he has to do his best to deal with a junior, then he will be laughed at! And Wang Jing is watching it! He can't afford to lose this person.

"I'm just letting go of my dead spirit by your hand! I live by death, don't you think it's so interesting?"

"solid spirit pill can make my soul immortal, and then the golden spirit sword of your Ji family, I can completely escape from it, and truly embark on the road of cultivation."

"From the body of the yin to the body of the pure yang, I am no longer the thing of the evilest, and I will no longer be restrained by the attributes of exercise in the future."

Grinning, Ghost King Xuan Xiao seemed very happy, he waited so long, and finally made him look forward to such a day.

Liang Jie has great affection for him. Naturally, he has to help Liang Jie to resist the enemy. This is also a win-win situation! In addition, Ji Mingwu has no power to fight again and can’t do anything to Liang Jie.


Ji Mingwu's eyes flickered, and his last face smiled bitterly.

Fighting his own life to fight the other side, the result is such a thing, and sure enough everything is his own wishful thinking, from the beginning the other side did not consider him an opponent.

For the ghost king Xuan Xiao and the Wang Jing, their opponents are in the spirit world, and these people in the lower world are simply not qualified.

Even the oldest ancestor of the Ji family, the living fossil of the gold period is not their opponent.

"Actually, you don't have to do this either. Because of the relationship between the Ji family in the spirit world, Xuan Xiao can't shoot you monks above Yuanying period."

"Otherwise, it will lead to the thunder, and with his current strength, he can't carry it at all, so he used your hand to cut off the cause and effect."

"This time, you are no different from killing him, because he faded out the body of the yin and made the body of the pure yang, this ..."

Wang Jing saw that Ji Mingwu was a little lost, and even Dao's heart was unstable. It can be seen that this time he was badly hit.

There are many people in Ji's family who behave shamelessly, but Ji Mingwu is considered to be a wise man, so he does not want to see him develop a demon.

"I did fade away from the yin body, but I didn't say I was just a pure yang body!"

Glancing at Wang Jing, obviously, he was very dissatisfied with the evaluation of the other party, his situation was not so simple.

Hearing what he said, Wang Jing was surprised, and then he looked at the ghost king Xuanxiao deeply.

"Senior, I want to ask the Ji family in the spirit world is really sinister?" Ji Mingwu didn't understand what they said, but he has something to ask now.

In this world, Ji Mingwu doesn't know many things, and he just listens to others.

"Well, it's not sinister, after all, every family has good and bad people!"

Although the ghost king Xuan Xiao has opinions about the Ji family, it is still very fair in evaluation, after all, this is a fact.

No matter where it is, good and bad coexist, but the person in charge is the bad person, and the good people are helpless.

Chapter 77 - Return Soul Curse

Today, Ji Mingwu has no power to care about others, and Liang Jie's breakthrough is naturally not hindered by external forces.

But his breakthrough was not so simple, because the Return Soul Curse had been planted long ago, and the moment when he broke through fell on him, thereby disrupting his breakthrough and increasing the power of the heavenly calamity.

Due to the much faster time flow of the second floor of the ring, the past half an hour has passed outside and several hours have passed inside.

"Master, solid foundation period is completed!"

Li Mengyao reminded Liang Jie that he was ready to start breaking through.

The pill was already ready. Liang Jie immediately ate it without any hesitation. He wanted to break through as quickly as possible.

However, the pill only makes it easier for Liang Jie to gather Jgold pill, and it does not help him whether he can resist the heavenly calamity.

However, both the Li Mengyao and Yuanbao sensed an unknown breath, and the appearance of this breath at this juncture was devastating to Liang Jie.

This is almost the same as the previous curse, enough to let Liang Jie die.

Even more frightening is that this time the threat is obviously much stronger than last time.

It should be noted that the souls of monks in the cultivation momentum period and those of the gold pill period are not at all a level. The curse launched at the cost of the soul is definitely beyond the Liang Jie's foundation.

Liang Jie, who was so clear-cut, was covered with a layer of gray matter.

"Sister, it's the Return Soul Curse!"

Yuanbao knows more about curses and things than Li Mengyao, and he can see at a glance what the gray substance appears on Liang Jie's body.

The curse is a very vicious curse, which can not only forcibly attach various negative effects to others but also pollute their souls.

The gray material is the root of the curse. He has wrapped Liang Jie's soul. In this way, Liang Jie may endure the thunderous disaster of the gold pill period instead of the thunderous disaster of the solid foundation period.

"Sister, how about I take the initiative to put master into the Nine Regions Tripod!"

At this point, Yuanbao couldn't take care of that much, and Liang Jie's best way to save his life was to refine the curse with Nine Regions Tripod.

However, Liang Jie may miss the opportunity to make a breakthrough, and Li Mengyao must make a choice as soon as possible.

"It's too late. Instead of wasting time, it's better to use the power of thunder and lightning." Li Mengyao looked at Liang Jie and quickly made a decision.

She had already seen that there was a ghost species in Liang Jie's body, which was given to him by the ghost king Xuan Xiao, but finally fulfilled Liang Jie's body.

The ghost species has hatched, and now it has become a special existence, because it is separated from Ji Penghai's soul, so it is now an independent soul.

"No, sister! Don't be so crazy!"

Yuanbao knew what Li Mengyao meant. She was going to let her master forcibly cross the thunder of monks of the gold pill period. It would be impossible to say no good, but the risk is too great.

After thunderstorms, Liang Jie can be regarded as a monk in the gold pill period. Now he is a monk in the solid foundation period. Thunderstorms of the gold pill period are life-threatening!

"It is easy to have ghost species."

Li Mengyao smiled and seemed to have enough confidence in it. She believed Liang Jie would not have any problems.

Looking at her like this, Yuanbao knows that it is useless to say more, and can only hope that the master will not have a big problem.

Liang Jie, who has reached the solid foundation period, has touched the threshold of the gold pill period. He even saw the changes in the Dantian, and the gold pill substances above the lotus bonsai were condensing.

At first, those things were just cloud-like things, now they have gathered together to form a golden sphere.

No doubt, this is a gold pill!

However, this is not the real gold pill, it is not completely condensed together, it is just a compressed pseudo gold pill, and even the Tao grain has never appeared.

Tao grain is the most fundamental manifestation of the gold pill. Only when the Tao grain appears, can it be truly turned into a gold pill.

At present, it is just a pseudo-gold pill, and even the power of a gold pill cannot be generated. What Liang Jie has to do now is to complete this ultimate leap and upgrade his strength to the gold pill period.


Just when the gold pill was fully formed, suddenly an abnormal wave intruded in, Liang Jie could even see that some gray matter was entangled on Jin Dan.

These gray matter, with a filthy breath, eroded the power of gold pill’s holiness and turned it into a dark power. Even the gold pill turned gray and even turned black.

This change made Liang Jie wake up from sitting.

"Master, hold your heart! Don't suppress anymore, just start!"

Seeing Liang Jie's grey face woke up, Li Mengyao hurriedly reminded him.

Although he didn't know what was going on, Liang Jie believed Li Mengyao's words.


The gold pill period's spiritual power spread out, and the moment the world and the earth sympathized, produced a reaction.

The Wolong Mountain is guarded by the prohibition and the formation arranged by the ghost king Xuan Xiao, but this is nothing to thunder at all, and will greatly enhance thunder.

Fortunately, this area was hidden by the formation so Thunder Clouds gathered in the sky, and outsiders could not know.

Only the ghost king Xuanxiao knew them clearly, because they saw them clearly outside, which was undoubtedly gold pill calamity, but also the strength of the gold pill's later period.

"The influence of the return soul curse has appeared. Liang Jie is really in trouble now!"

The ghost king Xuan Xiao laughed. He had already thought of this result, but he didn’t worry about him.

As for Wang Jing, he also didn’t worry about, because he believes that Liang Jie will definitely have no problem, after all, that is the master of the Nine Regions Ring.

"Is this the gold pill Period Thunderstorm?"

Ji Mingwu was dumbfounded at this time. Thunder clouds gathered and covered the sky, and even a purple thunder flashed.

This is undoubtedly the thunderstorm of the gold pill period, but it is obviously weaker to say that this is a breakthrough thunderstorm. After all, the thunderstorm that broke through to the Yuanying period is earth-shattering.

Obviously this time it is weak, but it can be said that it is a thunderstorm of gold pill period that broke through from a solid foundation period, which is a bit exaggerated.

Purple Thunder!

That is not a general thunderstorm. After all, general thunderstorms are just ordinary lightning.

"Purple thunder, one of the seven types of heavenly punishment thunder, has become even more powerful after being combined with the gold pill period thunder."

Wang Jing was really shocked by this thunderstorm. He thought it was not easy for Liang Jie to survive this thunderstorm, but he couldn't do anything but watch it.

The impact of the return soul curse is too serious. Neither he nor the ghost king Xuan Xiao can intervene. After all, if they are infected with this cause and effect, they may be in danger if they cross the calamity in the future.

If it is not necessary, they will not help him easily.

Chapter 78 - Purple Gold Thunder Calamity


Thunder clouds became thicker and thicker and closer to the ground as if to be connected to the ground.

The purple thunder looks extremely scary and has begun bombardment of the restraint and the legal array under the cloth of ghost king Xuan Xiao. Thunder seems to want to directly smash everything that protects Liang Jie.

"Boy, please ask for a blessing! I don't want to ruin Wolong Mountain!"

Seeing that the situation was not good, Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, could only stop the prohibition and the formation.

This time the thunderstorm is too special. Obviously it is not so simple. It has strong pertinence. This is intended to completely kill Liang Jie!

"Master, hold on!"

Liang Jie's situation is very threatening, even Li Mengyao is a bit worried.

As for Yuanbao, he couldn't bear to look at it. For Liang Jie, the current chance is less than 30%.

He was already thinking about it. If Liang Jie really couldn't hold it, even if he would be beaten by Li Mengyao, he would have to keep his master's soul.


A purple-golden thunderbolt fell down, with a breath of destruction, vowing to kill Liang Jie to the slag, even the soul could not stay.

Feeling the devastation, Liang Jie's eyes were cold. He now knew his crisis, and this time he could only breakthrough by himself.

"I'm not afraid of you!"

Isn't it just being thundered! This shows that heaven was so angry with him that Liang Jie felt that he should be happy, so he didn't care so much!

With the huge force of thunder and lightning coming into the body, Liang Jie could feel his body creaking, the flesh and blood of his body would be burnt, and even the soul would be hurt.

However, the power of this thunder passed through Liang Jie's body to the gold pill, and then was absorbed by the lotus seeds.

The thunder force that really acts on Liang Jie is actually less than 20%.

But the power of these two is almost blasted Liang Jie's body.

Opening a mouthful of green smoke, Liang Jie felt that his body was almost ripe.

It is too scary, just now he thought he was going to die!

The first thunder had such power, Liang Jie was a little bit afraid now because he knew that the power was stronger than one.

"Master, drink spiritual fluid to restore spiritual power!"

Li Mengyao is an elf, and the body is the Nine Regions Ring. This type of thunder has no effect on her at all, so she can remind Liang Jie so easily.

But she didn't dare to be exposed. She is now in the ring.

Take out a bottle of spiritual fluid and drink, Liang Jie's spiritual power is quickly recovering.

At this point Liang Jie's Five Elements Yin and Yang started to work, his body began to recover slowly, the wounded body was no longer in the way, and even the soul was repaired.

It looks very good, but Liang Jie wants to scold the next second, because the Five Elements Yin and Yang Jue even started to continuously consume spiritual power, forming a spiritual protection outside his body, and at the same time, changes occurred on the lotus in Dantian, It is going to bear a second lotus seed.


Even if the cultivation is led by heaven calamity, and it is still self-cultivation, these five elements of yin and yang are too crazy! Want to play him?

"Grumbling Grumbling"

Liang Jie hurried to drink a bottle of spirit fluid before he could look inside Dan Tian, and a purple thunder dropped from the sky.

This blow was more than twice as powerful as before. It almost blasted Liang Jie into dregs. His body was completely cracked. The flesh and blood in many places were burnt, and even bones could be seen.

Liang Jie, who was lying on the ground and couldn't move, was desperate at this moment. He was about to be completely killed.

"Master, don't care about these details."

"The Five Elements Yin and Yang runs independently and absorbs the power of Thunder to cultivate, which saves you a lot of time!"

"As long as you passed, you can get great benefits, because of the influence of the return soul curse, your soul strength can definitely reach the late gold pill period."

Li Mengyao is not a joke, this is indeed a good opportunity for Liang Jie.

Once it is successful, as the strength of the soul increases, the consciousness will become more powerful. Just after entering the gold pill period, there will be the later gold pill period consciousness, which can be said to be no one before.

Liang Jie felt at this moment that he was going to die.

Although Liang Jie was a little helpless, it was not his character to just give up.

As a result, Liang Jie lay on the ground, letting out the spiritual fluid, and he lay all in. He didn't believe he would really die here.


It was another purple thunder, and the ghost king Xuanxiao was frightened.

It was only after two thunderstorms that Liang Jie couldn't move anymore. This was the next thunderstorm that he suffered.

Having said that, they were frightened when they saw Liang Jie taking out so much spiritual fluid.

This kid is really rich! With so many spiritual fluids!


The ghost king Xuan Xiao laughed, he really didn't expect it.

With these spiritual fluids and the autonomous operation of the five elements of yin and yang, Liang Jie will not be able to die for a while, but the time of real danger is yet to come.

Now it is the thunder robbing the flesh, followed by the thunder robbing the soul, and finally, there is the gold pill thunder. This is not a joke.

"He will not die!"

Wang Jing smiled and was very pleased with Liang Jie's performance.

Being able to use the Nine Regions Ring, and having so many spiritual fluids in this world, this is all Liang Jie's own ability, which shows that Liang Jie is not a casual person.


When the fifth thunder, Liang Jie's body was completely scorched.

Even if there were five elements of yin and yang to repair his body, this degree of injury will not be able to recover in a short while.

Purple Gold Thunder Calamity, this is just the beginning!

"Wait for death?"

Liang Jie was upset at this moment, and he had to find a way to solve the big physical problem in front of him.

If he has any other cards, it is True Words Mystery. As for other things, he really has none.

After all, it is meaningless for him to use foreign objects to cross the calamity. He needs thunder to temper his own body, but also to cultivate in this way!


At this time, Liang Jie could not take care of that much.

As soon as the mystery came out, Liang Jie's body began to repair faster, but the consumption of spiritual power also increased exponentially, and the spiritual fluid was almost gone.


Yuanbao's eyes were straight, and he hurried back to the second floor of the ring. He had to prepare enough spiritual fluids for Liang Jie, and at this speed, the psychics prepared before were not enough.

However, Li Mengyao was in front of her eyes, and the solution to the problem was in front of her!

Chapter 79 - The Nine Words Mystery

"Master, the nine words mystery!"

"It will become your life-saving means."

"Be aware, it can restore the body and soul."

Li Mengyao reminded Liang Jie to let him seize the opportunity.

Now is a golden opportunity. If it is possible, Liang Jie may be able to master the two words in the nine words mystery.

Of course, the word mystery must be mastered first, and Liang Jie is bad now!

Liang Jie's eyes brightened, and he began to practice the word mystery while holding his mind.

For him, the repair of the wreckage originally required the power of the word mystery, so it was the best time for him to cultivate.

As the spiritual power moved, Liang Jie fell into comprehension, and his body began to recover based on the word mystery.

At first, the speed was not fast, not even as fast as Liang Jie's own mystery.

However, this is the essence of the mystery. Naturally, It can exert unimaginable effects.


When the sixth thunderbolt fell, Liang Jie's body had only burnt flesh and bones, and even the bones were about to crack.

But at this critical juncture, Liang Jie's body changed.

Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, and Wang Jing saw a strange scene. Liang Jie's body was recovering at a very fast speed. Although it was still impossible to repair it all, at least there were signs of repair.

"This is……"

The two were shocked inexplicably and immediately thought of the nine words mystery.

Liang Jie who has the mystery, it is not impossible to practice the nine words mystery, but he is too bold to dare to cultivate at this time.


The purple thunder fell again, and Liang Jie's body turned into coke again.

However, this time Liang Jie's body was repaired, obviously much faster than the last time, and his understanding of the word mystery has been further deepened.

In fact, it is exactly the same. With the repair of the body, Liang Jie can feel the way that the spiritual force works and the repair of the body.

No matter what kind of repair method it is, it has its roots.

The repair of the body is based on Liang Jie's essence blood. Even if only one drop of essence blood remains, he can repair the body and become a complete person.

This is very scary. In the battle with the same state, he is almost invincible.

Of course, if faced with a too powerful opponent and smashed his body, even if the essence and blood were not left, Liang Jie would naturally be unable to recover.


As Liang Jie’s understanding deepened, Liang Jie’s use of the word mystery became more mature, and his body was able to withstand the bombardment of the purple thunder.

Even if it is instantaneously blasted into coke, it can be restored as soon as possible, but the spirit consumed is really huge, which is its only weakness!

"Through thunder."

Xuan Xiao and Wang Jing were relieved, and they were still a little excited.

Because Liang Jie's performance exceeded their imagination too much.

As for Ji Mingwu, he was completely dumbfounded at this time. He knew the power of the return soul curse, but the young man in front of him was able to bear it.

Ji Family, did they do it right this time?

He couldn't help doubting it, maybe they had set up an unimaginable enemy, even if the other party was still weak, but his rising speed was by no means imaginable.

Breathing, Liang Jie smiled and opened flowers at this moment.

Although he only mastered the word mystery a bit, he was safe and sound, at least the impact of Thunder Calamity on him was not enough.

Even if his body was blasted into coke every time, his recovery was only an instant.

The nine deadly thunderstorms passed, and the thundercloud in the sky began to change. It seemed that a new thunderstorm was brewing, which made Liang Jie's eyes full of expectations.

The purple thunders in the thunderclouds and an inexplicable pressure came. Liang Jie almost fell to the ground with a puppet, and for a moment he was unconscious.

"Master, This time is to kill your soul!"

Li Mengyao reminded Liang Jie that the next thunder is more dangerous than the previous thunder.

Because the body can be exercised to have a strong resilience, coupled with the help of exercises, basically it is not a problem to fight against thunder.

The thunder of the soul is totally different. After all, not everyone can cultivate the soul, which is undoubtedly very dangerous.

"come here!"

At this time Liang Jie had the confidence, and the secret of restoring the body of the character had been known by Liang Jie. Now he was eager to know the secret of restoring the soul.

Therefore, he is actually looking forward to the next thunderstorm.

It is precise because of this that Xuan Xiao and Wang Jing are not worried about Liang Jie, because with the help of the word mystery, at least he cannot die.


The purple thunder fell, the huge thunder looked very horrifying, and even a red lightning bolt was very strange.

Thunder did not bombard Liang Jie's body, but directly hit Liang Jie's soul.

Liang Jie fell straight to the ground motionless, apparently because of the bombardment of the soul, he had fallen into a coma.

At this time, Liang Jie encountered a great crisis. His soul had gray matter, which was the effect of the return soul curse. He actually imprisoned Liang Jie's soul and prevented him from successfully exerting his spiritual power to guard the soul.

With Thunder bombarding his soul, Liang Jie's soul almost burst into pieces, which scared him lightly.

The thunder just blasted his soul out of a huge fissure, Liang Jie was so shocked that he silently operated the word mystery and tried to repair it.

However, he found a problem that he couldn't repair it successfully, and the effect of the repair was very slow.

"What exactly is going on?"

Liang Jie was a little puzzled. The effect of the word mystery on repairing the soul was not very obvious.

Although the repair of the body was smooth, the soul was unexpected, because Liang Jie did not understand what the essence of soul repair is.

More importantly, he didn't understand the mystery of the soul at all, so let alone understand the word mystery to repair the soul.

However, although the repair is very slow, it is indeed being repaired. Liang Jie has time to understand, but time is not much, he must hurry up.

"Is there really no way?"

Liang Jie is very distressed now because he really doesn't know the soul.

But until now, even if he didn't know that, Li Mengyao had to accompany him, otherwise, the soul may be broken, even if he didn't die, there would be hidden dangers.

Chapter 80 - Fusion

When Liang Jie felt helpless about being unable to comprehend how the word mystery repaired the soul, he found that his five-element yin and yang worked smoothly.

The second lotus seed of the lotus in Dantian is about to take shape.

As for his gold pill, he has become very close at this time, and it is a little bit short of success because the gold pill is not yet spiritual.

The gold pill gave birth to a Yuanying, which was born from the spirituality given by heaven. Without that little spirituality, it is not so easy to have a Yuanying.

"The Five Elements Yin and Yang need to die again to successfully consolidate the second lotus seed."

"Even if you can survive, there are still so many thunderstorms!"

"If you can start..."

Liang Jie did not give up, he wanted to draw some inspiration from observing his body.

At this time, Liang Jie did see an incredible scene. When he was bombarded by a purple thunder, the red lightning bolt absorbed gold pill and lotus seeds in his body.

Not only that, when Liang Jie was repairing the soul, he could obviously feel power from the lotus seed, which was the power that communicated with the soul.

"Yeah! The Five Elements Yin and Yang combined with True Words Mystery!"

At this moment, Liang Jie thought of a possibility, which he felt should be ok.

Since the lotus seeds on the lotus platform can provide the power to repair the soul, can he directly attach the word mystery to the lotus seeds, can it solve the problem of soul repair?

Thinking of this, Liang Jie started directly.

The lotus seed grown by the Five Elements Yin and Yang is in communication with Liang Jie. The moment his consciousness is connected to it, Liang Jie can feel the difference.

"This is ... gold pill?"

This was Liang Jie's first contact with the lotus seed. At the moment of contact, he discovered its extraordinariness. It turned out to be the same thing as a gold pill.

It is not unreasonable for Liang Jie to be so surprised, because he felt the breath of soul in the lotus seeds.

There is no doubt that the interior of this lotus seed will definitely breed a soul in the future, and this is the soul of Liang Jie, so when the word mystery repairs the soul, he will feel the power revealed here.

"Try it!"

With almost no hesitation, Liang Jie stopped his consciousness in the lotus seeds and began to cultivate the word mystery.

Here, he could clearly sense that the breath of the soul was flowing, and each part that was lost turned out to be a part copied from this lotus seed.

Is the repair of the soul the repair of the lost part with the duplicated soul?

This surprised Liang Jie. He thought it was too incredible, but as the number of repairs to his soul increased, Liang Jie found that he really was right.

Therefore, Liang Jie began to display the word mystery centering on consciousness. He wanted to condense a soul exactly like himself in the interior of the lotus.

"The master's soul wave has disappeared, but the broken soul is still being repaired, and the speed is obviously faster. This is ..."

When Li Mengyao and Yuanbao noticed this, they had discovered the problem.

The situation this time is a bit weird, because the repair effect is indeed increasing, and Liang Jie understands it more deeply.

Even the three people in the distance were shocked at this time. They did not expect Liang Jie's soul repair speed would be so fast.

Need to know, the soul needs to be the most precious thing! But Liang Jie doesn't need foreign objects to repair it, which is already scary.

True Words Mystery is really too powerful.


After another thunder fell, Liang Jie's soul was completely shattered this time.

In Liang Jie's body, he can no longer feel the soul fluctuations, which can scare Wang Jing and them, thinking that Liang Jie is really going to die!

The ghost species clinging to Liang Jie's soul roared, and the gray material wrapped in the returning soul curse flew towards the sky as if to compete with the thunder.

Unfortunately, it was blasted into fly ash in an instant and then disappeared.

At the same time, a miracle happened, Liang Jie's crushed souls reunited together, and became a complete soul as if it were not harmed.


At this moment, they finally realized Liang Jie's change.

The gray matter originally attached to Liang Jie's soul has disappeared and has been completely wiped out by the thunderbolt. Liang Jie's soul has finally begun to transform and become the soul of the gold pill period.

With the change of the soul, his consciousness also became stronger. Liang Jie came to his senses from cultivation, and he was surprised to find that there was a soul in the lotus that was exactly like him.

What is even more amazing is that this soul can actually operate the word mystery on its own.

Obviously this lotus seed has successfully condensed the soul. This is Liang Jie's second soul, which is similar to Yuanying's general existence. It is a replica of Liang Jie's own soul.

"This ... so great!"

Liang Jie no longer knows how to describe it. He is really excited now.

Everything in front of him overturned his common sense. It turns out that the Five Elements Yin and Yang also have such usage. It can actually copy the soul and master a kind of ability!

In other words, Liang Jie can engrave all the nine words mystery to other lotus seeds. In the future, he does not even need to launch them intentionally and can be controlled by the soul in the lotus seeds.

Soul? Perhaps it should be more appropriate to call spirit baby!

Seriously, Liang Jie had been completely stunned at this time, and the power of the Five Elements Yin and Yang exceeded his imagination too much, and the perfect match with the True Words Mystery.

"It seems to be okay, and the gold pill is already spiritual."

Coming out of the lotus seed, Liang Jie saw the change of gold pill, and it had successfully transformed.

After feeling it carefully, Liang Jie can even feel a special wave inside the gold pill, which is the fetal movement during the birth of the Yuanying, which is almost the same as the human birth of life.

Opening his eyes, Liang Jie now feels that his soul and body are so closely connected, he knows that he has basically mastered the word mystery.


The thunder is still bombarding Liang Jie's soul, but can no longer hurt him.

The soul will reorganize at the moment of fragmentation. He no longer needs to worry about the body and soul being destroyed by thunder, and the crisis of return soul curse has finally passed.

"Master, your soul wave was gone for a while, where is your consciousness?"

Li Mengyao was very surprised. Generally, the consciousness stayed in the soul, but Liang Jie was not there just now.

Before the cultivation of Yuanying, the transfer of consciousness should not be done. Why did Liang Jie make such a strange change?

"To realize the word mystery, and I also know something about the Five Elements Yin and Yang."

Liang Jie smiled and was full of confidence in his discovery. He believed that Li Mengyao would be surprised.

Because if she really knew it, she might have told Liang Jie already, she would be so surprised because she didn't know it, would she?

Maybe, he really did what the previous master of Nine Regions Ring hadn't done.

Chapter 81 - Success

The influence of the return soul curse has passed, and the two thunderstorms have passed. Liang Jie now only needs to meet the thunderstorm that belongs to him.

This is not difficult for him, especially after mastering the word mystery, there is almost nothing to worry about.


With the fall of the Thunder, Liang Jie's strength finally entered the gold pill period.

At the same time, because of the previous baptism of Thunder Calamity, his soul reached the strength of the later gold pill period, and even his body was much stronger than the ordinary gold pill period.

So that gold pill thunder, as if it was tickling Liang Jie, he was absorbed as energy, and he successfully condensed a second lotus seed with the five elements of yin and yang.

Of course, during the period when Liang Jie died, lying straight and motionless, even the soul fluctuations disappeared, which made Wang Jing and they dumbfounded.

"Um, there is no problem with his current strength!"

Although the three were very puzzled, Xuan Xiao and Wang Jing soon realized a problem.

That is the influence of the five elements of Yin and Yang. This method is too special. It is said that when he crosses the calamity, he must die every time.

Now it seems true, Liang Jie is really dead.

"Ah ... finally succeeded!"

Liang Jie's Five Elements Yin and Yang operates on its own, absorbing the spirit of heaven and earth for Liang Jie, and transforming it into his own spiritual power, while also bringing many benefits.

In particular, the lotus terrace in Dantian is the most amazing. The second lotus seed has already been born. Liang Jie has even considered what kind of spirit baby it should give birth to.

The lotus seed is a gold pill, and the soul bred within it is the spirit baby, and it can also be fused with one of the nine words mystery, which is very amazing.


Looking at Liang Jie, Ji Mingwu was completely speechless.

Now he doesn't know whether the Ji family is doing it right or wrong. He said that the grudges with Liang Jie will not be mentioned again, but can this really be the end of the matter?

Such a young genius has a lot of mysterious abilities, and even the master of the Nine Regions Ring, it is difficult for him to imagine that Liang Jie would not choose revenge.

"You must be very worried now that the Ji family will cause trouble! It's all right, everything has its own cause and effect."

"It's not your fault, and you don't need to care so much. You still have to go back and learn about today's gains! I believe you can definitely go one step further."

"It may not be able to break through, but adding life is not a problem."

Ghost King Xuan Xiao looked at Ji Mingwu and smiled slightly at him, signaling that he could leave.

At this time, it would be meaningless for him to stay, to kill Liang Jie, he will die, and he did not need to trouble the family for this.

So he left without looking back.

Today, he did gain a lot, and he can still be successful in the late Yuanying period. He may really be able to take a step forward. In this way, living an extra one or two hundred years is really not a problem.

"Master, the Five Elements Yin and Yang can still be used this way?"

At this point, Li Mengyao, already aware of what Liang Jie did, opened her eyes wide.

She came to Liang Jie's Dantian for several laps, with an incredible expression on her face. She didn't expect that this would happen.

Even Yuanbao was dumbfounded. He had just used the spiritual fluids he had prepared for Liang Jie, allowing Liang Jie to continue to cultivation during the thunder.

It is because of this that Liang Jie's Dantian has undergone very amazing changes.

The second lotus seed appeared, not to mention, just above the lotus seed there was a mass of a substance that could aggregate into a gold pill, as if it could be repaired into a second gold pill.

"Sister, master won't be in trouble! I feel like something is going on!"

Yuanbao was really scared, something he had never seen before.

People who can cultivate two gold pills are not impossible. There are even such specialized exercises, but such as Liang Jie are rare. After all, there is no guidance for exercises!

"It's okay, everything is stable, it's likely that the master has gone his own way."

In Li Mengyao's view, this is Liang Jie's own way, taking a different path.

In the gold pill period, this is a stage that has a great influence on itself. As the so-called Gold Pill Tao, at this time, it really does have some insights into the Tao.

The reason why Liang Jie found that True Words Mystery and the Five Elements Yin and Yang can be combined is also due to his luck, and it can also be said to be the influence of the Tao.

With a sigh of relief, Liang Jie stood up and found that his body was slippery, and he hurriedly found a piece of clothing to wear.

The gold pill period is no less than five times stronger than the solid foundation period.

Both the strength of the spiritual force and the speed of its own absorption of the spirit have made great progress, which are the basic manifestations of the gold pill period.

"Hey, how? I'm powerful!"

"I tell you, I think I will be able to incorporate the nine words mystery into the spirit babies and cultivate nine Yuanying."

"This should be no one before and no one after me! I have created a Taoism?"

Liang Jie was so proud at this moment, and the words made Yuan Bao and Li Mengyao directly dumbfounded.

It’s all said and done in the creation of Taoism, don’t you incarnate as the sun? I have never seen such a shameless person.

"Master, you can't be so shameless!"

Li Mengyao glared at Liang Jie and expressed her contempt.

As for Yuanbao, he said: "Master, I thought I was shameless. You are shameless than me."


After being laughed at by them, Liang Jie was not discouraged.

Whatever he said, he created a miracle. This is definitely the real situation, so pride should be.

Even aside from this, it is only a short period of time from the beginning of his cultivation to the present, and it is very amazing to be able to reach the gold pill period.

"Senior, I succeeded!"

With a smile on his face, Liang Jie didn't feel ashamed of the embarrassment at the time of the thunder.

The ghost king Xuan Xiao and Wang Jing who had been watching him crossing the thunder calamity had glanced at each other, and they saw the shock in each other's eyes. They really did not expect that time would have such a thing.

At this moment, Liang Jie was standing in front of them, and they couldn't see through him. Even if they were better than them, others were even more impossible.

"Well, you are very good! you consolidate it for the next time!"

Wang Jing didn't say much, and he left here in a hurry. Now he must see what happened to Liang Jie.

As for the ghost king Xuan Xiao, he returned directly to Wolong Mountain and sealed it again.

Finally, all was settled, and the previous changes during the thunder calamity did not affect Shangzhou City, because it was imprisoned by the formation, and it was not released until just now.

He wanted to show it off, but the two seniors had just left like this, Liang Jie's expression was speechless, and there was still no excitement before.

Chapter 82 - Going to the Spirit World

Liang Jie who successfully broke through, the first thing to return to the villa is naturally to test his own strength.

He could actually search for a range of tens of miles, which was really amazing. Everything was clearly seen.

In addition, of course, it is necessary to upgrade the gathering spirit formation. It is easy to build the senior gathering spirit formation with his current strength.

"Well, why is the spirit suddenly rich?"

Shangguan Yu, who was cultivating, was taken aback, and almost burst herself because of too much spirit.

However, he soon realized one thing, and that was Liang Jie's breakthrough.

"Twenty-year-old gold pill period monk! My God!"

At this moment Shangguan Yu was envious, waiting for the teacher to go out immediately and pay a visit to him.

However, if he thinks about it, he still decides to cultivate as soon as possible in the middle stage of the solid foundation period, otherwise, he has to be looked down on by the teacher with contempt.

"The strength of the gold pill period is really amazing! You said that I could steal the spirit veins when I reached the gold pill period, and it is now considered to be up to standard."

When it comes to the gold pill period, which is the most important thing Liang Jie wants to do, it is naturally stealing spirit veins.

At the same time, do something else the spiritual world to this world is also something he really wants to do.

"Master, have you finally planned to date with someone from the spirit world?"

What does it mean to prepare to date with someone from the spirit world?

However, he quickly noticed the words of Yuanbao, saying that he was going to the spiritual world, which means that Liang Jie can actually go to the spiritual world now.

"To be honest, what do you just mean?"

Liang Jie looked at Yuanbao with an unpleasant expression and stared straight at him.

As for Li Mengyao's face is extremely ugly, she is most disgusted with this kind of thing.

"Yuanbao, you'd better not, otherwise ..." Li Mengyao's murderous face looked at the iron rod in her hand.

Yuanbao was crying at this time, completely didn’t know what to do.

He really wanted to slap himself, why did he say that?

"Master, it's okay to go to the spirit world. You have reached the gold pill period, and the Nine Regions Ring can use the ability to penetrate the world." Yuanbao hurriedly explained that he didn't want to be hated by the master.

As for the sister, let her beat him.

Li Mengyao struck a stick and was about to hit someone, and said angrily, "Okay, Yuanbao, this is what you asked for."

"Mengyao, don't get excited! Going to the spirit world is a must because I want to see the current situation in the spirit world, which will be very helpful for our future operation of the store."

"You see, if you want to expand our business, you must understand the needs of customers and their living conditions!"

"Furthermore, I'm a girlfriend and a person with discipline. How could it be possible to date with someone from the spirit world! Yuanbao, am I right?"

Liang Jie said, but Li Mengyao would not believe him at all.

As for Yuanbao, he was wearing a pair of trousers with Liang Jie. Yuanbao wished to date with someone from the spirit world! It is best to date with the sages of various majors, this is the result he wants.

"Yes, yes, the master is right. We visited the spirit world, which is a kind of business behavior." Yuanbao used Liang Jie's cell phone to learn a lot of modern information and talked about business as soon as he spoke.

"Who do you lie to? When you saw the beauty before, your eyes were straight."

"Master, are you going to follow the path of everyone shouting?"

Li Mengyao stared with her eyes folded on her hips.

This made Liang Jie very speechless. When was he so dirty?

Regarding Lin Xueer, he had absolutely no selfishness, he just wanted to help her with classmate love! Really, he promises!

"Sister, It's you who follows the master, and it's you who helps the master. You have managed the master before you got transfer spirit pill, and the master won't listen to you in the future."

"Men! It's normal to think about something. You have to show your bearing at this time!"

"This time, the master went to the spirit world with us. Could the master do something without you, even if he wants, he must get your permission."

Yuanbao carefully came to Li Mengyao's side, with a gracious expression, and said some enlightened words.

These words won the heart of Liang Jie! It was just that in the end, his face was dark. But in order to be able to go to the spirit world, he had to put up with it.

"You seem to make sense."

Li Mengyao, who was very pure, showed a thoughtful expression.

Where does she know the twists and turns inside? Since Yuanbao can convince her, there are naturally a hundred ways for her to agree that Liang Jie does something in the spirit world.

Although Liang Jie knew that the fat guy had no good intentions, at this time he was on the same line as the fat guy.

"Mengyao, rest assured! In addition to my business, I decide, everything else must be approved by you." Liang Jie patted his chest to ensure that this made Li Mengyao happy.

However, she still pretended to ignore it, and said lightly, "Since this is the case, I will reluctantly agree."

The most important part of going to the spirit world is Nine Regions Ring. If Li Mengyao doesn't agree, Liang Jie and Yuanbao can't do anything. After all, the ability to penetrate the world must be assisted by the ring.

"Master, if we want to go to the spirit world, we have to make some preparations."

"Penetrating boundary stone is indispensable. It is used by the ring as a coordinate, but you don't have to worry too much about it. It's so much in the spirit world."

"We were led by the monks in the illusory period. We need to use the strength of the other party to prevent exposure of things that penetrate the boundary. This is the most important."

"In the end, it is the superb spirit crystal. This thing is a one-time consumption thing. It will provide us with the spiritual power needed to penetrate the world."

Yuanbao knows how to penetrate the world. After all, he and the ring have been together for a long time in the past. He did a lot of these things.

The spiritual fluid can provide a large amount of pure spirit, and the superb spiritual crystal can provide huge spiritual power, which is transformed itself, even the artifact elf can use directly.

Penetrating the world, naturally cannot use Liang Jie's power, otherwise, Liang Jie will die very miserably.

"Um, isn't that dangerous?"

Liang Jie shivered, it was really not that easy to penetrate the world.

It is a monk in the illusory period, and it is a superb spirit crystal. How many spirit stones does it cost to go to the spirit world this time! Countless!

Even Liang Jie can't afford it. It feels like it's burning money!

"Master, if it is so easy to penetrate the world, then no one can penetrate the world."

With a blank look at Liang Jie, Yuanbao felt that his master was sometimes stupid.

Don’t even think about it! And if it's not Nine Regions artifacts, the monks who have not reached the illusory period would not dare to play like this!

Chapter 83 - Getting Ready

Hearing that, Liang Jie had to smirk.

As Yuanbao said, if it was so easy to penetrate the world, people in the spiritual world would have already come down.

There is no shortage of illusory period monk, Xuanyu is his side. As for the boundary stones and other materials to arrange the formation, this can be solved with money.

"I broke through to the gold pill period."

Liang Jie contacted Xuanyu and silenced him for a long time when he spoke.

This is also a helpless thing, because it only passed a few days before he actually broke through to the gold pill period, and it would be strange if he was not surprised.

"Boy, you are bragging!"

Xuanyu was a little disbelieving, and his opponent's practice speed was too fast.

Even if the genius of the spirit world, they cannot be so fast!

"What did I lie to you! Just broke through." Liang Jie smiled and sent a divine message in the past, the other party did not believe that he was still upset.

Therefore, he also asked Li Mengyao to seal his ray of divine thoughts and send it to him.


Looking at divine thought in his hand, Xuanyu was completely dumbfounded.

Hell, this is, he really became a gold pill period monk, and at least the strength of this divine thought is at least the later gold pill period.

As soon as he break through, does he has gold pill period's late consciousness?

"This is actually the case, I want you to help me!" Liang Jie saw that the other party was silent, and he naturally knew that the other party was scared by himself.

At this moment, Liang Jie was still a little proud.

Don't believe me, scary you now!

Xuanyu took a deep breath, accepted the fact, and asked, "What's it? I can definitely help! But I said beforehand that you must give me the second volume of Jiuyang exercise."

"Well, I'm planning this too!"

"This is the best, what do you want me to do, and what pills or materials?"

"Not a big deal, I just want to penetrate the world!"

"What do you want to do?"

"Go through the world, go to the spirit world!"


Xuanyu, who was in a good mood, listened to Liang Jie's words and stayed on the spot. He thought he had heard it wrong.

After verifying again, he got Liang Jie's affirmative answer. At this moment, he felt crazy.

It ’s okay if you break through the gold pill period so quickly, even if you are a rare genius, but you still want to penetrate the world, it ’s as simple as playing, bullying people?

"Boy, don't make yourself wrong!"

"The spirits boundary of the spirit world and your world are not so easy to travel through. The strength of your gold pill period will undoubtedly die."

"Moreover, even if I help you suppress the spiritual fluctuations caused by the penetrating world, what do you use to penetrating the world?"

Despite some uneasy thoughts in mind, he still felt that Liang Jie was very likely to have a solution.

So after warning Liang Jie, he asked Liang Jie's plans again.

Liang Jie smiled and said, "I have a way! As long as you help me suppress the spiritual fluctuations and arrange a formation."

To ensure safety, Yuanbao made another preparation.

After passing through the world, it will have a great impact. It is not enough for monks to suppress their fluctuations alone. They must also hide the heaven mystery.

After all, the methods deduced by the monks in the spiritual world are not bragging about them, and any changes in the spiritual world will be detected by them.

"Cover Heaven Formation..."

Looking at the material provided by Liang Jie and the method of display, Xuanyu immediately saw what the formation was.

However, it is not a big problem to know with Nine Regions Ring.

"I can help you set up the formation and help you suppress the fluctuations caused by the penetration."

Xuanyu thoughts repeatedly, and finally decided to help Liang Jie, he wanted Jiuyang exercise Volume II is a fact, but what he wanted more was to see the master of Nine Regions Ring this time.

Obviously, the master this time was very extraordinary. He could open the Nine Regions eBay Store and cultivated so fast. He really cared.

If it is possible, he really wants to follow Liang Jie. After all, it is extremely difficult to cultivate to the illusory period, but he must have huge background support to go further.

"Well, if you arranged the formation, tell me!"

Liang Jie laughed, and the worry in his heart finally let go.

In fact, what he was most worried about was that Xuanyu wouldn't help, but since he promised, he must be well aware of it.

This can already be seen as the other party's statement of wanting to go along with himself. After all, it is very dangerous to help Liang Jie to penetrate the world. If it is not good, he will be followed by the big forces in the spiritual world.

Later, Liang Jie made Zhuo Yi and Han Yu ready to crossing boundary stones and superb spirit crystal.

"Mom, you tell Dad about the summer vacation, I won't go back."

"I followed Shangguan Yu for an internship, and followed the principal to experience."

"Just rest assured! I must study hard ..."

After getting ready, Liang Jie made a phone call home.

Arranging these things, Liang Jie found Shangguan Yu again.

"I'm going to the spirit world in the next two months, and you're here to practice and strive to break through to the late solid foundation period."

"These are the pills you need, and the extra pills and spells are for your family."

"During my absence, the Shangguan family may have some troubles that cannot be resolved. You have to ask the principal for help, you know?"

"By the way, I prepared something for my parents. You remember to send it to me."

"If you didn’t reach the late solid foundation period when I came back, hum ..."

Liang Jie prepared a lot of things, and he had to leave without worries.

After listening to the master's words, Shangguan Yu was really scared. He ran away without saying anything. He didn't want to waste a minute now.

Although he really wanted to go to the spiritual world, he knew that the master had his intentions, and if he could, he would naturally bring him. Obviously this time the master had something to do.

"Master, before heading to the spirit world, you can open the third floor of Nine Regions Ring."

"There is the medical field you need, there should be the spirit pills left by the past masters, and some other refining materials."

"Maybe, master, you can make your magic instrument."

Li Mengyao knows the danger of going to the spiritual world, and it is certainly not enough to rely on True Words Mystery alone.

The best way is to refine the magic instrument, which is very important for Liang Jie.

"Master, she is right, first go to the third floor of Nine Regions Ring!"

Yuanbao also agrees with Li Mengyao's idea that Xuanyu would take one or two days for formation, which is just fine for Liang Jie.

It's really important to open the third floor of the Nine Regions Ring and get spirit pills and refining materials.

On this point, Liang Jie fully agrees, and he is also looking forward to the surprise gains of opening the third floor of the Nine Regions Ring.

Chapter 84 - The Third Floor of Nine Regions Ring

With Liang Jie consciousness, opening the third floor of the Nine Regions Ring is effortless.

The entrance on the third floor is in a relatively hidden place, and Liang Jie glanced at it quickly and found it.

It was an underpass. After walking for about half an hour, it finally reached the bottom, where Liang Jie saw a bronze gate.

Behind the bronze gate is the third floor of the ring.

"Master, push it away!"

This bronze gate is guarded by restraints and cannot be forcibly opened with spiritual power, otherwise, the space on the third floor will collapse and everything in it will not be available.

At the same time, the opportunity to go to the next floor will always be lost.

The only way to get in is to push the bronze door with the strength of consciousness. It can be said that this is a test for the masters of the ring.


Liang Jie stepped forward and put his hands on the bronze gate.

Suddenly, Liang Jie felt a sense of weakness, as strong as the gold pill's late consciousness, and was almost drained of mental energy in an instant.

Fortunately, he wasn't weak because of this, and he pushed the bronze door with a sudden force and opened a seam.

Then, the bronze door opened by itself, exposing a long passageway, and the light could be seen in the front. It seemed that there was something to illuminate, which illuminated the third floor.

"So strong spirit."

Feeling the strong spirit in front, Liang Jie had a lot of consciousness.

At the same time, the peculiar fragrance of the spirit pills also came. Liang Jie could even feel that the consciousness had been strengthened. It can be seen that there are many unimaginable spirit pills on the third floor.

Li Mengyao and Yuanbao widened their eyes and sat forward together on Liang Jie's body.

When Liang Jie came to the entrance, he was stunned by everything in front of him. It can be seen that this is not a big space, only the size of a football field.

But here, Liang Jie can see a lot of grids of medical fields. Inside, there are medicine fields, all of which are shrinking medicine fields.

At the same time, Liang Jie can see a dozen beautiful women dressed as maids are busy, they are weeding, and the water they are pouring is not ordinary, but taken from the pool in the center of the space - spirit fluid.


When these beautiful women saw Liang Jie, they stopped working and flew over, bowing respectfully to him.

Although they are like beautiful women, Liang Jie knows that they are actually puppets. They are puppets with a physical body. The degree of realism can be faked.

If it weren't for their foreheads having a deed of control, perhaps Liang Jie couldn't tell whether they were human or puppets.

"Master, these are puppets made by the first masters of Nine Regions Ring. Their core is the gold pill of monster, and they all have the strength of the gold pill period."

"Moreover, some of them have succeeded in breaking through, because they couldn't accept the baptism of thunder in the ring, so they did not become the existence of the Yuanying period."

"You are now the master of the ring, and they will naturally recognize you as the master."

Li Mengyao floated in the air with a smile, apparently very satisfied with the result.

Being able to open the third floor of the ring, and with the help of these gold pill period maids, Liang Jie's power has been greatly increased.

"Well, get up! I'll just take a look!"

Liang Jie waved his hands to signal that all the maids were all up. He was really a little uncomfortable now.

Suddenly getting so many maids, he felt that he had the feeling of being an emperor. It was natural for him to be happy, but they were too enthusiastic about him.

A group of women followed, and where could he still be thinking to see what spirit pill was in the medical field!


However, just when Liang Jie was at a loss, Yuanbao yelled.

This can startle Liang Jie, seeing Yuanbao's resentful glance, it seems that he got even so many maids, but didn’t him one, making him feel very wronged.

"Calm, you want the saintess to serve, these are puppets!"

Liang Jie grinned and comforted Yuanbao.

But Yuanbao didn't accept and pouted, "Master, you are a real beast, and you want to monopolize these maids and sister, you need to take care of the master."


Don't see him deliberately keeping a distance from these maids? How come to your mouth I want to take over these maids? Besides, do I need to do?

"It's okay, I think it's good so that the master won't date with others everywhere."

Li Mengyao didn't mind.

This makes Liang Jie speechless for a while, is he the kind of shameless person? How could it be possible for these maids to do things?

Liang Jie who was thinking so, but aimed his eyes at these maids, he found that these maids were beautiful, their bodies were perfect, and the water snake's waist twisted so that he could not move his eyes.

Yuanbao sighed and was very upset about Liang Jie's actions.

However, Liang Jie coughed and said, "Don't make trouble, I'm watching them!"


Yuanbao, with his eyes widened, wished to strangle Liang Jie at this moment.

How can anyone be so shameless? With his eyes rolled, Yuanbao passed out, he was mad at Liang Jie.

"Master, the spirit pill of these medical fields has just been planted."

"We weed and water every day, and every spirit pill is carefully screened."

"This is the land of all things, this is the land of 100,000 years, and this ..."

The other maids followed, and only the maid with the lotus mark on her forehead stood beside Liang Jie and introduced him to the situation here.

And this maid is called Lotus, who manages these maids.

Listening to all kinds of spiritual soil, Liang Jie was dumbfounded. He did not expect that so many spiritual soils had been collected here, but that is an excellent spiritual soil for planting spirit pill!

The land of all things is the most amazing, he can improve the quality of spirit pill, and can greatly shorten the time for spirit pill to mature.

As for the 100,000 years later, Liang Jie was stunned. It even improved the year of the spirit pill, and it increased tenfold and hundredfold. The fewer spirit trees were planted, the more years were added.

"Master, we currently have 100,000 medicine fields."

"The medicine fields are shrunk and placed on the support made of the trunk of the tree of life in the Xumi method. There are three layers in each row of the shelf, which is more convenient for us to manage."

"It's like 100,000 years have passed since the previous master came in."

The maidservant Lotus talked about the medical field and mentioned the previous master.

Hearing the time of 100,000 years, Liang Jie even had some shortness of breath, which means that the spirit pill here at least has a history of 100,000 years!

There are even legendary divine pills here.

Chapter 85 - Too Many Treasures

There was nothing special about the medicine field, but Liang Jie felt his feet weak because there were so many medicines in it that he couldn't imagine.

However, not all of the 100,000 medicine fields have been used for the spirit pill. After all, they only plant holy medicine and divine pills, and they are too lazy to plant the ordinary spirit pill.

"Well, I prepared a lot of seeds for general and rare spirit pill."

"Because I am going to make pill for sale, I will bother you to plant it in the future."

"Although they are all worthless things, I still hope you can plant them well."

Liang Jie was very excited, but when it comes to general pill, the disgusted expression on the face of Lotus almost upset Liang Jie.

However, since it was the master ’s command, Lotus had to obey it, nodded respectfully and said, “Master, I will tell them to take good care of the spirit pill.”

"Master, please follow me."

Lotus took Liang Jie to the pharmacy.

This is the place where the mature spirit pill is stored. It can be seen that there are many wooden boxes made of the tree of life. All the medicinal properties are not lost.

This is the ability of the tree of life, which can retain the state of the preserved things, even if it has passed 100,000 years and millions of years, it is still the original state.

"This is a 100,000-year-old ice snow lotus with a total of 3,655."

"This is 100,000 years of fire ganoderma, and there are more than 56,700."

"This is the 100,000-year-old five-element grass, with a total of 1,680 plants."


With the introduction of Lotus, Liang Jie was stunned.

He was mentally prepared, but when he heard her, he couldn't help but be surprised by the huge amount, and it was all 100,000 years old.

These are all elixir of the holy medicine level!

"Master, don't be too excited. You can't move these pills randomly. With your current strength, you can only use at most one of each holy medicine."

Li Mengyao sat on Liang Jie's shoulders, watching his silly look and reminding him with a smile.

Although things are Liang Jie's, they must be used according to his strength. It is impossible for him to spend all.

"Hey, I'm not a prodigal, how could it be messy?"

In this regard, Liang Jie has stated his position, he does not use these things at all.

The most important thing is that although there is much holy medicine here, they are not really useful to him. After all, the gather spirit pill doesn’t need such advanced material.

When these holy medicines are really needed, I'm afraid Liang Jie has already reached the strength of the illusory period or more.

"Lotus, don't go on to introduce holy medicine and divine medicine."

"Tell me about the tree in the middle! It seems very special. Does it have any magical effects?"

"On its tree, I can feel the endless breath of life, it will not be the tree of life!"

Liang Jie didn't want to stay in the pharmacy. He continued to fear that he would commit crimes because the things here are so precious. Just take something out and sell it. It can definitely shock the spirit world.

Not to mention the monks in the illusory period, even the monks in the fit period will fight for it!

"Master, there is nothing wrong with your conjecture. It is indeed a tree of life. It has been a million years since."

"The spiritual fluid is refined from it. This space itself is built on the spiritual veins. It can autonomously absorb the heaven and earth spirit and provide the necessary spirit for the Nine Regions Ring."

"In the place where the tree of life is located, there are spirits creatures such as..."

Speaking of the tree of life, Lotus started another introduction, and Liang Jie's heart twitched, and he felt that he really knows too little.

The wealth contained in the ring is too scary.

Holding his forehead, Liang Jie hurriedly said, "Lotus, no need to go on, I already understand it. Is there anything else?"

Liang Jie had to shift his target.

Nine Regions Ring is definitely an artifact. At this time Liang Jie has understood very deeply. Getting this ring is no different from getting a treasure.

"Master, there is still a place to store the materials of the instruments. Come with me."

Lotus took Liang Jie to another place, which is much smaller than the pharmacy.

But Liang Jie was ready, and there must be a lot of peerless treasures here.

"Fairy Void Stone"

"Fairy Xuanming Stone"

"Fairy Chaos Gold"


It's all fairy-level things here. Didn't all previous masters of the ring say that they were all unlucky? Not even many people went to the third floor.

Why are you hiding so many good things?

"ok, I fully understand that I am rich."

Liang Jie knows what it means to own the ring. This is a spiritual mountain!

When seeing Liang Jie let her stop talking. Lotus stood quietly and asked Liang Jie to look at the material here. She didn't have any opinion, and she didn't have any expression on her face.

Looking around, Liang Jie wanted to find some lower-grade refining materials, but it seemed that none of them were suitable, and those materials obviously did not have low-grade materials.

Finally, he set his gaze on an ordinary wooden stick.

"This is also the material for fairy-level?"

Holding it in his hands, Liang Jie asked curiously.

This wooden stick contains a very powerful spirit inside. Obviously, it is not an ordinary thing. It must be from the spirit tree.

Lotus's eyes were dull and expressionless: "Master, that's just an ordinary stick!"


With a twitch in his mouth, Liang Jie felt that he was severely despised.

"How ordinary?"

Taking a deep breath, Liang Jie continued to ask.

He had been despised anyway, he didn't care.

"A very ordinary kind."

Lotus tilted her head, and after thinking for a moment, she gave Liang Jie a reply.

Obviously, in her opinion, this is indeed a very ordinary stick.

"Then I'll take it. I think this thing is good for making an instrument."

Liang Jie was thick-skinned and didn't care about Lotus's disgusting expression.

Then Lotus took the stick over and said with a serious face: "Master, you can use any material here to make a magic instrument, except this stick."

"No, using these materials to make the magic instrument, I guess I have to be hunted down by a group of people!"

Actually, Liang Jie wanted to! But he is not strong enough now, using these materials is waste.

Furthermore, once Liang Jie went out to wander around with the magic weapon made of fairy materials, it is estimated that the entire spiritual world wants to kill him and win treasure!

Chapter 86 - Penetrate the World

Three days later.

The things on the third floor of the Nine Regions Ring are really shocking, and Liang Jie has not calmed down yet.

The magic instrument is still being refined. He only intends to use that stick, but Lotus insists that it is not allowed. In the end, he can only compromise by making a dry branch of the tree of life.

"Liang Jie, the formation is set up, you can penetrate the world!"

Time is just right, Xuanyu is ready.

Although the magic instrument has not been refined yet, there is no fear, he has Nine Regions Tripod, the refined magic instrument will never be too low-grade.

"Master, put your body in the tripod."

In order to be safe, Yuanbao can do his best.

Even if Liang Jie had received so many maids, he didn’t give him one, but he could barely accept the idea of stealing the saintess from the spirit world.

There is a lot of space inside Nine Regions Tripod, and Liang Jie's body can be put into it to avoid accidents.

Then, Li Mengyao held the superb spirit crystal in her hand and absorbed it all into her body. Her body slowly turned into a normal person.

Full breasts, long jade legs, long hair, and waist, with a faint light on her body, Liang Jie eyes straight.


Nine Regions Ring is floating in the middle of Li Mengyao's hands, she opened a pair of beautiful eyes, injected all the spiritual power into the ring, and then it turned into a streamer and shot into the void.

At the moment, Wang Jing, who was far away from school, and Xuan Xiao, the ghost king of Wolong mountain, felt horrified at this moment. How could they never imagine that Liang Jie really dared to penetrate the world?


Ghost King Xuan Xiao's face showed an excited look.

He still likes crazy kids like Liang Jie.

It's just that he did like this, things may not be so simple, he just hopes that Wang Jing can finish it for him! Otherwise, Liang Jie might really die this time.

However, he did not do anything. he raised his hand for a while, and a huge spiritual power covered Shangzhou City, which actually blocked the heaven mystery here.

"Well ... making trouble!"

Wang Jing smiled helplessly, feeling very powerless about Liang Jie's move this time.

Things that penetrate the world may not be known by too many people, and only those who have reached the state of him and Xuan Xiao will know, but people in the spiritual world will certainly know.

Regardless of the length of time, this is an inevitable event. At that time, Liang Jie is likely to die.

"I haven't moved for a long time, and I just went to see my old friend during the summer vacation." Wang Jing stood up and disappeared directly from the principal's room.

Liang Jie, who had already penetrated the world, had no idea what kind of shock his move caused. When he knew it, it would be a bloody storm.

War will erupt between the spirit world and this world!


Nine Regions Ring bombard the spirit boundary, without any fluctuations, because it has the ability to penetrate the world, but this world can not sense that does not mean that the spiritual world will be fine.

After all, when the spirit boundary is broken, there must be a certain shock in the spiritual world, but Xuanyu sits beside the formation, and when he senses a force coming through, he immediately starts the prohibition and uses his powerful spirit banned the entire place to prevent any fluctuations from spreading.

Xuanyu was very excited at this moment. He did not expect that Liang Jie actually came through.

With the power of the Nine Regions Ring, the spirit boundary was broken like paper.

A quaint bronze ring floated in the sky array, Xuanyu's eyes widened, his heart beating violently because he saw a flawless body emerge from the circle.

First with a pair of hands and then with the whole body, she is like a fairy. Xuanyu is actually attracted by the ethereal fairy of the other party.

The beautiful fairy of the size of a normal person suddenly turned into a villain. Although it was reduced in proportion, Xuanyu did not respond for a moment.

Later, a simple bronze big tripod appeared from the ring, and Liang Jie was released by Nine Regions Tripod.

After seeing all, Xuanyu gave himself a slap before waking up. He thought he had read it wrong. It turned out to be Nine Regions Ring and Nine Regions Tripod!

What did I see? Oh my god? One person actually owns two Nine Regions Artifacts.

He gave himself a few slaps, and Xuanyu couldn't wait for it to be a dream.

At first Liang Jie also said that he had Nine Regions Ring and Nine Regions Tripod, but Xuanyu only believed that he had the ring and thought he was bragging, but actually gave Xuanyu a slap.

"Uh ... you're Xuanyu? What's wrong with you?"

Liang Jie looked at the middle-aged man in front of him and immediately realized his identity.

Just slap yourself as soon as we meet, this is a bit too much! Looks like I haven't done anything!

"I want to strangle you."

Xuan Yu looked at Liang Jie with a fierce look.

He was hit hard, both psychologically and spiritually.

How lucky is one person to get two Nine Regions Artifacts at the same time!

"Um, I didn't provoke you!" Liang Jie shrank his neck. Although he knew the other was joking, he could feel the murderous look in his eyes.

"Where is the second volume of my Jiuyang exercise? Bring it!"

Glancing at Liang Jie angrily, Xuanyu was too lazy to care about this kind of lucky person.

When he saw Liang Jie, Xuanyu was ready to calculate his past, but it was useless at all. He could not see the past or the future in his body.

"Senior, the second volume of Jiuyang exercise."

"Don't call me senior, do I know you well?"

"Um, we are a cooperative relationship."

"I'm going to be killed by you, do you know?"

"Since you know you are going to be killed by me, you dare to speak so arrogantly."

"I really want to strangle you directly."

After taking the second volume Jiuyang exercise handed by Liang Jie, Xuanyu really intends to go far and has nothing to do with the guys.

If this guy's identity is exposed, there will no doubt cause chaos in the spiritual world. Two Nine Regions Artifacts are here!

"In fact! I have mastered the third floor of the Nine Regions Ring."

"There are endless medicine fields, and the mature medicine and holy medicine of 100,000 years are counted in thousands."

"Not only that, but there are also fairy refining materials ..."

Liang Jie deliberately said these words in order to seduce Xuanyu.

He has a cooperative relationship with himself, and naturally cannot do anything against it, and now he knows more, he can't run away completely.

Xuanyu with wide eyes pointed his finger at Liang Jie and said, "Don't you dare to brag more? I don’t believe in your evil, you are a bad boy."

Two people are now a grasshopper on a rope. If he dares to talk about Liang Jie, he should not even want to live, he is even more afraid than Liang Jie!

Chapter 87 - The Lotus Is Powerful

After coming to the spirit world, Liang Jie found that the spirit here was much stronger than expected.

Coupled with the influence of various blessings, and the spirit veins, the spirit world is really much stronger than the lower world. Liang Jie does not want to go back!

Xuanyu gave a piece of jade to Liang Jie to let him know something about the spiritual world, and then he comprehended the second volume of Jiuyang exercise.

"Master, let go of the lotus!"

"Having her is a great help in concealing your identity, but she may have to find a place to break through. You can think about where to go."

"Then add Xuanyu, even if you say that you are the master of the hidden family in the spiritual world."

Li Mengyao is very concerned about Liang Jie's safety. Everything she does is to protect Liang Jie from life threats.

As for Yuanbao, he knows the whereabouts of the ancient spirit vein, but it is not easy to find it immediately, so it is inevitable to stay in the spirit world for a while.

"Well, that's right!"

Liang Jie released the lotus. After seeing the outside world, she calmed down, then calmed down. She already knew that this was the spirit world.

"Master, do you have any instructions?"

Lotus is due diligence, naturally will not resist Liang Jie's order.

When summoned, she felt that it was the master who had something to do with her.

"Is such that……"

Liang Jie informed Lotus about her thoughts, and she immediately agreed, without any other opinions.

For her, it is her duty to serve the master. As for the rest, she doesn't need to care too much.

After the Xuanyu memorized the second volume of the exercises and realized, he appeared again in front of Liang Jie.


Xuanyu looked at Lotus, and he didn't expect that after a while, Liang Jie made a puppet.

Judging from every move of this puppet, she is indeed a very special puppet, with not only the body but also the core of cultivation.

It's almost like a living person. It doesn't make much difference. These technologies are amazing.

"This is Lotus, the administrator of the third-floor medicine garden in Nine Regions Ring, and she will follow us in the spirit world." Liang Jie smiled and introduced.

Xuanyu believed a few his words, said: "Boy, you are looking for death, do you know? Can Nine Regions Ring and Tripod casually show people?"

At this point, he had calmed down the inner fluctuations, otherwise, he really wanted to kill and win the treasure.

"Please pay attention to your words. It is your pleasure that master is kind to you."

"Otherwise, be careful. I bombard you with the nine-strike thunderbolt."

"If you don't believe it, you can try it!"

After speaking, lotus took out a spell from her storage ring. The spell was simple and majestic, and he could feel the powerful power above.

Xuanyu was startled.

It turned out that it was a nine-strike thunderbolt! It is absolutely genuine and there is no falsehood.

"be careful! Do you want us all to rise together?"

Xuanyu hurriedly apologized, "It was just that I was disrespectful to your master. I'm sorry!


At this point Liang Jie was aggressive, and a spell actually scared the monk in the illusory period.

Lotus is the strongest person! And it is the kind of extremely protect master.

"Master, I have some sympathy for you."

Yuanbao's neck narrowed, and he never dared to think about those maids.

Such a violent maid is really blessed to endure, even if he is very uncomfortable with this spell.

"That's it, you'll follow me later!"

"I promise you something, and neither the Holy Medicine nor the ingredients of the fairy materials will be given to you."

"You think about it, I don't have much time, and I have to do it!"

Liang Jie's smirk-like expression made Xuanyu real hesitant.

This is soliciting him, but he really feels that Liang Jie is not very reliable, even if he did have this thought before, but now he doesn't want to.

"Master is talking to you. Do you agree or disagree?"

"It is my responsibility to protect the master's safety. If you don't agree, I will use this spell to bombard you."

"Even if I fight this life, I want to protect the master's thoroughness. You better not play tricks."

Waiting for Xuanyu to answer, Lotus has already pulled out the nine-strike thunderbolt, and it looks like she is going to directly kill Xuanyu.

At this moment, not only Xuanyu was dumbfounded, but even Liang Jie was dumbfounded.

It's too domineering, there is a maid like Lotus, Liang Jie's prestige as the master is gone, but Liang Jie dare not talk back to her, so he can only look at it like this.

Xuanyuwanted to cry, he is unlucky.

As the master, Liang Jie is extremely shameless, and Lotus, as a maid, is extremely overbearing. It is really a match!


Squeeze the spell, and be ready to sacrifice the spell.

At this moment, Xuanyu was more uncomfortable than eating flies, and he was threatened by a gold pill period maid.

There is also a spell that threatening the monk in the illusory period. he may really die here.

"I'm afraid of you, I agree! Come on! Put away the spell."

Xuanyu had compromised. Anyway, he had a relationship with Liang Jie, and this matter could no longer be hidden.

Along with Liang Jie, anyway, he can still look forward to the Holy Medicine and the materials of the fairy level. If he doesn't agree with him, he will die today.

"That's it, sign a deed!"

With a smile on his face, Liang Jie couldn't wait.

This is the first time he has seen a master who is complacent because of his domineering maid.

"Well, the spirit deed is also signed. What do you think you are doing in the spirit world!" Xuanyu looked unhappy and wanted to ask for an understanding.

However, as soon as Lotus' eyes were cold, she would sacrifice a spell.

With a twitch of his eyes, Xuanyu hurriedly changed his mouth and said, "What do you want to do next?"

Liang Jie said with a grin: "I came to the spirit world to steal a spirit vein to the lower world, and I am ready to open sect."

"What did you say?"

Xuanyu, who thought he had heard it wrong, swallowed and asked seriously.

Liang Jie had a serious expression on his face, and said lightly, "I'm here to steal the spirit pulse."

"I'm quitting, you are killing me!"

Stealing the veins is really crazy.

Most of the spirit veins in the spirit world have been occupied by sects,you want to steal the veins to be against the sects.

To be able to open the sects, their sects definitely have monks with the illusory and real periods, and they are definitely no less than five such masters.

Even nine lives are not enough to lose!

Chapter 88 - Wealthy


Lotus is about to come up with nine-strike thunderbolt, made Yuanyu angry.

Even one day, he was threatened by a junior in gold pill period, his old face was completely lost.

"Oh, I'm just kidding."

Xuanyu laughed and gave a glance at Liang Jie.

This guy was so arrogant that he wanted to give him two feet, but thinking of the nine-strike thunderbolt in the hands of Lotus, and the elf of Nine Regions Ring and Tripod, he would never dare to do so.

After leaving Xuanyu place, he doesn't need to come back here, but Xuanyu doesn't care. He has already boarded the thief ship, and it doesn't make sense to think about it.

The spiritual world is much larger than Liang Jie imagined, and the place where the peoples gather is similar to the lower world, and they all live in the city.

However, the buildings in the spirit world are more retro, and the service people wear is more special.

Most people wear ordinary burlap sackcloth, while monks mostly wear various gowns, and rich and powerful people wear various brocade clothes, just like the ancient aristocracy.

Their clothes are not ordinary clothes, they are all magic clothes, each of which is very valuable.

The pattern of golden thread, mountains, and rivers, etc., each person's clothing has different embroidery, but the materials are all excellent, which makes Liang Jie feel upset.

Because he was wearing the clothes Xuanyu gave him.

"Are you so poor? Anyway, you are so powerful, why do you have to wear that kind of clothes? You see what you gave me, just like a beggar."

"Walk with me, don't you feel ashamed of yourself?"

"Haven't you seen them look at us as if they were looking at a beggar?"

Liang Jie was full of complaints and was very dissatisfied with his dress.

Even her own maids dress better than themselves, which is amazing! People who don't know would think they were robbed!

"Not satisfied, you can let Lotus prepare your clothes for you!" Xuanyu rolled his eyes and said.

Liang Jie said, "I think so! But the clothing item level is too high, I'm afraid of being snatched."


Looking at Liang Jie, Xuanyu really wanted to pat him with his hands.

You are rich, and you are also the master of the Nine regions Ring. Do you have to be proud of every time?

"Master, there is a shop over there, where you can buy clothes."

Lotus stood next to Liang Jie and called him the young master according to his instructions.

Knowing that he wanted to change clothes, she quickly found a suitable shop, whether it was the store decoration or the display of finished clothes, it all showed that this shop is extraordinary.


Nodded, Liang Jie walked towards the shop.

The ordinary people and ordinary monks around have already noticed this wonderful combination earlier.

A middle-aged man who was obviously a guard, and a beautiful woman dressed as a maid, followed a young man dressed so plainly, which completely overturned their common sense.

"What to see? Do you envy me?"

"my handsome is born."

"It's no use trying to stab me, it's quite necessary for my men to be at the same level as him, otherwise impossible at all. Why? Disbelief? Believe me or not, I will kill you with spirit stones?

Liang Jie made up his mind to pretend to be a rich and arrogant guy from a big family.

So he tried hard to perform and took out a bag of high-grade spirit stones. There were hundreds of them, which immediately made those angry people dumbfounded.

They still felt that the person in front of me was boresome, but now they dare not show it, because this young man is too arrogant, and they can't provoke them.

"Boss, show me the best clothes in your shop."

"I don't need to be practical, I just need to look good, you know?"

"Don’t worry about the spirit stones. I'll give more if these are not enough."

Liang Jie performed very well, and even Li Mengyao nodded.

She and Yuanbao were both sitting on Liang Jie's shoulders, but no one could realize their existence, even if it was the existence of real period.

As an artifact elf, this ability is nothing at all.

"The young master please upstairs."

The shopkeeper saw Liang Jie's high-quality spirit in his hand, his face was full of smiles, and he led Liang Jie upstairs.

So rich and generous, he naturally dared not neglect, especially the middle-aged monk, whose unpredictable strength made him dare not to care.

Coupled with the perfect maid of the gold pill period accompanied by Lotus, Liang Jie's status has already been determined in his heart, which is definitely the young master of the big power family.

"Our shop is the best shop in the spirit world and only sells clothing-like magical instruments."

"It's absolutely not wrong for us to find the clothes you need for this young master. There are definitely clothes on the fifth floor that will satisfy you."

"And ..."

The shopkeeper introduces his own shop, which is no different from usual shopping.

However, there are indeed a lot of clothing-like instruments here. There are five floors in the shop, and the quality of the instruments on each floor is very different.

Even the worst, it was the solid foundation period, that is, those sold on the first floor of the store.

"My master is not short of money. If my master is not satisfied with the clothes you brought out, don't blame me for being rude to you." Lotus was domineering and looked coldly at the shopkeeper, scaring the other side to sweat.

"Rest assured that we will make this young master satisfied."

The shopkeeper's strength is not weak. He is a monk in the gold pill period, but he has no temper in the face of Lotus.

Not to mention the other party's identity, her completed gold pill period strength was enough to shock him.

Even if there is a master in the shop, there is still a middle-aged man! He is the real existence that cannot be provoked!

"Lotus, be gentle with yourself, don't be too rude."

"When I am unhappy, I serve people with morality."

"People who are dissatisfied, beat them until they are convinced!"

Liang Jie said with a smile, then the shopkeeper's legs were softened, this master is not nice!

There is no murderousness in the words, but this practice makes him sweat.

"You can rest assured that this young master, we have no dissatisfied guests in our shop."

However, based on the self-confidence of his shop, the shopkeeper is not very panicked.

As long as they have money to make, even the most difficult customers, they will serve them wholeheartedly. Masters like Liang Jie, they have seen a lot.

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